Review on Dr Ang Huai Yan from Gleneagles [Terrible Doctor]


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Hi all, posting my experience with Dr Ang so that it can help future mothers, especially since I fell for the outdated positive reviews on her. Dr Ang made my entire pregnancy journey miserable and even more scarily has little to no concern about her patients and is only concerned about the money she can make off them.

My experience:
- Week 9 pregnancy, placenta was low; she mentions that I will need a c-section if it does not go up -- at WEEK 9!! Eventually it went up as it naturally would as pregnancy progresses
- Requested a letter for my husband to defer reservist as I was having a complicated pregnancy - CHARGED $60 (already signed a full prenantal package)
- Requested her to sign off the Maternity insurance form that the pregnancy was good for coverage - CHARGED $80 -- I checked with at least 7 friends and none of their gynae have charged for insurance sign off. (Already signed/paid a full prenantal package with her)
- Week 20 to week 30, baby was still breeched and EVERY visit she will stress me that the baby is breached so if he does not turn by next visit, I will need to do a c section. But babies typically turn 24 to 32 weeks and some even later. Yet she kept trying to push me for a c section from WEEK 20
- Week 38 baby is in a fetal position where his stomach cannot be measured properly in the ultrasound due to the way he was bent (= cannot be accurate). Based on limited visibility, the baby's weight was showing at 2.7kg for 2 consequent visits. She starts stressing to me that the baby is not getting nutrition and I need to induce and sends me to Mount E novena to rush for a detailed ultrasound which shows that the baby is 2.9 to 3.0kg. (Sidenote: My baby was born at 3.4kg)
- In week 39, when she saw that the detailed ultrasound from Mount E Novena showed the baby in a good weight range - she dismissed it as the machine was different. Then WHY get me to rush there and pay over $200 for this unnecessary full ultrasound + spent 5hrs for all the tests + all that stress
- But she cleverly uses that same report and says that the placenta is showing Grade 3 calcification which means it is getting old, so starts pressuring me that I cannot wait anymore and need to induce. I said I will think about it and went home to do research.
- I do my research and find out that grade 3 placenta calcification when close to term is completely NORMAL. Instead, before inducing I should have a cervical examination done to determine if it is ripe enough to do an induction with a higher possibility of success and not fail and lead to a c-section.
- I call Dr. Ang back the next day and requested for her to do my cervical examination before I confirm the induction. SHE REFUSED TO DO A CERVICAL EXAMINATION. She claimed it is not necessary as I am already 39 weeks and the nurses at the hospital can do it when I go in for my induction - then what I am paying this woman for if she is not there to give me her expert advice BEFORE a medical intervention and rather have me go in blindly and nurses do the work she is supposed to?
- When I insisted to have it to decide if I should induce or wait till week 40. She says, that it is not "sensible" to wait and that my weekly appointment as part of the prenatal package was done yesterday. So if I come in again for the check this week (that she failed to do before proposing an induction) she will CHARGE me $120 for it.
- So I told her I will come in next week, and she says that it is not a full 7 days from my last appointment. So I start questioning her back that I had never waited a full 7 days between appointments. Finally, she begrudgingly said, depends if she has an available slot to see me and connected me back to the receptionist.

I finally had enough of this money-faced and incompetent Dr. Ang so my husband and I made the bold choice of switching gynae at week 40 of pregnancy.

My new gynae (Senior partner at a private hospital) does the cervical examination and tells me that I am not ready at all, with 0cm dilation and that doing an induction now has a 90% chance of failure and will lead to an emergency c-section. So he recommends that I do some walking and stair climbing and come back in a few days for another check and we planned induction at a later date for a higher success chance.

What truly infuriates me is she thinks she can outsmart her patients into earning money from them, as if we are so ill-informed and lack the knowledge to learn what is best for us. Dr Ang was my biggest regret in my whole pregnancy, glad I ditched her as I did not want to pay her another cent for her half-baked work and advice. She should not even have her job in my opinion.
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