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Dr Choo Wan Ling/ Dr Cindy Pang

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by tingers, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. tingers

    tingers New Member

    Hi, I am about 34 weeks and is with Dr Choo, however she will be away from 31st Aug to 8 Sept and if i were to deliver during this period of time, her cover is Dr Cindy Pang. I've tried to research on Dr Pang but seems like she hasn't been very active since 2016.. Any mummies who might have seen Dr Pang?
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  2. Sarah Elliott

    Sarah Elliott New Member

    Hi @tingers ,
    She is my gynae and she is really very patient and understanding. I have seen her from the start of my pregnancy after a good recommendation from a friend who had Dr Pang deliver her baby! She is known for very clean and quick stitches that heal fast and for her nurturing touch! You are really in good hands with Dr Pang as i have been with her through the process.
  3. Lin1313

    Lin1313 New Member

    Hi! Anyone can share about about experience with dr Cindy? I am planning for second c sect. Can share price package 2019?

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