Dr Karolyn Goh from Raffles Hospital


Hi ladies,

need your help on the above..
i've just seen this gynae in the morning, was thinking if anyone got any review about her? is she pro-natural without EPI.?

was supposedly book for appt next fri for Dr Lee I wuen, but today had some spotting and Dr Lee is not around so was refered to Dr Goh.

Thinking if i should just stick to Dr Goh or change back to Dr Lee?

Please help thanks


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I have been with her for 2 years...not for pregnancy related matters, but usual gynae check up..i m comfortable with her and like my interaction with her...


I have been with Dr Karolyn Goh since 2007 and she's been great. Very understanding and easy going. Her nurse Irene is very nice too.


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she's a friend of my boss and so my boss recommended her when i said i'll go with raffles. but i didnt take up dr goh(cant remember why, i think cos i was comparing package costs). end up with dr watt. so far am comfy with her. very assuring doc. my sis took dr thong who was rly nice (accompanied her during one of the checkups) but when i enquired, dr thong no longer does delivery/antenatal packages. probably handling other more serious maternity stuff cos too pro already lol. but they said can still do normal checkups with her though. but better to stick to one who'll handle right up till delivery.
Dr Karolyn Goh is a warm and considerate doctor. When I had to undergo an extensive operation, she was patient and supportive explaining the details and tried to comfort me. Her skill-level was fantastic. My wound sealed almost seamlessly after 4 weeks and the discomfort was minimum.