Forever 21 21% off Regular item and USD5 onwards for sales items :)**Ashmum ver*

Payment rec
09 Mar 2014 ITR I-BANK May Ong S$67.30
08 Mar 2014 ITR I-BANK lilroy S$135.93
07 Mar 2014 ITR I-BANK Carmen Loo S$28.70

Batch 132 sent!
sl camel

Batch 128-130 arrived at my place, will post shipping after I sort them..
Shipping charges for batch 128-130.. Pls email me for collection and mailing.


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Usd15.80 x 2 x 1.33 = s$42.02

Just transferred $42.10 to u which please kindly check ya
Thank you
Payment rec
14 Mar 2014 ITR I-BANK Luvflower S$42.10
13 Mar 2014 ITR I-BANK CLUB

Submitting current batch ard 6pm.. Anymore orders..
hi, will do atm trsf after work and update u...

in the meantime, i wold like to order but will trsf after work, pls wait for me, thks, zbuzz78

Hi ashmum
Sorry for the wait.

Item # 1
Item Name: Danity Floral Skinny Belt
Colour: White
Size: Med/large
Price: USD 3.80

Item #2
Item Name: Pretty Tough Floral High Top
Colour: Black
Size: 7
Price: USD 29.80

Total: USD 33.60 × 1.33 = SGD 44.70

Transferred $44.70
Transaction Ref: 12271842621

Hi Ashmum

Just transferred $36.07 for the 2 dresses which i posted earlier in the thread

Thank you !!
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hi ashmum,

here's the payment for shipping + reg mail.

To AccountPOSB Passbook Savings Account
189-31138-9 ashmum-smh
Transfer Currency and Amount S$11.02
Transaction Reference12276867209

will pm u my mailing details.
Delicate Daisy Kimono
Size: Small
USD 13.80

Distressed Denim Babydoll Dress
Size: Medium
USD 24.80

Retro Rose Turtleneck Romper
Size: Large
USD 13.80

USD 52.40 x 1.33 = 69.69

To AccountPOSB Passbook Savings Account
189-31138-9 Ashmum-F21
Transfer Currency and Amount S$71.69
Transaction Reference12277990602
Email: [email protected]

Item #1
Email: [email protected]
Collection method: Normal Mail

Item #1
Item Name: Woodland Whimsy Cutout Dress
Colour: Cream/Pink
Size: Small
Price: USD 24.80

Total: USD 24.80 × 1.33 = SGD 32.98

IB Nick: catzips
Amt transferred: 32.98
Trans ref: 12279000637
Date/time: 17 Mar 2014 10:32 AM

Hey! I'm not too sure why, but the link doesn't seem to work when I click it from the post, but only works in a new Chrome window :/ but the item name is definitely correct, so if the link fails, you could just type the name in and you'll find the dress :) thanks a mil! sorry about the link glitch.

Hi ashmum,

Please help to order the below:

Item 1

Retro Rose Turtleneck Romper

Product Code: 2000106461

Color: Black/red

Size: Medium

Price: 13.80

Qty: 1

Item 2

Sweet Thing Tube Dress

Product Code: 2000127221

Color: Black

Size: Medium

Price: 14.80

Qty: 1

Total items: 2

Total amt: 28.60 x 1.33 = S$ 38.04

To AccountPOSB Passbook Savings Account
189-31138-9 ashmum Transfer Currency and AmountS$38.04 Transaction Reference12279453133