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April 2018 Mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by Amanda.Y, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. Jessie - She

    Jessie - She New Member

    I just took my report. Gender is included.

  2. Jessie - She

    Jessie - She New Member

    Ya.. I have been eating home cooked food and food that are light.

    Due to poor appetite only able to eat a few mouthful.. especially dinner.
  3. lolli_77

    lolli_77 Member

    Oh dear *hugs* 2nd trimester should get only better ! Hang in there

    Does milk help? Those milk for mummies
  4. Not enough water = dehydration = uti
  5. Jessie - She

    Jessie - She New Member

    Thank you.

    Due to bloated air every night, I had milo instead of milk. Bloated gas making me difficult to sleep and eat too.

    Hopefully eating get better soon..
  6. ciakes

    ciakes Well-Known Member

    Hi. Anyone did Oscar and got a high risk? I'm so worried now :( This is my 2nd pregnancy and Im 30 this year.
  7. IIShuangII

    IIShuangII Member

    How i wish i knw hw to cook nice food.. i always eat out and those food r boring. my appettie is only better in the morning. Then lunch and esp dinner not much appettie le. I like not getting any good nutrients. Sigh.
  8. Jillie

    Jillie New Member

    I also got back my panorama test results. The nurse called me in 7 days to tell me low risk and gender of baby. But I have yet to see the full report. Can only see that at my next appointment next Tues.

    Im on my 15th week but somehow appetite is still a problem - and no big baby bump yet.... Im still wearing normal work clothes...
  9. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    @cjanice @Limy0112 I am visiting Dr. Wong coming Friday. Are you girls going to see him on the same day too? :)
  10. cjanice

    cjanice Member

    mine is next thursday!

    just done my oscars scan with blood test at novena medical center 2 hours ago. 4 tubes of blood gone...

    but am so glad the lady did quite a good job. only poke once :D

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  11. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    OMG, must be damn excited seeing your little one @ the scan~

    Aiyo we miss the chance to "be together" again~
  12. Alez

    Alez New Member

    Hi Everyone, I am new here. :)
    11.5 weeks now, EDD end of April 2018.
    2nd time mum but my no.1 is already 17 so I am practically starting all over again.
    High risk pregnancy as I am turning 42 in a few months.
    Going subsidied route with NUH as I am happy to go for all the tests necessary to make sure everything is fine and I believe it will cost a lot if there are no subsidies.
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  13. Limy0112

    Limy0112 Member

    Mine on 23rd! Haha have u signed up the package with Dr Wong already?
  14. cjanice

    cjanice Member

    not yet for me. i am assuming they will ask me to sign due ing my next appt!
  15. IIShuangII

    IIShuangII Member

    Hi mummies,
    Just wondering..
    My gynae did not ask me to go for a NT scan. i was offered for panorama test which i just went(still waiting for report). And then i was given an appt to do a detailed scan around 19-20weeks at Tmc. Is it a must to go for NT scan? I didn't know about NT scan until i read in the forum.
  16. sunflower307

    sunflower307 Well-Known Member

    We will do the NT scan if we take Oscar test as the NT reading will be combine with our blood test results to generate the ratio in terms of risk. Oscar is not as accurate as Panorama but it is far cheaper.

    If u are not taking Oscar then they wouldn't do the NT scan for you i think. So don't worry. :)
  17. IIShuangII

    IIShuangII Member

    Oh i see. Okok.. Thanks sunflower:)
  18. jellynova

    jellynova New Member

    Anyone's feet starting to get swollen? Any solutions to reduce it? =/
  19. Ningyoo

    Ningyoo Member

    Do you take your prenatal supplement in the morning or night? I have been taking in the day but i read that taking at night is good. What do u think?
  20. Jillie

    Jillie New Member

    I like to take first thing in the morning, and then off to work. So I wont forget...

    Has anyone started applying stretching prevention cream yet? Is Clarins the good one?
  21. lolli_77

    lolli_77 Member

    I also take my pre natal supplements in the morning as advised by my gynae... although when I get too busy ... I end up taking in the afternoon

    I started using the Clarins stretch mark control cream already. My 1st pregnancy I used the Clarins Huile tonic oil though.

    By the way, Clarins has a pregnancy gift package now, which has both the cream and oil. I just bought it last weekend.
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  22. baby_giggles

    baby_giggles New Member

    Hi, I'm keen to join too!
  23. Jillie

    Jillie New Member

    Thanks for the recommend! I might pop down to Taka today since its the last day of the sale to have a look. Not sure if they have a Clarins counter.

    Only problem is I stay at the East and am always lazy to go to town area
  24. Pearlynxu

    Pearlynxu New Member

    Hi all fellow April mummies!

    I'm looking to sell the prenatal vitamins that I got from Dr Wendy Teo at Mount Elizabeth Novena.

    It's new and seal has been broken but I have not consumed any. I will provide pics of the bottle with my name and receipt from clinic as proof of purchase.

    Am selling these pills as I have to switch to liquid vitamin due to fear of swallowing tablets.

    Please PM me for details, price is negotiable!
  25. Ningyoo

    Ningyoo Member

    Glad to hear that :) I have gotten Clarins oil, reccommended by many of my friends they say it's good. Haven't start applying yet.. was thinking if should start now, currently week 15.
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  26. lolli_77

    lolli_77 Member

    I got mine at parkway Isetan ;) so no need to go down to town :) u can find it in the east
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  27. nqt

    nqt Member

    Clarins is effective? How abt Bio-Oil?
  28. lolli_77

    lolli_77 Member

    Yep, Clarins worked for me for my 1st preg, I'm just using it again.
    Not sure abt bio-oil, leave it to other mummies to comment
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  29. ciakes

    ciakes Well-Known Member

    Hi anyone still suffering from morning sickness? Im abt 14 weeks along now. My all day sickness is still quite bad. I don't vomit but I hardly have the appetite for any food. Worried that baby won't get enough nutrients. Anyone doesn't drink milk? I never liked milk and have to force myself to drink it. Is it ok for us to eat raw salad veggies? This baby Seems to be vegetarian. I feel best when I eat vegetables haha.
  30. FrankLine03

    FrankLine03 New Member

    Hi ^_^

    Yes, I do have to go through morning sickness at 14 weeks too. Though a lot people say this would go away by 13-14 weeks, but I would say the symptom varies for each one. So fret not, you’re not alone! I’m treating this morning sickness as an indication that baby is growing well inside.

    Milk is also not for my liking. But, try drinking low fat milk. It doesn’t taste as thick/too milky as full cream milk. This does work for me and I can’t get to bed before a glass of milk.

    My baby doesn’t seem to like meat too. So I tried to take in more tofu or beancurd for protein in exchange of meat. Hopefully, the nutrients are enough for baby’s healthy growth.

    Hope you’ll enjoy each preggie moment!
  31. JR Koh

    JR Koh New Member

    Babysitter Available at Sembawang, having 17 years of baby sitting experiences in this field, please do contact Mdm Liew at Tel: 6555 7509
  32. cjanice

    cjanice Member

    hello! i am too still having morning sickness at 14 weeks :(. same thing i don’t vomit but turn off at the thought of food.

    i still force myself to eat though. i don’t drink milk cos it gives me serious bloating! so i am taking calcium tablet instead!

    stay strong and let’s hope our morning sickness will be gone really soooooon!
  33. Krcc

    Krcc New Member

    Congrats to all Mummies....
    Anyone here looking for confinement nanny?
  34. Hopeful16

    Hopeful16 Member

    Me too! Week 15 already still no appetite for food but must eat if not nausea and I cannot stand the fish oil and iron supplements. Not sure if it is the supplements that make sickness worse or it is really all day sickness :(
  35. Hopeful16

    Hopeful16 Member

    Not yet! Do you have recommendation?
  36. sunshine_33

    sunshine_33 New Member

    hi mummies! u guys planning on taking pregnancy insurance? first time mum here. any advice? :)
  37. T.e.s.s.a

    T.e.s.s.a New Member

    Yup! coming to 13 weeks and am still feeling the lack of appetite still.. you're not alone!
    Just eat what you can , it's the quality not the quantity that counts! try Anlene concentrate, it's much smaller to tackle=)
  38. T.e.s.s.a

    T.e.s.s.a New Member

    I did! waiting for results...
  39. Ningyoo

    Ningyoo Member

    Any mummies planning to deliver at Thomson Medical Centre or delivered there before? Have u all decided which bedded ward to choose?

    Still deciding should go for 4 bedded or 1 bedded. Do share your experience :)
  40. Jillie

    Jillie New Member

    I also intend to go to Thomson to deliver. Im thinking of getting the basic ward so that there are others to keep me company. Seems scary to be in a ward alone :)

    After alot of advise from others, I decided to book a trip to nearby Bangkok next month for a vacation become motherhood comes. I shd be in my 22nd week. But not sure if its 100 percent safe to get on a plane during pregnancy now. As usual, worry wart me.

    Does any mummies have experience flying abroad during first or second trimester? Is it safe to go thru the airport security scan without risk to radiation? Kindly advise :)
  41. lolli_77

    lolli_77 Member

    On pre-natal plans .. do check on the AXA one, heard that’s not bad. I haven’t gotten mine yet cos I just passed 14 weeks but I think I’ll prob get that one

    On confinement nanny, I’ve booked mine aldy.. gonna use the one my fren used, hopefully all well ;). She’s pro breast feeding which is something very important for me

    Any mummies going for like pregnancy exercise?
    Hahaha feel like looking if there are pregnancy dance classes I used to do Zumba... errr.... but I think better not now :/
  42. kaponeh

    kaponeh New Member

    Hey there ,

    I am new to group as well as singapore. Tried to follow your post to book appt for gyane and 1st scan but didn't understand fully.

    I am on EP so no Medisave or any other benefits from my employer.

    Can you pls guide me for a private patient what is the process?

    I have not registered to any GP

    Do i go to any hospital and request my 1st scan ? Or i need to book a gynae first who will then get the scan done in same appt.

    Pls provide some details and also if u can add me to the whatsapp / fb group. Will be much easier.



    +65 97828492
  43. ciakes

    ciakes Well-Known Member

    I had my #1 in TMC and we opted for the 1 bedder. However there was a lack of rooms the day I gave birth so we were given a 2 bedder but with only myself inside. Hubs slept on the other bed my experience was a pretty good one. That was 3 years ago..hopefully it's as good or even better now!
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  44. cjanice

    cjanice Member

    i would like to join the facebook group!
    can someone add me? thanks :))
  45. kaponeh

    kaponeh New Member

    Hey there ,

    I am new to group as well as singapore.
    Can you pls guide me for a private patient what is the process?

    I have been suggested TMC , anyone can pls make a recommendation on Gynae name nd also tentative cost of 1st consultation and the scan charges.

    Pls provide some details and also if u can add me to the whatsapp / fb group. Will be much easier.


  46. Midorimaemae

    Midorimaemae New Member

    I am a FTM and will happily recommend my confinement nanny, Auntie Siew Kim. Her mobile number is +60163075628 - please feel free to contact her directly to enquire on availability.

    Auntie is a sprightly, cheerful and very approachable confinement nanny with more than 10 years experience.
    She is so proactive and she is very good in pacifying and taking care of newborn - I can see she genuinely enjoys taking care and playing with my baby. She is also more than willing to share her wealth of knowledge in looking after babies. I am very thankful to her.
    For breastfeeding mummies, she will cook nuitritious soups (eg. green papaya with fish) and dishes to help boost milk supply.
    For C-sec mummies who are keen to recuperate well from the delivery, Auntie will brew tonic soups which aid in rebuilding health.
    Auntie will also help to clean kitchen, mop floor once the cooking chores are done.
    Auntie is open-minded with mummies who prefer to shower during confinement and will take the trouble to boil water with either herbs or old ginger for the mummy to bath/wash hair.
    Auntie also gets along well with elderly people (I stay with my parents-in-law) and they enjoy her cooking too.
    I took some pictures of the yummy dishes Auntie has cooked during my confinement - figuring out how to upload these. PM me in the meantime if you are keen to see the food pictures.
  47. FrankLine03

    FrankLine03 New Member

    Hi April Mommies :)

    Any recommendation where to get relatively cheap maternity clothes & inner clothings in Singapore?
  48. Midorimaemae

    Midorimaemae New Member

    Hi! I am a FTM who recently delivered and happened to see your query. I travelled to nearby countries like Bangkok in my 2nd tri and it was ok. The security checks were fine too.

    If your tummy is visible, will need to declare your pregnamcy at check-in counter and have ready a letter from your gynae indicating you are fine to travel. Heard that some airlines may require letter to be dated within 2 weeks from travel date so do check when booking your flights.

    I avoided carrying heavy stuff and will check for fetal movements every 1-2hrs throughout the trip.

    Hope this helps!
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  49. IIShuangII

    IIShuangII Member

    I am at my 12 weeks and still feeling very nausea and still poor appetite. seems like bb not getting any nutrients :(
  50. cjanice

    cjanice Member

    think will depends if your husband want to stay over with you.

    For 1 bedded, hubby can overnight and accompany you in the hospital, plus baby can be there anytime u want.

    but for 4 bedded hubby can’t stay and baby can be there only during visiting hours.

    i am going for single bedded room. the nurse at the clinic just shared the full cost of delivery/stay/epidural etc during my last gynae visit.
    Shockingly expensive! LOL :eek:

    i always thought giving birth in sgp is not that pricey. hahaha
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2017
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