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I have been placing my baby at infantcare ctr for the past1.5mths and he has been falling sick every other wk.And now he is hospitalised due to infection.he is now 7 mths old and when he was 4mths old, i put him at a babysitter but after 1mth,i have some issues with her.

Is baby sitter still the best choice? can anyone recommend a gd babysitter. Can be either at jur west or bt pets in the hse and must be clean and hygenic.

OR shld i continue with infantcare ctr to build up his immunity?but it is very tiring as when he's sick, i have to take leave to care for him while still paying the infantcare.its a double whammy. The infant care costs $850 a mth after subsidy.pls advise..tks


Either your child's immunity is really too low to go to infant care since it's so bad he has infection OR there is smth wrong with the center's hygience.

Is your child's center airconditioned?If it is, try changing to a non-aircon and better still if you can find a small center with fewer kids.(Those less popular ones)But of cos still must be of quality and and standard.

If not babysitter is the only option.

Try to get recommendations.

Should be able to handle babies and all.

I think its good if she's not TOO OVERLY experienced cos tend to be proud and do things her own way.

Or make sure she's willing to listen you before employing.

All the best in finding a good center/nanny for your kid



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boy80160, your infantcare is very expensive..

I am putting my baby with a nanny. decided on nanny after going to at least 5 infant care centres to check..

i think nanny can give 1-1 attention.

maybe you can get a nanny thru agency?

I got my nanny thru an agency and went to talk to the nanny before putting my son with her.

if you decide on the nanny already, sometimes must give and take.certain issues which are not crucial, we must learn to keep 1 eye close.

most importantly the nanny must also love our baby.

if we want nanny to follow strictly our plan and rules, i think quite impossible. cos nobody likes to be told what to do all the time.

must have some flexibility.

so we must inform nanny upfront the things which are most impt before agree to hire her.

however, i think most of the time nannies are very experienced so maybe their way may be the right way...



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Thanks 2-be and Ah Ching for your valuable advice.

Hi Ah Ching: may i have your agency contact no?

Is there such a thing as stay in nanny cum helper? means either they come to my house early morning and go hm in the evening OR stay at my place during wkdays and go hm during wkends.


Yep there is.

If you are looking for a nanny through the agency you can tell them such requirement and they will shortlist for you.

If you are searching for nanny yourself, you will have to put this requirement in your ad or negotiate with the nanny after finding a few.



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Hi boy80160, my gal is at the infant care too. Chose it over nanny becos most nannies cant speak english and are rather traditional. At school, my girl gets to play, sing and socialize with her classmates. She enjoys her everyday there.

She does get sick more often, we're also trying to build her immunity with vitamins. In fact, my childcare is more ex than yrs, with a ratio of 1:3. The school and teachers are really good though. After my no. 2 arrives, I doubt I can afford fees for both. Thinking of alternative help now.

Hi boy80160, just to share my experience. My girl also kept falling sick while in the first IFC (also same as yours $850/month, probably might be the same one since I also at Jurong West), and was hospitalized twice. Subsequently we realized that the environment is not suitable for her, probably aircon too cold. Cos there was one day, the teacher called saying my girl is down with high fever, but the moment I brought her out of the IFC, she is normal. No fever at all!

Now we change to another IFC which seldom on aircon. So far so good.. and much cheaper too..



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I chose IFC. I've put my boy there since he was 3.5mth old. He's now 14mths & I've never regret my choice.

It was tough during the first few mths as his immunity is weak and he falls sick almost once a mth. I've cleared all my childcare leave entitled to me for this year.

But after he reached 1yr old, he's very healthy now and seldom fall sick.

I find that the character of a child who comes from a childcare and a nanny care is different.

My boy seems to be friendly, independent, outgoing and can share toys with his peers.

His motorskills developed faster also (Eg, flipping, sitting, crawling and walking & even climbing :p)

He did lots of lovely art & crafts work (eg. mother's day card, father's day card, singapore flag, family tree, Painting, pasting, tearing, etc..)

He has regular outdoor activities @ the IFC's playground too..

He loves to flip books at home looking @ pictures and pointing at the wordings like the way the teachers read to him in class..

He can do the actions according to the nursery songs and dance with music.

They also use flashcards to teach him.

I find his infant life will be more fulfilling and fruitful in IFC..

Btw, you can utilise the CDA acct to pay the balance after gvt subsidy for most of the IFC.

This will bring down your monthly expenses on IFC by 50%.





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the IFC charges for my boy is $1350 - Gvt Subsidy $600 = $750

I'm using CDA to deduct $750.

So I always bank in $375 every mth to the CDA and the Gvt will top up another $375 to make it $750.

So in conclusion, $375 every mth from my pocket.



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I would like to know abit more since you all have experience putting your baby in the IFC.

What are the IFC are you using?

What are the charges like after deduction?

What is CDA? Do all of us have such account?




I would also like to know more a bit for the IFC.

My most concern is my baby can learn more and play more instead of staying at home.

1.What is the daily activities in the IFC?

2. Can I place my maid to be there companying the baby whole day? Is it allow?

3. Or can mummy stay there whole day with the baby?

Hi CL(looeell),

IFC's are like babysitters except in a school environment, no 1:1 attention and have programmes for the kids. They do routine care such as bathing/feeding/changing diapers for the kids.

Different IFC's have different activities for the children.Some have minimal, others have wide range, from music to water play to art.

No, i don't think it's allowed for someone to accompany your child. If you want accompanied classes, you would have to look for parent accompanied kind of playgroup. Or enrichment classes.

If you are a SAHM and you would like your child to learn more, you can always get info on how to homeschool your child from the web.You can get activities and ideas to do.

If you want your child to socialise, i think playgroup would be good.



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I Need a nanny from Jan 11 to may 11.

Sengkang or houGang area.

Boy 13 mth old.

7am to 7pm weekdays only

Call me at 31001095.



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My auntie is a babysitter for many years. Very experienced. She is staying in Ghim Moh.

The baby she currently babysitting has grown up. She is looking for a 'new' baby to look after.

Anyone interested, PM me. Thank you.



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Hi dear mummies,

Anyone interested in homebased care for your baby? Ratio will be 2:2 i.e maid and adult as caregivers compared to infantcare centres of 1:5 or at most 1:3.

From May 2011 onwards, please PM for discussion or more details.location Punggol



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hi mommies,

i am also caught between infant day care and nannies. do you know any infant day care in bedok area? i have asked a nearby day care and they will charge 1,765.50SGD / month!



Hi Estee,

If you want to consider nanny, I'd recommend my nanny(Mrs Siew) at Bedok Chai Chee drive. She is an experienced nanny,patience and responsible. My boy is with her since 2 mths till now 4 years old. Previously she was taking of my boy and another elder boy(since born till Primary 3), the elder boy's mum decided to be full time mum thus she stop taking care of him since Feb this year. As my boy is attending morning nursery and go to her place in the afternoon, thus she has more time and will be able to take care of another baby. You can PM me to find out more or contact her directly at 64028173.

Actually I also had the same indecisive experience when my boy was born and at the end I decided to go for daytime babysitter. Reason being are i am quite particular about hygiene and would like to have the flexibility in fetching and picking up time. And also the infant care centres that I visited had quite a big ratio that time.

Hi all, if you guys decide on an infantcare then please be aware of their deposit policies. I placed my son at Redschoolhouse near Shunfu / Marymount / Bishan this year and put down a deposit. After going for their trial for half a day, I felt very dissatisfied with how their infantcare teachers handled my baby (regarding sleeping suggestions, bathing and lactation suggestions). During his stay there, another baby was sick and did not inform us while we were their, not even when I was picking my baby home..until at the very end. My helper also witnessed that they dropped a baby's pacifier on the floor and stuck it back into his mouth. Then when questioned they argued the teat did not touch the floor (??!). So I decided to stop bringing my baby there, for his safety. They forfeited my deposit of $1300. No apology. This was despite their claiming that someone is on waiting list for their infantcare. I brought this to MCYS, and like other victims in this forum, MCYS said they could not be involved with financial disputes.



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Hi reliable and experienced babysitter availble at Yishun. Many years experienece from confinement, nanny and babysitting.

If interested, please call Fion at 92376891.



i choose infantcare over nanny.. maybe i m very lucky that sparkletots opened a new centre new my house.. their monthly fee is $577 after the $600 sub frm gov. i find it much cheaper den nannies. plus their teachers hv to be certified ones. they even have to go for courses from time to time.

they only accept 5 babies.. 3 teachers.. tml my gal starting there.. 3 babies to 3 teachers.. still got 2 vacancy left. but the bad pt is there's renov goin on just outside the centre.. teachers in infantcare will take gd care of babies while i dun really noe wad nannies will do with my baby.. so i feel infantcare is much better.. n nannies no sub frm gov. n they mostly only take care of baby but dun teach them like teachers in infantcare do...



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infant can't speak n tells u wat's going on, so unless the nanny/babysitters is a trusted one or a close relatives, I will rather place my baby in a infant care...

For infant care; best if it is practising good hygenic / no air-con play area.




I'm looking for a babysitter to come to my place in Rivervale Link to babysit my baby.

Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm (timing negotiable)

($$ can be further discussed, willing to pay more)

We have a helper at home so she can assist you and you just need to focus on caring for the baby.

Please call me at 96569 665 if you have the experience in taking care of baby.


1. No cooking required.

2. No cleaning required.




tiff.. most of the infantcare centres have to be on waiting list.. unless the one u found is a new centre..

so wad i suggest is put ur name for 3-4 infantcare of ur choice when u r ard 6mths preggy.. den u can most likely secure a place for ur bb.. frm there den u can choose between the centres.. of coz by saying putting ur name.. i dun mean to place deposits in the centres.. if nt really waste of $$



btwe mummies & daddies.. if u r putting ur babies in infantcare.. it's best to build up their immune systems so they wont fall sick so easily..

my cousin recommended me a product for babies 6mths n above.. mix a tiny spoonful( MACdonald stirring spoon size) in their milk for buidling up their immune system.. i gotten mine at GNC.. the powder name: Childlife Colostrum with Probiotics

i'm goin to let my gal take starting tml.. ^.^



Looking for babysitter near Rivervale Mall or Rivervale Plaza, Sengkang? I am recommending my ex babysitter. She has been taking care of my DD since 3 months for 2 year and my DS since 3 months for 1.5 years. My DS just go to childcare so her service is available.

She is at her early 50s. Her house is very clean, no pet. She is offering one to one service from Mon to Fri (morning till evening) She is very experience and has been babysat at least 6 babies. BTW, she is not calculative.

If you are interested in her babysitting service please pm me for her contact.
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hi there are a few infantcares at raffles place. cherie hearts at cecil street, a new one opened in international factor building behind cherie hearts (cant remember name), and citykids at china square central. conv if you work in the area and want to breastfeed during lunch time.



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Looking for babysitter for next year Jan near woodlands 888 Plaza, anyone can recommend, prefer chinese. or any IFC to recommend at woodlands area.



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Hi, I am a mother of 4 kids staying in Jurong West (Pionner MRT). I can help to look after ur precious for full day/ half day/ few hours/ whenever u need it. Interested parents can call me @ 91883900.





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Hi Mummies,

I'm a mother of 4 kids, Twins Boys 11 yrs, Daughter 8yrs and Baby Boy @ 15mths. I have raised my nieces and nephews when they were newborns as that"s how i started taking care of children. I love them and I want to have more but i have to stop otherwise i will have to open my own care centre lol. I'm 38, Eurasian,Singaporean,married to an Australian.I basically do Day/Night Care, Part/Full Time/Emergency/Date Night/Holiday etc. My charges are reasonable. My mobile no is 91687591 if i'm not available please text and i will get back to you soonest. Mummies, Seeing Is Believing then you can decide. The most important is mother's instincs. I'm at Katong and i will take care of kids in my home as it is fully equipped and child safe.



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im posting on my mum behalf..

she is able to babysit from 7am to 7pm (mon to fri)

any age from newborn to 5yrs

she is staying in circuit road (aljunied)

pls contact or sms me for more info : 97646512

email is also welcome : [email protected]





I'm a sahm taking care of my 10months old girl while my elder boy goes to CC.FYI,i took care of my boy by myself for about 2yrs while we were oversea.

So i'm available during the day pm me if interested to consider me as a nanny/baby sitter.

Thank you.



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Looking for a nanny/babysitter at sengkang/Punggol area.. Or any1 know if there is any slot for infant care now in sengkang/Punggol area?? Urgently need 1.. I'm currently staying at Bedok. But brought a flat at Punggol. So hoping to find 1.. My kids now is 14months. Thanks!



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I m looking for a babysitter at west area looking after my twins girl together with my maid. Babysitting can be either at my place or the babysitter's place.

If interested, Please contact me at 96231649.



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I'm a SAHM with a 13 mths old daughter. Recently, I'm thinking of getting back to work force, so start looking for infant care centre in amk. Any good one to recommend? If getting nanny, may I know how much do they charge for weekday day care?

Actually i also thinking shd I wait for my daughter turn 18mths then go for child care? Any mummies care to share some advice?



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Hi Joey, I have family friends working at learning vision @ NCS, it costs parents about S$650 for aged playgroup and above.

For nanny wise, the charges vary, depending whether you want it at your home or nanny's home. Whether you'll be providing solid food meals or you want the nanny to cook.

Based on the normal market rate at nanny's home, it's around 500 - 600 / mth depending on how much the nanny calls for.

Do let me know if you would like to look further into the nanny option. You can either drop me a mail at [email protected] or call me at 97468360.



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Advise needed I'm in dilemma whether to place my bb girl to infant care centre or nanny. Both hv pro and con . If my bb is bb boy I thk I will let nanny take care without much hesitance.

Could anyone share with me your experience as I really have to make the decision as soon as possible . Thanks



Hi SS2,

I'm exactly same situation as you. So what ur decision?
I'm paid deposit to babysitter and now infant care called and said got vacancy. So now I'm in dilemma now. Hubby prefer babysitter but me can't decide. Coz both side got pro and con. We need to prepare to take leave coz often sick once at IFC. As for babysitter, she will bring along my daughter to market in the morning as what she told me but don really know how true..


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Hi mummies, need some help here. I have two boys, 4 & 6 and they go for full day childcare. I only need the nanny to get them ready for school in the morning (make sure they eat breakfast), fetch them in the evenings when hubby and I cannot make it. Feed them dinner and shower them. We will bring the boys home. No stayover. Anyone knows the market rate? She is essentially not needed most part of the day.

Appreciate if someone can kindly advise. Thanks!

Von pay

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Hello Parents.

Are you looking for home base baby sitter around at Yishun area?

Years of experience of baby sitter available for your needs.

Interested to know more please call 87779588 Aunty Anna for more detail .


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Hi,I'm looking for nanny to take care of my 5 month old baby. We don't drive so prefer nanny who stays at pinnacle for weekday daytime care for baby. To start any time. Interested party, Pls pm me


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Looking for babysitter near Rivervale Mall or Rivervale Plaza, Sengkang? I am recommending my ex babysitter. She has been taking care of my DD since 3 months for 2 year and my DS since 3 months for 1.5 years. My DS just go to childcare so her service is available.

She is at her early 50s. Her house is very clean, no pet. She is offering one to one service from Mon to Fri (morning till evening) She is very experience and has been babysat at least 6 babies. BTW, she is not calculative.

If you are interested in her babysitting service please pm me for her contact.
Hi. An i have d contact number?