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Bad experienced with Confinement Angels

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by okiyas, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. okiyas

    okiyas New Member

    We engaged Confinement Angels Nanny Services and have a confinement lady from 2017 Nov 05 to 2017 Dec 02 (28 days stay in). We were engaged 3 stars nannies services with additional $380 surcharge. They saying these nannies are superior in knowledge and service, with proven record by achieving 3 and above Excellent Customer Feedback.

    My wife still doing confinement and changed 3 already. We decided to discontinue their services 1 week earlier. We were very disappointing about their nanny quality.

    We were given this first confinement lady named Chris - YEONG CH** KI**. She is 52 years old. Before nanny arrival, we have requested the nanny profile.

    1st Nanny Chris - YEONG CH** KI**.

    My wife discharged from Thomson Medical Hospital on 05/Nov (Sunday) around 1:30pm and nanny arrived our house around 2:30pm, very on time. She is a very nice person to talk with, experienced and knowledgeable. Because of her good profile, we had gave her $58 red packet upon arrival. She went to Fair price with me at first day. After she came back from supermarket, she did not rest and straight away prepared dinner for my wife. We were very satisfied with the nanny performance after she worked for 3 days. We had told her that intended to extend her for 1 more month.

    She was very particular about hygiene and professional.

    -Prepared delicious and nutritious confinement foods, filling thermos with red dates tea.

    -Guide us how to take care of baby, bathe, feed, burp, change diaper.

    -When my baby did not fall sleep, she coax her to sleep and attention to her all the time. She would sleep only the baby does.

    But the good times couldn't last forever. Day 5 (10/Nov), around 7:40pm nanny informed us that she feeling unwell and caught flu. She cannot handle baby and need to leave for few days to get some rest.

    She informed us that need to leave immediately because do not want to spread virus. We were very shocked and panic during that night. Being first time mum and dad, we had no experience to handle baby and relied heavily on her. Also my wife C-sec for less than a week. So, that night nanny do nothing, whole night me and my wife take care of baby. She leave at next day. Confinement period only 28days, but she had worked only 5 days and need to take MC for few days, what a surprised.

    As for replacement need to take 2-3 days, that mean we need to take care baby by our self for few days. Make us no choice and we had to changed the flight departure date for my mother in law early 1 week to come Singapore at next day to taking care of baby.

    Nanny job scope in contract included wash of mummy and baby clothes. Clean baby room and kitchen after cooked. Although she did not do all these, and make a mess in our kitchen, but we are still ok with it. She even caused my baby umbilical cord infection with water during bathes. We were one eye open and one eye closed. More importantly she can taking care baby and mummy.

    As what we understand that, Chris aunty had continuously taken the confinement job for 3 months Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov (us). Probably she had not taken a good rest and caused her sick after worked only 5 days in our house. We believe in Confinement Angels can find a same quality for 3 stars replacement nanny, so we want aunty Chris to get some rest. We want the healthy nanny to taking care baby and mummy.

    2nd Nanny - Tham Yo** E** (52 years Old)

    We thought Confinement Angels would arranged the same quality 3 stars replacement nanny. When replacement nanny arrived, after talking with her and we just realized that she just a part time nanny. She has not handle single case in Singapore. She even does not sign any contract agreement with Confinement Angels, just a freelance nanny. We cannot believe that they just arranged the newbies hoping no complaints.

    She had nice personality, and saying that she had done confinement in Malaysia but not in Singapore. I feel that it a hassle to change another nanny and willing to give her a chance to try. Unfortunately, she cannot handle baby at night, overslept, snoring very loud and response a bit slow. She gave up after 2 days and herself informed nanny team to get a replacement for us.

    3rd Nanny - LEE SA* W** (38 years old)

    We have been informed that they cannot find any 3 stars nanny for us which made us super upset. This is also a very bad confinement period for my wife as well. All these plays a part in making us busy and my wife not being able to rest during confinement.

    No choice, we had to accept it. We hope that standard nanny is still ok. Because Confinement Angels assure they provide high quality trained Malaysian Confinement Nannies based on Thomson Parentcraft Confinement Nanny Training Syllabus before we engage their services.

    When 3rd nanny arrived, we communicated with nanny on the house rules, preferred style of taking care baby and routines to ensure nanny understand our requirements.

    She say she have experience in Singapore but I feel that she is not up to standard in a certain way. Although she did everything what we have requested; but she taking baby skill is not very good compared to first nanny.

    She cooking skill is also not good, confinement foods she cooked was not delicious. Every time when we asked her what to cook, she just response whatever ingredient available and then will cook accordingly. Kind of, we buy what and she cook what, no daily menu. She even cooked 1 veg and 1 egg dishes took 90 minutes.

    After a week, we noticed that during midnight, she play with her phone watch video and weechat. Moreover, sometime carry a phone during daytime in pocket when cooking or in toilet. Then we warn her and requested her to put the phone in living room. She can only use the phone during her resting time. Own underwear and bra should use hand wash, surprisingly she using wash machine to wash her bra and told us that she do not know. But when she came, we already talked about the house rules. She is adult and should know this is a hygiene issue.

    Her listening also got some problem, sometime cannot hear what we say and do not understand what we saying.

    When she first came, we also told her after cooking, she need to check what ingredient not enough and need to let us know 1 day before, so we got time to buy. One day evening, when she going to cook dinner for my wife, then last minute told us that no more meat.

    We were very unhappy with that. As she no need to clean baby room, wash of mummy and baby clothes, my mother in law has done all these housework. She just need to cook confinement food and general baby care, but she cannot even perform well the basic requirements. We are speechless and disappointed. She did not even let us check her luggage before leaving; in contract she should ask us to check her bags.

    Thoroughly disappointed with Confinement Angels replacement nannies. Never expected so tiring and bad confinement period for my wife. 3 nannies, we gave 3 red packets for start a job and 1 appreciation red packet for 3rd nanny, although her performance not up to expectation.

    1st Nanny, only worked 5 days falling sick. Before engage with them, they promised all their nanny doing medical check-up and healthy. Why arranged the nanny that had been continuously worked for 3 months, as nanny job is quite tiring. When our turn, it was nanny 4th assignment in the rows. Come to replacement, they could not find the same quality nanny.

    2nd Nanny had never done confinement in Singapore. Never inform us that she is a part time, but we were paying for 3 stars nanny. They at least send a qualified nanny instead of newbies hoping no complaints.

    3rd Nanny was also unprofessional, unqualified and inexperienced.

    Confinement Angels emphasize they are the Accredited Partner of Thomson Parentcraft Centre which provide high quality trained Malaysian Confinement Nannies based on Thomson Parentcraft Confinement Nanny Training Syllabus. But the standard of replacement nannies were totally unprofessional, unqualified and inexperienced. We would rather not have confinement nanny than to engage one from Confinement Angels for my second child.

    In the end, we would like to thanks for Linda and Vivian to assist us during these period. Just their nanny team did not do a great job.
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  2. crayoncin

    crayoncin Member

    Thank you for sharing. It’s very useful, considering I’m also thinking of engaging them. I hope you have a better experience for your second child. U should post your experience on their Facebook page.
  3. kk82

    kk82 Active Member

    Thanks for sharing. I have engaged them for January confinement. It’s good that you share on their Facebook so that they will pay attention in future.
  4. okiyas

    okiyas New Member

    First nanny was good, but she falling sick and replacement really not up to expectation. I already gave my feedback for the replacement nanny by email to them.
  5. okiyas

    okiyas New Member

    All the best to you. I already sent them an email about the poor quality of replacement nanny.
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  6. okiyas

    okiyas New Member

    Just be aware of their replacement nanny quality in case require to change a nanny. During the confinement period, tiring of changing nanny caused by the confinement angels, but we are enjoy very much of taking care baby on our self now.
  7. Hopeful16

    Hopeful16 Member

    Hi kk82,
    Saw your post and supposed you have delivered, congrats! I have also engaged confinement angels, may I know how was the nanny’s performance?
  8. kk82

    kk82 Active Member

    Thanks. When are you due? There were some screw up in the assignment of nanny. They replaced my assigned nanny without me knowing. Took her away for replacement of other people’s nanny. In my opinion, they are settling fire and creating more fire.
    The saving grace is the nanny who came was good. Meticulous and hygiene.
    All the best to you!
  9. Hopeful16

    Hopeful16 Member

    I see, glad that it turned out fine . I think that’s the problem with agency, they can shift the nannies around. Me due in early April so wanna check out, so far they have been prompt in replying my emails.. fingers crossed
  10. Starer

    Starer Member

    choose wisely..
  11. Olivia chong

    Olivia chong New Member

    Hi mummies,

    Thanks for sharing your experienced on Confinement Angels.
    I was having fear too.
    Having hearing unhappy incidents my friends had with their own freelance confinement nanny, I am concern if I would found one that probably meet my requirements and one I would enjoy my confinement. It was a blessing for me when I found a suitable confinement nanny through Confinement Angels, so much so would look forward to having a second baby.

    Earlier on before Confinement Angels, I got myself a freelance confinement nanny online, who claimed she had 10 years of experiences as confinement nanny. However, she didn’t seems to quite meet my hygiene requirement and on the 3rd day of work, she told me she wanted to leave as she was unwell! I called Confinement Angels and within 2 days, they found me a suitable nanny that meets my hygiene requirements.

    Auntie Leah Tee is patient, kind and caring to my baby. She would talk to baby when he is bathing or gets cranky for attention. Having years of experience of taking care of her own 3 children, i know i can entrust my baby to her. She have a good positive attitude, is flexible and accommodating to my hygiene requirement, which I am rather particular with. It is good that she is willing to listen and accommodate without being unhappy when being told. Being not calculative, she would also take her initiative to clean the floor at times.

    She is easygoing and got along well with my parents and in-laws when they come over. She does not mind helping me make dessert for them and cooking extra share for my closed family. Besides, she cooks very well.

    Being responsible and having above good attributes, I am thinking to look for her if my second baby comes along. Hence, I would strongly recommend her to my friends.

    Maybe can inform the agency the nannies name you do want to be send to you.

    Now i would rather take an agency then go for freelance nanny, at least any issue I have someone to call to resolve it.
  12. Hazel lim

    Hazel lim New Member

    This is my second child. Had my first without a confinement nanny and confinement was traumatic if not non existent. Wished I had the help of Aunty Kim (CA194 Ong Pee Kim) back then. This time round confinement is such a bliss. Aunty Kim took such good care of the baby and me that I really could prioritize recovery.

    The baby came early and many things were not prepared yet but Aunty Kim jumped straight into helping us set up the moment she arrived. Really grateful for her initiative and thoughtfulness!

    We hardly hear the baby cry at night as Aunty tends to him very promptly. She also updates us regularly on baby.

    Aunty Kim also check with me how I respond to every herbal soup so that she can make adjustments accordingly to ensure my well being. She would offer suggestions whenever we meet with problems but remains respectful of our decision.

    Aunty Kim from Confinement Angels is a blessing to have and I would highly recommend her to other mummies
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
  13. bbroyal

    bbroyal New Member

    Hi, though there are some bad reviews about confinement angels, but we most likely will proceed with them. Cos my edd is in sep 19 and they are the only agency with available nanny for now. Crossed my fingers. Anyone that used them before can refer me to them so I can get some discount and you can get a voucher or something in return from them too?
  14. ak2019

    ak2019 New Member

    Hi to all,

    I had been looking for a private confinement lady for a while as my previous one has retired.
    To find a good one is hard when you are late as usually they are fully booked.

    I used to hear bad reviews about agencies but decided to take a risk for this round as no availability for a good nanny.

    I was reading through this forum to find out more about confinement angels but I think it seems like their recent reviews had been good. So I decided to give confinement angels a try as they have 88 hours of training for their nannies.

    I called up and the agent came to share with me more about their services. I was pleased with the initial meetup as they are confident and reassuring their nannies are good. If in any case, I can still change nanny.
    Also, they have the flexibility like if you give birth early or later, you will surely have a nanny. The private nanny might incurred a charge if you have them waiting for half a month, etc.

    I had a few false alarm on the date of birth and the agent was patient with me. Really appreciate that.
    Also, they recommend me to get a certified nanny since I have experienced with new borns before. This shows they care to help in savings on my side.

    Now, the nanny was with me for a week. Though she was certified but she is experienced, had the knowledge on types of herbs and to be flexible with cooking. Every day has a different variety of dishes. She is flexible to cater to our needs and requests for food and baby.

    I guess they had improved their services over the years and it is surely worth to check them out by arranging the agent for meetup and address the concerns you might have. =)

    VVVVVVV New Member

    Heard of some similar problem from my friend who engages with them, so instead, I went to PEM which recommend by others.

    My nanny from PEM is very professional and well-trained but also give me a sense of motherhood. She take a good care with both baby and me, cooks a delicious confinement food and also providing breastfeeding tips!

    I think I would recommend PEM nanny based on my personal experience.
  16. I went with star confinement agency and had positive experience as well as well as my sister. Therefore I am confident of recommending them too.

    My friend used pem which she gives a thumbs up too
  17. Skippee

    Skippee New Member

    Hi, may I know which package you went for?

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