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Any good confinement lady to recommend?

Discussion in 'Year 2010 Mums' started by mumluvbabe, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. kickstarter

    kickstarter New Member

    Currently using this confinement maid from Malaysia. She is very Chin Cai and will change her way of taking care of baby if you advise her your preferred method. Very flexible lady. Here is her contacts



    her hubby



  2. tinsong

    tinsong New Member

    Hi all mom,

    Anyone needs a confinement lady in early Sep 2010. I have paid a $200 deposit for a confinement lady and she did for my sister-in-law recently. The actual price is $2K. She is quite good and from Malaysia, however my mom offers to help me now and I also want to save money. I can absorb $100 and let go at $100 deposit. Anyone interested can SMS or call me at 9188 7560.

  3. chelz_mum

    chelz_mum Member


    I am on my 3rd wk confinement period now. My CL is very good. Highly recommended. She helps us to do house work & not calculative like other CL. Basically she cant sit down doing nothing. She is from Tanjung Pinang (Indonesian Chinese)

    Please PM me if you are keen.


  4. koonie

    koonie New Member


    I've my confinement lady from tanjung pinang in 2009 dec..hmmm is she abt 40+ auntie cos her entire circle of frenz are doin this services.anyway, their passport stay only 28days.

    As MIL wanted to extended the confinement period-we enage her aunt as recommended to be our helper -satisfy with her services but I'm taking care of BB during nite time so she hav enough rest.For the period wif her presence, completely no problem except for hygience practise-throw peeled seafood/fruits/opencan direct to auto closed dustbin which shld be all wrapped in plastic bag seperated cos gabbage bag might leak when taken out to be thrown.Other than tat hav to enphasize cleaning of kitchen everytime use.

    As MIL is working ,she always take the effort to visit me and supervise wat tis aunty doin.We are not very nasty pp juz wan things to be done properly and bb well taken care of.

    We also quite jia lat during the time when ML ending soon, MIL's company recluctant to let her go so bo bian very last mins find nobody to help call tis aunty back, sianz ....take care of bb nite time and also daytime for 1mths ===it's abit irritated once i tink back why my bb had nappy rashes *reason-she only change her diaper every 4hrly even wee wee until very soaked & slim dwn .luckily, MIL come dwn everyday to help+observe *we told her b4 if tired no need to cook but she insisted ok lor... On top of tat to ease her wrkload, my off days I take care of bb she do hse wrk.

    During her departure, we give her angbao as appreciation gift ...guess what i found out after she left. Cooked rice in my cooker and left over food she had day before + HP top up registered card I bought---thru my MIL-gotta to noe tat she spurt nonsense said tat I shake my BB in my arm whicle coaxing her to sleep etc..blah blah...

    Every one here is recommending how gd their CL is but my piece of advise is---get a tried and tested one bcos end of the day we are facing their nonsense.

    It's realy luck to get a gd one =)

  5. pann

    pann Active Member

    Hi all.

    I would like to recommend my confinement lady to those who need one.

    She is really very good. I am currently engaging her for the 2nd month cos my BB is quite abit to handle.

    She is very patient with BB and can see that she loves BB alot. She took really good care of my whole family (including my 2 dogs).

    When I brought my BB back for review with my PD, even my PD complimented to me that I got myself a good confinement lady cos she is very knowledgeable and ask me to learn more from my confinement lady.

    If anyone is interested to engage her, you can PM me or email me at nitegal80@ hotmail.com for her contact number.

  6. pann

    pann Active Member


    My confinement lady ask me to let you all know that she is fully taken for this year cause she received quite a number of enquiries for this year.

    But next year is still available. So those who are giving birth next year can still contact her.

    You can PM me or email me at nitegal80@hotmail.com for her contact number.

  7. celinamummy

    celinamummy Guest

    My confinement lady couldnt make it last min too.. gg to deliver anytime soon.. so, have look for auntie Ya mei. She stays in Segamat. Wondering any feedback abt her?

  8. sappy

    sappy New Member


    I thought i share this ...

    I just finished my confiment and had a very good confirment lady (Aunty Yue Fen).

    I even extended her for 2 more weeks.

    This is my second child, my first child i engaged a CFL as well but it was a terrible experience. Hence, this time i was also skeptical when i was recommended to this CF aunty.

    So i was extremely glad that i had this aunty this time round.

    She has many years of experience, very patient and loving with my daughter. First few days she is with me, she takes the time to observe my daughter to see how she can best take care of her, and she learns very fast. She cooks very yummy food (my first confirment i had horrible food and i didnt know confirment food can actually taste nice ...) and most important my family all like her very much and she is hygenic!

    She has a very pleasent character, very helpful and responsible. when looking after baby, she doesnt on her hp or pick her hp so that she wont be distracted.

    If any one is interested you can contact her at 65 8375 6048 (SG) or her house at 0207-6522606 (MSA). (but as i say if she is looking after baby her hp might be off or she doesnt pick up, so you might want to leave a message instead so that she can revert)


  9. xiaozhuzhu

    xiaozhuzhu Active Member


    I have a good CL to introduce too, her name is Siew Ling (秀玲姐). Currently she is doing confinement for me. Her sis is Siew Zhen, another very good confinement lady.

    I was introduced to Siew Ling when her sis schedule was full. Siew Ling will tell u to have an "interview" with her so as to ensure both are comfortable with each other. U may ask her any questions during the "interview".

    She is very hardworking since the first day she came. She helps with all the housework, cleans up the kitchen after cooking. She also checks with u what type of food u prefer (but of cos.. not for the fussy as she can cook many types of nice confinement food). If u can eat everything she cook that will be better and she ensures that all food has to be fresh. She will also make sure all her work are completed before resting.

    Nite time, she will ensure that u will rest well and she will fully take care of the baby. If u are pro-BF, she will oso help to wake u up to feed the baby.

    I had extended her for another 2 days to help me out as her permit only allows up to 30 days. She is also willing to guide and teach you on how to look after your baby.

    You can contact her at (tell her recommended by Xinyi):

    SG line: 81195431 (contactable when she is working in SG)

    MY line: 013-7067061 / 012-7609538

  10. helloanselmum

    helloanselmum New Member


    I used to have this confinement lady: Mei jie, who was working with me 6 years ago and she is really great at cooking as well as taking care for me & my baby boy. Moreover, she is the only confinement lady (i had seen so far ) , encouranging me to breastfeeding and teach me how to latch-on and pumping milk (As i was 1st time mum).

    I introduced to few frens at the following years and indeed, she never dissapointed my frens too.

    For interested mummies, you can reach her at following no. (i hv to "book" her at least 6 months ahead as she is too popular)

    SG: +65-81617701 (only available when she is working in SG)

    MY: +6012-7041112

  11. mommabear

    mommabear Member

    My cl is good too

    I m v determined to bf but bb jaundiced so at night first mth wake every one hr

    She wakes w me n help me burp

    This is outstanding cos a lot of cl would hv called it quits

    Her heart is in the job

    She can cook n v efficient at her chores. Very very efficient

    Another best thing abt her is that she is v gd w children. My toddler is v sticky to me but w her ard she will play w her, leaving me to bf in peace

    I really miss her when she had to go

    Pm me for contact

  12. xuangoh

    xuangoh Member

    My confinement lady is also quite good. She is called Xin Hua. She has 20 years' experience. She can cook a variety of confinement food (including soups and tonics), can take care of baby and do simple housechores for you if you don't have a maid. She is very pro-breastfeeding and can do breast massage too. I had quite a hard time breastfeeding my first kid and she is really a great help. She also has quite a few experiences wif twins.....

    You can contact her at +60176088006 (M'sia no.) or +6590395121 (Singapore HP). Btw, she is a PR and hence, don't need a work permit to work

  13. chanverona

    chanverona Member

    dear all

    I have just finished my confinement, my CL is very good, she cooks well, love and take very good care of my newborn. anyone keen to look for her, can PM me for her contact. I am still missing her.

  14. chanverona

    chanverona Member

    Pls call Aunty Ann at

    Msia +60 166 99 7288

    Spore 9868 8567

  15. teddie_love

    teddie_love New Member

    Anyone know of a "budget" confinement lady who is willing to help a low income family for about half the market price as it's 3rd child.. And has no one helping the mum.

    Don't need to stay in, but if have would be great...if have contacts please pm me

    Mum of this family is due around cny period. anyone can help please, she stays near mrt

  16. lusciousash

    lusciousash Member

    Hi, im looking for daytime confinement lady for Mon-Fri only. Location Bukit Panjang. Pls pm me if you have one! Thanks!

  17. persimonne

    persimonne New Member

    Cai Mei Ying or Aunty Mei Ying

    A warning to mothers looking for confinement nannies, its better to go thru word of mouth rather than forum recommendations. I engaged a nanny, Cai Mei Yin or Aunty Mei Ying thru rigorous search on this forum but she turned out to be my worst fears come true. I am not sure if her services are still touted and recommended online, but if u are doing your research based on forum searches as I did, pls use your discretion!

    - I did not heed the warning signs. When i met with her to place deposit, she criticized the mother she was taking care of at that time, that she never did 'tai jiao', that's why the baby now sleeps very late resulting in her not being able to sleep early too.

    - she also said she has to nap every afternoon.

    - I asked her what herbs I could buy in advance, for her to prepare tonics for me, she said oh, the usual. I told her I really have no idea so could she advice? Can she tell me some so i can buy first? I need to be prepared. She named about 2 herbs, then said I can ask any old people around me, like my mother or mother in law.. Don't they know? Else I can ask medical hall.

    - I booked her way in advance for 2 months, but on the first day or work, she says she has a double booking and could not turn down the other party. So she could only work less than a month. She said she was sorry but I should have a mother or mother in law who can take over. !! Despite taking my deposit of $200 when we met before I delivered.

    - Turns out, this nanny herself needs nannying. She says she can't sleep too late at night, complains that pillow cover is too slippery and she can't sleep well. She also revealed that her shortest stint is 5 days with a family cos they were boring people, they slept too early, around 8pm and did not watch tv. With her clear warning, we left the tv on specially for her, bought Chinese newspaper in case she was bored.. She still complained of boredom. Another of her warnings was that I had to giver her an ang pow on first day of work, else things would not go smoothly.

    - in terms of caring for baby, she refused to test the temperature of heated breast milk before feeding baby. She would just hold the bottle with her fingers and deem it ok. She refused to test by having a drop on her wrist. Even when I tell her that different brands of bottles will feel differently, they may be different in thickness, material etc, so just touching the bottle is not an accurate gauge. She was wrong many times, and one time wrong is one time too many! That's one time of too hot milk into my newborn's mouth/throat/stomach!!

    - she does NOT wash her hands after wiping baby's poo. Everytime. Despite repeated appeals. She got angry and offended as she says she has been doing this all along.

    - she does NOT wash her hands after touching the broom or dustpan. She will proceed to handle baby, touch baby's cot sheets etc.

    - at night, she watches tv and I vividly remember her scurrying when baby cries, cos oh, she forgot to wash the bottles again. So baby has to wait, AGAIN. Too bad for the hungry newborn.

    - In terms of cooking, every meal was almost the same. She even says, it's not difficult to cook confinement food, its just frying everything with ginger and sesame. Only variation is the type of vegetable we provide, and whether it's rice or noodle version. After a few days, you will realize she is not a genuine confinement nanny. Tonics? Besides the pre-packed all-in-one tonics that we bought from eu yang sang, she was not able to offer more, neither in advice nor in brewing anything else.

    - she revealed that she was all along a factory worker and only became confinement nanny cos of the good money and that it's nothing difficult at all.

    - Btw, she is young. She is in her late 40s, a Malaysian but Singapore PR, husband works in Singapore and daughter studying in spore. Her contact number is 824301xx and 07-55931xx. Pls use your own discretion rather than rely on raving forum reviews. I paid for it with my health at the most crucial time when I hired and depended on her to 'take care' of me and my baby. She failed on every count.

  18. Jann83

    Jann83 New Member

    Hi All, just did my confinement and I like to recommend my confinement auntie from Malaysia. She's very good with taking care of babies, easy going and cooks some really good chinese and tcm dishes. Her fried kway tiao, fried rice, ee mien, sweet sour pork ribs and salty sweet chicken are all very delicious! You can request for her to cook these for you :) She's very experienced (10 years), pro-breastfeeding, knows how to massage for engorged breasts and relatively young (50s) hence more energetic. She will provide advice to you but don't force it if you have your own thoughts - Example: my baby had jaundice and the level hovered around 12-13 for 2-3 weeks so every week i had to bring baby to hospital to monitor his jaundice level. Auntie recommended to bottle feed/formula so that jaundice level would drop quickly but i insisted on latching for the 1st month. She was still v supportive :) I know some CL who insists that you go for bottle feed...

    As my mum comes over to my place everyday, she also cooks for her and that was very nice of her!

    For mummies who intend to do full-time latching for first month, you can safely let her take care of your baby at night and she would bring baby over to you for latching when baby needs so that you can catch a good night rest :)

    Her charge is $100/day so $2800 for 28 days. You can Whatsapp or Wechat Auntie Evon @ +60 163308664. From what i know, she's packed till Oct 2017 so contact her if you're interested! I posted this cause I don't seem to find post about her (her clients now are via verbal intro). Hope you will have a chance to do your confinement with her!
  19. Chloe Li

    Chloe Li New Member

    Hello Jann, may I know how much deposit do you have to place with her? Thanks for the recommendation.
  20. Sjessh

    Sjessh New Member


    May I know how clean/ hygiene conscious is Aunty Evon?
    Thank you
  21. Cactus5

    Cactus5 New Member

    Hi Jann83,

    Can i knw her hygiene level?

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