Bad experience with JIA Confinement Singapore


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This agency is a home-base register company anyway to start off. The agent (Mrs Betty) after receiving the 1st deposit, isn't very pro-active at all in reply ur sms/call for any queries. During that day of receiving the 1st deposit, she promised to sent us a list of what to prepared before baby delivered. After 2weeks we didn't receive any news from her. Called her and she said she forgotten about it and mixed up her customers. Hello, don't she keep a record or database of all your customers?? And she will tell you things like she had told us this/that when in the 1st place she did not advise us at all.

Now, her confinement lady:

1) lazy - sleeping when she feels nothing else to do when baby sleeping. Answering her calls on HP. When baby cry most probably for milk, she will said things like "aiyah no need always feed one lah" or "i think he still not hungry". When she is eating and the baby is crying, she will just con't to eat, & will not attend to the baby. Sometimes when baby crying after few hours of sleep, I asked her is it baby poo or pee, she will said "No lah". Hello, she didn't even check before she tell us that!

2) Calculative - if she left 5 or 10 mins late after her working hours, she will tell you "tomorrow I come 10 mins late". And noticed alot of times roughly 1hour before her "going home" time, she will keep looking at the clock and tends to push the feeding and changing of pampers to u.

3) Inexperienced - Not sure if you guys heard of the "Ru yu" oil? But its suppose to drop a few drips on ur palm and rub it before u place ur 2 hands on baby stomach. Notice she pour directly on baby skin. Confronted her & she said "Aiyah ok one lah, I always do that to other babies and nothing happen.

4) Hygiene Issue - Noticed afew times the milk bottles after she washed still got white residue inside, probably due to the milk.

Definately not a good agency to recommend. Maybe I unlucky or what. That was last year period, not sure if that nanny still working under this agency or not. 55 years of age, not local.

p.s. oh ya she will not forget to ask you for the 1st ang bao on the 1st day & the last angbao on her last day of work.

My wife is now expecting a 2nd child. Going to deliver coming june. I had decided to take 1 month leave to do the confinement myself after me and my wife encoutered bad experience with the mentioned agency and reading afew unpleasant experience with other agency in this forum too.
Hi Alvin,

I was supposed to meet up this lady from JIA this morning and waited 15mins without her appearance. I dropped her a msg but still no reply after 10mins. How to trust her to provide me a reliable cfm lady? Like what you mentioned, I do not wish the cfm lady to come late n goes off early etc

She called finally and said she was busy this morning and had totally forgotten about our meeting! OMG... Confirm cannot use her!!! She asked for another time to meet up aiyo.... So irresponsible n to?

Thank God this happens before I pay her the deposit.
I called them too but seem like not very sincere and in a rush to talk to me . I dont like their services. In the end i engaged pem confinment nanny. Really like their services from my first phone call to deliver of nanny. My nanny name is ming zhu . she is very experienced and can really cook.
Hi Eliza,

I understand that some people really enjoyed their confinement so they will highly recommend them to other MTBs for their benefits.

But it is quite unusual for someone to be so actively promoting an agency about their Confinement Nanny and Maids, can you kindly explain why?
Hi Eliza, I called PEM confinement agency just 2 days ago to enquire abt their services and they are going to send a consultant to my place this Tues. Are they really that good? I have heard many horror stories abt confinement nannies and I am really quite wary abt engaging one.
Like i said in other threads. I do not know about other nannies and i am lucky to have a good nanny . I do not know how you track my thread. I am surprised you did it. Cos usually ppl do not do that. No offence and i am not angry.

Bhoo . I heard good and bad things about pem as well. But i am lucky to have a good CL. Maybe you can consider my nanny ( ming choo aunty ). But i do not know whether she is booked or not because she is highly in demand. i have 3 friends who were pregnant. One managed to use her , the other two did not because she is fully booked.
Hi Alvin and Eliza, I believe you guys gave ang baos before and after the confinement right? roughly how much did you guys prepared? I'm just interest to know the market rate for now, so that I wont over/under pay her.
Hi..I am new here and looking for confinement lady for my twins.

Called PEM and they say if I don't have a maid, the CL won't want to do it.

JIA called me but didn't provide me with more info, saying that she will be out of town and ask me to drop her an email.

Any other suggestion on agency? Or if I engaged without agency, do I need to apply for work permit?
I am a father of a newborn baby girl. I recently engaged a confinement lady by the name of Auntie Judy from JIA Agency. She's a fine auntie but definitely not an experienced one for infant care. I gave her some time to perform but I only hear a lot of great self proclamations from her on a daily basis. I trust she may have gotten engaged because the true professional nannies from Malaysia are hard to come by recently due to Covid 19 restrictions. What amused me most and later frustrated me to the core was the lack of knowledge in basic formula feed (the need to increase in breastfeed and formula milk as weeks went by), basic ailments of my baby (heat rashes due to breastfeeding) and finally the confinement food! I have never seen this Auntie cook the most basic sesame oil chicken with ginger or pork, liver and kidneys for my wife for nourishment. I ate what my wife ate every single day. I seriously felt that my maid could do a much better job or we just catered confinement tingkat lah.

My wife have paid in full to both JIA agency and the auntie. I asked the auntie to leave by the 3rd full week. I believe this is very reasonable already considering her lacklustre help. After some consideration, I think it is also good to feedback to JIA agency and to Mrs Betty or Mrs Lai about the auntie so as to safeguard future mothers who seriously need a solid nanny's help.

Instead of acknowledging the problems and moving ahead for future good, there was a lot of excuses and substantion of her professionalism. The tussling triggered the nerves in my brain. So I am here posting my feedback. I wish I can get my money back but let it should be gone for good So let's hope this post will save the distress of many new mothers to be because I felt so bad for my wife who genuinely needed the care and coachings of an experienced nanny.