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Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by missylan, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    Anyone like me waiting for their refund for months? Please PM me!

  2. sunshinekid

    sunshinekid Active Member

    Oh dear, what happened? I just got my maid from Best Helper, about 1 mth ago. Is it Ivy whom u liase with?
  3. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    I got mine from the Bukit Timah outlet, WenSin. Terrible agent! The maid worst, accumulated her soiled panties in a big bag of plastic bag. Long story... Returned her within 2 weeks. Waited for my refund since June. Told me the company is converting to pte ltd, so the accontant Grace told me got to wait for another 2-3weeks and she promised! Then few days ago(after 3 weeks), I called regarding refund again and this time she said that company is changing name to BEST MAID now I got to wait for another 1 month.

    When you are getting maid from them, they are super helpful and friendly but when problem occurs, they will push the blames to us, employer! They got so many empty promises even from Bernard (Katong branch). Terrible experiences!

    I have contacted CASE and the officer called me back within 2 days and told me that whatever the company is doing, changing company names etc, aren't the consumer's problem. Me going to officially file a complain next week.

    I am hoping that if any mummies here experiencing same refund delay problem could contact CASE too. Don't need to be their member to lodge an online complain. When officially file a complain, then there will be a $10 charge. Cannot let such merchant continue with such dishonest act!
  4. missylan

    missylan Active Member

  5. missylan

    missylan Active Member

  6. missylan

    missylan Active Member

  7. sunshinekid

    sunshinekid Active Member

    Hi Misslan
    I got my maid from Best Helper at Coronation Plaza. Err.. are they the same franchise? I didnt know they hv so many outlets.

    I didnt have any probs with refunds as I didnt need to. So sorry to hear of ur plight.
  8. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    Hmm... you can go into their website to view the outlets but I see they have none in Coronation Plaza leh or there is another maid agency with a similiar company name? Their HQ is in Katong.
  9. micloh81

    micloh81 New Member

    Dear mummies

    i am waiting for my refunds for 2 months already,fully agreed with missylan, always giving empty promise. bad service attitude from wexin and grace. They promise me to refund by so many dates, but never honour. ask them for written date to refund, they say they are not able to, as they are not the accountant.But they are representing the company, why not???? They just want to protect themselves. As written in the agreement refund is to be done within 1 month, but nothing had happened. Grace show me that kind of attitude and even slam my phone...what type of attitude...
    when they try to close your sales they will even come to your house to sign agreement, but when doing refund...they won't even call you to update you. I already report to CASE and AEAS. Going to write to news publications now. This is just not the right way to do business.....
  10. missylan

    missylan Active Member

  11. sunshine82

    sunshine82 Member

    Hi missylan,

    I am another victim...sigh...
    pls advise what to do...this agency really terrible.
    in fact the agent has left so nooone is rreally handling my refund.
  12. micloh81

    micloh81 New Member

    Hi sunny,

    Me & Missylan finally got our refund back...Maybe you can try to go to AEAS or CASE to complain.who handle your case?

  13. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    Go straight to Small Claim. CASE no use!
  14. mom30

    mom30 New Member

    oh shit... I juz apply a maid from them. juz saw this thread only.... OMG!!! Keep my fingers crossed...
  15. first_mum

    first_mum Member

    hi mummies,
    my experience with best helper (katong) is horrible too!

    they FORGOT to renew my maid's work permit and apply homeleave!! and when i called they told me everything was done. i checked the docs when i reached the agency and realised nothing was done!!! and i got into a big fight with them cos my maid was due to go home the next week. they informed me cos many of their staff were new so they are not very competent! huh??!?

    in the end the poor maid couldnt stay. this agency is the worst!
  16. mom30

    mom30 New Member

    dun go to them... they're horrible. unprofessional at all....
  17. vonn

    vonn Member

    I went to 1 at katong shopping Centre.
    Waited so long for almost 9mths before i can close all issue with them.
    Told me if i return the maid within a mth, insurance refund is 70%. And after waiting for almost 9mths, refund is oni 30%...haiz
  18. mocino

    mocino New Member

    Best helper is really bad. Applied for my maid in beginning Dec 2008, and till date (Jan), no news, and no update, .. it's always the same reply "I will check with Admin" but will never come back with any answer.
    They verbally promise delivery by X'mas and now it's almost CNY.

    What recourse do I have? Will CASE bother? Are they black listed??? It's amazing that their service level is so so low... Feel really cheated
  19. chinkerina

    chinkerina Member

  20. nanabear911

    nanabear911 Active Member

    dun go to united employment & services pte ltd also!!!!

    i got a new maid from there.. do telephoen interview everything.. come the maid TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!
  21. purplenails

    purplenails Member

    OMG! Now then I come across this thread. I juz returned my maid to them. They said will process refund. Guess I hv many mths to wait.

    Btw, please DO NOT get transferred maid from Best Helper. My maid stole many items from me, becos she still owes them money, I returned her to the maid agency cos I hv o/s $1k plus wz them.

    They told me they will look for another employer for her! OMG! I was shocked, ask why dun send her back, they said she owes them money.

    I already lodged a complaint to MOM, but they very jialat, ask me lodge police report, etc... troublesome. I m not alone wz 4 young kids, they think its ez to do all tat. They dun accept my complaint then be it. So mad!
  22. jessicawong2009

    jessicawong2009 New Member

    EVERYONE! be careful with the following Employment and Maid Agency .

    Fu-Seng Agency
    Maybel Chu - Mobile 9151 0448
    Office - 6446 1238

    She is cheating money ... she doesn't take any responsible after taken maid from her ...and she ask S$3000 to apply PR for foreigners...by saying she has closed officer inside ICA ...forward this message to your friends as i do care other people
    will get cheated like what my friend experienced.
  23. japheng

    japheng New Member

    Hi All, I'd like to add on to the list of maid agency to beware of

    ACS (Active Consultancy Services) @ Tanjong Pagar #02-53, Tanjong Pagar Plaza.

    This is the worst agency I have encountered. Full of lies and very bad after service after clients get maid from them. Even threaten client if return maid to them. Don't be conned by them.
  24. sunshinekid

    sunshinekid Active Member

    <font color="0000ff">Hi..

    Hi hi... Time flies.. Here I am to re-visit this thread again as my current maid wants to go back and i need to find a new one.

    Any recommendations for a good and reliable maid agency?</font>
  25. pink03

    pink03 New Member

    Hi all
    Need some advice. Filipino maid wanted transfer after 2 months. I persuaded her to finish contract and she agreed. I even cut down her workload. Now, after 6 months, she finished paying off loan and asked to go home. Felt played out. Agent said I'm not entitled to replacement as it's over 6 months. Can anyone advise if I've any case? Thanks!
  26. zayzy

    zayzy New Member

    Hi sunshine,

    I highly recommend Recruit Asia. The website is www.rapl.com.sg
    You can look for Teena 98185629. She is good recently got a transfer maid from them and when got problem she really come down to help. You can tell her Tricia recommend. But now getting good maid is really difficult.
  27. julesy

    julesy New Member

    As my MIL will be taking care of my newborn as well as my 10 month nephew from July 2011, we're planning to hire a Filipino maid - and having heard so many horror stories about foreign maids, we decided to get someone we know - my mum's family maid has a older sis who is looking to work here in Singapore.
    I did some research and found that it is possible to do a 'direct hire' and at best to get an agency in Sg to help with paperwork. However, after calling some agencies, I have had mixed reviews. I called Recruit Asia as well and they said that they are holding off bringing new maids in from Philippines due to the new POEA ruling by the govt.They are waiting for some updates to the rules as well it seems. see article: http://barangaysingapore.com/employment/hiring-filipino-maids-harder-as-philippines-enforces-republic-act-no.-8042/

    Another agency says it will take 6-7 weeks for the direct hire maid - she has to take the POEA training and permit before coming to Sg, and when arriving here other tests as well, the total amount I have to fork out for her POEA with air ticket is $1500!

    This excludes the agency fee of $500.

    Would like to know if anyone has experience of hiring maids direct from their country? Can u share the process, pros and cons?

  28. zayzy

    zayzy New Member

    hi julsey, i ever direct bring in maid without gg thru agent. b4 in yr 2009. but it is really risky cos. ist u must be v sure tis maid is trusthworthy n really willing 2 cm n work without health prob, k pass d test. u must get her 2 send u biodata, got at least high sch, then if u comfortable ask her go 4 medical chk up at phils ist. then call up mom 2 apply 4 ipa thru internet. then buy insurance bk airtkts. by d way u must ve phils frd working as profession 2 go embassy in singapore 2 certified her as frd cmg 2 sing as tourist n not maid. cos in phils is v difficult 4 them 2 out of phils 2 work as maid. aft going thru u stil tak a risk tat if d maid is not able 2 act like tourist
    on d way fm phils airport, she wil be stop n return bck..u wil waste d cost on airtkts.

    last time in 2009 d ruling is not so tuff now v difficult. so i can successfully bring my maid in.
    i shd say d pros is no huge sum of dwnpayment. u juz ned buy airtkts for both ways since she is acting like a tourist,insurance, her course fee only less than $30 i think. total abt 1 k shd be enough.
    but cons is d risk tat she may not be successfully
    fly over n if she doesnt work out well w u. u ve 2 spend d money 2 fly her bck. n nothing 2 fall bck on.
  29. kittybride

    kittybride Active Member

    can any1 share if you have recently employed transfer or new maid from BESTMAIDs?

    i'm looking at getting Indon maid now instead of transfer filipino as the current one i got (from another agency) totally cannot make it, and she's in debt all over the place! grr...

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