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August 19 mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2019 Mums' started by elaineelyw, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Emmie3006

    Emmie3006 Active Member

    Any mummies keen in sweetest moment group buy? 15% off

  2. sarah92

    sarah92 Member

    Congrats on your pregnancy!

    If you're interested;
    ~To receive pregnant and baby related products try and review on social media.
    ~Getting early scoops on latest deals.

    PM ME now :cool:
  3. Tinkerbells

    Tinkerbells New Member

    Hello mummies! My EDD is August this year too. ;)
  4. Amyt

    Amyt New Member

    Still no one reply what’s the WhatsApp group for?
  5. Ervina

    Ervina New Member

    Im guessing it will be more of a support and encouragement grp chat as most of us are first time mum. T
  6. ProjectStillYoung

    ProjectStillYoung New Member

    Hello, we are a group of Year 3 Ngee Ann Polytechnic students from the Diploma of Chinese Media and Communication. We are currently conducting a research for our final-year project on the topic of confinement. The purpose of our project is to promote the tradition of confinement through a mobile application which can be used, before and during confinement.

    Through this research, it will help my group with the planning of content for our final year project. This survey will take you about 3 to 5 minutes, thank you for your participation!

    Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdLQqkKyJSqtUr9MSNct7ZqWGISLPA32IS9y9BDMQDZR7B_vA/viewform

    IG: project.stillyoung

    FB: project.stillyoung

    Gmail: connectwithstillyoung@gmail.com
  7. sanketpwr

    sanketpwr New Member

  8. Piggyass86

    Piggyass86 New Member

    Mine also 2 Aug 19, but might be early, any grouo out there?
  9. Amyt

    Amyt New Member

    Was thinking maybe Aug due mums, we can create our own? Howdy?
  10. Ezzah.C

    Ezzah.C New Member

    Hi, interested in joining the group. Please add me in @92472277
  11. jasminelimsy

    jasminelimsy New Member

    Hi mummies. I know I'm pretty late for this.. is there any WhatsApp groupchat for discussion? Possible to add me in?
  12. beryl_lee

    beryl_lee New Member

    My EDD is in Aug

    Anyone heard before Lao Ban Niang Pre-packed herbal soups?
  13. hani3

    hani3 New Member

    Hi! I know I’m abit late. But can someone add me to the whatsapp group if any? 85227966
  14. gerry52

    gerry52 New Member

    Add me too! 87824029
  15. elaineelyw

    elaineelyw New Member

    Pls PM me your number!
  16. numbbb

    numbbb Member

    12 black mesh breathable disposable undies free size
    15x 27cm maternity pads
    11x Madame maternity pads

    PM if any mother to be looking for the above pls.

    Last edited: Jul 1, 2019
  17. Con77

    Con77 New Member

    Hi can add me too? I'm having csec on 28/8. Thanks much
  18. Con77

    Con77 New Member

    Can add me? Csec 28/8. 90471806
  19. Ervina

    Ervina New Member


    Me too.

    My number is 9841 5005

  20. jadyling

    jadyling New Member

    Hi... Is there any fb page or wads app to join??
  21. Debbieszh

    Debbieszh New Member

    Is the grp chat still active? Would love to join!

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