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Epidural C section anyone ?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by white_lady, May 8, 2006.

  1. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    As above , anyone have any experience to share on epidural c section ?? thank

  2. missk

    missk New Member

    hi white lady

    Is it a planned c sections?
  3. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    hi missk ,

    ya , can say is a plan or unplan c section lah , but epidural c section is whereby , u r awake during the process lor , and hubby can go in with you ...
  4. paxeng

    paxeng Active Member

    epidural C-section is usually planned. i dun think for emergency cases, they would allow epidural.

    mine was an elective epidural C-section. i was awake during the whole procedure, but can hardly feel anything. hubby was with me the whole time. there are some side effects like shivering, vomitting. i had vv bad case of shivering, so much so that they got to give me something to sleep so that they could stitch me up properly.

    whatever u opt for, talk to ur gynae and find out which is the best option. my advice is that do find out abt C-section fr ur gynae as well, even though it's likely to be by natural birth, in case there's a need for emergency C-section, u would know wat to expect.
  5. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    hi pax , u keep vomitting aft the op ? then it will be very painful on the wounds anot ??
    and if u dont mind , can share more info , like , how much is ur hospital bill and how many nite u stay ?? thank
  6. mashybrainz

    mashybrainz New Member

    Mine is emergency epidural c-section coz my labour went on very long. Finally had emergency epi c-section.

    Shivered like mad. When I carried my baby for the 1st time, i told my hb to take over coz i can't hold him. Scared i drop him.
  7. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    hi mashy brainz , how come will shivered ?? then how long before the shivered go away ?

    and how much is ur hospital bill ?
  8. paxeng

    paxeng Active Member

    hi white-lady
    i did not vomit. vomitting is one of the side effects.

    my wounds did not really hurt. in fact i spent lots of time walking around, up and down to visit my son who was in NICU. my gynae encouraged me to walk around. i only took painkillers at night before sleeping, so that i can sleep well. other than that, my gynae's stitching was good.

    we were in TMC. bcos my son was in NICU, i stayed an extra day, so total 4 nights.

    i didn't know that emergency case can epidural c-section leh.. must be vv tough after a long labour and have to go for c-section.
  9. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    hi MOrning Pax

    Oic , so u stay for 4 nite ah , in TMC ? dont mind , can share your bill and you stay in how many bed room ? thank
  10. missk

    missk New Member

    I checked with GlenE. Epidural C-section in a deluxe single room costs 9 to 10K. Ex right?

    Hey Pax, how do you pass motion after the operation?
  11. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member


    WOW , thats very ex leh ... think Epi c section and GA c section is abt the ame price mah ... think is so ex cos is GlenE ! =)

    you also thinking of going for Epi C section ?
  12. paxeng

    paxeng Active Member

    hi ladies
    yup, i stayed 4 nights in TMC, 2-bedded. i think my total bill, including my son's NICU bill, was around 5k-6k.

    eerr.. passing motion was ok, no problem, no pain, but it was only after i was discharged, 4-5 days later b4 e 1st time.

    jus a note, everybody's tolerance level for pain is different. mine's quite high. honestly it wasn't vv painful. only a little numbness at the wound area. i've friends who couldn't get out of bed for the 1st 3 days. so be mentally prepared, ok? but dun be afraid to tell the nurse of the pain, they will give painkillers.

    good luck ladies.
  13. missk

    missk New Member

    hi whitelady

    yeah ... I am opting for epidual Csection. I am too chicken to go natural. The whole idea scares me. How abt you?
  14. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    hi Missk ,

    ya , me too , choosing epi C section =) choose epi , cos hubby can go in together and i can see the baby immediately !
    by the way , when u suggest to ur gynea that u choosing epi c section , did your gynea stop u ? or no objection?

    by the way , when is ur EDD ?
  15. wander_mum

    wander_mum Member

    mine is emergency c-section.
    After 10hrs of labour, foetus destress cos passing motion inside.
    Only shivering...no vomitting for me.
  16. missk

    missk New Member

    hey white lady

    My gynae was alright about it. She has no reaction at all. How about your gynae?

    I am going to deliver in June but I am not sure when. Have you chosen a date?
  17. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member


    when i told my gynae that i want epi c section , his rection was objecting ! haha , he ask me to try for natural ! but dont think i will =p

    wow , so ur edd is June , thats fast ! normally c section will be at 38 weeks rite ? you must be very exciting now !
  18. serrich

    serrich New Member

    Mine was an emergency c-section after a unsuccessful induction of >12 hours. I was stayin in a 2 bedder at Glen E. My total bill amounted to apprx 8k. Paid 4k plus cash after CPF deductible..
  19. mayteo

    mayteo New Member

    Mine was also an emergency c-section only planned epi c-section then hubby can stay in with you. Thats why its a pity that my hubby was not with me at that time. Luckily I didn't insist on natural birth cos after 7 hours of labour, gynae noticed that my baby's head was not very deep down and I was about 6cm dilated. After the op then realised that my baby is too big. She was 3.93kg and very...chubby.

    Anyway wish you a smooth delivery. [​IMG]
  20. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    for those that gone thru epi c section , did u all mangage to carry / breast feed ur baby immediately after the op ? or the nurse just carry and let u see ...
    and by the way , for epi c scetion , did the hubby get to cut the baby cord ?
  21. missk

    missk New Member

    Hi MGteo

    Wow...your bb is huge. My bb is small. At week 32, hes only 1.6 kg. Sob soB!
  22. misaryeo

    misaryeo New Member

    MGteo, to go thru c-sec with epidural is it scary? its like u can actually feel the doc fiddling with ur stomach and being able to feel the pull when stitch up?

    How's the recovering after that? did u managed to get up from the bed after the operation? any problem when u went home?
  23. mayteo

    mayteo New Member


    Please...don't get affected after hearing my story.

    Actually I don't feel scared at all. And, yes, you can feel everything throughout the whole operation. I think either the painkiller is not strong or it is losing effect cos during stitching it was damn damn painful, I cried. When I was pushed to my bed I kept asking for painkiller, really cannot tahan man....then I was also shivering like mad but luckily never vomit.

    Normally the next day after operation, dr would want you to get down from bed and also to pee. I had a real hard time getting down from bed. First time to toilet I can't pee cos too painful, I cried again. After much determination I managed to do all that with my loved ones and friends support.

    My advise to you if you opt for c-section remember to put on binder straight after the opt. Ask for one if your gynae did not mention. It really helps alot if not your saggy tummy will be dangling at your stitches and causing more pain. It also helps to trim your body. I super kiasi cos I wore the binder 24/7 for 40 days.

    At 32 weeks he's 1.6kg and I think its ok....better not to be big 3kg is good enough. Don't sob...[​IMG]

    Here's the pic of my girl at birth. She's now 16months old.

  24. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    MGTeo , wow , u can feel the pain , sound so scraely !
  25. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    MGTeo , your baby is really very very cute n big ! he he ... so she is 16 months now , is she still chubby ? really very cute ... =) you are a brave mother !
  26. missk

    missk New Member

    Thanks MG teo for your encouragement. [​IMG]

    Your BB looks so adorable!
  27. ah_may

    ah_may Member

    I also went thru epi c-section. I was waiting in the delivery room for 24 hours before gg to the OT. As I am having twins and they are preamture that time, 34 weeks, gynae injection me with medicine to mature their lungs. before gg to OT, I already have labour pain, was shivering on my way to OT. in the OT, they realise the drip to my left hand is not working properly, so try to insert another drip to my right hand, same time, they also try to adminster the epi. after the epi, I was much more calm, no shivering, but have a fuzzy feeling, they test me with a ice cube to ensure I don't have any sensation before the c-section. I was joking with my gynae till end of sitching. [​IMG] for me, no vomiting or shivering with epi.
  28. mashybrainz

    mashybrainz New Member

    White lady

    Shivering is one of the side effects of epidural. During the stitching part, I was given morphine and knocked out instantly. So no feeling during stitching.

    My bill came up to about $4k+, after medisave $2k+. I opted for 4 bed in TMC but was given a free upgrade to 2 bed.
  29. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    mashy brainz ,

    so ur bill is abt $4k+ , but urs is a emergency epi c section issit , wondering if is a plan c section , will it be cheaper ... by the way , how is TMC service ? and how many nite u stay ? and during nite time , u do not have to take care of ur own baby rite , the nurse will take care rite ?

  30. mashybrainz

    mashybrainz New Member

    White Ladt

    Yah, i should think so. Coz I had to pay additional charges for labour ward/longer hrs of epidural etc.

    I was happy with their service. I stayed 3nts and yup, the nurses will take care of the baby during night time. In fact, they will take care of your bb at the nursery all the time if you don't ask for your bb. But of course, who can resist keeping the bb nearby. Anyway, whenever bb poos, i just send back to nursery for the nurses to change. Hehe. They'll bring over every 3hrs for u to bf your bb if u choose to bf.
  31. tanyas_mum

    tanyas_mum New Member

    Hi White Lady,

    I have a detailed diary describing my Epidural C-Section. I thoroughly enjoyed it. As my E C-section was planned right from the start, it was really hassle free. My diary is at http://www.tanyayap.blogspot.com/ if you are interested to read it.

    For your info, I spent about $7K on the delivery itself. Medisave paid about S$3.5 (if you admit yourself and your baby separately) and I tell myself the baby bonus of S$3K can re-cover the cost a little too.

    There should be no problem with breastfeeding. I fully breastfeed my daughter for 6 months and continue partially until she was 8 months

  32. misaryeo

    misaryeo New Member

    Hi Tanya's Mum, read your diary.. can feel almost feel the joy of u and ur hubby when you see your girl. The emotions must be overwhelming in the operating theatre. You are really brave.. I dunno if i am half as brave as you. You feel so optimistic right from the start. If me, I would hav got really scare right from the journey to the hospital. And your girl looks big and cute! How much did she weigh when she was borned?
  33. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    Hi Tanya Mum , i also read ur diary ... but was abit scare abt the part where they going to inject the epi ! eeeee... sound scarely =P

    and by the way , how was ur recovery , was it ok ? cos i heard from some that , they say , after they went home , the wound will still bleed ! sound so scarely !
  34. mayteo

    mayteo New Member

    Tanya's Mum

    How nice....![​IMG] So envy...mine was emergency C-section hubby was quite disappointed at that time cos he got everything ready to video the whole process.

    White lady, missk
    She's still chubby especially her cheeks. Don't be scared, just think of your little baby you'll be doing fine. You'll also be as brave as every mom.
  35. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member


    your girl is still chubby ah , she must be very cute ! =)

    i also hope can be very brave ! ha ha ...

    by the way , check with all mummies , heard that if u choosing C section , some gynea will require mummies to have a very " painful " injection first , to mature baby lungs , is it true ??
  36. tanyas_mum

    tanyas_mum New Member

    Hi Misaryeo,

    actually I am not that brave.. haha I also felt scared but I have confidence in my gynea. I have elected C-section as my daughter, at 35 weeks, still did not turn and my gynea concluded that she will most likely be a breeched baby, so that was why she advised me to go for the C-section. My daughter was born 3.21kg, not a bad size at 37 weeks am sure glad that she was delivered earlier as I was feeling the burden of the extra kilos then!

    Hi White Lady,

    Yes, the epidural was scary, cos I heard that if the injection is done wrongly, may have serious side effects in future. Actually, the epidural is not exactly an injection, but it is a drip, therefore, the numbing effect can be adjusted by the anesthetician, I think. I dont know if its true, but some of my friends told me that there is scientific evidence that epidural causes absent-mindedness.

    My recovery was okay, but the most important reminder to you is, ask you gynea to order you a tummy binder and put it on at all times!! I kei-kiang took it off during the second evening and my stomach so pain until I couldnt even walk. It makes a huge difference.

    During you confinement, dont carry any load or do anything that would exert pressure on your tummy, best is not to do anything, not even bath your baby. I breastfed my girl lying down her facing me, so much easier.
  37. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    hi Tanya mum ,

    wow , the epidural is so scarely ah , when they insert the needle/drip , is it painful ?? cos i am really scare ! ha ha ...

    And for the tummy binder , have to wear it on 24/7 ? or have to take out when we need to bath ... and do we have to clean the wound ? cos if all the way wear it , then the wound no fresh air , is ok ?? And i heard that the wound will keep bleeding , is it true ?? thank
  38. elle

    elle Active Member

    hi tanya mum,

    did you go for malay massage after your c-sec?

    Any gd recommendation?
  39. Just sharing and hope it is useful for white lady..

    GA and Epi: I have two gals both delivered via emergency C sec. 1st gal is done with GA cos I tried natural with no epidural. Baby heart beat slow and thus the emeregcncy. 2nd gal was done with epidural cos I did not have time to fast 6 hours for the GA.

    Pain: For epi csec, I did not feel any pain when they inject the needle (my pain threshold is quite high). There was also a nurse who was standing very near to me to "share" her body warmth with me during the injection (actually, she is there to make sure I did not move). But her presence and our chat does calm me. I have very experiecned and compassionate anesthetician who chatted with me, told me the progress and kept making sure I was comfortable throughout the operation.

    Vomit and Shivers: 5 minutes after the jab, I felt like vomitting but didn't. I was not prepared for the leg numbness thou (I hated the feeling... unable to control/move the legs that are mine). While I was recuperating in the recovery room, I started shivering... (hated in cos it makes me feel vulnerable). Anyway, shivering will go away after 2-3 hours.

    Adominal Binder: After the operation, your OB will put a pressure item (don't know what it is) with the wound. If your OB deems ok to remove the gaugze covering the wound. You will need the adominal binder and a new santitary pad. The pad acts as the pressure item.

    Wound Type: My OB uses soluable thread for 1st ops and glue for my 2nd one. OB says glue better cos there is a "layer" so I can bath without covering the wound. You need to check with your OB which method he normally uses.

    Massage: For 1st gal, I had it one and a half months after my ops (2 months maternity and need to go back work). For second gal, I had it 2.5 months after ops (3 months maternity). Stared late cos I actually "stretch" my wound while trying to carry my first gal.

    Breastfeeding: As long as we are careful, there should not be problem with breastfeeding.

    White Lady: Personally, I thought if you have no problem with epi, think of deliver via natural. Csec pain lasts longer than natural.
  40. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    hi daughter in law ,

    thank for sharing the infos !
    For me , i didnt choose to deliver natural , as i am afraid that i dont have the strength to push BB out , and end up Emeregency c section will be worst ... so straight away choose epi c section ...

    Just to check with u , for epi c section , u can see the BB once is out BB is out rite , and how long is the process , is it scarely , cos i heard that u can hear they cutting ur flesh ! ha ha , by the way , for epi c section , hubby can go in also rite ... And how much is ur bill and stay how many days in hospital ?? thank
  41. I see.

    Okay, I delivered in KKH so I can share what I experienced there.

    Yes, my OB showed me the "bloody" baby and ask me baby's sex (maybe to make sure I am awake). The baby will be carried away to be checked and cleaned. She is shown again, clean and buddled up) before carried away while I'm being stitched up.

    I had exact same concerns as you... hear cutting flesh etc. But nope, I didn't hear anything cos I was actually dozing on and off in the OT. I do feel my OB pulling hard to get the baby out thou.

    In KKH, they do not allow HB into the OT which I personally think it okay.

    I think the whole process takes less than an hour though the time in the recovery room varies.

    I stayed in 1 bed ward for 4 days. Total bill was around $5.1k. Baby bill (around $800) expensive cos she follow my class of stay and was also put into special care for one day due to breathing difficulties.

    Hope this helps.
  42. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    Hi daughter in law ,

    thank for sharing , but u mention that during the ops , u doze off on n off ?? thought suppose to be awake , is it the epidural too strong ?

    and after the op , is there any problem going to toilet anot , is it pain ? and can u walk the next day ? thank
  43. O, doze on and off... I had a tiring day. Long story: That day... I was on leave with my 1st gal at home when I noticed spotting (not fresh blood) in the morning. Called my OB and we agreed that I observe for further development. While waiting for HB to come home, I contiuned to do housewrok, play with gal and pack my maternity bag (have to pack too cos scheduled ops is also 2 days later).

    Took my lunch at 3pm and we drove to KK. 4+pm, was put under observation. 5pm: Doctor on duty told me I had dilated 4cm and contratcions are periodic. Must be hospitalized immediately. 6pm: I was pushed into delivery suite for observation and wait for my OB. 8+pm: Pused into OT...
    Imagine all the housework, playing with gal and anticipation in the hospital... when I finally had had te chance to "rest" via dozing on-off in the OT.

    Normally, cannot get down from bed the 1st day after ops not because of pain but due to wound. (I know cos my request to move around after 1st day was rejected by my OB). My urine bag was removed on the 2nd day morning and I went toilet slowly, back bend over to prevent wound from stretching... (I think some ladies had described the post operation in earlier postings, quite good too)

    Personally, I prefer to get dwon and move around ASAP cos I hated the bed.
  44. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    hi daughter in law ,

    so ur scheduled op is suppose to be 2 days later ? may i know u r in which week for ur scheduled op , cos normally is in 38 weeks rite ?

  45. Yes, normally it is two weeks. My scheduled is half way thro week 38.
    Not sure if this is unique to Csec: Our stools will be hard so need more "strength" to push.. may be painful too.
  46. missk

    missk New Member

    hey, did your gynae go through the procedure before the operation? Since it's my first time, I am a little nervous.
  47. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    hi missk

    u choosing epidural c section ?
  48. missk

    missk New Member

    oh yes whitelady, I am!
  49. missk and whitelady:
    The epi ops was my second csec so OB did not went throught the procedure. But I did obtain infomation from books and website on epi. On top of that I cleared my doubts with my OB. My OB is the type not to "saddle" me with too much medical details (which I prefer too). That is why I went back to him for my second child.
  50. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    hi missk ,

    so u choosing which hospital ? wonder the bill will be expensive for epi c section anot ... i m so scare for epi c section , esp the injection of the epi part ... but no choice , still have to go thru ...

    so missk , when u going for the c section ? have a date already ? so ur hubby will be going in to the op room with u rite !

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