Confinement nanny recommendation - Yan Jie


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Hi mummies!

I would like to recommend my confinement nanny, Yan Jie from Selangor. I just ended my confinement a couple of weeks back.

Yan Jie took excellent care of my baby & I during my confinement. She always reminded me to rest between feeds. She was always looking out for my physical & mental health. She was also very caring towards my baby and was always able to soothe my baby when she was being fussy. (insider tip: She learnt a little bit of infant massage. You could ask her to teach you how! I don't think this is part of her daily duties. & I only asked her to do it once. You could ask her if you would like. Otherwise you could easily follow YouTube videos too!)

She was also very observant. For Eg. She noticed how I always finished the coriander on my dishes. So she gathered that I like coriander, and added more on my dishes. She also noticed that I was always stretching my back, and complaining to my husband about how it aches. So when my post natal masseur came by my place, I overheard her casually mentioning to the masseur that my back is always aching. I was very touched by these little actions.

Yan Jie cooks really delicious vinegar pig trotters too! So good that my Mil requested her to cook it several times. (I was quite embarrassed. Haha)

I speak very basic Mandarin, so it was great that she could also speak and understand basic English.

Also, she is in her early 50s. She is younger than most nannies. (with more energy too) She has a more modern mindset. I love that she didn't force her ideals on us. She was very respectful of our choices. For example, I wanted to wash my hair, and didn't want to keep using herbs to shower and she never gave me "the aunty lecture" about how it is good for me. She was very understanding about our modern ways. She wouldn't make any unnecessary comments about breastfeeding or bottle feeding. She is also not overly talkative. I really appreciated that.

She has pretty high EQ. Seeing as how she knew when to give us our privacy. She also got along well with my Mil and mom who visited often.

Last but not least, also the most important factor to me, she was very clean and hygienic. She always made it a point to use the hand sanitizer we provided before handling my baby every single time. She also mopped the kitchen floor daily after cooking dinner. Her daily tasks were also very organised and she had her time management down pat.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Yan Jie to all mummies! She is open for 2020.
Do get in touch with her at +60 17-286 9959.
Hi! May I know if you found her through a nanny agency?
If you are looking for CN thought agency, you can try PEM! Used their service before and Aunty HUI LING had been assigned!

You can tell how experienced is when she's there. She is good at taking care of both mummy and baby. As a first-time mummy, I cannot usually tell why the baby is crying and what he needs when he is crying, but she will just know and pamper him straight away!

She is not that kind of very traditional kind of CN who always tell you not to do this and that but giving guidance as someone who educates, very patience and answer all my Why this and Why that!

Recommend aunty Hui Ling from PEM!