Choa chu kang mummy club

Hi Mummies

I new here:) I also just shifted to CCK not long ago. Glad to know some mummies stay nearby too. My daughter is in nursery. Like to know new friends and arrange playdates for the kids;)

I am new to this thread. I am looking for Sunday morning class for my 3yrs old active girl who has short attention. The CCK crestar or CC don't have tots ballet for 3yrs old. Any of your child go gymnastic, swimming or art?
Hi Mummies,

I'm new here. Any moms put their child to sheffied kids world b4? Need your review and comment about this childcare centre. Thanks inadvance.
Please pm me if you need a home tutor for your child who is in primary school. Any comments on cgm or hope community kindergarten in cck? Thank you.
I have 2 sets of boys' school uniforms for CCK Bible Centre kindergarten. I am selling at $10 for 2 sets. Just wear for 3 months only.
Pls pm me if keen. Thank you
Hi Snowyotaru,
My girl is in Hope Nursery, her class has 3 Chinese out of 14. 1 morning PE, 1 morning water play in a tub like. Enrolled because of accessibility.
Can anyone comment for CGM?
I to this thread... going to.move to.yew tee soon and i am looking for a child care for 18mths... any mummies has experience for pcf sparkletots at blk 567? Can share ur experience with me..
Any good childcare near CCK Ave 3? My child need to attend EIPIC at THK (yew tee) next year, I looking for a child care to place her in. I have another child at 6mths. In a dilemma in how to shuttle the eldest between childcare n EIPIC centre with an Infant. Need to stop the current nanny for my eldest. Thanks for advise.
Anyone know who will help to cook dinner? I would like to find helper to cook dinner for my kid. Any recommendations?
hi all, am new here.
Glad to find this forum with all the CCK mummies. Am a CCK Ave 3 mummy with 2 kids :)

Am searching for playgroup for my 2 years old girl... any recommendation? TIA!
Hi everyone, I'm new here. So glad to see there's a cck mummy's club. I'm janelle, with 2 kids. My gal is 4 yo while my boy is 5 months. Hope to make new friends with mummies & babies & kids here :)
Seems like quite a number of mummies here have toddlers between 3-5 years old. Since most of us stay in cck area, anyone interested in organising a gathering for toddlers to have fun together? Perhaps ard early October to celebrate children's day?
Just chanced upon this group. I'm staying near yew tee mrt, and has a 3 year old boy. If there is gathering or play groups, I'll be keen to join.
Hi kittiki, I just got to know a mum with a boy who's keen to hv play dates too. There'll be 3 of us so far. If u are keen to be in d loop, maybe I can set up a WhatsApp group or a closed fb group.
Hi shaleen & kittyki, I've just set up a fb group. Search under 'All about kids'. Join the group & let's start d ball rolling with sharing of ideas & play dates with our kids.
Urgently looking for bb sitter for 1 year old. 3 hours for 2-3 weekdays weekly so I can bring eldest to tuition. Anybody can advise? What is the hourly rate?
Any half day or flexi care infant centre?
Greenery childcare is full. Kinderland no infant care.

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Hi mummies n daddies~ i'm a Daddy new to this club. Recently somethings happen to my family taking care of my 2 wks old daughter. Had thought of helpers(maid), nanny, Mil's sister which my wife not really agree with it( MIL works daily) . Discussed alot of issue.... was thinking of infant care centre. May i know whats the rate like? i heard tat infant going care centre will get sick easily. Any kind soul with any advice?
Hi, my 13mths girl drank 240ml n sleep. still wakes up for at least 1 night feed at 4am. Give her milk + cereal 160ml, she may finish and sometimes not. 7 or 8am she ask for milk again. How to let us sleep thru the night?
Hi all,
I am staying at CCK Cres with a 9 1/2 month old girl. I intend to let her attend cc in Oct 15 when she is 18 month. I had tried calling the cc around my area, most told me I would be on waiting list but not confirm, with one (Amazing Star) telling me to call 3 months before as they dun do reservation. I am looking at Ichiban Montessori at Hong San Walk as they have school bus and they told me they will be having a new centre at CCK Ave 4 which a place will be guaranteed. Could not view the place as it is still under renovation till Feb or Mar. Anyone can give me more information and recommendation on the childcare? Is Montessori teaching really that good?
Hi mummies, any experienced nanny to recommend to look aft 6 mth old bb at Cck area? I m currently engage a nanny, where she keep on asking me to buy a walker for my girl, who can't even sit yet. And still threaten me saying, if you don't buy the walker, I won't help you to look aft ur bb. I told her is not e right time for my girl to use walker now. And tell her pd also not recommend my bB to use e walker now. She said aiya, doc only talk based on theory. Haiz... Headache...
Hi Flowertea,
How about a playpen for yr child to play inside or a rocker chair?
Can use quite a while when feeding too.
You can place advertisement at Sunshine place notice board.
Hi..anyone staying at regent grove? How is the condo like? The management, the security, the surrounding. it a good condo to buy? Thanks a lot.
Used to stay at regent grove. Condo not too bad. To me everything seemed to be not bad there. Its just the sounds of the mrt >< cos the blk i used to stay was facing outside.
hi mummies...i am new to this thread.
sorry if this has been mentioned before in this thread but would like to find out your views on the following childcare centres in CCK:

1) My First Skool @ Blk 212
2) Early Learning Centre @ Blk 229
3) Wonder Years Childcare @ Blk 427
4) Sheffield Kidsworld @ Blk 433
5) Greenery Childcare @ Blk 483
6) Iyad Perdaus @ Blk 418
7) Little Dolphins Playskool @ Blk 276

Also, do add me in facebook at [email protected].

Many thanks in advance for your advises ! <3

Any recommendations of programme for 15mths old to do on weekdays in CCK nearby? Only tv, toys n myself whole days are abit bored.