Any mOmmies based in Hong Kong?


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hi shimmrs
thanks...i will be moving back to HK once bb's passport and visa is done. Actually was sharing with jj79 how worried i am of bringing newborn to HK's polluted air...tempted to bring bb only when she's at least 6mths old and finish all vaccinations here in Sg but on the other hand didnt wan hubby to miss out on all her "firsts" cos this is our 1st child.
Guess i'll hv to keep her indoors most of the time.

Do u have a good pd to recommend?

u can email me [email protected] to chat!!



its our pleasure meeting you the other day at kowloon station! thanks for your hospitality too! keito is simply adorable and has a charming smile!!! *wink*


sorry for my late reply. havent check this thread for a long time since i last replied.

i have met up with jj79 recently.

it will be nice if we can do a daily chat on msn? pls add me at [email protected] on msn messenger.

btw, my dotter who is 4yrs old now, was born with a serious reflux conditon. i will be glad to share my experience with you.. shld you need any advice.

dun worry too much on the polluted air condition in hk. if you worry, you can always get a air-cleaner/purifier at home.

will drop you a PM after this...

see ya soon!


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hi mommies based in hkg esp pepper,i lived in tung chung too hehhehehhe.i'm sgp but wrked in hgk for almost 13 yrs in sin though,goes back to sin msn's [email protected],feel free to drop me a note or chit chat gal's 4 months now and born in sin.
next time round when she come over will apply the hk id card for her got the flu so dare not go out......everywhere in hkg crowded mah. :p take care mommies.

ps maybe i'm used to the pollution so oki for me hehehhe immune liao


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Hi weishy,

wow, you have worked in hkg for 13years with your family in sin.
I am in Hkg for 2 year. A SAHM with a 10months boy.

Will be great to chit chat with you

Drop u a PM soon.


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Dear Mommies based in HK,

Do u have any PD based in TST? Will be going over with my girl for travelling today and almost forgot to get PD's contact for emergency.

Thanks a million!


hi mummies in HK. heard that there were many abduction cases in HK disneyland. modus operandi is that when kid went to the toilet without his/her parents going in with them, the kid was somehow made unconscious, hair shaved and clothes changed. the abductor would wrap the child with a cloth and exit the toilet without being spotted by the parents.

this act is immoral. both the parents and kid would be traumatised. moreover, no one know what the kid will be used for.

anyone can share more about such abduction cases?


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hi gcherny,
wow yes i've got emails fr the local HKers that this happened in the shopping malls and not disney though.....
kinda a number of cases where the kid was lured into the toilet and then changed clothes and then got out with another adult. One of the email mentioned that this happened in IKEA HK but soon later Ikea HK made some official statements that this never happened & they've got all the security guards & camera around... so well, it's really up to individual to believe in this.

Kids can get missing easily in playgrounds where horror stories been told that some badies are loitering in the morning / noons where the mums bring the kids out to play.


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hi hi anybody here?

We are moving to Hong Kong in October and have 2 boys....will be good to know some singapore mummies...



Wd like to check with the mummies on this thread...

We are thinking of going to HK during CNY in Feb next year. Can i chk with you, will the shops be open few days before CNY?

Also during CNY, disneyland will remain open rite?

hi mummywong10, thanks for locating this thread .. was looking for this thread but cldnt find it ... r u gng to relocate to HK ?

wanna to ask info abt S'pore int'l sch (SIS) in HK .. any mummies in HK can help ? thanks ...
teng> i'm currently staying in hk, how about u? i look at the international school website before, its very costly. i would hope to send my child back to Sin to study next time. my child is still very young only.
Hi Mummywong10,

which part of Hk r u in ? we're likely to move over .. so looking at schs for my boys .. how old is ur kid ?
teng> i'm staying at New Territories, Sham Tseng. My kid's just 5 mth old. How about you, which area you going to stay? Coming few yrs for work or? You have the website for the international sch right? It's very exp...


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hihi all

seems this thread is finally active again!!!
hey i live in kowloon side !!

ahh Sham Tseng goose haha nice n the mango-glass jelly dessert shop, do u stay near there ??