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Any mummy with baby suffers HFMD?

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by vvng81, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. vvng81

    vvng81 Member

    Hi all Mummies,

    Any mummy had a bad experience with baby suffers HFMD? Can share some of your experience? Currently my boy infant care center had one HFMD case already, I am so worry and hope someone can share some of the bad experience.

  2. paulnelaine

    paulnelaine Member

    hi Vivian,
    like tat u better dont let ur baby go infant care for e timebeing if u can get other caregiver to help u....
    last yr when my boy(2yo) is down with HFMD n really quarantine him in e room with me cos i still has a 5mths old baby girl... so e girl will stay in e living room with e maid n at nite also sleep there with e maid. whenever i need to feed my baby(breastfeeding) i will wash my hands then change my clothes or bath myself before i really carry my little girl.... was really a terrible period to live in fear tat e baby will get it.........
    I got to know from e experience tat there is a 10days incubation period therefore even e person has it now he/she can appear normal n tat's e frightening period tat others can get it unware and continue spreading..... Just like my boy got it from my cousin during 1 of e wedding dinner but he still attend sch for e next 3 days until he is down with fever on thur then we stop him from going sch... but PD didnt suspect HFMD cos only got fever n 1 ulcer in e mouth n no other symptoms until sat then rashes/ulcer start to come out but too late liao... some of his classmates got it from him... then e sch got to close a few days.....
  3. mummyfel

    mummyfel Member


    My boy recently contracted HFMD. How long will the virus clear? I am going to due in few days time. Afraid that virus will spread to my NB.

    Please advise. Thanks!!
  4. samsonyun

    samsonyun New Member

    My boy got 3 times of HFMD and I also got once before. Painful experience for adult!
  5. glt1

    glt1 Member

    Hi those who got it, can describe the symptoms? I am a mum with a 21months boy, I just have been suspected 90% sure of hfmd and now I cannot even see my boy, so sad, but my red spots on my hands are very itchy, hfmd are not itchy right?

    Anyone can advise? I also have sore throat on just 1 side of my throat, doc says mouth full of red spots but I no ulcers.
  6. jwork

    jwork Member

    my boy juz got hfmd and i am expecting? what is the chance of me and the bb inside me who get it?
  7. lem0npye

    lem0npye Member

    My boy had hfmd and spread to me and my 3 month old baby.
    Now I'm in a dilemma whether to breastfeed her.
  8. notyetam21

    notyetam21 New Member

    does anyone know anyone with young kids affected by HFMD in the sense that their kids' sch/kindy/childcare kena shut down for 10 days due to outbreak.
    then they headache to figure out wat to do with their little ones (who are not sick, it is other sick kids who got the sch shut down) since they have to work etc.

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