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Anyone experiencing brown spotting?

Discussion in 'Year 2019 Mums' started by yinyin11, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. yinyin11

    yinyin11 New Member

    Hello Mummies,

    This is my second pregnancy. going to be 6 weeks. i had been spotting brown for more than 10 days since 4 weeks plus. Done 2 hcg blood test and reading is fine. Scan at 5 weeks do found a sac and maybe a yolk but not clear. Gynae did not want to see me till 7 weeks as it is too early and what can be done is already done. I am now on hospitalisation leave and on dusphaston pills for 3 times daily.

    I have no spotting or bleeding with my first pregnancy. Gynae diagnosed my condition as threatening miscarriage for now.

    Yesterday did have a small streak of red blood which was very tiny. Called my gynae and she asked me to rest and continue medication. Just now have some brown spotting again.

    Any mummies out there is experiencing such symptoms and i would really need some support and assurance that brown spotting for so long is acceptable.

    I am very frightened but i cannot do anything but to wait.

    Anyone out there is seeing can advise me?

    Does miscarriage starts with brown or red? gynae said it is red or pink. I serached online that people did miscarried with brown too.

  2. SheeReen

    SheeReen New Member

    Hi, when I was in my second month I also had 2 weeks of brown spotting and 3 weeks light bleeding. My gynae told me is serious and I was put to bed rest for 1 month until I was completely clear. During that one month of bed rest, I really rested. Ate on the bed etc. The only moment I leave my bed was for toilet. Do rest well and keep cheerful spirit. I’m in my 21 week now and had my check up yesterday. Thank God everything is fine. Don’t worry too much and take care
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  3. yinyin11

    yinyin11 New Member

    Hi SheeReen,

    Thank you so much for your reply. Really and deeply appreciated that you replied. I was thinking will there be anyone out there who will give me some light.

    I am very glad that things turns out for you well. :) I wish you all the very bests.

    Did your gynae told you why you had bleed? For me, my gynae did suspected it may be some hormone problems. But as for now, it is still too early to know the exact. So gynae only said just wait and see. :(

    It is extremely heartwarming to have someone like you to see my post and given me some assurance that it will be well. I almost cried out. It had been a roller coaster ride for me these few days. Hubby does not understand what i am really going through. All he said is to be strong, don't be like that etc.

    I am glad that I can turn to the forum for some support. Been crying off and on.

    I pray hard for little one to be strong and stay with me. May god bless you and me to have a healthy pregnancy. Please take good care too and stay in touch in the forum ok.

    God bless!
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2018
  4. SheeReen

    SheeReen New Member

    Hi YinYin,

    I know exactly how you felt. Couldn’t stop crying as well during my one month of bedrest. Kept thinking what I could have done etc. My gynae told me there’s nothing he or I could do. The little one is just unstable. I could only pray. Turning fears into faith and tears into strength.

    Back then I wished someone/ any mummies who went through this to tell me is ok. All will be well. Whatever I read on internet was not positive at all. I’m thankful for my husband, family and friends supported me all the way.

    Just try to get as much rest. Is ok to ask for help now and then. Don’t stressed yourself too much and importantly keep a joyful heart. Get as much support as you need from your friends and family. I’m here for you too! (PM me)

    Take care and god bless you too
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  5. yinyin11

    yinyin11 New Member

    Thanks so much Sheereen. Deeply appreciated it. Got red blood gushed out this evening but was checked at a&e with everything normal so discharged with more medicines and a injection.

    I only can pray hard. i am so frighten. Thanks for being there for me. Now i on longer hospitalisation leave. hiaz...

    Complete bed rest now. cannot walk too much.

    U tk very gd care and thanks for giving me comfort and assurance that everything will be well. :)
  6. -FunShine-

    -FunShine- Member

    Hi Ladies. I also have light brown spotting last Friday. Am 4 weeks currently. Doc gave me a progesterone jab and I’m on Duphaston 3 times daily. I’m Super worries cos I MC last year. Doc gave me 1 week HL to rest. I’ll be going to visit her Tmr to get another progesterone jab and Friday to have another scan. What else can u do now? I really need to bed rest in bed the whole time? Is it Ökîė I do some light walking like go downstairs buy food kind? Just wanna know what is right for me now. Thanks
  7. SheeReen

    SheeReen New Member

    Hi FunShine,
    Better not to walk around. Doc told me I could only get up and walk to the toilet. Everything else must be done on the bed. I really dare not take the risk so I followed through with it until it completely stop spotting. Do take care and rest well.
  8. yinyin11

    yinyin11 New Member

    Hi Funshine,

    Yes. i agreed with sheereen. I tried to go opp buy food and i got tummy pain and bleed brown. So now i dun go buy food. I top up my fridge with microwave food or called deliveroo.

    I walked abit more or sit too long i will bleed and spot. never ending.

    Mine is diagnosed as hormones problems with progestrone injections every 3 days now and 4 pills daily. Despite high dosage, i never have 1 day never spot.

    I also very worried but i will do my best for it. Most of the time i lift my legs up.

    I still on HL. Went a&e and got extended HL due to fresh red bleeding. Scan was fine.

    All we can do is to pray and have strong faith. When not feeling well dun push on. is ok to say out and rest.

    If my condition does not improve i may even consider take no pay leave cos walking or even sitting seems tedious for me.
  9. sugar1612

    sugar1612 New Member


    I had brown spotting too. It gets lighter after progesterone jab and medicine. But I have horrible backache. Is that normal? I am so worried!
  10. -FunShine-

    -FunShine- Member

    Oh dear. How are you now?

    Thanks for all your advises.
  11. ttcing

    ttcing Member

    Hi Yinyin11,

    I still have dark brown or dark red spotting that looked like lining discharge on and off. However, I have checked with my gynae who said that it’s fine as long as it’s not in fresh red blood and not a lot. I’m now into my 15 weeks this week and baby is healthy and actively kicking inside me when I did the scan and cvs test 2 weeks ago! Last scan did was last sat and baby was active too!
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  12. Mongchichichi

    Mongchichichi Member

    Hi, I'm going thru the same. I'm into my 7th weeks now. Started brown spotting last week n went for injection. Saw the small sac n also heartbeat. Thought everything was stable but yesterday spotting started again. This is very very stressful for me... I don't know what to do to stop myself from thinking negatively.
  13. sugar1612

    sugar1612 New Member

    Did the doc prescribe u with progesterone pills? Apparently it helps.
  14. Mongchichichi

    Mongchichichi Member

    The doctor gave me duphaston, taking 3 times daily.. Can only pray that everything is OK.. may I check with you ladies, do we need to go to the clinic immediately when we have spotting? Or just take the pills and observe first? I'm paranoid but not sure when we need to rush down to the clinic..
  15. sugar1612

    sugar1612 New Member

    Depends on how heavy is your spotting. I am currently taking duphaston 2x daily and going for weekly injection. It should slowly subside. Doc said it’s probably old blood. So, probably u can observe and if it gets heavy better rush down to clinic.
  16. Mongchichichi

    Mongchichichi Member

    Thank you for your reply :) I will observe and see how. Hope everything will be OK for all of us!
  17. introvert521

    introvert521 Active Member

    I have 1 very very very small dot of pink then will be like nothing after that. Then 10 days later another dot. Seeing gynae next Monday. 10.5 weeks now...-.-"
  18. C@th

    C@th New Member

    Hi Yin Yin
    I just turn 13 week today and also in the same situation as you.

    Admitted to hospital due to heavy bleeding then have been on HL since mid October. Ever since discharge, my bleeding has stop for a week but it return again today.. I be seeing doc tomorrow to get some assurance. It’s true that there are not many mummy facing the same problem as us. When I needed some listening ear, it’s heartwarming to see this thread. I too am trying to keep myself positive too...

    Jiayou to everyone here too..
  19. ttcing

    ttcing Member

    Hi C@th

    Till today, I’m still having dark brown lining almost every day and nausea. So dun worry too much but do take care.

    Are you over 35 yrs & this is not your 1st pregnancy?
  20. Nana18

    Nana18 New Member

    Hi all, i have some spotting but very minimal. Today the spotting turning into more blood flow dark brown, dark red, i am very worried. Currently abt close to 6wks. Anyone have similar experience? Suppose to see dr tomorrow for my 1st scan but i am wondering if i should go ane.
  21. Excited daddy

    Excited daddy Active Member

    Did u walk a lot of carry heavy stuff today or last few days? Normally the dark spot is old blood but is fresh then should go A&E immediately.

    My wife also have a blood spot during wk5.. after a long day shopping n carry awhile my friend daughter then at night we spot it.. we are worried too but my wife said if happen to have next day then we will go A&E..

    If u worried, then go A&E now... let them scan to make sure all right
  22. heavensberry

    heavensberry New Member

    I have spotting and (twice-thrice) menses flow like and continuously brown ones....... for 2-3 weeks ......... went to KKH A&E TWICE ..the doctors were not able to explain to me why after scanning...went to a pte gynae.......and got an answer........gyane even show me the area where the bleed comes from...............my babies are safe and growing well...thank god. be positive...sometimes it's implantation bleeding or... old clogged bloods underneath your womb (don't knw if i explained it right?) as long as you don't have fresh red blood it's abit safer i guess...
  23. thanku82

    thanku82 Member

    Which private gynea can introduce?
  24. Cwjy

    Cwjy New Member

    Hi can you share which gynae you went to? Im on my 4th week. Just discovered my pregnancy but Im having lots of cramps and light brownish spotting
  25. JovineC

    JovineC New Member

    Hi Ladies, I have the same brown spotting too since I discovered that I’m pregnant at 5 weeks, till now at 10 weeks old.
    At first I was freaked out also, I went to Dr Loh at TMC coz he is famous on handling high risk pregnancy, and this is my first pregnancy after 6 years marriage
    The brown spotting sometimes a lot but won’t soak a pad, and only 1x I had fresh red bleeding but after checking, the baby seems to be okay.. Doc gave me Duphaston 2x daily and weekly proluton injection. So far it has subsided and more like brown discharges, sometimes have a little mucus or clot, but Doc said not to worry and continue the meds till it stop, he also can’t tell the reason behind, only say maybe still unstable. Doc still allow me go to work but I took few days leave on and off to rest at home, hope to improve my condition.
    My hubby oso at overseas so I practically alone managing this, so I can only have faith that everything will be okay & hope the same for you all too ❤️
  26. Brzt

    Brzt New Member

    Hi, I'm above 35 and 2nd pregnancy. Also had spotting/ brown discharge at 6 week. Are you also similar case?

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