Cooking Tips & Recipe

Hi Van

Thanks for the tip - no wonder sometimes the egg whites will harden and settle at the bottom of the cup.

Hi littlecat

I've been sahm since I was pg with my first - 6 years already - but still not very housewifey! My hb has to help me with quite a lot of housework!

I'm sure with the start of your 2nd trimester, your morning sickness will get better.

Hi Home, I'm like you, I couldn't bring myself to eat my own cooking when I was pg. But your recipes sound really nice and healthy and simple, will try that out next week

Do you girls actually draw up a daily/ weekly menu of what to cook? Sometimes I just walk in circles in the supermarket not knowing what to buy.

Thanks for the websites Costa, will take a look soon. Hi Pris, welcome to the cyber kitchen!

I love eating pasta - especially spaghetti carbonara. Here's my contribution for today!

Boil pasta in hot boiling water + salt + olive oil for about 15 minutes. Drain, rinse in cool tap water and toss with a dash of olive oil to prevent it from sticking together.

Heat up some olive oil and a tbsp of butter. Fry minced garlic, onions and chopped streaky bacon. Add in chopped fresh button mushroom. Put in the pasta and stir fry for about a minute. Add thickened cream, salt & black pepper to taste. When ready, switch off the stove and pour in 2 beaten eggs. Toss the mixture around so that the heat from the pasta will cook the eggs and the eggs will form a nice creamy coating on each strand of pasta. Bon appetit!

Wah! I am enjoying reading this thread.Keep your recipes coming! I am a sahm with the third one on the way.. Always cook brown rice porridge with pork ribs, peanuts and carrots. Nutritious and good for the bones, then I'll just fry one veg. Very lazy to fry cos got to clean up stove and floor aft that.

Normally, I 'll also fry ginger strips and keep them in the fridge, when I want to steam fish like salmon or threadfin, I'll just top it up with ginger strips, tomatoes, sesame oil and soy sauce.
hey choc06 tht's a good idea too, just clean up one time mess..

annelise wow must try that later after MS is over
i like italian food but not this period leh...

ok gals, have a nice weekend and happy cooking !

let me if any of u did try the recipe above during the weekend !
Another lazy recipe to contribute: Prepare ikan bilis by frying the ikan bilis in bulk .Keep in fridge.

When need to use, just boil water, add ginger and fried ikan bilis.. Can then add quail eggs, marinated pork strips, batang fish(slices with note much bones), veg and mee sua or maggi noodles. Add tomatoes to stock also. Then add soy sauce and sesame oil to taste. Hee.. my kids love it esp the quail eggs. Good for quick lunch and no need to clean up mess..

Annelise and van,
Thanks for the chawanmushi recipe and the tips to smoothen the egg, my girls love them! Didn't know straining can smoothen the egg. A friend told me covering the egg mixture when steaming can also give a smooth texture .

annelise, drawing up a weekly menu is a good idea, but I am always very fickled minded!
Me too, walk around supermarket , dunno what to buy !
It's weekend and as a sahm , I am very happy, can take a break from cooking ! Have a good weekend everybody ! Cheers!
wow! u been a sahm for 6 yrs! i only 2 yrs and i can't really take it liao. i find it's really a great calling to be at home looking after kids. not an easy job!

i feed my boy mainly chinese food. how about u all? do u give your kids sandwich for lunch? is it filling?
One amateur recipe to recommend..

Steamed Cod Fish.
1. Steam a pc of cross-section cod fish.
2. Use sesame oil or cooking oil to fry chopped ginger and garlic until crispy.
3.When the cod fish is cooked, place it on a plate.
4. Pour step 2 onto the cod fish and its ready to serve.

Another one!
Easy,Fast and Delicious method of frying vege:
Using cooking oil,Stir fry ikan bilis until crispy, then put in heng chye, pour some light soy sauce, stir fry for a while and its ready to serve.
my EDD 16/11. my first one i was 3 wks early. so if this one also 3 wks early, will be oct liao. when is urs?
How about this Shang4 Tang1 Xian3 Cai4 (heng chye in broth), it's common at some Che Cha stalls).

1) Boil broth using ikan bilis and and thick stems of heng chye until u can smell the fragrant, put aside.

2) Fry whole pieces of garlic till garlic turn golden color,take out half from wok and put aside. Using the same wok, fry some ikan bilis or dried silver fish till crispy, put aside.

3)Using the same wok which now has oil with fragrant of garlic and ikan bilis, stir fry leaves with thin stems of heng chye.

4) Pour the stock in 1) above to the wok ,cook till boiled, pour the garlic back to the vege,add salt and pepper to taste.

5)Pour fried ikan bilis in the centre of the vege dish when served.

Some stalls also add cut century egg into this dish.

Can also use canned broth, or other pre-cooked broth.
Home, my EDD is around 8/Nov, but doc said might be earlier too
, this friday going for another check up, will see how is the progress.

Home & Annelise
Any advice for me, i did have this plan to be sahm next year.
Partly i want to look after my own baby, cos my first one i can see he really follow how the nanny behave which i don't really like. Secondly i m kind of sick of my current job too.
And i know once i quit, it will be difficult to go back to workforce liao...
sigh.. i know family is more important but single income also quite tough.... no choice we are living in singapore...

THe past weekend didn't have time to try out the dish... was meeting up with fren on saturday, then sunday my hb got something else so didn't cook at all.

This long weekend must try some of the recepi out

I like heng chye soup too
my method is similar to Van. But i lazy lah, just fried the ikan blis with garlic then pour water in and cook for about 15min, then put the heng chye in an cook another 8-10 min cos the stem took awhile to be soft.

btw have u gals try heng chye porridge? it is nice and good for kids too as they can eat the porridge and vege. Method is similar as the soup, boil the ikan bilis in water to get the broth, then put in the rice cook as usual last then u put in the heng chye.
Hi choc

When is your EDD? Congrats on expecting number 3! How old are your girls? Mine are 5 and 2.5 years old. They keep me very busy - the housework is endless! I don't think I can cope with being pg! Will probably stop at 2!

Hi home

I feed my girls mainly chinese food too. They love eating porridge so I cook it in a slow cooker and put the meat, fish and vege inside as well. I don't give them sandwiches for lunch - they tend to eat the filling and stuff the plain bread into my mouth!

Yeah, being a sahm is tough - I love being with the girls but I hate doing household chores!

Hi justamum

Thanks for the recipes
Do I need to marinate the cod fish with any salt or soy sauce?

Hi van

I'm going to try your pork rib recipe today! But what is brown bean sauce? Minced tau cheo, is it?

Hi littlecat

Tomorrow I'm going to try the sting ray recipe. Must I go to the wet market to buy sting ray? I don't remember seeing them at supermarkets.

Okay, gotta go get the rest of the house sorted out before picking up my girls from school
Thanks van

Hi Littlecat

Just saw your msg. Will share with you about being a sahm later in the afternoon, ok? Need to pick up my girls now (and buy the minced tau cheo!) and won't be able to log in until their naptime!

Btw, what is heng chye?
Hello gals...

Wow this thread is moving very fast

I used to cook and experiment lots of dishes, but mainly meat. Now I have cut down eating too much meat, so got nothing much to cook nowadays...

Do you gals know that pork goes very well with apple sauce? I love it and my hubby love it too
. I have made it for my hubby's friend, and they love it too...
It's a very simple dish. Buy apple sauce or make your own apple sauce (minced apple plus sugar and lemon), apply on pork chop and put in the oven for an hour... Bingo!

Hi Littlecat,
It's true that it's a challenge to get back to the workforce after being a SAHM for a while... My sis conducts interviews and that's what she told me... She had some mothers who stopped working for a year or two, and all got rejected... Only one with a masters degree was considered.
"Heng Chye" is very good especially when preggie now

Re: Steaming fish
For a nicer smell, add a little "hua tiao jiu"
Wow... quite a number of SAHM here... I would want to be one too
. But I am looking into business opportunities so that I can earn some income plus look after my kid myself
Have you gals thought of doing a small biz?

Hi annelise,
I realise doing housework is very time-consuming and lots to do... Just sweeping and mopping the house will take me half a day already...
annelise, the sting ray buy from market better, cos supermaret one sometime not fresh although u have chili speices to cover still dun taste good. About the cooking time i saw i put 10min, i think it should be longer. Some tips to cut short the time u can open a little bit of the foil to let the hot air in, and make sure the fish is not so thick. If u can get the fresh one from market, u can put oyster sauce and little bit of sesame oil to bake so kids can eat too.
heng chye is it called the chinese spanish ? they have two type one is green one another type is red/purpple coulour after u cook the whole sauce is red/purpple.
Ok looking forwad to your message.
btw r your girls both in PAP ? how many hours type? and how much per month?

Thanks Van, will go take a look now
Hi annelise,
I am 33 and my older girl is 6 and the second is turning 4. Edd end aug. I think 3 is enough liao ! My hubby wants 4 actually !:< Now, home-schooling my 2nd one.

Yes, I can share the same sentiment as you all.. housework is never ending !Plus the ironing of clothes!It's really a calling to stay at home huh? Do you all cook all the meals ? tried tingkat for din but aft a while, the dishes are quite boring..

Heng chye is spinach ,the one that you have to peel the "veins" from the stalk. Good for soup and rich in iron. Ask the green grocer for heng chye,sometimes, they have the smaller bunch ones..
Hengchye porridge sounds good, but must chop up the veg for porridge is it?

Do you all use the magic wipe to clean the floor, saves a bit of time though.. After that , i'll normally "dettol" the floor with a wet mop as my gals tend to roll on the floor.

Hey Lyn, doing a small bis is a good idea.. but most of the time, it's telesurveying or telemarketing.. got any other lobang ?

Got one interactive website to share with you all.. for children 3 and above, it's on phonics and stories . It's call
hi choc06
The hengchye porridge, dun need to chop just like when u cooking soup just use hand to break it. i find chopping it looks abit messy... like baby food.. also if the kids dun like too much vege u can still pick up from there.

another tips about mopping, i buy those mop that has sponge at the bottom, and near the handle u have this thing to press the water out. i find it pick up lots of hair, dust too. and u can skip the sweeping step.
Wow, household tips in this thread now....I shall share mine.

I love my Karcher electric broom, it's wonderful to suck up the hair,biscuit crumps,dust... without messy wire and having to pull my heavy Osim vaccum cleaner around.
Hi Van, what's this Karcher electric broom ? Good to use is it? Where to get it and how much is it? Agree with you, the vacuum cleaner is so bulky to use !

Little Cat, I used the sponge mop before,is it the long cylinder shape kind ? but can't seem to clean corners .. how you fix this problem ?
Thanks for the hengchye tip, shall get it later.. can add any other veg ?
Sorry to digress from recipe to household tips.. hee

Can't remember how much I paid for this, but it's money well spent,very happy that I got this.I got it from Courts. I think all the major electrical stores are selling. The agent's office is at IMM.

I use it everyday.Just charge it, push it around, and pour away the hair and dust.Even my 5-year-old can help me to "vaccum" the floor using this.
Van... you are so efficient ! Looks good, will go to courts to check it out.. Can this suck dust from corner ? Now, I can't bend with my big tummy and got lots of dust and hair esp at corners... Thanks for sharing the photo.
If I happen to be online, then very fast.But tomorrow when my hb come back from US, I won't be so free liao, ha ha.

The handle can be shortened/tilt and turn like magic mop, but corners not so ideal,look at the shape you will know.
Yeap van pls let us know if this can clean corner.
Cho06 it is right the one i mentioned can not do the corner, so got to bend down

hey one question, did anyone use cane on kids ?
Caned only under 2 cicumstances, SAFETY ISSUES,RESPECT ISSUES.

There are many conflicting views about to cane or not to cane.

Some kids need the soft approach, some very thick skin, cane also no use, so it all depends on individuals, no right or wrong, good or bad.
my son refuse to get out of bed every morning. so we have no choice got to use cane. this morning he really dun care keep dragging so my hb fed up give him 2, so his leg got very obvious cane mark.
At the end we kena scolded by the auntie who look after him.
I am just sick of this, i can see she spoil him alot, but when i want to use my method she is not happy.
double stress, work and this type of silly thing, oh it shold be 'triple' with the PG i really no energy liao...
ok ok sorry gals promise this is the last msg that is not related to cooking...
will post recipe soon.
anyone like Cockles ?
here's one recipe :

Wash and clean the cockles. Put in a pot, boil hot water and pour on it.
Open the shell, remove one part of the shell. Keep the meat with the other half of the shell.

Fried garlic, fermented beans (tou-jiang), some minced chili padi, in oil till fragrant, put in the cockles stir and cook for about 2 min.
Salted fish with minced meat

hehe another unhealhty dish..;)

Minced meat - buy those with little bit of fat type.
Put some light soya sauce, sugar, corn flour, oyster sauce (optional), mix well.

Put the salted fish, must buy those 'mei-xiang' type not those use for frying bean sprout. Put few slics, not too much if not too salty.
Steam till meat is cook.
If u more adventurous, buy the pork belly marinate and steam with salty fish also very nice !
pai seh my mum is hakka, so since young we took quite abit of such unhealthy food...
Hi Lyn

When the girls start primary school, I may give tuition lessons when I'm free
I did think of starting a small biz, but never got down to doing it.

Hi LittleCat

Ok, will get the stingray when I go to the wet market. Oh, so heng chye is chinese spinach

My older girl used to attend PAP for nursery but I feel that she didn't learn much - just a lot of songs and the alphabets. There wasn't mandarin lessons and 2 hours was a little short.

Both of them are attending a montessori kindergarten now - which I feel is better because the ratio is about 5 to 1 and they develop at their own pace. I am more concerned about how they learn rather than what they learn. Hopefully they develop the discipline to study on their own. The fees work out to be about $500+ per month. I didn't plan to start my younger one so soon (my older girl started at 4 and I wanted to save some money first!) but she was a little slower in her speech development, so I started her earlier.

Anyway, I became a sahm because my work was too demanding and stressful for me to juggle both family and career. I am quite a homey person since young, so making the adjustment to stay home wasn't too tough.

My mum was a sahm too. She stayed home to look after us and only started working again only about 15 years ago. She started out at Mcdonald's and worked her way up. She's not with Mc's anymore but is a manager with another company. For someone who doesn't even have an O level cert, she proves that hard work does pay off!

We definitely won't be able to rejoin the workforce at the level that we left it - but with good working attitude and the willingness to start over at the bottom, we'll be able to make up for lost time!

Hi choc,

I'm 33 too
Yup, ironing is my pet peeve! I tried tingkat too but got sick of the food after a while! Wow, you still have the energy to "dettol" the floor! I usually mop on all fours - but only twice a week. Other times, just magic mop &amp; vacuum.

Sorry took so long to post - there's a thunderstorm now and my small one keeps waking up and crying!
Hey Little Cat,
i am a big fan of cockles !Craved for it during my first trim. Had to have it(extra) every week with laksa.. Weird right ? So when i saw your recipe, i was delighted !my hubby doesn't eat it, guess I'll have to cook and eat the whole lot all by myself !
( more than happy)

tried steaming the pork with meixiang salted fish before, didn't dare to season the pork,instead I chop up the salted fish and mix it with the pork, end up no taste. now, I know why.. thanks for the tips.. I like the one from the soup(san zong liang jian) restaurant, have you all tried it ?

I use a wooden spoon or spatula on the kids' buttocks only.. no marks, in case my out-laws see the marks and we'll get it.. I find that the wooden spoon's surface area is bigger and I can aim better, cos I'm no marksman when it comes to cane !My friends prefer cane cos it's painful and it's more detering.. I tell my kids that when words fail and they don't cooperate, their buttocks will be in pain.

Anyone been to phoon huat's baking class ? The one at AMK is quite good.. the chef is patient and explains well.. You can check out at the website

van, my hb also travels alot too.. are you expecting also?
Hi again

Littlecat, is there a reason why he doesn't want to get out of bed? Maybe you could get him to go to sleep a bit earlier at night?

Have you ladies watched Supernanny on Arts Central? She's really amazing! I've read her book and it's pretty good.
Hi everybody,
So nice to have found this thread. I am SAHM, I seldom cook for myself but got a toddler to cook for. At what age do you start your child with adult food? I still cook for my child special food while we (adults) eat out.
Would like to learn some easy and tasty cookings from here. And, to get some tips from all SAHM on what you do at home for yourself, your kids, etc...
I love cockles too. I make dipping sauce that's also good with canned top shell, pacific clams.

Mix chopped garlic, chopped chilli padi,sugar, soya sauce,and squeeze some lime juice in. Drooling already....haha

annelise &amp; Clover,
there is another SAHM thread in this forum, I mentioned in my earlier post, you might want to join in. We have 60+ members in our SAHM club already

Jia lei cooking school does conduct cake deco classes but not Phoon Huat. I attended the JE classes.

My hb used to travel about 70% of the time, cut down a lot this year.

Why did you think I am expecting? No. ...I am not, and not planning to have....yet.
Little_Cat and all mummies here,
Hi hi! Thanks a lot for this thread! I'm learning a lot from all of you, whether cooking or other topics.
I just tried this cupcake recipe last weekend and it tastes pretty good:

3/4 cup plain flour
1.5 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup cocoa powder
pinch of salt

50g butter (softened)
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup peanut butter
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla essence
2/3 cup milk

1/2 cup semi-sweet choc chips

Sift all the dry ingredients together.
Beat butter and sugars until well-combined.
Add peanut butter to the mixture.
Add egg and vanilla essence.
Add flour mixture and milk alternately. Stir in choc chips.

Fill cupcake cups 2/3 full. Bake in preheated oven at 180 deg for about 20-25 mins.

Dust some icing sugar on top after cakes have cooled.
annelise, yah.. phoonhuat has cake decor class, can't remember which branch , maybe aljunied.. you can check out the website :
Few weeks ago, they made pao and some choc truffles, I missed it !
Used to give tuition in the afternoons when my gals are sleeping, now i cut down to one grp of p6 cos too tired now. when i see lizards' droppings on the floor, I get paranoid, so I dettol the floor to keep them away..

Hi clover, how old is your toddler ? My second is turning 4.. when my gals were about 2 yrs old, it was porridge everyday, and cut-up meesua, almost chopped up with fish(threadfin or salmon) and veg.. they ate baby food while I ate adult food like sandwiches or noodles. I think when they have teeth, you can start them with a little adult food.

Hey van, hee , just curious only lah.. so you have one ? my hb also travels alot, also cut down this year..
Didn't know that Phoon Huat has cake decor class, is it ad-hoc or regular?

My girl is 5 years+ already,study MMI K2.

My girl had adult food without much seasoning from 12mths, all cut into tiny pieces. From 18mths onwards, she eats whatever non-spicy adult food that we take.
Thanks Choc06 and Van.
My boy is 2. I do give him a little of outside food that we eat whenever he wants. Usually we try to avoid sauce, rinse the food with the soup, etc..but I still don't feel comfortable about that. However, to think of it sooner or later he has to expose to sweet, oily, salty, MSG, colourings, preservatives food. So, when should I feel safe about it? Btw, do you let your child use outside cutlery or you bring your own set?

I think I am going to try some cookings soon.
Do you need to marinate the stingray before grill?
What type of cream do you use for the spagehtti sauce and where to get?
annelise, u r right with the righ attitude i guess we can go back again. hmm... ok must behave myself now dun burn the bridge next time can not come back hehehe...

Choc06 &amp; Van, wow didn't know u two love cockles too... haha my hb too dun like to take never mind some more say alot of bad thing about eating it... :'(

sp, u r most welcome !! haha do join us to share with us some of your experience !

annelise, not sure if he sleep late or what.. but if we turn in too early he also can't sleep. at the end he sing lah and dance lah and talk to himself. Cos now i ask my hb to sleep with him, i sleep alone in another room. But i know his pattern, if too early he either make lots of thing to 'entertain' himself or keep coming down to my bed ask me lots of question...
I didn't watch but my fren say very good, but now i sleep at 10pm sharp.

choc06, i like your method, wooden spoon or spatula. eh so u also have the same issue lah? scare the in-law will see and scold ?

my son like chinese food and he is a big fan of rice ! noodle depnds on which type.. so i kind of worry i want to put him full day at childcare.
and he doesn't take vege or fruits.. :'(

gals, i know i will branch to diff topics again.. how to encourage the kid to take vege or fruits??
clover, yes it's better to marinate. u can just marinate with the sambal chili and little bit of salt.

More recipe on cockles :
Curry cockles
Pour hot water on the cockles, remove the shell completely. Since u need to re-cook again no need to be too cook, means dun leave the hot water on the cockles for too long.
Put some old in a wok/pan, fried the curry paste &amp; curry leave till fragant, then put the cockles in, stir fried awhile, normally they will water coming out, if not put a bit of water in. cook for about 2 miutes.
We have many in cockles but hb don't like it.

dd sleeps late, so can't get up in the morning.Now that she doesn't take nap, or take shorter nap, she can sleep earlier at night.

Nowadays if she drag getting up to change for school, I don't keep calling or nag at her, just tell her firmly, when I come into the room and she's not changing, 'll take away her uniform and let her go to school in pyjamas, she will have to explain to her teachers and friends herself.

My dd doesn't like vege too, and only eat limited types of fruits.

I chopped vege and add to fried egg or meat ball/roll. At least once a week, I have to cook sweet potato porridge for her,to go with her favourite braised peanuts and egg with vege.

I am also asking around for creative ways to make her eat vege.
Hi Choc06,

hahaha.. I hate ironing too! Someone asked me if I am going to iron my baby's clothes.. The answer is "no".
I prefer to eat lots of vegetables, so tingkat is not really an option for me... I am pretty conscious of my diet, not too oily food also. It seems to me "tingkat" nowadays is mostly meat and worse if the food is oily.

I like to use magic wipe. Lately I bought a piece of 3M microfibre "mop". Use it just like the magic clean, but gotta wash after that... I only wet mop once a week.. :p Maybe will have to increase the frequency when baby comes out...

I am thinking of network marketing plus selling small things online or rent a shop to sell things... I envy those mothers who bring their kids to their own shop. Can look after the biz and kids togather...

I also has that type of sponge mop... quite good I would say... but sometimes it will leave dust stain on the marble... and I will have to take a cloth and clean. Do you have that problem?

hahaha... I think I am trying to see which method will take the least time to clean the floor and also least troublesome. I also have a Dyson vacuum cleaner which I will use it sometimes... hahaha...

hmm... maybe I will consider this... Thanks for sharing...

I also thought of giving tuition... but that will mean I gotta look for someone to look after my baby...
Got any ideas what type of biz that is easy and can look after kids also?
Thanks for sharing your mother's story... It's more encouraging at least there's still hope
Wah.. you gals love cockles... I dun really eat, but my hubby love them...

Another easy way to cook cockles.. Dunno if you gals tried before. Stir fry the cockles with ginger and egg. Bingo!
see my link above.In fact, I am chatting with them now.
very active..

I have the 3M mircofibre cloth wipe, stop using already. neither here nor there.Don't have the convenience of paper wipe,yet not as easily wash as normal mop.
Little cat,
How about a bed time story for your boy? I always have one english and one chinese to wind down the day with my gals. They also like to play and kpo to what we are doing, so I found that reading helps a little.
You have a lot of cockle recipe huh? I use to buy one kg for myself , boil them and dip in garlic chilli sauce.. slurp..

van, the cake decor class I think was regular for a period of time, dunno whether it's still on now.. try the phoonhuat website. Was doing some mousse cake for my gals bday and decorating with fruits before the third one..unless you want to do the wedding cake kind of decor, the one with the marzipan..Borrowed some library books on this kind before, but very big project to do. The chef in phoonhuat also teaches a little cake decor every time, attended the one during christmas, and he decorated the cheese cake so simply and nice..

Clover, maybe you can boil some fish porridge when your dine out ? A small crockpot does the job, just boil the porridge first , then hun tum the fish and chopped veg like broccoli or chye sim.Got one recipe on hengchye porridge earlier this week, can check it out.I brought my own cutlery for the first one wherever I went, aft number 2, no more.. hee
annelise,Thanks for the cupcake recipe, will try it when I'm more alive.. my gals like cakes

Lyn, yah.. the tingkat not very nice aft a while.. are you a soup person? For lunch, you can cook fish soup and throw in lots of veg and noodles..

I don't know how to cook leh, cook 3 times only 1 time will turn out ok.

When I single I eat out or eat instant noodles. When bored of both I cook spagetti.

Vegetarian spagetti

1. Boil water &amp; cook spagetti, salt/ oil in water optional
2. Soak dried mushrooms in hot water, when soft cut into strips, reserve the mushroom water for cooking
3. Cut onion, garlic, chili, tomatoes, vege (any vege u like)
4. Fry onion, garlic, chili &amp; mushroom in a bit of oil
5. Add tomatoes and mushroom water, let boil &amp; add vege. Season with a bit of salt
6. Stir in cooked spagetti &amp; black pepper (easier to mix evenly in wok rather than in plate) &amp; ready to eat.

This recipe must faster eat because there is no "sauce" so it will become sticky quite fast. It looks pale because no colouring. I ever cook for family, they thought aiya so pale-looking should be no taste one, but it was very hot becoz I put a lot of chili padi... heh heh...
Van, yes we have so many things in common ! u me and Choc06, can organize a cockles party liao ! haha!
Choc06, yes we do read to him nowadays and he likes it. We limit to 3 books per nite. But sometime after that he still very active.
This morning i try the 'soft' method, talk to him nicely and seems like it is working.
Yesterday nite we went reach home, he sing a song about the sun rising and bird singing and about kids dun be late in school, so i repeat the song and tell him mom &amp; dad also can not be late at work too... so trying this method

choc06, i have one more to fried with bean sprout and gu-chye (jiu-chye) one

eh if u really like cockles hor, sometime just eating like this with some chilli with garlic is already superb !
Guess Lyn's hb will agreed also hehe...

Lyn i find using the mop got little bit of skill one, u can't mop like dragging it front and back, u must drag one direction first to collect the dust. so after the first time collected all the dust, later then i go mop it like usual. I find this method works

Choc06, if want to take cockles during PG, better make sure it's 100% coooked. Cos those at Laksa store sometime not really cooked, i kiasu dare not eat..
but i do like sashimi and esp now during PG, but it is not adverisable to take...

Stir fried Cockles with bean sprout and jiu-chye (gu-chye)

Cooke the cockles in hot water, remove the shell. Put aside.
Put some oil in a wok, heat up, put some garlic fried till fragrant, put the bean sprout and jiu-chye, fry awhile till the jiu-chye looks abit greener. Cos both bean sprout &amp; jiu-chye taste good if is half cook, so no need to cook to long. Pour in the cockles stir fried for awhile, put some light soya sauce to taste. Thats it.