[Balancing work and family]-Pls share your experience!


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Dear mummies,
please feel free to share your experience on balancing work and family so we can all learn from one another!
Let me start the ball rolling by sharing my own experience.

Like everyone else, I had to consider sending my child to childcare centre or kindergarten.
After some research, I have shortlisted these two options:

1. My Fxxxxxxxxx- I have the privilege to bring my son to the childcare centre at 7am, before heding to office.
However, it pains me to see him away from home for 12 hours. Our home will only become a place for dinner and sleeping time for us.

2. Pxx Sparkxxxxxx Kindergarten - Class starts from 8am till 12pm. Preschoolers chatter happily while queuing to enter the classroom. If I enrol my child here, he will be able to enjoy home-cooked food prepared by my mother-in-law, play games with my father-in-law and have a nap on his comfy bed in the afternoon.
But, the downside is, I won't be able to send him to school in the morning as my work starts at 8.30am .

Since both hubby and I think that bonding time with grandparents is too precious to be missed, so , we decided to send our son to kindergarten and ask my mother-in-law to help us bring him to school.
But, I felt something was amiss, for I was not there to accompany my child in his learning journey.

I shared my thoughts to my boss and is excited to learn that my company participated in government's campaign to provide flexi work arrangement. Now, I can walk my child to his school every morning by tapping on to flexi time (start work half an hour later). Not only can I enjoy more time with my boy, I also get to know how he interacts with his classmates and their behaviour.
I also learnt that my company also got up to $160,000 for the implementation.

If you would like your company to implement work-life balance, I would like to recommend consultants from
361 Degree Consultancy Pte Ltd. (My company engages them too!)
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