First time Mum


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Hi! It’s my first pregnancy and I need some help!

I’ve heard a few of my friends talking about prenatal and postnatal massage, is it something i should go for or is it not actually that important?

Is it advisable to get professional help from prenatal till breastfeeding? What companies would you recommend? I’ve heard of a few companies alr like Rejoice and Mdm Partum but can’t quite decide which one to go with. Please share your experiences and reviews please!


Prenatal massage will make you feel better or more relaxed if you have any muscular problems. Mind you, choose a legit masseur as a non professional one can easily do more harm than good. Many massage places also refuse treatment in your first trimester as it often can cause miscarriage.

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Thank you for your advices! Do you have any recommended masseurs/companies that are doing the pre-natal massages?

I think it's best you consult your doctor first regarding pre-natal massages, so you'll have an idea which is safe and will work best for you. I agree with Mijke, there are plenty of services that are not offered to pregnant women :/