Delicious Vegetable Purees For Tweens


Feeding babies is the most difficult and fun part of parenting. Babies also need the same amount and variety of nutrients as adults do. Parents are always concerned about babies eating habits. As always mommies have some fun, simple ideas in feeding their babies. For tweens (9-12months) try to add more nutritious foods as they need more strength during this stage.

A little common sense goes a long way, as growing babies should get 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day and it depends on the age(6,9,or12 months). So mommies hold up your sleeves here comes the difficult task to feed their babies with veggies. Try to feed the babies with single vegetables a day and continue the same for 3-4 days, after that with a new veggie again. But overfeed or force-feed the baby.

Get in the concept of “Rainbow Feeding”. This the time where your baby absorbs different colours. Better feed them with different coloured veggies. Start with sweet veggies like sweet potato, carrot, beetroot, pumpkins, butternut squash and move on to the greens like spinach, peas, and green beans. Make a smooth puree of these vegetables for 4-6 months babies, and thinly sliced, or little chunks of boiled veggies for 9-12 months babies.

Rohit Tiwari

New Member
Also provide organic baby foods with purees and porridges of fruits and vegetables like apple, mango, banana, ragi, carrots. Make sure it is free from preservatives