Any good driving instructor to recommend


I got my driving license about 15 years ago, since then I never drive, so I believe I got to learning from scratch again, is there any good driving instructor to recommend?

You may try calling Mr Dennis for any available slot if you are referring to refresher course. He is recommended by my colleagues. My sis who has a license for 20yrs and felt ease on the road again which she proclaim after learning from Mr Dennis. What I know, he used to be a driving instructor in the driving centre. His hp 83330449.
Hi. Yo may want to try this learnin instructor, Mr Goh at 90293823. He has about 20 years of driving teaching.
Hi BB and Jungle,
will the instructor be available to teach in the north area ?
as i am staying in the north
anyone know gd private instructor in bukit batok ? i tried one b4 , but that fella too slack.. hoping to get a good one

Private or school ? at bbdc? I tried once private , but the instructor was too slack i dont like ..

Now doing chose school , but due to work , haven go since last year .. Haha
For anybody looking for private instructors at around admiralty area, please avoid this instructor Da vi d Low driving a blue honda car. Or take him at ur own risk. Took almost 20 lessons from him. First 10 he was on all smileys, until the 14th or 15th lesson he showed terrible attitudes all of a sudden. (Pms or wad) and just want to earn ur money without teaching properly. Always eats up your time too. Horrible.
hey for those interested in finding private driving instructors, might wanna check out, a review site of private driving instructors in Singapore. A word of caution those, don't choose instructors solely based on their high passing rates. Have heard of quite many stories, where an instructor is able to maintain a high passing rate because he sends his students for many more lessons than necessary and refuse to book the driving test for them.

Thus, not only does he make more $ from more lessons, he also gets to maintain his high passing rates, beware.
Choose school ones is definitely a better choice than private ones.
Most private instructors usually only want to earn more bucks from students.
Always "eat up" student's practice time and some are really not professional enough in teaching.