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Anyone goes to prenatal yoga classes?

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by rafiki, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. rafiki

    rafiki Member

    Hi mummies,

    I am keen on going to prenatal yoga classes. Anyone has recommendation or experience with prenatal yoga classes? Mind to share? I'm staying in the west, so it would be good if the location is not too far away.

    Many thanks! :)

  2. minikiwi

    minikiwi Member

    interested too!
  3. babyfats

    babyfats Member

    Interested & staying in the west as well :)
  4. rafiki

    rafiki Member

    Happened to find one in Rochester Park called Vanda Yoga. Not sure how much though. Do you usually check with ur gynae first to see if it's ok to go for prenatal yoga?
  5. Wendy Fong

    Wendy Fong New Member

    I jus check out the platnium yoga in Jurong east. let me update again once i go for my first class
  6. bunny0909

    bunny0909 New Member

    I am with pure yoga.. for a couple of months le.. Have yet to try their prenatal class as I only discovered I was pregnant last Fri haha..
    First time mum too! Would be gg for the 1st class tml! :)
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  7. Jessjyh

    Jessjyh Member

    Go Amore fitness. There have personal trainer for prenatal yoga and other training to customize our need.
  8. jellynova

    jellynova Member

    I've tried Mother and Child at Tanglin. Class prices are quite affordable and you can learn some good techniques to breathe and move which helps as your belly gets bigger.
  9. Jayoh

    Jayoh New Member

    Apart from yoga, I think barre or ballet classes are also a good way to keep fit. I just bought one trial pre-natal class with WeBarre and will try this week and update if anyone is interested to know. I hope I don't faint of exhaustion haha!

    Edit: 12 Jan 18

    I tried the prenatal Barre class at WeBarre yesterday with Jamie. It's quite a good full body workout as you work out your arms, glutes, abs and legs. It's not a simple workout at all and would be helpful if you have already been exercising otherwise you would keep stopping frequently. I had to stop a few times as I felt "the burn."
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  10. Frankie13

    Frankie13 Member

    Hi, have you attended the yoga class? can you share the experience?
    Thank you.
  11. Purebuzzy

    Purebuzzy New Member

    Which Amore branch so u go to? Does bukit panjang have?
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  12. Kate Tan

    Kate Tan New Member

    May I know when is it suitable to go for prenatal yoga class? Is it 2nd trimester onwards?
  13. Kate Tan

    Kate Tan New Member

    May I know when is it suitable to go for prenatal yoga class? Is it 2nd trimester onwards?
  14. gbtiepolo

    gbtiepolo New Member

    Different studios & teachers recommend differently, they usually state on their website or your can call them to check. Generally most will be happier if you are 14weeks or more as the spontaneous miscarriage rate in 1st trimester is high so they don't want you to blame them (or yourself) if the worst happens, even if the event had nothing to do with the yoga but who can say for sure right? Also most will recommend that your morning sickness symptoms have subsided before you start anything. If you were already doing yoga regularly or are very fit before getting pregnant then they probably won't place much restrictions on when you can start prenatal yoga.
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  15. Purebuzzy

    Purebuzzy New Member

    Looking forward to cost efficient prenatal class. Don't mind can shall cost and experience after the mommies went for the class?
  16. Kate Tan

    Kate Tan New Member

    Thanks for the advice gbtiepolo!
  17. Oks-na-2018

    Oks-na-2018 New Member

    Looking for a Prenatal Yoga partner :)

    Hello ladies, I love my yoga teacher - I've only had a few classes with her and I can already feel my body became lighter, stronger and overall feeling is very nice. She herself had a baby not so long ago - and she looks fantastic!!

    We do private classes in Botanic Gardens, but I'm looking for another girl to join us - this way we'll pay 25 sgd per lesson. If there are 3 students can be cheaper.

    Please pm if you wanna join or message me 86537024

    PS: You need to be at least 12 weeks pregnant.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
  18. winterxc

    winterxc New Member

    Im at 25 weeks and doing prenatal yoga once every week. Prenatal yoga apparently helped my sister in law with her delivery - 1) her baby didnt turn during her last trimester, and after her yoga instructor taught her to repeat a few stretches everyday the baby finally turned, and 2) her delivery was less than 1 hour.

    Decided to give prenatal yoga a try after hearing her glowing review. I believe it does help to a certain extent since it strengthens your core. My gynae warned me against lazing around and to still exercise regularly to ensure a smoother delivery.

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