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Epotic Pregnancy

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by babyhelp, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. babyhelp

    babyhelp Member

    Hi, just to check anyone went through epotic pregnancy? Remove of right Fallopian tube and baby at 6weeks?

  2. Lalamoo

    Lalamoo Active Member

    mine was remove at 5wks
  3. babyhelp

    babyhelp Member

    Hi Lalamoo, thank you for replying. Mine at 6weeks via 3key hole operation. Were u able to conceive after that?
  4. Lalamoo

    Lalamoo Active Member

    let me PM u more details :)
  5. babyhelp

    babyhelp Member

  6. Lalamoo

    Lalamoo Active Member

    hi babyhelp, did u receive my reply?
  7. babyhelp

    babyhelp Member

  8. babyhelp

    babyhelp Member

    How to check inbox?
  9. Lalamoo

    Lalamoo Active Member

    top right, inbox, u should c my msg there
  10. babyhelp

    babyhelp Member

    Hi Lalamoo, cannot view the inbox.
  11. babyhelp

    babyhelp Member

    Can what's app me 9365 8748?
  12. germzhope

    germzhope New Member

    I had EP dec 2015 at 9 weeks, my right tube bursted so it was removed. Still trying to conceive. Stay strong!
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  13. babyhelp

    babyhelp Member

    Thank you germzhope. Stay strong too
  14. wbgal

    wbgal New Member

    I removed my right tube at 6 weeks in Nov 2015. Conceived naturally via my left tube in Nov 2016. EDD in Aug. Dont lose hope!
  15. hopeful_mum

    hopeful_mum Well-Known Member

    i had ectopic in june 2013, didnt rupture, managed to save the tube via keyhole surgery. but dr isn't sure if the tube is still working.

    i delivered a healthy baby in nov 2014. Good luck dont lose hope!
  16. twinsy

    twinsy Member

    i had a heterotopic pregnancy (both etopic and normal pregnancy occur at the same time) in 2012. needless to say..i lost both my babies & had 1 tube removed due to ruptured. fortunately the other tube is not blocked. however age is catching up so i did ivf 2 years later.

    dont lose hope! May yoou conceive a bouncy baby soon!
  17. babyhelp

    babyhelp Member

    Thank u Ladies
  18. joygal

    joygal New Member

    Hello I have ectopic pregnancy in 2008 and after all the restoring of my body with tcm I manage to conceive and give birth to twins in 2011 by ivf and natural pregnancy in 2012
    Don't give up jia you !
  19. zenn_zenn

    zenn_zenn Member

    What causes ectopic pregnancy? I have endomentrosis and my right ovary is always painful during menses.
  20. brainy smurf

    brainy smurf Member

    I have asked gynae, my gp, my Chinese phsyician and Google.

    There is no reason for an ectopic pregnancy. There is no prevention. There is also no cure.

    I think the husband have to stay strong and make a decision ASAP to terminate it.
    Prolonged consideration will cause the mother to have a chance of internal bleeding.

    Just sharing.
  21. zenn_zenn

    zenn_zenn Member

    What are the sign of EP during pregnancy?
  22. brainy smurf

    brainy smurf Member

    Beta hcg level will be abnormal.
    i.e. the value will not doubled up in 48 hours.

    They gynae then will try to arrange ultrasound to see where is the featus.
  23. zenn_zenn

    zenn_zenn Member

    Any physical body sign on EP?
  24. brainy smurf

    brainy smurf Member

    For my wife case, no. We discovered her bhcg level wasn't doubling up. Numerous ultrasounds across the few days were carried out. It was confirmed and double confirmed to be an EP.

    I still remember the confirmation date clearly. 2Sept. My wife was on the brink of a mental breakdown and refuses to terminate the EP. But managed to convince her to have that injection (70%+ success rate) to terminate on that actual day itself.
    Because we discovered this EP early, her fallopian tube with the EP fetus was not damaged as we made the decision to terminate it ASAP. If the fetus starts to grow, that side of fallopian tube might need to be removed.

    Just sharing.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2017
  25. zenn_zenn

    zenn_zenn Member

    Sorry to hear about your loss and thanks for sharing in this platform. It helps to bring awareness. May I know does your wife have any cysts prompt to this EP?

    For my case, I am going for my routine check next week as I have endomemosis but now I just found I am tested positive and at the same time I am worry will the cyst cause any danger to my pregnancy. I have endomentrosis.

    Not sure if transvaginal scan is safe for early pregnancy?

    Can we do a blood test at week 3/4? Is it accurate and how fast is the result?

    I do not have any sign of pregnancy and this makes me worry. Is spotting consider normal?
  26. brainy smurf

    brainy smurf Member

    No worries, we have move on from that EP.

    The questions u have, we didn't been thru, that why I am not able to share.

    What I am trying to share here is, don't give up. I am married for 7years before that EP came. It was so highly anticipated and almost broke the family when we have to sign to terminate it. My wife have suicidal thoughts after the termination. She went into self denial mode, she blames herself for causing the death and the fetus to grow outside the womb.

    We were lucky, discovered early, had that injection to terminate, move on.
    The following one month was crazy for me. I have to take many leaves to stay at home to ensure she don't do anything foolish.

    I have also arranged for ivf in May 2017 to try to assure her we are having a baby really soon. Unexpectedly, we discovered my wife is pregnant again in March2017. We were both happy but super worried as well. Luckily, after ultrasounds scans at 8th, 14th and 17th weeks, blood tests, seems like so far so good. Today my wife is in 19w4d.
    We are now praying for that important scan on 10July to be good.

    I have also a friend that went thru 1x EP, 2x miscarriages before giving birth to her beautiful daughter.

    Do not give up. Ur husband will be ur best support. KKH have a og24 for emergency issues.

    Seek professional advices on ur queries.

    Sorry for the long winded sharing.
    Stay strong, be postive
  27. xynthia

    xynthia New Member

    I had etopic pregnancy in Nov 2014, had keyhole surgery to remove the fetus on my right tube. Had another etopic in Jan 2016, this time my tube ruptured, had to remove my right tube. Conceive naturally in Oct 2016.. EDD July.
    Do not give up!!

    Loads of love
  28. ching1504

    ching1504 New Member

    Hi all,

    I did ivf on August 14 for FET and on 26 Aug blood test result negative pregnancy and my period start to come on 30 August. But my period is still ongoing for 14days and suddenly start of last week start to have abdominal pain like period cramp kind. Then today my blood test HCG results was high like pregnancy kind and my doctor was shock. He suspect I have ectopic pregnancy and tml I am going back to see him to have a detailed ultra scanning. I need help and advice is it true that ectopic pregnancy will need to remove the fallapion tube? I cannot afford to remove the tube bcos I still wan to get pregnant. Thanks for sharing ur experience and advice
  29. brainy smurf

    brainy smurf Member

    Not all cases requires removal of the tube. It depends on the size of the fetus and the location. My wife had that injection to terminate it.
    But, it has a 70-80% success rate.
    The doctor also propose to remove from keyhole surgery. Which have a higher success rate.
    We chose the former and luckily it was successful.

    Talk to your husband. Both of you have to make a correct decision. Do not drag too long. If the fetus grew beyond the tube size, likely have to remove tube.

    Just sharing from previous experience.
  30. ching1504

    ching1504 New Member

    Hi brainy smurf. Thanks for ur advice. But after my HCG blood test on last Thursday, doctor said the HSG level don't seems to be ectopic pregnancy. But after my embryo failed implantation, my period started on 30 Aug and till now already 20 and still bleeding. Any ladies here failed ivf and is it normal to have such long period flow? Bcos this my first time and it's kind of driving me crazy and keep worrying if I am ok.
  31. brainy smurf

    brainy smurf Member

    No worries. My wife and I been through a lot. Just sharing what we been through for awareness.

    All the best and take care.
  32. Queeny Ling

    Queeny Ling New Member

    Hi...was diagnosed ectopic and had injected MTX on 30/01/18 but is still bleeding since 14th Jan. wanna know when should I start to “bu” my body after MTX
  33. Lovebaby2111

    Lovebaby2111 New Member

    Hi ladies..

    This site has been very imformative. I had another ectopic now and last year too (right fallopian tube). Last yr tube not remive but ectopic removed by dr loh seong fei
    This yr by hcg was 270 but drop to 99 and i have heavy menses.. so the doc said i might miscarry. But 4 days later the hcg went up to 101 (last friday). I had the MTX injection..
    Started bleeding 4 days after which is yesterday.. but today bleeding is much much lesser with slight cramps..
    May i seek your advise will there be chances the hcg goes up again? Im am worrying my self crazy this whole week abt this..
    Your advise will be helpful

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