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Confinement Lady Recommendation

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by tingluvsbutt, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. tingluvsbutt

    tingluvsbutt Active Member

    Dear mummies/mummies-to-be,

    I would like to highly recommend my confinement lady, Auntie Fei Fei from Malaysia for those who are still looking to get a good one. I am not in any way related to her nor am I getting any benefits. She is really a very responsible and very initiative nanny that helped me so much during my confinement. Today is my last day of confinement and I am writing this review here to bless her. I hired her for a 28 days but extend another 1 more day due to I need extra hands to bring my baby for 1st month jab at the doctor. Both my hubby, myself and plus my in laws will be missing her as she brought alot of joy to us, and ontop of that her delicious food she cooked for us! From the 1st day she stepped into our house till now, she is so automatic in everything that she do for us. She have her own schedule what to do for both myself and my baby, and she will always make sure I am very well taken care of with nourishing foods, herbal soup, lots of fluids as I am a e-csect mum and also a first time mum. She show us and guide us how to handle our baby and she is always on alert from day time till night especially middle of the night upon hearing my baby cries.
    She is indeed very hardworking and do all she can at her best for us. Below are the summary.

    - she have 10 over years of experience as a CL.
    - she is able to do housework and laundry as well (we didnt get her to do cos we have a helper to do it). She will still help in overall when my helper is busy or off.
    - she is very independent and handles my baby very well (my son is quite a difficult one to handle as he cries murder when being strip naked, change diaper and bathing).
    - she is very patient with my slow movements, my son's long latching time of breastfeeding, and wee hours of latching.
    - she helps me alot in my breastfeeding journey as I have low supply of breastmilk. She will assists the latching, helping me to boost my supply by cooking foods that are bm booster to help me.
    - she is not strict and willing to do the kind of confinement that you wanted (eg. wash hair, bathe and etc) though she will still advice not to but will still accept and do what u want.
    - she will check what food or herbal stuff u dont eat/drink and will accommodate.
    - she cook very nice yummy food. u can check out the photos of the food she cooked for me below.
    - she gets along very well with my in laws and they love chatting with her and love eating her food too.

    Overall, I can guarantee she is a very hardworking auntie that helps us soooooo much! We will gonna miss her and I know my son will as well. She dotes on my son so much and we promise her we will bring our son along for road trip to visit her when we go Malaysia. Currently she is still available from April onwards. You might want to contact Auntie Fei Fei via Whatsapp +60169600911 with a text or voice msg.

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  2. ftmother

    ftmother New Member

    thanks for sharing all the pictures too!!! is Aunty very traditional? I am looking for a nanny but i am not traditional at all so just need a nanny to help me with the baby since i am a first time mother and really scared of holding babies! Also my hubs and i suck in chinese! realised alot of nannies speak only chinese.. can Aunty speak a bit of english? thanks for helping out with the answers!
  3. tingluvsbutt

    tingluvsbutt Active Member

    Aunty feifei is not those typical traditional type. She will follow ur way if u let her know. But she dun really know English much as she is a Malaysian and she speaks Mandarin Cantonese and malay. But she ever work for angmoh mummies before. So I dunno how she communicate with them. Haha.
  4. Yan Lin

    Yan Lin Member

    Hi. I have engaged my confinement nanny, Auntie Susie for the second time as she is very caring towards infant. My girl has never had colic before and she has grown well under her care. She boiled yummy and nutritious soup to boost our milk supply. Main reason is her powerful herbal tea that she brew everyday. Or else I will not have been conceive after 2 months I stop breastfeeding. In short, she is good.
    She is light sleeper too. She hears every single noise baby makes and I rest really well.
    She is working in Australia as confinement nanny till July 2018 and is returning in August 2018.

    Ger contact number 91229385 and +60126489568.
  5. Eury Wee

    Eury Wee Member

    Dear Mummies,

    I have a few very experienced confinement nanny/lady to introduce. They're all Malaysian Chinese, also have Indian Confinement Nanny.

    One of them is my own mother. She has more than 20 years of experience in taking care of newborn and my own babies too. She is currently booked for April - May & July. Other months are available.

    Other aunties are my friends, i knew them for years. Have been helping them to get jobs in Singapore too. Need to check their schedule once you've provide your EDD to me.

    They've many years of working experience in Singapore too! They able to cook very tasty confinement food. Take care of the newborn very well (cuz my mother & these aunties are really the expert!) Helping on simple household chores upon request.

    Please whatsapp me 98160846 if you need more details. I can provide their photos and info.
  6. Twinkle twinkle

    Twinkle twinkle New Member

    Hi tingluvsbutt, may I know how much is Auntie Fei Fei confinement rate and how old is she? Does she help to cook for your husband as well and does she take care of the baby at night?

  7. Pinnnng

    Pinnnng New Member

    @ tingluvsbutt I’ve pm u. Thanks
  8. Smich

    Smich New Member

    Hi just wanna check whether do we get to meet her first before confirmation? As this is my first time, we are more concerned on the baby caring and household chores. Thank you!
  9. AT2017

    AT2017 New Member

    How much is Fei Fei aunti?does she need to go back Malaysia to chop passport?need to give 2 angpao also right?
  10. AT2017

    AT2017 New Member

    Any local confinement lady to recommend?
  11. Yan Lin

    Yan Lin Member

    Yes. Get Auntie Susie.
  12. Smich

    Smich New Member

    Hi all, initially I engaged Auntie Feifei after doing my research. She replied to my msges quite promptly but noticed that she won't take the initiative to let me know when she is coming to Sg as I would like to have a meet up. Recently, I texted her to check on her schedule and she mentioned that if I give birth earlier than my EDD, she has to get her Friend to help me for awhile which i agreed and understand. She asked whether I'm having a c-sec or natural birth which I informed her that will be planning for natural. And out of a sudden, she said that she has another schedule earlier month before mine which I prompted her a few times when is the edd of the lady before mine. She replied that she is not sure and after a few prompting, she said that the lady EDD is in the mid of the month which she is not able to rush to do my confinement. I have booked her when I was preggie in 3rd month and now she just informed me when I'm in my 5th month. I am extremely disappointed in her service. Wouldn't recommend anyone from engaging her.

    SHELLYGAN Member

    My mum is 53 years old, 20 years experiences in taking care of babies and children, can cook delicious confinement foods.
    She can speak english, mandarin, malay, cantonese, hokkien and hakka.
    She is easy going, more flexible, not naggy and soft-spoken.
    You can call her, Kwee Fah + 6013-7781829 or me (Shelly) 96908622 to check on her availability.
  14. jchengmama

    jchengmama New Member


    My colleague recommended Auntie Fei Fei to me and she has been very helpful in the past two month. She is leaving and I'm sure my whole family will miss her a lot. I signed up to this forum just to express my gratitude and hope that she can bless more mummies with her wonderful experience and outstanding services. I have recommended her to my best friend who is expecting end of this year.

    I totally agree with tingluvsbutt's comments and I'm so lucky to have her with us. I have four children and I have engaged 4 other confinement ladies before engaging her for my youngest child. Some of them were good at taking care of the baby but their cooking was not fantastic. I must say Auntie Fei Fei is the most all-rounded confinement lady among all of them. Armed with 13+ years of experience, she has made my confinement such a breeze.

    1. Managing Baby
    Other than breastfeeding, Auntie takes care of everything else related to baby for me. She is always there to help even the most tiring mid-night burping after I fed my baby. On top of that, she gives valuable advices e.g. my baby had rashes and she took the initiative to boil herbal water to bath her alternative days.

    2. Taking care of me
    Her cooking was so delicious and nutritious. I'm quite into Chinese medicine and know some of soup recipes but she is a real expert. Basically, she serves you with 5 nourishing meals a day including desserts e.g. red bean soup/ white fungus with lotus seeds for tea time and herbal soup (usually double-boiled) for late night supper. She prepared herbal bath and red date tea for me on daily basis. She always reminds me to rest and leave the rest to her.

    3. Attitude & getting along with others
    She talks a bit loud but she is absolutely easy-going and very accommodative. My parents are very particular and sometime quite blunt in their comments. Usually she just laughs it through, adjusts her menus or suggests new way of cooking to satisfy my parent's requests. Now they are best friends. She speaks Hokkien, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka and Malay. She speaks very basic English but somehow she got along very well with my two filipino helpers.

    - I wanted to urut for longer but didn't want to spend too much on massages. She knew and suggested to help me with using the binder to tie my hip
    - My husband likes to cook too and he was asking about how to make a drink. She volunteered to help and did 3 batches after first two tries failed.
    - In the second month, she had a bit more time so she worked with my helper and prepared more dishes for me and the rest of my family to share. She knows my boys like wanton and siu mai, she made a lot for them and made them so happy.
    - Too many examples..... sorry not enough time

    Hope you will engage her early and manage to get her to help as her schedule is getting quite full these days. She is usually very responsive and try her best to honour her agreement.

    God Bless!
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  15. dikoseah

    dikoseah New Member

    May i know her charges?
  16. tingluvsbutt

    tingluvsbutt Active Member

    U might want to check with her directly as the charges I engaged her was in 2017. I'm not sure if her rates did increased? Cheers.
  17. Olivia chong

    Olivia chong New Member

    I would like to share my happy experienced.
    With great gratitude to my excellent nanny, Auntie Ho. It was so fortunate for us to welcome her to our place. She is such an active, hard working nanny and her amazing performance was far beyond our expectations and description. Our son looked relieved and relaxed whenever he was with her, and we could welcome our son's 1 month birthday today, as of this writing, thanks to Auntie Ho.
    Not only she was so dedicated to our son, she knew anything about doing house stuffs. We felt so pleasant since she came to our place, because every room was clean, thanks to her work! Also, she knew what our son and we wanted in the next 10 seconds, she was so clairvoyant!
    She understood everything about our place with just one time explanation, and I was so amazed especially when she found out supermarkets around our place only with my verbal explanation, but without taking her to the places! (Moreover, basically my verbal explanation is not good!)
    Her dishes were awesome everyday, which enabled me to "rehabilitate" and regain energy in this postnatal period. Who on earth could deny that she is the best chef?
    What I felt so relieved was that there was absolutely no problem in communicating with her in English, which was very important to me as non-Chinese speaker, because not only she was an auntie to our son, but also at the same time, to us, an important family member to talk with. She taught us, the first-time-parents what is right and what is wrong on how to raise a child, which became a great help.
    She is definitely worth many stars. Every parent will love Auntie Ho once he/she sees her performance. Again, we would like to appreciate her work so much. We could not survive this 1 month without her. Many blessings on her future, she will definitely make more future babies and parents happy as she kindly did to us! And thank you Confinement Angels too for sending Auntie Ho to us.
  18. iccaruss

    iccaruss New Member

    Hi Olivia, may I know what is her contact details? Thank you.
  19. serene.cyy

    serene.cyy New Member

    hi can i have the contact?
  20. adelineskw

    adelineskw New Member

    HI Olivia. Can i have Aunty Ho contact number? Thank you
  21. Olivia chong

    Olivia chong New Member

    Hi u can contact Linda 8828 8415
  22. Olivia chong

    Olivia chong New Member

    Hi u can contact Linda 8828 8415
  23. GaryYen

    GaryYen New Member

    I would like to highly recommend Auntie Fei Fei to anyone who is looking for a confinement lady. We engaged her in Oct 2018 and she is superb! She guided my wife and I on how to take care of baby and assisted my wife in breastfeeding. In addition, she is a great cook! My family loved her cooking! She is not a typical confinement lady, she is able to adapt to your requests (for example, preparing herbal bath for my wife etc.). She is able to speak English, Chinese and Hokkien.

    We miss her and we are still in contact with her after my confinement:)
  24. Lynn888

    Lynn888 New Member

  25. Olivia chong

    Olivia chong New Member

    Hi u can contact Linda 8828 8415
  26. EstherO

    EstherO New Member

    Hello, may I know if you have to manage her work permit ? Applying and all? Do you have a photo of her that u can share? Thank you!
  27. EstherO

    EstherO New Member

    Hello, may I know if you have to manage her work permit ? Applying and all? Do you have a photo of her that u can share? Thank you!
  28. ML Mummy

    ML Mummy New Member

    Hi all,

    I just gave birth in Dec 18 and engaged a very good confinement auntie from Malaysia. Her name is Auntie Yue Ying. this is my 3rd child and previously I've engaged another confinement lady that I had recommended to many of my friends. However, she retired and auntie Yue Ying is someone I found after scanning from reviews online. To my surprise, she is even better than my previous auntie (whom I also have a good relationship with).

    Things she did for me:

    1) Hardworking and work tirelessly. She is very hardworking and works tirelessly to ensure that baby and I & my family (2 kids and hubby) are well looked after.

    2) Patient & Loving. She is very patient with baby and looked after baby with her tender loving care. Because of that, in 1 week baby put on 400 g after losing weight from discharge from hospital.

    3) Experienced and able to explain rationale why we do certain things. There are many "rules" during confinement and to my surprise, she is able to explain why such rules are necessary. For e.g., she would put a stool for me to shower and asked me to use a towel to dab myself with the herbal water to encourage blood circulation. Sitting down to shower is also to avoid straining the womb that is still recovering.

    4) Open-minded. Despite having so much experience, she is open to my ideas. For me, I wanted her to brew the alcohol as tonic for me (it works well for me in the previous confinement) and she would follow my preference as she knows each individual has her own preference and knows what works best for their body.

    5) Good cook and clean. She cooks very homely home-cooked meals and always cleans up the kitchen after use. I have a part-time cleaner that comes once a week. However, Auntie Yue Ying takes it upon herself to ensure that my house is clean, (she vaccums for me everyday without me asking) and clothes are washed and folded.

    6) Systematic & Independent. She has her own system and is very good at time management. I'm also surprised that she is able to operate my washing machine and rice cooker etc. even without me teaching.

    7) Friendly and jovial. She is a joy to be spending time with as she is a happy go lucky person. Not sure if this helps but I learn to take things easier after talking to her.

    8) Offered to buy herbal bath package & stuff from M'sia. Before my confinement started, she dropped me a message to ask if I needed her to help buy the herbal bath package from M'sia on my behalf as they are much cheaper there.

    The above are some of her reasons why I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of getting her.

    PS: I'm not related to her ya. Just that I really believe that getting the right confinement nanny will make your confinement so much smoother and a breeze for you. Like mine, my 28 days came and went like the wind.

    Auntie Yue Ying's HP is: +60 13-9933548 (Available on whatsapp)
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  29. Lynn888

    Lynn888 New Member

    Thanks all who PM-ed. My CL found someone to take over the pkg.
  30. linglongbell

    linglongbell New Member

    Hi all, I’ve recently had a miscarriage and would like to recommend my confinement nanny Auntie Ming Li. My EDD was supposed to be 25 Dec. She is available from early December.

    She came highly recommended by my friend who used her. My conversations with her has always been nice and cordial. She was really caring. She is very motherly and had really good relationship with my friend and her family. She took really good care of the newborn. Her cooking is great and is hygienic too.

    Please let me know if anyone is keen to take over so I won’t have to forfeit my deposit. Thank you so much in advance!
  31. Angel0811

    Angel0811 Member

    Can I check with you all, how much does your confinement nanny cost?
  32. veracity

    veracity New Member

    Hi linglongbell, sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I hope you are feeling better now. Have you found someone to take over your confinement lady? If not, I don't mind finding out more just to explore options. Do PM me with details if so. Take care.
  33. Alesa Wan

    Alesa Wan New Member

    My EDD is 7/1/2020, anyone can recommend any confinement nanny to me? Urgent and thanks.
  34. Alesa Wan

    Alesa Wan New Member

  35. sally1212

    sally1212 Member

    Hi you may try to reach aunty zhen +60126905201. She is superb.

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