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Apr 2019 Mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2019 Mums' started by ignix, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. wawakoh

    wawakoh New Member

    I'm 13 weeks 6 days pregnant. my 2nd trimester is even bad than the first one. on my early 13th week I had a massive bleeding so far baby is doing good. But I face more nausea and headache and home remedies.
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  2. wawakoh

    wawakoh New Member

    I'm 13 weeks 6 days pregnant. my 2nd trimester is even bad than the first one. on my early 13th week I had a massive bleeding so far baby is doing good. But I face more nausea and headache and home remedies.
  3. ms_cattitude

    ms_cattitude New Member

    Hi @xdream3rz, I didn't receive any chat invites too. Likely the initial chat group has hit the max and has closed. :(
  4. ms_cattitude

    ms_cattitude New Member

    Hi @wawakoh, sorry to hear that. It must have been worrying. I'm not familiar with home remedies but I'm seeing a TCM separately to ensure a smooth pregnancy. If need be, the physician will prescribe 'an tai yao' for the mum and baby to be healthy. So far, it helps by alleviating my morning sickness symptoms.
  5. wawakoh

    wawakoh New Member

    currently im on obimin and a type of hormone pills to stabilize my pregnancy also a type of vitamins which need to be taken 2 tab one time in a day . but I frequent face symptoms like low blood. and is it normal to have small tummy at 3months plus...
  6. wawakoh

    wawakoh New Member

    isit normal to have small bump at 3 months and not a big one? im worry if baby too small...
  7. Excited daddy

    Excited daddy Active Member

  8. wawakoh

    wawakoh New Member

  9. alcossbossie

    alcossbossie New Member

    Hi @ms_cattitude ,
    I think so cos i pm on 03/09/18 but till now no news.
  10. Celebrian

    Celebrian Member

    Hello! Im keen too! Can pls add me?pm u my no :)
  11. xdream3rz

    xdream3rz New Member

    Oh! Anyone else opened a chatgrp? If not, I can create one. =)
  12. alcossbossie

    alcossbossie New Member

    I saw @Celebrian created a new thread to open a groupchat?
  13. alcossbossie

    alcossbossie New Member


    Thank you. I have just joined.
  14. tiaraz

    tiaraz New Member

    Hi...I am 11 weeks pregnant and suddenly developed a fever with chills with no other symptoms.went to see a GP and did a urine test n turned out that I had a UTI. looking back, I may have been asymptomatic till I develop the fever n started to wonder if it could have been detected earlier. I remembered that again my 1st & 2nd prenatal visit at 6 & 8 weeks,there wasn't any urine test done.so wanted to ask u guys when did u do ur first urine test during ur prenatal visit?
  15. Mrs leenyl

    Mrs leenyl New Member

    I'm unable to open the link
  16. Mdm Jee

    Mdm Jee New Member

  17. Fiqah

    Fiqah New Member

    Hi mummies, reached 14 weeks already. My EDD is 6 April 2019. This will be my 2nd pregnancy after 4 years. So scary but very exciting too. Anyone seeing Dr Goh Shen Li from Mount A? Been seeing her eversince i found that i’m 8 weeks pregnant.
  18. sugarling

    sugarling Member

    Hi I've pm you my number!
  19. 9198_goh

    9198_goh New Member

    Hi i am 13+ week pregnant. My EDD is in April 2019. Still feeling nausea especially in the morning and night. This is my first pregnancy and I am feeling very miserable and terrible. My mood has been very low and every day I do not know what I want. Is this normal? Anybody has any advice?

    SHELLYGAN Member

    My mum is 53 years old, Malaysian, 20 years experiences in taking care of babies and children, can cook delicious confinement foods.
    She can speak english, mandarin, malay, cantonese, hokkien and hakka.
    She is easy going, flexible, not naggy and soft-spoken.
    You can sms/whatsapp me @ 96908622 to know more information and check on her availability.

    Attached Files:

  21. mimosa77

    mimosa77 Member

    Hi mummies! I am due in April 2019 too, but I can’t seem to find any Facebook group chat or WhatsApp group, can anyone share if there is any please? Thank you v much!
  22. mimosa77

    mimosa77 Member

    Hi! I am due in April 2019 and would like to join the group... but I am not sure how to PM, do you mind to PM me first? Thank u so much!
  23. Janiceljn

    Janiceljn New Member

    Hi! Im keen to join the group! My baby's due on 29/04/19!! :)
  24. Janiceljn

    Janiceljn New Member

    92265833! Thank u!

  25. Rainbow46

    Rainbow46 New Member

    Hi mummies, i am in my 26weeks. Gynae advise to take flu and whooping cough vaccine. Anyone has taken this at this stage? Am still considering
  26. Yuyenkelly

    Yuyenkelly New Member

    Hi, my edd 10 April, can add me in whapsapp? TIA
  27. tiaraz

    tiaraz New Member

    Hi anyone started any new watsapp group for new mummies to join?would like to join one!
  28. EliyMickoyoko

    EliyMickoyoko New Member

    Hi mummies , my EDD is 23Apr19.
    Any WhatsApp group chat ? I’m keen to join
  29. JaSH Heow

    JaSH Heow New Member

    Hi mummies~, my EDD is 4th April. Mind to add me in the whatsapp group? much appreciated :)

    Janice- 86997181. Thanks ya~
  30. Miko Yee

    Miko Yee New Member

    Hi fellow mummies, my EDD is 21 Apr 2019. Mind to add me in the chat group? 82281396. TIA!
  31. uglydoll

    uglydoll Member

    Hi my confinement lady will be available from 20th March due to a cancellation of the job. Her next job is on 23rd May. PM me for contact if you need a confinement lady during this period.
    I took her for my number 1 and will be taking her again. Highly recommend her as her food is damn yummy, she will helped me clear the dead skin on my nipple and helped me with simple massage before breastfeeding. She also helps to do massage for my baby.
  32. Mdm Jee

    Mdm Jee New Member

    Hi good day, im madam zee.

    Almost 40's with experience 10 years plus
    Certified massage therapy for Prenatal & Postnatal.

    Here i have a Basic Package & Complete Full Package for Mummy ( and baby too)

    Session start from 5 days to 14 days

    Kindly please whatsapp me for any enquiries or booking your slots

    At the state below, that was a 10 days package.
    For the other package.. u can whatsapp me for more quotations.

    10 days Package
    ⭐Breast / engorgement Massage (helps to stimulate a milk)
    ⭐Face/Head Calm Massage Therapy
    ⭐ Sengkak - last Day
    ⭐Herbs on Tummy
    & Pilis on Forehead (to take away wind from the bottom to head-if needed)

    ■■■■10 days Postnatal■■■■

    ⭐Hotstone on Tummy
    ⭐Breast / engorgement Massage (helps to stimulate a milk)
    ⭐Face/Head Calm Massage Therapy
    ⭐Lulur Herbs (Last Session)
    ⭐Berganggang (Feminine Herbal Steamer) - last day
    ⭐ Sengkak - last Day
    ⭐Jamu after Birth
    ⭐Herbs on Tummy
    & Pilis on Forehead (to take away wind from the bottom to head-if needed)
    ⭐Binding - Tummy Wrap

    Durations : 2hours include binding, tummy wrap

    Price include transportation

  33. babydora

    babydora Member

    Can PM me? Or may someone send the group chat link?
  34. AMSHL

    AMSHL New Member

    Hi has anyone created a new groupchat yet?
  35. AMSHL

    AMSHL New Member

    I can create a WhatsApp groupchat if you like. But for all those interested please PM me. Seems like after so long no groupchat has been created at all Haha. Better initiate one and actually do it before we all deliver :)
  36. Nitecloudz

    Nitecloudz New Member

    Hi! I would love to join the whatsapp group chat too! My EDD is 30th April. Can you add me?? Thank you so much!
  37. KayKay8

    KayKay8 New Member

    Do we need to have car seat when going home from hospital?
  38. Excited daddy

    Excited daddy Active Member

    My law is yes
  39. Nicole Lim

    Nicole Lim New Member

    I would like to join Whatsapp group. EDD 18 April. :)
  40. AMSHL

    AMSHL New Member

  41. Emmie3006

    Emmie3006 Active Member

    Any mummies keen in sweetest moment group buy? 15% off
  42. Guorong

    Guorong New Member

    Hi! Tested positive in early April 2019, can add me to group please. 91848328. Thanks!

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