Choa chu kang mummy club

Hi Cutiezayn,

Kids are like that...I have put my DD's name n class on her water bottle...hope anyone who picked up her water botle knows where to return

Hi Snowball,

The teacher did not write anything on the booklet. Not even DS's name.

Yes. Today is the last day of the buddy system. DS was asked to make a thank you card for the buddy.

Hi CutieZayn,

DS very blur one. He only know he is in Gp 6 & nothing else.

Have u tried getting a water bottle bag where he can sling in to himself when he go for recess?

Hi Charlotte,

I understand there is piano & organ class in Yew Tee CC. Not sure whether it is run by music sch or CC themselves. U can go check it out.
Hi Mummies

I am looking for childcare for my daughter when she turns 18 mths this Sep. Have shortlisted a few schools like Mulberry and Agape Uni but find the fees a bit ex.
How is Amazing star and Creativeland at blk 634 CCK? I have a son going to P1 in 2014, also looking for student care for him.
Hi Athen,

I guess, every class teacher got different form of identification of their distribution of the health book.

If I am not wrong, the merging of the OG gps are by chronological order....OG1 & OG2, OG3 & OG4, etc....I deduce that as my DD1 told me that they are in the same class as OG11 (my DD in OG12) and she met her music class classmate from OG11
happy.gif far so good, my DD still bring back her waterbottle everyday
Also mummies, I am a relief music teacher teaching at YTPS. Basically, I think the music teachers and the curriculum offered at the school is amazing. They have angklung, violin, ukelele for CCAs and for the main music lessons, the students learn percussion and music composition among many others. And the teachers there are hardworking too. For students who are poor in Maths, they actually have extra coaching to help these students.

Im new here. Im not a mummy, but a daddy can i still join?

the reason why im here is im looking for childcare in yewtee area (im new in yewtee) and its my first time anyway.

i dont really know how much the cost (7am-7pm). Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Krane,

Welcome to this Mummies' (now also a Daddies') club.

My younger daughter is currently with Agape Childcare Centre. They charge $1000 per mth for 7am - 7pm fullday care. There are a number of Childcare Centres in Yew Tee area with Childcare Fees ranging from $600 onwards (before Govt Subsidies). You may like to refer to MYFS website for the full list of Childcare Centres available in this area. This is a Govt Website which also have indicative Childcare fees indicated.

Have fun with your Childcare hunting.
Hi Krane,

There's a SparkleTots around the HDB flats (just opposite KFC across the road). It's around Blk 568.

My little girl will be going there this September.
Hi Krane,

Sorry, I did not know that the renaming of our MCYS....& thanks to Athen for the sotong :p

Hi Gin - Wow....Sept 2013 joining and now you already enrol your girl?
Hi Snowball32,

She's now at the Infantcare (at Blk 568) and will 'graduate' to the Childcare in Sep.

Places are hot, have to secure a spot for her
Hi Gin,

Yes, I agree that places are kids' CC is now at full capacity when early this year they still have more than 10 places available. Lucky for me, my DD1 already in P1 and DD2 in K1 need for this mad rush for places in CC
Hi Gin,

From experience, most CC vacancies are very hot esp toddler class not only Agape. So it is good to put kids in infant care then promotion to toddler is automatic. If not, long waiting list for toddler class.

Hi Snowball,

How is your gal adapting to P1? Which class is she in?
Hi Athen,

My DD1 is in 1 Integrity. She is adapting well to P1 schedules and so far enjoying her school life (not much homework bugging her so far).

She also told me she had a great time in Student care.

How's your DS doing? Which class is he in?
Hi Snowball,

DS is in 1 Empathy & also adapting well in YTPS. DS has 2 of his CC frens (2 boys) in 1 Integrity.

His only complain about student care is cleanliness issue. He complained that the floor is dirty esp after lunch, toilet is always wet & slippery, air con leaking in the classroom, cockroaches in the toilet.

Did your DD complain about cleanliness in student care? His fren who is in 1 Integrity also in student care complain about cockroaches in the toilet. His mum send an email to student care but no responds from them.
Hi Athens,

Yes, 1 of the boys in her class just joined the studentcare this mth.

I asked my DD1 abt the studentcare & she told me toilet ok but yes aircon in their class leaking. Will feedback to Mrs Kho too on the leaking aircon & roaches issue. I see her almost every morning. More voices to pressurise them to do sth.
Hi Snowball,

I have email & spoke to Mrs Kho on Fri. They have engage a pest control company to settle the roaches problem. With regards to aircon, she mentioned that this is due to wear & tear, she will get the air con service more regularly. She'll also step up the cleaning of the floor. Let's monitor the situation.

Looks like Agape is the best student care among the worse in the area.
Hi Athens,

So far I also find them ok & teachers are rather responsible. They called me during March holidays that she fell during outdoor activity & kept me updated of her condition. At least with their assessments given & coaching on spelling. It eases off my load at home quite a bit & she is able to do more practice on her piano on weeknights.

I'm new here. Feel glad to know abt this mummy club.

I'm looking for a childcare for my 18mths gal in Yew Tee area.

Anybody know about Tulip Montessori or Elfa Childcare?

Many many thanks for the comments in advance.

hello all, glad to see this thread for cck mummies.

im not a mum yet, but mum to be. EDD for my first child in dec this year. reading up on the things i need to know before the baby comes - i know i very KS hor. hehe.

i know there is a childcare - maybe more of toddler care at Limbang shopping centre, on 2nd floor near the foodcourt - not sure what's the name though.
Hi Dollsy,

I think you're referring to Cherie Hearts - which has a queue for new kids.

You may want to ring them up to reserve a slot soon.
Hi Sharon,

Would you like to try Sparkletots (address: 567, CHOA CHU KANG STREET 52). It's at the the HDB flats opposite Yew Tee's KFC.

My girl will be there by Sep 2013

I'm looking for a student care for my boy in South View Primary School.

Anybody know any good student care at CCK?

Many many thanks for help as I am not staying at CCK. URGENT!
Hi mummies am thinking of placing my son in sparkletots. Anyone has their child with sparkletots and what's your general experience with them? TIA!
am hoping to get a place at their branch at choa chu Kang central.
Hi Leiasolo

We have visited the Chow & Chow but my husband don't like the management.

Thks Snowball32

We are looking for good student care as currently my child XXX student care located at Hong San Walk nearby Palm Garden but behavior changed a lot therefore we intend to change.

Anyone hear about the JDM Kids at Blk 297C Choa Chu Kang Ave 2 #01-96?
Any comments?

My husband keep telling me to quite my job but I am enjoying working therefore I am very stress at this moment. Anyone have idea good student pls let me know. Thks in advance
Hi Leiasolo

We have visited the Chow & Chow but my husband don't like the management.

Thks Snowball32

We are looking for good student care as currently my child was at XXX student care located at Hong San Walk nearby Palm Garden but behavior changed a lot therefore we intend to change.

Anyone hear about the JDM Kids at Blk 297C Choa Chu Kang Ave 2 #01-96?
Any comments?

My husband keep telling me to quite my job but I am enjoying working therefore I am very stress at this moment. Anyone have idea good student care pls let me know. Thks in advance
I am moving to CCK ave 4 in july. currently my gal is studying in sparkletots BLK 435. my gal's form teacher (n1) is giving me problem. any feedback about it?

heard blk 353 got good principal. better than the one which my gal is studying now.

Who is ur gal's form teacher? I withdrawed mine (N2) in feb this yr. Utterly disappointed with the school!

Blk 353 is an indian woman. she is the head administrator (principal of all cck principals).

She is no better either. Paint a beautiful picture & nothing happens.

currently where your child is studying now? why you withdraw her, thought chen lao shi was good?

my gal's form teacher is teacher mandy. i am utterly upset the way she teach. supposed to have assistant teacher to help out but she told me she has to be ratio of 1:20. super pissed when i heard it and she didnt encourage children but scold them instead. heard blk 353 is good but how come you said no better?
hi mummies,

my dd will be in primary 1 next yr and i am looking for student care for her. any recommendations of good student care. i do not mind home base student care too.

thk u very much
hi athen,

i am thinking of enrolling her in svps as we stay in the blk next to this sch.. but i know chances are quite low as we will b in phase 2c. so i am also looking at enrolling her in cckps
Hi mummies,

I am going to move to Yew Tee in August. Recently I visited a few child care centers in both Yew Tee and Choa Chu Kang. I saw one that I really liked, called Candy Kids Child Care, located on 26 Hong San Walk, in the South View area. It's in a landed house, so it's very spacious. The supervisor also seems to be very nice and has philosophy similar to mine. I was about to register, but then my husband found this disturbing review on the internet (in the year of 2009):

I was shocked at seeing these reviews. I immediately called back to the supervisor, and her replies are:

"At the time of the review (2009), assistant teachers are not required to have certificates. Now they are, and now all teachers have certificates."

Is this true? It sounds somewhat odd to me. What's even more strange, I asked if I can visit the N1 teacher during Mon-Fri, she said no. She said visitors are only allowed during Saturdays. Does it mean that parents are not allowed to see how their kids interact with the teachers during weekdays? Is this normal?

If any mummy has ever heard of anything from this day care, please let me know.
Hi Nina,

My personal opinion is that, these reviews were written in 2009. Things may have changed. Do visit them to see for yourself. Talk to parents in the evening to get feedback.

I usually visit the potential childcare without making an appointment so that I can see what actually happens everyday & see if the children are happy.

Personnally, I prefer a childcare that is at the void deck so that nearby residents & parents can see what is going on in the centre.

I am a mom to 6 months old baby girl

I am a housewife now

if you want to meet up at Lot1 mall just to get away from the housechores for a few hours let me know
Hi fellow CCK mummies,

I'm holding a garage sale due to relocation this coming Saturday 31 Aug from 10am - 5pm at blk 217 cck ctrl. Items available for sale includes:

Kids books & toys
Kids clothes & shoes (mainly girls though + some 2 yr old winter wear)
Kitchen ware (serving platters, salad bowls, plates, bowls, etc)
Bakeware (plunge cutters, cookie cutters, moulds, etc)
Books (pregnancy, parenting, cookbooks, novels, etc)
Home decor items (vases, tea light holders, pict frame)
Ladies wear (mainly workwear, size M/L)
3ft Xmas tree & asst ornaments
Plus many more...

All items are priced to clear. Pls pm me for unit number if you are interested. See you! :)

*sorry, I'm unable to take picts individually and upload them.
Hi Mummies

My daughter is currently in PCF sparkletots blk 568. I have gotten a place at MFS at blk 602, is thinking to switch her to MFS. Any comments about MFS?


Any Warren or Northvale residents here? We are interested to rent a unit @ either these condo... please contact us if you have availability. Jensen ( 9 one one one 5979 )