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  • Hi jlingmummy,

    Currently I am pregnant in Taiwan and planning to fly back to Singapore to give birth. I have APS so that Rheumatology doctor in Taiwan prescribed me daily medication Clexane, aspirin and Hydroxychloroquine.
    I am looking for Singapore hospital and gynae/Rheumatologist that can continue to prescribe me the jabs and medication after I fly back. Can you kindly advise me on this?
    hello i saw your post , understand that you had your child born in NUH before.
    I am currently taking NUH subsidy route as well.
    Question :
    1) May i know by when you choose to switch to private from subsidy ?
    2) After you switch to private clinic, where would it be ? is it the different or same building the subsidy clinic?
    usually they would have already asked you to pay a package price at week 22 onwards which covered all the consultation at clinic C, but i didn't do that as u cant transfer the package to pvt later on. also becos i transfer at week 28, i also dint sign any package at the pvt rate, so u might need to consider this..
    another thing is u need to have a gynae that is willing to take u at later weeks, i had 1 becos she has been seeing me at Clinic C most of the time and knows my condition.. at pvt NUH, depending on the seniority of the gynae, it would be at Sapphire or Emerald/Ruby, which is at the new tower..
    Thanks for sharing and you were lucky to have the gynae to help you out.
    I think i would pay a visit to Sapphire or Emerald/Ruby to find out more detail on private packages.
    The associate consultant & consultants doctor that we see on clinic C, could they also be at Sapphire or Emerald/Ruby?
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