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Breast augmentation - Dr Shens or Dr Colin Tham?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by sinnyy, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    Did anyone did BA under any of these doctors? Would like some opinion of the BA that you've done....

  2. xoHERMESxo

    xoHERMESxo Active Member

    1- Sloane / Dr. Tan : http://www.sloaneclinic.com/en-sg/aboutus/drtan.asp
    - slightly more expensive (about 14k include all followups, medication, band, tape, GST)
    - 1st consultation with 3D imaging about $220, not waivable.
    - GA
    - no long waiting time for appts, very punctual
    - very prompt in replies AOH
    - nurses all helpful and friendly
    - need to wear band over chest (above boobs) for 1 mth after BA
    - 3D imaging on ur own body to see how implants look like (90% accurate from 3D image and actual results after BA recovery)
    - no scar cream, but provide scar tape
    - no removal of stitches, dissolvable

    2- Centre For Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery / Dr. Shens : http://www.centreforcosmetic.com/profile-dr-shens/
    - many of the girls in the thread previously go to Dr Shens, if not wrong costs about 11-12k ?
    - if sign up for BA, i think the 1st consultation ($150 - 200 if memory serves me right can be waived)
    - no need wear band
    - sells scar cream
    - LA + sedative
    - can't remember if stitches need to be removed
    - if make appt, pls be prepared to wait
    - wear the implants with bra and a tight white t-shirt to guage the size on your body
    - some girls worry because they clinic is quite exposed to the public area but got curtain to cover

    Disclaimer : I am not against Dr. Shens, many girls were very happy with his BA too. So i guess its just personal preference.

    Myself is with Dr. Tan and coming 1 year after BA :) so above is what i can remember
    If anybody is interested in BA, would highly recommend Dr. Tan since i was in very good hands and very very satisfied with the results :)
    May be abit more expensive but every cent is worth it

    However for Dr. Colin, not sure about him (might have remembered wrongly). In the old thread (already closed down), one of the girls got CC and went to Dr. Tan to redo or something like that..
    Probably wana research more but the more common doctors are Dr. Shens and Dr. Tan.

    Good luck
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  3. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    hermes: good to hear from you....I have actually made an appointment with Dr Shens and it there is a waiting time of a few weeks to see 1st consultation. One lady said will offset first consult if use him, the other lady said No....haha..$150 first consult.

    on phone quoted me $14k up..was just wondering was it $14k include all consults pre and post..

    How pain was it after the surgery? As I need to drive, run errands...etc, little worried on the downtime. Was it obvious, did family members asked you or noticed?

    How many follow ups did you need to go after surgery ?

    Do you feel you look nicer now? I think for us, its also about wearing clothes and looking good..

    You read the old thread was Dr Tham did the BA and later the patient had to go do revision? It's a pity I can't refer to that thread anymore...
  4. Songs1971

    Songs1971 New Member

    I was also looking out for this thread too. I remembered few others posting pictures of their recovery. I was following quietly and planning for it actually. I am going on a consult with Dr Leo Kah Woon this week. Thinking of seeing two more plastic surgeons as well with Dr Shens and Dr JJ Lin before I make my decision to do in August when I am on long leave. Dr Tan is not bad but I think there was an infection case or bleeding during recovery? I can't remember...

    My GF did her boob job with Shens and the healing was very nice with faint scar. Can't tell it is a fake boob. But I am willing to check out the others instead of fixated on one guy.
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  5. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    songs1971: I went to see dr colin tham (randomly found on net), doesn';t work for me as he no stock, no follow up and I never heard of anyone had theirs done with him. So I am visiting Dr Shens for 1 st consultation..if ok i likely will use him. Of cos hopefully price is right.

    How long was your friend in pain for?

    Also, did she like what she did?
  6. Songs1971

    Songs1971 New Member

    In pain for about 1 week plus. But she came back to work on day 4. She doesn't flaunt her boobs to us in the office. She wears slightly lower on our chill out nights. That is how this entire stir to me came about. She is happy with the size and healing. The only drama was the bruises like what I saw in the previous forum. Her stitches were very thin and fine. She also did nipple reduction with Shens at the same time because her nipples were so long due to child bearing. I am not going to do the nipple reduction, I think can lose sensation but she won't mind..
  7. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    songs: i visited him just, and he seems very professional and well mannered. Need to place deposit so gonna do it in the next week or so. I did mole removal with him since i was there...lol..very blemished with blood spots on whole face..

    when he placed it inside the white top, the size was really nice (350cc) and it fits my body size and shape perfectly...although he did say it's not small..haha..but if want to do, might as well do it right..

    Pain one week still bearable..at least not 1 mth...can go work 4th day is really a bonus!
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  8. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    Need to ask those who did BA, did you still feel sensation after doing BA? Worried no feeling...no sensation.
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  9. Citrone

    Citrone New Member

    Hi ladies,
    For those who did breast augmentation , was it under muscles? Was the recovery very painful? How long did it take for you to be able to wear your own clothes, carry your toddler or heavy shopping bags? When did you return to work ? And lastly, if Dr advised to go braless for 1 month, which brand of nipple tape did you buy?
  10. Songs1971

    Songs1971 New Member

    Hey just saw your Private messages to me? I am doing in August. Traveling these few weeks for work to Indonesia. Chat in Private. cheers.
  11. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    citrone and songs1971: yup..chat in pte.
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  12. Songs1971

    Songs1971 New Member

    Sinnyy, i am two weeks already. You? Anyone here has tiny bruising like this?
    I am just curious because Doctor Shens said some has bruise some no bruise. How long would it take to go away? I am flying again soon and I hope to pop on my bikini sometime in three weeks time. So far so good for the route to recovery. The shape is nice and size is good. But just feeling stiff like macho man for now. He said will be much relaxed after a while. Can anyone share advice how to ease bruising? Much appreciated.

    Attached Files:

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  13. Lynnlynn.

    Lynnlynn. New Member

    Hi girls,

    I am keen about BA and was trying to find the previous thread (sadly it was closed down), I am still wondering to go for Shens or Dr Tan (sloane)?

    Songs1971, can pm me about your experiences with Shens and the prices as well? Was planning to do it either end of this year or next year june.
  14. supergreen

    supergreen Member

    Hi All,

    I done my BA with Dr Shens one year ago.. to be exact 14 months now. So far so good..but boobs no bounce yet..not sure it will bounce...i did 295CC.
    For bruises, it didn't happen to me so obvious.. but got slight bruise and pain like having bruises.. but no worries..it will go away..i didn't do anything for that...
    During my BA, we got very active thread here. A lot of advice and picture.. too bad thread closed down..
    most ppl done with dr shens..to be honest, there were times i wish i have done with dr Tan..after reading from hermes..hehe..cos i feel dr shens always busy..waiting time for follow up, can be one hour...most of the time i have to wait more than 30mins...but I'm happy with the size he suggested for me...(was unhappy in the beginning as i wanted to go for bigger)...now I'm thinking lucky i didn't go for bigger...
    my op was on friday and following monday i go back to work...pain was ok..
    whoever going or thinking about going, all the best...im not regret about it...
  15. Songs1971

    Songs1971 New Member

    Thanks for the assurance supergreen. At least I know it will fade. Guess i just need to be very patient.
    I don't have long waiting time so far in his clinic. Maybe they have improve the system because his clinic is always so busy. The cost is cheaper as well in his clinic.
    Both Dr Tan and Dr Shens are really good before I read on past thread. Dr Colin is the cheapest in consultation. I went to see him but I didn't proceed due to experience. Thanks for sharing. I'll PM you about the recovery. I want to know how long the bruise will last.
  16. Lynnlynn.

    Lynnlynn. New Member

    Hi girls, can I ask when can we start exercise? Will you experience any discomfort when exercising?

  17. Vanessasg777

    Vanessasg777 New Member

    I remembered seeing the previous threads about Dr shen. Where can I find him? I went for consult once and I am planning to go ahead with him this end of the year. Finally save up my money. Please PM me.
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  18. MichelleZheng

    MichelleZheng New Member

    Hi, Vanessa, I found out about this forum thread by looking for the same thing. I had a consultation with Dr. Shens recently and I was very satisfied with it and I, too, am planning on going ahead with the procedure later this year. The new address where you can reach and schedule an appointment is www.shensclinic.com.
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  19. Mei Fen

    Mei Fen New Member

    Hi Michelle, thanks for sharing. My friend just had breast implant procedure with the other doctor and she doesn't like the change. I don't want to judge the doctor based on my friend's opinion though. However, I'm going for the same procedure too with doctor shens... I've read some good reviews about him and I'm going for a consultation with him tmr! Feeling both excited and nervous. Hope I'll get the result I want... wish me luck!
  20. sassynsweet

    sassynsweet Member

    hi hi i am looking at breast enhancement articles too. its my friend who brought attention for me. hahaha. she thinking of getting some breast implants.
    meifen, have u visited yet? can share abt your appointment? I read his article on breast augmentation
    sounds pretty decent and informative.
    pls share your experience with us thank you in advance!
  21. nic9

    nic9 New Member

    I heard from my friend that the previous thread was shut down because there were complaints about suspicious and biased postings or something like that. Was hoping to get a balanced input from this new thread but looks like it's going in the same direction again....:( There cannot be only one guy who does breast augmentation in the whole of singapore.
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  22. Sia White

    Sia White Member

    I want to ask what the average price of nose jobs is in Singapore? I was checking the web and I have found so many clinics and doctors that I am really confused. How much money is too much and how much is too cheap ( you know too good to be true is never the right choice). http://www.rhinoplastys.net/rhinoplasty-cost/ Are $3,500 for nose implants too much?
  23. beibei1230

    beibei1230 New Member

    Hi hi, I am planning to go to Dr Shens for consultation too. Can you share how was your experience with Dr Shens?
  24. grungy80

    grungy80 New Member

    I did BA with Dr.Tan 1- Sloane / Dr. Tan : http://www.sloaneclinic.com/en-sg/aboutus/drtan.asp
    Instead Of getting implants I did fat transfer to the breasts and DR. Tan did a great job! I had tuberous breasts and he was able to take fat from my saddlebags, lower back and tummy! I went from a 32A to a 32D. Highly recommended if you don't want a foreign object in your body and if you want to trim those fatty places on your body. Perfect for a Mommy makeover. Happy to upload photos, not sure if my post will get blocked
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  25. beibei1230

    beibei1230 New Member

    Hi grungy80,
    Can you share your photo? Or pm?
    Thanks in advance!
  26. ssng84

    ssng84 New Member

    hi Nic, thanks for highlighting .. actually I also heard from many others about the suspicious cases of fake breast reviews too. I also personally know that doctor has ALOT of refund cases. Threads seldom get pulled down so there MUST be a good reason why you can't find much on Dr S now. Credit to the singaporemotherhood forum for being alert ;)
  27. beibei1230

    beibei1230 New Member

    Hi ssng84 and nic,
    Are you saying that those reviews for Dr S might be fake?
    I'm also trying to get genuine reviews about those surgeon and it's not easy to find..
  28. ssng84

    ssng84 New Member

    hi beibei1230, that was the reason the moderator gave when they took down the thread.
  29. karen825

    karen825 Member

    How much is the cost? Can pm me ur photo?
  30. beibei1230

    beibei1230 New Member

    I have visited Dr Shens yesterday. I was looking for a natural looking c cup. He recommended me motiva implant as it is softer than those normal mentor implants.
    The lady (I supposed to be his assistant) told me that only 3 surgeons/clinics carry motiva implants in sg.
    1 is Dr Shens, 1 is for cancer breast repairing and another is a plastic surgeon. I found that the other surgeon is Dr Evan woo but can't find who is the third surgeon.
    Does anyone know who is the other surgeon using motiva implant?
    Any reviews on Dr Evan woo?
    Or any reviews or information regarding motiva implant??
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  31. Aarianah

    Aarianah New Member

    During breastfeeding to my baby my breast are definitely not as before what they are used to be.
    After nursing my last I ordered boobpop this product in hopes to bring some life back to my breast.
  32. beibei1230

    beibei1230 New Member

    Hi Aarianah,
    What's boobpop??
  33. Applekiwi

    Applekiwi New Member

    Hi ladies,
    How long does it take for the breasts to get soften/ fluff post surgery?
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2017
  34. Aarianah

    Aarianah New Member

    Its breast enlargement serum with no other effects.
  35. cheesefries

    cheesefries New Member

    hi songs, could you update me on how ur BA went? which doctor did u choose and how is the result?
  36. cheesefries

    cheesefries New Member

    hi songs, could you update me on how ur BA went? which doctor did u choose and how is the result?
    hi supergreen, could u private chat me on what what u think of ur BA now? im thinking of doing with Dr Shens next June and hope to do more research before setting it in stone...
  37. mummy_bev

    mummy_bev New Member

    I didn’t do mine with Shen and Tan.
    I chance upon this site while checking out on post BA recovery.

    I did mine with allure plastic surgery 2 weeks ago. 330c - full C cup tear drop , mentor implants .

    I was told no massaging for teardrop. I mean It wasnt painful at all the process. I did it on a Thursday and then came back Office on monday like Normal.

    But I’m curious on how soft can it get ?? Lol.
    Anyone can share experience ?
  38. Cassiopeia87

    Cassiopeia87 New Member

    I am interested too!
  39. Roxy5

    Roxy5 New Member

    Who did you have yours with at allure? And the cost? I’m looking into getting BA and booked consultations appointment with Dr Evan Woo, Dr Colin Tham and Dr Shen.

    Dr Shen is popular anyone had Dr Tham or Dr Woo?
    Thanks :)
  40. Roxy5

    Roxy5 New Member

    Hi did you go with Dr Shen? Or someone else? Thanks
  41. Roxy5

    Roxy5 New Member

    Which Dr has a lot of refund cases? I’m trying to find someone. Booked consults with Dr Woo, Dr Shen and Dr Tham. Thanks
  42. mummy_bev

    mummy_bev New Member

    There is only one surgeon, Dr Samuel Ho. Anyway is itching around the boobs area normal! Is it cause of the stretching? Anyway I’m gg for my 1mth post check up.
    I really love the shape a lot. Textured implants takes longer to drop and fluff?? Mine seems to drop on the right faster than left.

    Can’t wait for it to soften!! Can some one please tell me if it will soften like real breast???
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  43. beibei1230

    beibei1230 New Member

    I went for a consultation at Dr Karen Sng's clinic last weekend. Quite comfortable talking to her and she explained things quite nicely. Motiva implant is 17k before gst (18k from April 2018 onwards). Mentor Teardrop Implant is 16,500.

    Anyone done BA with Karen Sng before?
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  44. ssng84

    ssng84 New Member

    Gals, go read up on fda approved implants. There are only 3 brands that are fda approved and Motiva isn’t one of them :eek: better check properly 1st!
  45. ssng84

    ssng84 New Member

    Hey Roxy, I let you know about this via PM k..
  46. b3b31

    b3b31 New Member

    Hi all,
    I’m considering Dr Shen(for motiva) or Dr Ho(for mentor). Anyone can share their experience?

    And how long after BA you can carry your toddler?
  47. sengseng90

    sengseng90 New Member

    Hi, i was just finding information about fat graft and happen to chance upon this forum. You can go check out some articles online that talk about fat graft for breast. I recently undergone fat graft by a plastic surgeon and the recovery was painful for the first week but the results were amazing. I would say I'm lucky to have met a good plastic surgeon who feels more like a friend by the end of my recovery. She doesn't have a website but clinic is called plastic surgery by SJ Lee.
  48. sengseng90

    sengseng90 New Member

    Hi, sry still new in this forum. But wanted to clarify that my fat grafting was for other parts of my body and not the breasts.
  49. heartily

    heartily New Member

    Hi, those who hv done with dr shens.... is the breast nice in shape n soft?
  50. heartily

    heartily New Member

    Hi, those who hv done with dr shens.... is the breast nice in shape n soft?
  51. luxexoxokiss

    luxexoxokiss New Member

    Hey! Do you mind sharing updates on your recovery? Im not sure which if I should take Mentor or Motiva. So far I had only met Dr Shen. But i want to have more options. Dr Ho seems to be popular too.
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