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First time mum-to-be in their 30s

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by mamapig, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    any first time mum-to-be in their 30s?
    I am 33 and will be 34 when giving birth. Am 8 weeks preggie now.
    anyone interested to share their experiences? [​IMG]

  2. imac

    imac New Member

    Hi Mamampig,

    there r few threads shared by many MTBs.. look out for e threads..some sharing morning sickness..if u know e edd, then u k visit e thread of e month that u gonna deliver [​IMG]

    So when's yr edd?
  3. joy_ful

    joy_ful New Member

    Hi there,
    I'm 5.5 mths preggie and really looking forward to meeting my bb.
    Take really good care of yourself during the 1st trimester as it is one of the toughest period to undergo. I have nausea in the morning and evening and even when i'm hungary during the 1st trimester.Now i'm in my 2nd trimester, the nausea went away but i was experiencing heartburn, swollen gential areas and lots of backache as bb is growing progressively.
  4. imac

    imac New Member

    Hi Joy_ful, guess if e bb is growing fast, may tend to feel more on MS [​IMG]
  5. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    my edd is nov... but my thread gals are quite young.... so I thought I wanna find some friends who in the same age group :p
  6. imac

    imac New Member

    Hi Mamapig,

    is that so? Sometimes i do find that there seems to be quite many younger mums to be in hteir 20's.. at least late 20's..i actually would like to participate some topics but seems many r inactive..limited active ones..wonder where MTBs 'go' to :p

    Hi Joyful,

    so is yr edd in Aug or Sep?
  7. phine

    phine New Member

    Hi Mamapig,

    I m 30 this yr and currently in my 6weeks...
    nv feel so lousy before. feeling nausea all the time and i dun haf any food craving and the whole lot of time i m feeling tired.....

    are you feeling the same way? thou i should be happy with it but i cant help feeling so lousy....
  8. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    Hi phine! welcome! try to take some saltine crackers when you wake up. Then drink some water (not too much in one go). must also eat something very light before you sleep. Like that, your nausea should be better. Don't let your stomach go empty.

    week 6 only - i also did not have any cravings at all at week (now i week 9). Think it will come later [​IMG]

    as for tiredness... sure one... bo bian loh... try to sleep early a bit, or take a quick nap once you get home from work.

    they all say 2nd trimester will be much better. jia you!!!
  9. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    Hi BB,
    yaloh.. i am so envious of those gals... have kinds in 20s. When i was young i wanted kids at 25.. but too bad by then still have not found the right guy to have a kid with yet.... so drag until now... 33 years old liao! haha [​IMG]

    How far along are you now? [​IMG]
  10. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    Hi joyful, did you mention "swollen gential areas "? wa...... now I am really scared :S
  11. imac

    imac New Member

    Me too. Wanted to settle down early by mid-20's & alas, that time ex-bf wasn't ready :p

    After 30, kind-off putting off this idea n until now still keep it :p

    U r in Nov thread, rite? I'm belong to the Oct leh [​IMG]

    Btw, did u take e OSCAR test?

    Only frens giving birth 1-2yrs ago did. Those earlier than that, they dun n some gynaes din really propose to them. Prob only e one taking blood test to take by wk16 or so.
  12. imac

    imac New Member

    Welcome Pine,

    i'm also doing what Mamapig has said. small meals each time. so will be busy taking e whole day :p
  13. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    Hi BB, yes, I am in the Nov thread too.

    I am due to take the OSCAR test in 3 weeks' time. actually not sure if I wanna take it. In fact, I don't really want to test it, cos I heard so many false results, but hubby thinks that if the test is beneficial.

    u? have u taken your oscar?
  14. phine

    phine New Member

    Thanks mamapig.
    Will try the saltine crackers.
    And you are right, i definitely feel better when i have something in the stomach.

    As i m having my first,
    1. can i know wat is a OSCAR test?
    2. is backache common cos every morning my back ache when i climb out of bed... [​IMG]
  15. phine

    phine New Member

    Hi BB,

    are you having your first too?
    when is ur due date? mine in dec...
  16. azurebaby

    azurebaby New Member

    hi ladies, me too having my 1st bb, looking forward to it now that i'm nearly 7mth... it has been a nitemare with all the morning sickness and also somehow i feel alot of mixed feeling ... wondered if anyone has this.

    duno if this is anything to do with age, but its like now its the prime of our career & when i realised i was pregnant, i felt so upset ... felt that i wasn't ready to have a kid as i would like to focus towards the next step of my career. Being pregnant, would meant i can't take on my job which is quite stressful...
    in the end i quit, amidst this bad economy ..

    somehow i felt i had depression-like symptoms but being a so called "strong" lady i couldnt tell this to anyone... so became so cooped up & the vomiting part made this pregnancy feel such a torture.

    then after, the doc suggested me to take the OSCAR, and then i felt i'm such a bad mummy, cos when i heard that my results are close to the "bad" result, i feel so so so bad, blaming myself that i took things for granted & was more concerned with myself than my baby. since then i prayed v hard, continued with the pregnancy & yes, pls remember to monitor the amotic fluid of the baby too. it is impt to check if the baby is developing normally.

    ~phine - the oscar is a test they took to measure the thickness of the neck and then compared statistically if the baby is likely to be a down syndrome - however, depending on your wk when u take it, think there is one which is on the 16-18wk which is nearly 90% accurate, then another one 24wk - abt 80% accurate.
    the difference in the accuracy differs in price also.

    my gyn recommend that if u r above 35 then take, for more practical reasons, cos its better to be mentally prepared. however, for religion purposes, eg catholics, my friend who was 40 didn't take it cos even if anything is wrong, she will want to keep the baby.

    in 2nd term now... i got swollen hands ... carpel tunnel sydrome, that affects 20% of the ladies, apparently due to swollen nerves, most mummies have it as swollen feet ... both of my hands can't clench & it hurts esp on my fingers. my gyn says it will be worse after childbirth & will clear up after 6wks delivery - so praying for it... he says its probably due to my small wrist & hands.

    now my baby is kicking me really hard... infact i felt the kicks during the 17wks !! perhaps he is kicking me to reality haha.

    hope everyone here also hv a smooth pregnancy!!
    its kinda hard to enjoy pregnancy cos ... errh till now i dun feel i enjoy it cos the tummy is so big, feel so handicapped when moving around.

    take care all mummies-to-be !!
  17. imac

    imac New Member

    hi Mamapig,

    I went for e OSCAR test ytd at NUH as gynae said TMC is usu more crowded n may impossible to get it done ASAP. NUH sees my date wanted me to get it done this week. so i went. Got e scan result n was alrite. Now waiting for e blood test result that will be out on next Mon. Indeed it's measuring e bb's neck thickness n e sonographer shared on e measurement from the noise bridge to e neck too [​IMG] It costs $240.

    I still hv questions on e 3types of tests in total. Having taken OSCAR, there is another blood test (by wk16, i think) Like what e forum has shared, some feels that this 2nd test could be more accurate. So i'm thinking if e Oscar result is fine n 2nd test is optional, i'll not go for it. E same for the 'Amniotics' (as i'm still below age 35 n if e result does not fall under Hi-risk) :p this is my feel tentatively..

    So hv u decided to go for OSCAR? as those giving birth before 2007 may not go for this loh..

    hi Pine,

    Yes, it's gg to be my 1st kid..altho wasn't my 1st experience in preg. That time was experiencing back-ache during 1-2 mth. This round, only 3mth then hit with MS in evening esp & if i take a full meal, will be busy purping & nauseous loh..sianz.. I belong to OCT MTB group [​IMG]

    hi Azurebb,

    Understand how u feel. I act kind of in a dilemna too once a time weighing bet Career m Family..As i'm not bounded by a religion, when it wasn't e right timing, i used contraceptive :p i was thinking maybe u k always chat w yr bb eps when experiencing those hardship..

    So is yrs a gal or a boy? Btw, did u go for all these tests?
  18. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    Hi BB,

    still deciding on the OSCAR.. most probably doing it since hubby thinks it is useful.

    Actually my gynae said i can do OSCAR during the next appointment.. so I assumed that I am taking the test in her office.... u mean the OSCAR is done in a different "common office"? My gynae is at TMC. Where's yours?

    Actually its also my first bb, altho bot my 1st pregnancy. thats why sometimes i feel extra worried :p

    Hi Azurebb,

    7 mths already? Few more weeks to go! Jia You!!!! So after your "bad" OSCAR results, did you take an Amnio test?

    As for your career, well... just think of it as taking a good break, a break that you never had ever since you started working? [​IMG]

    Hi Phine,

    so u have a dec bb! a Xmas bb? [​IMG]
  19. imac

    imac New Member

    hi Mamapig,

    e gynae i go to is having her own clinic at AMK Hub. she ties with TMC. just that due to te limited timing, that's y she suggested to go to NUH as it's usu less crowded as TMC that is nearer. i suppose she doesn't conduct this at her clinic.

    it's at ADC, a room for sonography & a corner to take blood test. that's all. prob it's at nUH so it's kind of cheaper. gynae mentioned tobe $300 n i paid only $240.

    so yr gynae's clinic is at TMC itself? what's his name? i know some gynae there do not operate 'longer' hourse, prob on sat or what..i forgot :p

    i did ask ard to c if any recommendation to go for. there's 1, my coll's gynae clinic also at TMC iteself. forgot his name n think it's 'elderly' enough n always crowded. i dun want to go to a gynae too popular n gotta take leaves all e time unless i'm not confident in e lady gynae i approach now.
  20. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    hi BB,

    my gynae at TMC is Dr Judy Wong. Waiting time for her is not very long... longest I waited was 15 mins. Best to get 1st appointment in the morning, or 2nd appointment in the morning so that there is no "spillover"... otherwise usually long wait.

    so now that you in week 12 or 13 (right?), u announced your pregnancy? [​IMG] I can't wait to announce it! [​IMG] counting down... 3 more weeks [​IMG]
  21. azurebaby

    azurebaby New Member

    hi mamapig,
    it was borderline... so well i took a chance so didn't go the amino test after hearing that there are some risk to miscarriage.. and so my gyn just say ok, she will monitor the amotic fluid & also more thorough scan in the fetal anatomy scan ...

    yups now just taking this time to take a break !! which i feel its hardly a break at all!!! feel so tired n sleepy always haha

    hi BB,
    these days i talked to my baby about the adventures i've when i was younger & all the tough decisions made ... and then feeling his powerful kicks haha, really painful.
    yups, he is a boy, a big size one too...
  22. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    hi azurebaby,
    i also started talking to my baby... all i say for now is "grow up grow up"! [​IMG]
  23. imac

    imac New Member

    hi Mamapig

    is Dr Judy Wong a referred source?

    haha..bingo! act my colleagues r all so 'kpo' loh...i've been hiding my tummy for long & already wearing non-heels (not a new practice of me) n yet, 1 by 1 coming to me congratulating me or asking me if i 'put on' weight.. HB just reminded me not to spill bean out when i showed him e itchy tummy..haiz..he really still super-stitious..

    me waiting to readily announce it after this week, if any1 comes to me w the question, other than rehearsing on what to tell boss :p

    so u still need to hold it too leh..keke [​IMG] last round, i had so much hope n kept telling bb to grow up faster but not this time..strange :p

    hi Azurebaby

    wow, y hv a super bb boy leh[​IMG] sometimes, i wonder if bb does really understand what we tell them !?! lolx
  24. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    hi BB,

    i actually combed the internet for "good gynae". My hubby prefers TMC, cos he said most of his friends and relatives had their babies delivered there, so my search was narrowed to TMC. Dr Judy Wong used to be the head of KKH, hence I thought she should be good enuff to be a head, right? So I went there loh [​IMG] She is very gentle and kind and has 2 kids herself, so sometimes she will share some experiences with you. I find that she is more emphathetic compared to my 1st gynae at Mt E.

    yesterday, my colleague came to me and asked if i am preggie!!! (she said she can tell from the way I walk!) wah lao.. i also superstitious this time, but i tot if i deny it, also not nice for the baby. so bobian loh... i told her NOT to tell anyone...

    baby ah baby... grow up yah... we dun be superstitious... u grow up ok?
  25. imac

    imac New Member

    hi Mamapig

    Indeed lotsa comments from those delivering at TMC. Isn't Mt E more be ex? Since u r comfy w Dr Wong, so it's gd. Guess u b signing up for e package soon (usu sign up after 1s trimester)?

    I act thot if ppl does compare e packages offered :p

    haha..yr colleague's too ah..sometimes i do find my walking style diff..legs tend to be wider (so ungraceful :p )

    juz jokingly tell her that she so observing u ah..then u hv no choice to maintain yr figures :p like me i always replied them that i'm so great that there r still ppl observiing me.. lolx

    btw, i can't catchup w MTB Oct thread as they hv time to do posting during ofc hr..so envious n at e same time, i feel lost out so dun think i k participate there [​IMG] how's yr relevant thread, is it also v active??

    think i gotta screen thru to look for threads on Stretch Marks (so many diff brands n suggestion n wonder which to try out as once e rashes r gone, shld b able to apply them), then Pre-natal lessons to go for &etc... seems to hv many to go look out for..such as diets, & etc [​IMG]
  26. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    hi BB,

    ya, Mt E is more ex, apparently. And according to wat the Nov MTB said, eastshore is the cheapest, then TMC. Some also said that Mt A may be cheaper than TMC.

    My gynae only starts offering package at week 20 :S. So many other MTB already started theirs at week 12. bo bian la. dun wanna change gynae liao...

    my nov thread is also very active during office hours. i been following during ofis hours though :p helps to relieve work stress.. i think :p

    worked very late last nite, so on leave today to let baby rest [​IMG] emm... wat should i make for lunch leh [​IMG]

    rashes? u got rashes n belly ah? is that common? i better watch out then. my friend told me a brand of stretch mark cream that is very good - she swore by it when she was having her #1. i go ask her in 2 weeks' time (heee... have not told her yet... so waiting for week 12 to tell her tta i preggie). when do u intend to tell? week 12 or week 14? sign... i have not even told my parents!!!

    prenatal class.. dunno if they have a short and sweet course or not? i just want hubby to go and learn how to bath and feed and change diapers for baby [​IMG] if its a long course... i know he will fall asleep in class! haha! i also go research....
  27. imac

    imac New Member

    hi Mamapig,

    looks like we r e only active one in this thread :p

    did hear that Mt A may be reasonable too [​IMG] so far, e gynae said after 1st trimester then talk abt packages..

    me too occupied by work stuff that i can't do personal read-ups for e time being [​IMG]

    tat rashes r e one i last told you..it's much better in fact n hv been forgetful to get aloe vera gel for application ..keke.. what's e brand of yr fren's recommendation?

    me also wonder which week to be ready to declare officially..guess HB will answer me "dun need to tell others voluntarily" altho just pass e 'grace period'.

    i think next week or so i'll tell my family members too..now they r also in e dark :p

    in addition to pre-natal class, i also want HB to go for that too..in e future, we hv to take care of e bb on our own as parents-in-laws prefer to work than to look after e grand-kid..understandable as they r also old n having taking care of 6kids before..
  28. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    meeting my friends in weeks' time.. will ask her then [​IMG] now cannot ask... if ask now she wil get suspicious! :p
  29. imac

    imac New Member

    haha..update me then [​IMG]
  30. azurebaby

    azurebaby New Member

    hey gals, tell me too ... i also want to know ...

    these days i'm so bored haha reading stories again & again & singing to my bb boy ha ha ha ...

    do u girls take any of those scotts fish oil emulsion for brainier kids??? haha
    i wondered if its ok to take it ..
  31. kennyg

    kennyg New Member

    Hi azurebaby, the scotts fish oil emulsion does not give you brainer kids. It is a misconception. The fish oil is actually meant for vitamin A, improve your baby lung.

    If you want brainer kids, then it has to be fortified with DHA, EPA and etc...
  32. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    i am not taking any fish oil yet... only on folic acid and multivitamins (prenataforte). Wait till gynae advises me [​IMG]
  33. imac

    imac New Member

    hi, me too..did not take fish oil but folic & multi-vit [​IMG]

    i know that taking Vit A must be careful! as too much is NG..think will affect e devt of e fetus, so check out yr intake..

    btw, Anyone of you starts taking Milk Powder for Expectants??

    Anmum seems popular but somehow i forgot whre i read it that it's not really an ideal one..so v lost now :p

    will get some samples fm gynae ..alternatively will buy a small can to try :p
  34. phine

    phine New Member

    hi all,

    have been very tired lately. duno y..used to sleep at wee hours previously but now, the latest i can "tong" is 11pm....

    anyway, doc has given mi fish oil to take leh...
  35. adorabel3

    adorabel3 New Member

    hi ladies
    i just delivered my son in Jan. to encourage u gals on, i delivered my 1st son at 39 [​IMG] it's important to take good care of yrself. eat well, sleep more and take yr vitamins.
    i had a smooth pregnancy without complication. was overdue for 4 days. had a natural birth without any drugs. bb is well and strong.
    so, don't think abt yr age, u can do it. i've got frens who give birth at a late stage and all r doing fine.
  36. azurebaby

    azurebaby New Member

    hmmm thanks Ultraman, was just reading that fish oil contains the DHA thingy so wondered if it helps ....

    yups BB i read somewhere that too much vit A is NG so contemplating ... anyway just a thought, i'm just on those multivit & calcium pills.

    me too been so tired that i slept the whole day !! and still feel so tired when its 11pm haha...

    i've tried the Frisomum or something like this since its free fr my gyn but after seeing putting on weight excessively, he recommend that perhaps i shld just take normal meals as the milk powder apparently makes one fat.
  37. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    Thanks bunny!!!! Thanks for sharing your story! Actually I still wish to ave 2 kids if we can manage... so now concentrate on making one first [​IMG] sometimes, I secetly wish that another baby is hiding behind the baby I always see on my ultrasound - yeh.... i secretly wish that I am having twins. But tough luck la.... my 2 ultrasounds show that there is only one baby [​IMG] heehee....[​IMG]

    phine, I also knock out at around 11pm (used to sleep past midnite). That day, i was so tired after work, slept from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, went back to sleep again at 10.30pm till the morning! ha! felt soooooooooooooooooooo refreshed! Today, I slept till almost noon!

    Dun think I will take milk powder unless it is 100% fat free. I am drinking marigold 100% fresh milk. I usually warm it up in the microwave and have a glass before I sleep [​IMG]
  38. imac

    imac New Member

    hi everyone

    my colleague said that norm fresh milk aint enough for us n esp babies..so must take those for mothers

    any taste of milk powder for mummies that you all dun like??
  39. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    but if we take mutivitamins, should have enough nutrients, no?
  40. adorabel3

    adorabel3 New Member


    u r still young as compared to me. i shld be the one rushing! just enjoy yr pregnancy first. do get enough sleep as u will be VERY sleep deprived when bb is here. breastfeeding?


    i don't believe in fresh milk. i took protein & varies vitamins throughout my pregnancy. bb came out strong. many of my frens commented that he is strong. believe it or not, he could straighten his head when he was born. holding it for a few seconds la. i was shocked. hahaha....
  41. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    yup, bunny, i intend to breast feed for at least the 1st 4 months [​IMG] Think it is better for the baby [​IMG] u breast feeding too?

    wow... why are u online in the middle of the nite??
  42. adorabel3

    adorabel3 New Member

    yes, i'm still BF. i'm on 6 months ML. so will BF until then. hope to continue even when i'm working but will depends. cos milk supply will drop if i can't pump.

    spending some time on my own after BF.
  43. imac

    imac New Member

    hi Bunny,

    yup..muz take a balance diet with additional supplements n milk, multi-vit, folic & fish oils..

    i am thinking to try on stretch mark..altho it all depends on individual as wun know if e products will help :p

    wow..u k 'dong' so late ah..marvellous..bravo..agreee..shld enjoy "2 ren shi jie" n 'paktor' now..v soon, it'll always be crowded [​IMG]
  44. adorabel3

    adorabel3 New Member

    better apply yr stretch mark cream early. well, believe it or not, i'm those minority that does not have stretch marks! heehehee.

    yup, enjoy yr life now, if not, u'll be awake like me now in the middle of the night!!! i can only have my own life at night lor [​IMG]
  45. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    for stretch mark, i am currently using Ginvera Bio Lite Olive Oil. Not sure if it is good..
  46. imac

    imac New Member

    yup..gonna grab 1 to try these few days..oso was told that e slight tinted feel surrounding e nipples at times cld b due to e stretching at that area..only dare to rinse tat area w wter to soothe it..

    Bunny, what brand did u try??

    Mamapig, how long hv u started it??
  47. kennyg

    kennyg New Member

    Hi ladies, if you want to prevent stretch mark, you will need to take a lot of protein and vitamin C so that the body can produce enough collagen.

    And of course, also apply those stretch mark oil.
  48. kennyg

    kennyg New Member

  49. adorabel3

    adorabel3 New Member

    i bought my stretch mark oil from mom essential. i find it very good. its the "angel mama" brand. it's oil n not cream/lotion. i started using in my 1st trimester!
  50. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    bb, i started using a week ago. i bot this olive oil some time ago, and that day i read on the bottle that it is also suitable for treating stretch marks during and after pregnancy. since i still cannot ask my galfriend yet, i tot i can use that for the time being until i talk to her. 1 more week... then i can ask her [​IMG]

    bunny, ok, i shall go to mum essential to check it out. Read in some forums that clarins tonic treatment oil & clarins stretch mark control cream are also a hot favorites.

    ultraman, i used to take meiji collagen. not sure if i still can take it now. if can , perhaps consuming collagen may help? :p

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