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Diaper Bag Recommendation

Discussion in 'Want To Buy' started by rubberwalkwalk, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. rubberwalkwalk

    rubberwalkwalk New Member


    I'm looking for a bag that doesn't scream "Diaper Bag" but still functional and looks nice and trendy.

    Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

  2. melodymin

    melodymin Member

    IMG_7366.JPG IMG_7367.JPG IMG_7368.JPG
    Hi, let me know if this is something you looking for.
  3. rubberwalkwalk

    rubberwalkwalk New Member

  4. rubberwalkwalk

    rubberwalkwalk New Member

    I came across this tote bag from this website peppynomad.com. Seems like it has quite a few compartments can also put bottle and baby mat..

    Not sure if anyone seen or tried it before? Appreciate any reply! :)


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