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Consideration for a maid or babysitter?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by Qieziwang, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Qieziwang

    Qieziwang New Member


    Not sure if this is appropriate here but, the missus and I are in a dilemma over whether we want to look for a full time maid or a baby sitter to take care of our coming new born as the missus is working a normal office job while I am working in a high pressure industry with very very long hours..

    Basically, my mother would be looking after the baby but we have concerns over my mother's age and carelessness (ie forget to turn off fire, accidentally leave staplers from wrapper in vegetables) and would want a extra pair of eyes over the baby when it is at her place. But we would want the maid/babysitter to assist my mother as well.

    So we have been tearing our hair out over the decision to hire a maid or a baby sitter and wondered whether any others had similar concerns.

    Basically, a very brief summary of the main considerations:-

    Pros of maid
    Can help tidy up the house and do household chores etc including washing baby items
    Probably cheaper than baby sitter?

    Cons of maid
    Horror stories online
    Not exactly specialised in infant care
    Loss of privacy at home as they would need a room

    Pros of babysitter
    Specialised in infant care
    Structured hours - probably would retain privacy of the house as they are not staying over

    Cons of babysitter
    Doesnt do household chores other than washing baby stuff
    Higher cost
    No help on weekends!

    Any comments on the considerations over a maid or daycare babysitter/nanny?

  2. JR Koh

    JR Koh New Member

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  3. tweetie76

    tweetie76 Member

    I guess it depend on your budget and comfort zone. For us, we are not comfortable w maid , so my kids go nanny and childcare (age 2&4) .. housework while hb and I share and I have chose to work part time .. financially it's definitely tight n sometimes hb will ask me go work full time bt I enjoy my part time job cos I got to enjoy the time w my kids and of cos my personal time !!
  4. JL8118

    JL8118 New Member

    My husband and I was in the same situation as you in the past. In the end after much courage/encouragement etc, we decided to go for a maid. We find those maid that is specialise in baby sitting. To us, household chores not much of an issue as we can segregate among ourself. Our main concern is taking care of baby..
    So well, our maid main is taking care of baby. And only when baby is asleep or when she's free, then she will do housework. But have to say that since she specialise in baby, hence housework may not that up to standard as us. Sweeping/mopping is like as long as 'touch' the floor kind. Cooking is by my mil so still ok...

    For my suggestion to you, if you have elderly like parents or parents in law at home, then go for a maid. As some maid can be a good babysitter as well. Otherwise go for babysitter.

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