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Any mOmmies based in Hong Kong?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by shimmrs, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member

    Dear mommies,

    Wondering any mommies based in Hong Kong? I arrived here a month ago with my HB and our 3yo ger.

    Hope to know any mommies who are also based here in Hong Kong.



  2. marcharies

    marcharies New Member

    Hi shimmrs

    I'm a MTB who is now in HKG. Welcome to HKG & hope you're settling down well here so far.

    Which part of HKG are you staying? I'm staying in HKG island.
  3. pepper

    pepper Member

    Hi HI
    i am a mother of a 2 month old. living in Tung Chung.

    March Aries, when are u delivering? Delivering in which hospital?
  4. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member

    hi mommies...
    So glad to finally see 2 responses in this thread!!! [​IMG]

    Congrats! When are you having your baby? Popping in HKG?

    I live at Shatin.

    Congrads to your new motherhood. Are you also a SAHM?
  5. pepper

    pepper Member

    hi shimmrs
    no i am working in central so every day wake up at 7.15am to go to work.

    wah u so shiok can be a SAHM. what do u normally do on weekends? where u bring ur girl to? u used to HK already?
  6. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member


    Oh? I assumed you got married in HK? Wah, isnt it hectic to work in Central, HK?

    Who is taking care of your little bb?

    My ger and I are in HK due to my hb's posting. [​IMG]

    I am not used to HK yet. Still very sua-ku. keke..

    Anyway, we are now in SG. Going back end of this month.
  7. pepper

    pepper Member

    no i got married in sgp, then came to HK due to my hubby's job. i delivered in Sgp. my mom is looking after bb in HK for me .
  8. marcharies

    marcharies New Member

    Hi Shimmrs & Belle
    Nice to hear fm both of you!!!

    I'll fly back to SIN end of this mth to await for my popping in Aug'07!!! Heehee... Most probably will only return to HKG with BB after CNY next year.
  9. marcharies

    marcharies New Member

    Hi Belle
    Actually we did communicated b4 sometimes last yr in MTB Mar'07 thread re: queries on gynaes in HKG. Time flies ya... yr gal is already 2-mth old. Anyway, do agreed with you tt i also hv no gd impression of gynae's svcs in HKG. The consultation charges are so ex & the svc is not professional at all. But no choice, i still hv to pay for it so as to check my BB's growth.
  10. pepper

    pepper Member

    oh all the best for ur delivery. i think deliver in Sgp is better, i trust Sgp gynae better and charegs are less. my friend who is going to deliver in HK sayd hospital stay alone is already $10K excluding gynae fees. whereas in Sgp i paid $5K for everything.
  11. marcharies

    marcharies New Member

    Hi belle, tks. My current gynae charges approx. HK$38K for whole pre-natal & post-natal package, excluding hospital stay. Really cost a bomb if i m to stay here for delivery.

    Wow... so nice of yr mum to fly here to take care yr bb gal.

    BTW, which hospital did you deliver yr gal? I'll deliver at TMC.
  12. pepper

    pepper Member

    March Aries
    i also delivered in TMC. My prenatal consultation package was $599 excluding the 20th week oscar scan and blood test and vitamins. So definitely chepaer in Sgp but i have to fly every month to go for checkup so end up paying quite a bit too but worth it coz i don like HK gynaes. Tried two and both sucks.
  13. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member

    hi March Aries
    Wah! The antenatal package & hospital charges are indeed very high in HK! Wah! really cost a bomb to pop in HK man!

    hi Belle
    Its really nice of your mother to be in HK to help you out while you can work in HK.

    Btw, we will be back to HK on May30. [​IMG]
  14. marcharies

    marcharies New Member

    Hi belle, how much in total did you spent for the delivery + hospital bill @ TMC? Btw, did you specifically choose any paediatrician or anesthetist prior to yr delivery? Do you know any good & recommended ones? My SIN gynae asked me abt my choice (if i hv) during my return trip to do my detailed scan last mth. Will probably need to revert back to her when i next see her.
  15. marcharies

    marcharies New Member

    Hi shimmrs
    Hey, you'll be back HKG on 30 May but i'll fly back to SIN on 31 May.
    Btw, how do you feel staying in HKG so far? Till now, i still cant get used to the air & traffic pollutions & also their local cafe food here.
  16. pepper

    pepper Member

    I definitely not used to the air and food here. air so bad that i have this permanent thing in my throat and my eyes cannot wear contacts for long.

    then the food so oily and little variety. unlike in singapore we have so much things to eat for breakfast, here nothing much leh....
  17. marcharies

    marcharies New Member

    ya ya ya, belle... both my hands & legs up for agreement. Everytime i'll always look forward so much to SIN return trip for holidays & yummy yummy foods.
  18. pepper

    pepper Member

    March Aries
    i spent $5K for 3 days stay normal delivery with epi

    i cant rem the name of the anesthetist though. my gynae is caroline khi, who is urs? i used the same anesthetist as my gynae when she delivered.
  19. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member

    Hi mommies
    I still hate everything about HK to-date. kekekeke...

    And, I totally agreed to what have been mentioned above!
  20. marcharies

    marcharies New Member

    Belle, I m seeing Dr Phyllis Liauw fm TLC, next to AJC where yr gynae is. Hmmm... hv you heard of this PD, Dr K T Ong @ TMC. Quite a few comments tt he is good. Maybe will engage him as PD upon delivery.
  21. pepper

    pepper Member

    March Aries
    i think the famous PD is E K Ong. i think he is very busy. i also got him as my initial PD but i think he is so busy and cannot listen to me , so i will not go back to him.
  22. pepper

    pepper Member

    the good thing about HK is that their shopping for branded stuff is good and their service level is definitely better. and also their Sasa things are much cheaper than singapore.
  23. pepper

    pepper Member

    March Aries
    my anaethetist is Chong JL. very good. in my opinion. calmed me down and injection not painful and effect is good, i can feel contractions but not pain.
  24. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member

    Right, the customer service we get from HK is a THUMBS UP. I love their positive working attitude and the passion they have towards their job. Haiz.. so ashamed with our local customer service providers, anyway.

    Yes, shopping is great in HK.

    MTR / KCR stations are a killer too. A lot of walking to be done in HK lah.. so many steps everywhere! And definitely not stroller-friendly or baby-friendly rather.
  25. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member

    Are you refering to epidural admininstration performed by your anaethetist? Are you supposed to feel the contractions after tt jab?? Not painful on your spinal? Oh no, mine pain like HELL! I cried out when it got into my spine! How did your doc do tt?
  26. pepper

    pepper Member

    the doc inject LA first so should not feel pain with epid injection, only feel a pressure when the needle went in.
  27. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member

    Hi mommies..
    I will be returning to HK tmr. [​IMG]
  28. pepper

    pepper Member

    Oh welcome back! chat with u more when u r back
  29. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member

    Hi mommies..
    i am back in HK for a week now.

    My daughter, Kyla, already started school since Monday. So far so good, she is adapting well to the new environment and is enjoying herself at the new school.

    How have you all been??

    I am putting up in Fotan, Shatin.
  30. mylife

    mylife New Member

    hi all

    i am a preggie mom-to-be who might be going to HK due to hubby's work. Am wondering if i shud return to Spore before my edd to deliver in Spore or jus opt to deliver in HK. Read the delivery ward in HK always so expensive and limited spaces. But if i were to deliver in Spore, airlines said i can only return prior to my 36th week..so dat means i'll be here without hubby for about a month.

    Can anyone tell me any suggestions? Any good gynae in HK..am reluctant cos i love my gynae in Spore.

    Also, how soon can a newborn baby fly? Can the baby fly immediately after confinement?
  31. pepper

    pepper Member

    Sq allows u to fly until 37 weeks
    what u can do is u ask your gynae to help u declare a slightly later EDD lah.

    Are u doing ur checkup in HK or Sgp?
    from my experience, HK gynae not very helpful lor. and especially if they know u wont be delivering with them. they earn bulk of their money from delivery especially under private ward.

    newborn after 7 days can fly i think according to airline guidelines.
  32. pepper

    pepper Member

    sorry i think it is Cathay that allows till 37 week. SQ is 36 weeks.
  33. mylife

    mylife New Member

    hi belle

    thanks for the useful info. I called SQ and the said "up to 35th week" and CX is "up to 36th week". Another headache is my hubby prob wont be with me, and what if i have an early delivery, will take hubby 3-4 hours to fly back (for those urgent cases) [​IMG]

    Anyone can recommend any good gynae in HK?
  34. weeee29

    weeee29 New Member

    Hi mylife,

    I am not staying in HK, but in Guangzhou. Your situation is pretty much like mine when I was pregnant.

    SQ only allows up to 35 weeks...I conceived both my babies in china (they are 1 yr apart) and both time, I returned to Spore ard 32 weeks just to play safe. Both my babies are delivered by C-section. My hubby was with me for the 1st baby, but unfortunately for the 2nd one, she came out before the planned date and my hubby couldn't go back in time...Close to delivery date, most of the time I was alone without hubby...but still ok cos got parents, in-laws and siblings mah...

    I chose to deliver in Singapore cos I trust my gynae..china's medical facilities and hospital environment not so good la...better dont torture myself after a hard delivery mah...

    As for my babies, I brought the elder one after she finished her 6-month vaccine. Later I managed to find a Spore doctor in gz, so I brought my 2nd daughther when she was 2 months only.
  35. mylife

    mylife New Member

    hi weeee29...thanks for your inputs. My problem is my closest sister is in HK as well...and one in Msia. So if and when i return to SG for delivery, it'll prob jus be with my mom. I can foresee i'm prob gonna be very lonely, some more first child ma...hubby not around, sure feel depressed.

    U were saying u brought your 1st child only aft her 6th month vaciine? Ru actually saying u stayed here in Sg without your hubby for 6 months??? OMG, dat must have been quite tough for u...u're such a brave woman. [​IMG]

    I checked with my gynae and she said i can prob bring my child back to HK to reunite with my hubby after the 1st month. She said medical facilities are quite ok in HK (if not better)in the private hospitals..jus more costly lo... [​IMG]
  36. weeee29

    weeee29 New Member

    Hi mylife,

    My situation is very compliacted...hubby and I were actually working in shanghai..then I got pregnant..during pregnancy, sometimes i flew alone back to spore for impt checkups..near delivery, I went back spore first (abt 1 mth without hubby in spore)...then hubby came back to see me deliver and went back shanghai..another 1 month apart and then he came back spore for a week and was posted to guangzhou..then i went to guangzhou with him for 2 mths without my bb!!! so here and there sometimes I am with my hubby, sometimes with my bb.....felt quite miserable without either of them so finally quit my job and brought bb to join hubby...then alas!! got pregnant again..so on here and there have to be apart with hubby again lor...

    u can always go on msn or skype everyday with ur hubby..thats what i did...go out with frds, go yoga, research more on bb stuff...there are lots to do...of course, anytime u miss him just call and tell him..that will ease ur sadness....

    ya, over in gz the medical facilities are more exp..but no choice lor..money isnt everything wat...find tt whole family being together is happier [​IMG]
  37. mylife

    mylife New Member

    looks like my hubby posting in HK is more or less confirmed. I think i will be coming back for monthly check-ups and then back to SG for the delivery. Will do confinement here and then bring baby back to HK after 1 month here.

    ANyone here can recommend a good gynae in HK for the interim period in case of any emergency?

    Also mommies in HK, can u recommend any good paediatrician in HK?
  38. disneymickey

    disneymickey New Member

    i'm not staying in HK, but will b gg for a hol next mth. i hav a 16mth old girl.

    would like to check, if the Ocean Park is still ard? cos i've heard some rumours that it's closed when Disneyland was opened?? would like to bring my ger there. any mommy know if they hav those pram 4 rental in the park? cos i'm not intending to bring my pram & would rather rent frm the park if possible.

    thanks in advance.
  39. angeline12

    angeline12 Active Member

    Hi Shimmrs,
    I come and give you 'business' here. Maybe you can try using this thread to update the details for the national day gathering in HK. This can be a good 'advertisment' for the thread.

    I fly on CX in my 37th week. I went back to SGP to deliver. The gynae that i used here for the routine checks is located in Central. He's a very nice guy and I informed him from the beginning that I will not be delivering in HK and he was fine and still provided me with good care throughout the pregnancy. You can PM me if you wish to have the gynae and PD contacts.

    Oceanpark is still around. I think Disney has pram to rent, but not sure about ocean park.
  40. mylife

    mylife New Member

    hi Angeline

    Thanks for the note...have sent you a PM...check your mailbox! [​IMG]
  41. angeline12

    angeline12 Active Member

    replied your mail.
  42. tzac

    tzac Active Member


    I am not in HK but like to borrow this thread as I am thinking of going to HK for a holiday in Sept.. Any recommendations for hotel and place to shop/go? Will be bringing a 3 yo kid too.

    Thanks :)
  43. teng2teng2

    teng2teng2 Member

    Hi mylife,

    Just relocated back fr hk lately. For gd pd, I strongly recommend Dr Dannie Ting at Central in HK island. if u need her contact details, let me know. She is v popular among the xpats. Be prepared to wait for a long time for ur turn thou ... Cheers.
  44. chevy

    chevy Member

    Hi mummies, dun mind I join in to ask for some information in Hong Kong from mummies who is staying there.
    Anyone knows whether Hong Kong have any wharehouse for Polo Ralph Lauren ,Coach and LV? Pls help. Thanks.
  45. chevy

    chevy Member

    Hi, any mummies can assist me on whether Hong Kong have any wharehouse for Polo Ralph Lauren ,Coach and LV?

  46. jj79

    jj79 New Member

    Dear Mommies,

    I am a mummy to a 7months old baby.
    Just came to HK a month ago.

    Hope to know some Mummies based in HK. [​IMG]
  47. mylife

    mylife New Member

    hi jj

    me also gonna be based in HK with a newborn baby. Have relocated to HK in Oct07 BUT travelled back to Sg for my impending delivery in Jan 08. After confinement and processing of baby's visa, will be flying back to HK prob end Feb or early Mar. Maybe u can PM me and we can keep in contact when i go fly back to HK. [​IMG]

    Where ru staying in Hk?
  48. jj79

    jj79 New Member

    hi mylife,

    I am now staying in Kowloon side, how about u?

    Already PM u my e-mail address. pls contact to me when u come to HK.
  49. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member

    hi mommies

    Its been so long since I last posted. Didnt expect there will be response to this thread, heehee...

    COngrads to your newborn!

    jj & mylife
    Maybe we can catch up sometime in HK? I live in Shatin. [​IMG]

    I have been here for 1 year now...
  50. jj79

    jj79 New Member

    hi shimmrs,

    sure, that will be great. [​IMG]

    perharps we can exchange mobile no. and e-mail address?

    I will PM mine to you.

    Hope to hear from you soon. [​IMG]

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