Any recommendation on good stretch mark creams?


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I have been using Bio-oil but my Gynae scared me when she shared that whenever she encounters mummies with stretch marks, they all seem to be using Bio-oil.


Hi .. i using Elancyl as i am afraid of too oily while my pregnant fren / colleague also using ... bought from Watson 2 tubes for $47.
Personally i like the texture & smell..
My fren recommended this.
Ive been using both the clarins stretch mark cream and firming oil at least 4 times a week since week 7. Sometimes too lazy to apply haha...

Till now at week 36, no stretch mark for me.

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Just gave birth early this week and has been using Clarins tonic oil Everyday for the past 8 months. No stretch marks at all.
I'm using Clarins Tonic Oil and Stretchmarks Control Cream. But because the oil is so easily absorbed, I find that I can finish a full sized bottle very quickly! I apply it on my entire torso, hips, butt, breasts and upper thigh daily right after bath.
By the way, I just want to share that with my #1, I did not get any stretchmarks throughout my entire pregnancy and 1st month after delivery. My stretchmarks only appeared 2 months after giving birth! So don't be fooled!

The good thing is that if you didn't see them during your full 40 weeks, chances are that they are very light and minimal, hence they only become visible after delivery when your skin has shrunk back.

Because my stretchmarks were very little, small and light, after they faded, they just look like faint little lines but you can't see them unless you come up close and really look out for them. And I was using Palmer's and Bio-Oil.

I'm hoping that using Clarins will help better in moisturising than Palmer's/Bio-Oil, and prevent or minimise stretchmarks in this pregnancy.

Stretchmarks is dependant on your genetic skin elasticity. So the more rapidly you gain weight and the more your skin stretches, the chances get higher also.

It has been proven that there's NO cream or oil in the world that can get rid of stretchmarks or 100% prevent it. It's all genetic. I have friends who have more than 1 kid, never used any oils or creams during their pregnancy and they didn't get any stretchmarks. Stretchmarks are considered deep layered scars, not surface scars so no creams or oil in the world can remove it. They can only improve the texture to make it slightly less obvious.

The only way to permanently get rid of stretchmarks is to go for Fraxel laser or micro-resurfacing.
Yes, once my skincare specialist recommended me to take the products of The Spoiled Mama because their products are 100% safe and made of non-toxic ingredients. You can buy it from there.
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