Can baby food be additives free?

Food additives are substances added to food to preserve flavors or enhance its taste, appearance, or other qualities. One thing about any food is that it never stays good for very long, so in these days and age where most of the food we eat is not fresh, food additives are added abundantly.
The use of food additives in baby food may harm the baby’s health and can cause a low level of red blood cells, allergic reactions, weakness, digestion problems, skin problems, respiratory disorders.
The main reasons for adding additives in baby food are​
  • To improve shelf life or storage time
  • To increase the nutritional value
  • To improve the flavors of food
  • To enhance the attractiveness of baby food products
  • To increase their profits
Toxic chemicals can be found in most of the baby food products, acid preservatives such as citric acid are added to increase the shelf life of the products. Baby food should be free from additives. The food that you are giving to your baby should be made up of 100% organic fruits and vegetables and should be free from any kind of additives.
In fact baby food that we give our babies should be preservatives free. Preservatives and additives can prove to be harmful for the babies in the long run. Also we should give our baby foods that are fresh , pure and natural. Go for baby food that don not add preservative in their products.