Any good confinement lady to recommend?


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Maybe you try agency?

That's what that happened to me for my 1st delivery. And so lucky I got a good one so for my 2nd delivery, I got the same lady back.

But better have some backup option. If CL really cannot make it, maybe Mum or Mother-in-law can help.

All the best!



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I have one good recommendation. She is currently doing confiement for me now till 8th Feb. She cooks confinement food well and have initivate to find out what I prefer to eat. Cleaniness wise she is very clean in cleaning the baby and baby things as well. She always make sure that I have enough rest and always as me to go to the room and rest. My husband also said that she is very good as in she is still very energetic in the day although she wakes up many times at night to feed and change the baby. Her charges is reasonable and she is not calculative. Both me and my husband are very satisfty with this confinment lady and will definitely have her again for the next baby. If you like to contact her call her daugther Yvonne at 90094481 as auntie might not be free to answer your call.



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Thanks for the response and your advice.

Btw, i tried calling ur CL, Siew Zhen.

But she is booked.....she recommends to me her sister Siew Ling instead.


Noted ur info.

Shall check with my wife.



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Hi mush_hb,

My CL is almost always booked, cos she's really good and they get their customers by recommendations.

Not sure how is her sister though.

Anyway, all the best!



Hi Hi..

Wanna check something with all of you..

1) When we engage a CL, do we have to pay for their transportation fee (like air ticket/ coach fare) from Malaysia to Singapore and back??

2) Normally the CL will stay with us for 28 days rite? They will need to have this entry permit valid for this 28 days? Do they have to go custome and have their passport stamp in every 2 weeks? Or is there such thing as a 28days visa permit?? Is there any fee for such visa permit and who has to pay for it??

3) What if the CL get caught-up with the previous mummy when we deliver. Cos my CL is engaged with one mummy who is due in late March, and I'm due in early May. What if the March mummy overdue or me being early due??

Please advise. Thanks.



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hi jo,

usually, they pay for their own when they come into sgp. However u have to pick them up from train or coach station whichever. Otherwise reimburse them taxi when they reach.

Some CL work for 28 some 30. Sgp customs chop their passport for 30d. Therefore need not go n stamp passport.

If your CL gets caught up, then they'll send a replacement if u can't wait.



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A CL to recommend, currently helping me with my 2nd bb. She's very chinchai helped me to do my housework, clean, wash, mop, iron, even help cook porridge for my elder gal. She don't charge extra.

This is her contact



her hubby




hi all

is it common that CL asked for deposit? coz my CL ask for deposit 300 if she doesnt turned up?



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fang, yes its common. some even ask for $500 first which i feel its a lot! if u not comfy, maybe ask to reduce to $200? i guess its all based on trust and verbal agreement lor. dats y its best to take those well recommended CLs so they wont try to ruin their own reputations.



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hi fang,

try to negotiate without deposit, I gave $500 deposit for a CL that my friend engaged before, but the CL played me out last minute saying she not feeling well and I have finished my confinement period but yet to get back my deposit. good luck!



Hi ladies,

As mention in my earlier post, I have a relative who are very experience in doing confinement. Rest assure that she is good. Can cook very well & take good care of mummy & baby.

She asked me to post her contact number here. So if you are interested, can give her a call at 60125571238. Aunty Mei.



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Would like to warn everyone of this confinement lady known as Ah Xiang from Malaysia, KL (HP: 60163822273).

(sorry for the long winded post) My situation as follows: I gave birth on this new year and informed this CL known as Ah Xiang (Freelance - $2000) that i would need her to come down to my place on the 17th Feb. She then told me that there are no land transport and need to fly over. As such, i have no choice but to pay for her air flight. She requested for big ang pow as it was CNY, as such i decided to give her $200 ang pow upon her arrival. When she started work, she claim to me that she is very sought after and that she has even traveled to overseas such as London, Japan and etc to work as a CL. After hearing all these, i myself feel impressed with her resume.

However little did i realize that she is actually a very lazy and stubborn person. When she cook, she just cook simple confinement food without cooking separately for my husband and expect my husband to eat the confinement food with me which can be very heaty. she just do simple mopping in my kitchen occasionally and does not even bother to clean our toilets including the common toilet that she has been using. Most of the time, she will just sit down on my sofa and watch TV. Sometimes when i am watching my own TV programme, she would request me to change to her favourite channel instead!

Then after the third day, she started coughing and claim that it must be my husband who spread her the coughing after she heard from my husband that he just recovered from a cough recently. When i asked her to wear a mask, she show me the super black face and dun care attitude. As such, i decided to look after the baby on our own instead of depending on her. She would also often touch my newborn baby head even after repeated telling of her not to do so as my baby head skull is still soft.

On the 10th day, she suddenly claim she is not feeling very well and will stop work immediately and go back home. She demanded my husband to pay her half a month salary and a big ang pow. After negotiation, we decided to give her 10 days of working salary plus a $10 ang pow given that she has not really done anything much and leave us stranded without a CL out of the blue. She took our money without hesitation and still has the cheek to complain that she has never ever seen such a small ang pow in her life.

After she left, i realized that she has taken expensive medical herbs from us and even our blanket provided to her. Sigh....Luckily, i have my mother to help me out otherwise my husband and i would not know what to do.



Hi All Mami,

My confinement lady is also quite good. She is called Xin Hua. She has 20 years' experience. She can cook a variety of confinement food (including soups and tonics), can take care of baby and do simple housechores for you if you don't have a maid. She is very pro-breastfeeding and can do breast massage too. I had quite a hard time breastfeeding my first kid and she is really a great help. You can contact her at +60176088006 +60176088006 (M'sia no.) or +6590395121 +6590395121 (Singapore HP). Btw, she is a PR and hence, don't need a work permit to work



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Have tried calling Xin Hua but she is nt free. My etd is mid jun and my first CL just told me she cannot make it for my second confinement. Xin Hua has recommended her fren called Amy. Anyone has tried her services before.

Any other good recommendation?? Feel unconfortable trying someone that no frens has tried before nor even mentioned in the forum.



Hi all,

my sister read this thread & decided to get the CL Ya Mei Fion used. But things turned out real bad & angry!

My sister called Ya Mei before Cny & asked her to do confidment for her in July 2010,Ya Mei said she's available on the edd,& she will come to singapore to collect $300 deposit from her after cny & price was agreed at $1800 after discount.

After Cny about 5 days, my sister received a called from Ya Mei & said she's coming to singapore at 2pm to collect the deposit.My sister waited until 2.30pm den she received a call said she not feeling well so not coming to meet her.

1 week later,my sister received a call from Ya Mei again, said she will meet my sister to collect on that day. My sister met up a CL fat lady ask her is she ya mei before paying the deposit she said YES, so my sister paid her the $300 deposit of the $1800, den the CL told her the total is $1900,not $1800 which was agreed with YA MEI earlier.My sis felt???

The FAT lady wrote done her Msia HP no & Sin HP no & passed to my sister before she left, & asked my sister to call her on the day she admitted hospital for delivery.

About a few days later, my sister was saving the FAT LADY hp nos to her hp & to her SURPRISE, she realised the FAT LADY no & YA MEI hp nos are 2 different nos!!!

My sister immeditaly called up Ya mei hp & verified with her & questioned her how come the fat Lady who came to collect deposit izzit her? She said NO, its her friend called CAI YI.

My sister was so angry & felt so cheated.Ya Mei did not inform my sister that she cant do for her & even ask another lady to collect deposit from my sister & said she's ya mei tooo!!

Ya Mei just said her mum passed away recently so she cant do or work as a CL for 3 YEARS!!DO you believe that ???

Please advice, my sister felt so cheated & dont know want to continue her confidement with YA MEI friend CAI YI in july?




i thot my experience with my confinement lady is bad enuff, didn't know there are so many unethical ones out there. Disgusted




no hard feelings, a man med can be another mans poison.

Same as per you, i was recommend by my fren of how good Auntie Lian is which i myself had approach her during my 1st baby and was somehow ask with lots of irrelevant question if i am staying in a landed property?, Do i have i have maids? Is this my first baby? and etc....

It didn't really came to my mind what all these question might lead to after when i mention that i am not living in a landed property, no maids, first baby and staying with in-laws. I was turn down without even telling her when is my ETD date! Somehow i was referred with another nanny whom she proclaim as her relative who has years of experiences. being new & without much thoug, she took my number & was referred to another nanny who called me shortly & without much hastatation, i booked her which she did came on my first day of my confinement. She did reveal that Auntie Lian is no relative of her which she is being charge like a recommended agent fee for every service being referred. Feeling very cheated but without much strength & exhaustion, that was put at the back of my mind. Eventually the nanny was a green horn who is very rough in handling my baby & when my baby vomited during his sleep, the nanny does not even bother to change the wet cloths & still claim that is it okie to leave it in that manner, Cos it gonna be dry anyway! She does not even knw how to process the fish maw. Worse cames when she give her own concoction for my baby who had jaundices. That was the last draw that really freak me out when i sack her after 3 days.

All these famous nanny are always picky in choosing their clientele & will only work for those that are rich or with helper where they are being ease with lesser workload. Worse where they recommended anyone who they claim to be their relative and in actual fact they take a cut in the profit for any recommendation. I somehow feel that it is not very ethical and especially straining for mummies who jus gave birth.

Now preggy with my second baby, i am very hesitant & in a dilemma to consider a nanny again or to order tingkat..



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Want to recommend this CL:

Aunty Yeo



She's in sg until somewhere in May, you can call or SMS her. My friend says she is very good and knowledgeable about babies. One day with her is like a crash course on how to take care of a baby! [IMG=] I initially was going to get her, but my parents have someone else in mind so... anyway, she comes highly recommended...

Hi mummies,

my mum is a cl with ard 18 years experience in this line, who works in Singapore most of the time although we r Malaysian. If u r interested to engage her service or just to know more, pls feel free to email me at [email protected]. My mum can meet up wit u personally for more details! No obligation..





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I would like to share my personal experience (negative) in engaging this confinement lady, Serena, from Pekan Nanas, Johor Bahru.

I found her thru my parents' contacts in Feb. She claims to be a professional nanny, did a job in Jurong, and asks for $2200 (my EDD in June). She complained that the family in Jurong were very fussy. Serena insisted on us paying for her cab fee from Woodlands Checkpt, enter-door-hongbao, leave-door-hongbao. Must have someone in the family go to the market with her each day. So far quite reasonable demands. Before we paid her $200 deposit, we laid down two conditions: (1) She will be sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the bedroom as we do not have extra bed, (2) Must not be scared of dogs as we have one at home. She agreed.

Two weeks later, she contacted my mother and said since she will be with us for 'such a long time' (i.e. 28 days), she felt she deserved to have a bed. We were shocked at the request. Felt uneasy. Before she even comes over, already demand for this and that, we thought we better terminate her services, esp since she has been making demands concerned about her welfare. That's not someone we will trust with our baby.

My mother called her and asked if we could get some part of the deposit back. (Actually, my husband and I don't expect her to give us back, esp since Serena seems so concerned about $$). To our surprise, she actually scolded my mother for daring to ask for the return of the deposit and said we don't know how things work in this line.

We are glad we have made the right decision not to hire her.



Hi, mine was very good. Really likes kids and can cook well. Her number is 83640705, and her name is Chew Yan.



Hiya, my nanny is very good, very experienced as well. I used her for my confinement for first and second baby. Her name is Xiufeng and she is from Malaysia. Her number is 94451055 and her malaysia number is +60199056519. This aunty doesn't require deposit coz she believes in trusting people. Hope this is useful.



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Hi all mummies,

My Confinement lady Auntie Lian, is very experience with newborn, a superb cook and she keeps my whole house clean & tidy. Most of all

she does not give us any problems as she is very positive and loves our baby.

Both of my cousins engaged her for their first born and we shares the same sediments.

You can contact her @ 84389919 (SG)/ +60122568732 (MY)/ [email protected]/



Hi all,

Check with you.. is it okie to let CL sleep on floor with mattress? Cos i didn't get a bed for CL.. but i got two layers of thick mattress..

Is it fine with that??



jojo it depends on the CL, some CL quite fussy and some are not...ask them if they fine with it......every CL is different,....but for me i think they deserve a good nite sleep as they will work during day and nite..



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Hi All,

all these bad CL experience is quite terrifying..! Anyone using mummyangie's recommendation (Yvonne's Mother)? Or any of Yvonne's mother's friends?

Any feedback etc? Thanks..



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Hi anyone using Pem Agency. Got a quote abt 1.9k seem reasonable. pls advise.

Oso, any gd CL to recommend? I havent decide to go for CL thru recommend or agency.




I got a good CL to recommded, if you interested , pls pm me.

Her cooking it not bad , and she will mop, sweep and wash the toilet almost everyday. She also take care of my boy like bathing etc...



I used PEM for my first kid in 2008, but the experience wasn't great. Felt like hard-sell from the lady boss to buy their red date soup ingredients and bathing herbs. After the herbs were delivered with the CL, I realised the quality wasn't great, especially for the price I paid. My CL was only so-so. Not very gentle with my baby, and kept quarrelling with my mum. I had low milk supply and she kept telling me about all these clients who had so much sianz for me. But she wasn't so terrible either, so we just put up with her for 28 days. We didn't try to replace her coz we would still have to pay the agency a nominal sum to replace with a new nanny. I called PEM up to check prices recently and Gilbert quoted me $2000 No discounts, not even for return customer.

For my 2nd baby, I'm thinking of using another agency...this one has a free replacement, money-back guarantee if the 2nd nanny doesn't work out, and was, until recently, $150 cheaper. (Think they just raised rates) I feel that they rightly recommend we checked the CL's luggage upon her departure...The first agency didn't have such a recommendation so my CL was not very pleased when we checked her luggage. I haven't made up my mind yet, so won't be disclosing the name of the 2nd agency. To be honest I'm still torn between agency or recommendations. Pros and cons either way.



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HI all, I need some advice. The confinement nanny that I am thinking of getting says I need to apply for her work permit and this would cost $170+$10. Is this the same case with all of u?


I intend to use this confinement agency thru word of mouth recommendation. It is a small co. and the lady boss's name is Honey Ann. Anyone heard of her and her nanny's services?

Btw, beside taking of bb and mother, what other stuffs are the CL supposed to do? Heard that we are supposed to give an ang bao upon the arrival/departure of the CL, is it true? And how much to give? What kind of food is the CL supposed to eat, our confinement food? Sorry so many questions cos first time engaging the svc of CL.



I can only answer some of your questions as I am a novice in this area too. hpc, i've only gone through an agency, so don't know abt work permit cost. Ash, i haven't heard of Honey Ann before. CL are also supposed to wash baby and mother's clothes. (for me, I don't ask them to wash my clothes, but she has to handwash baby's clothes). Some CL will do light housework if you have no maid. You can also ask them to cook for your husband/family. This is up to you to negotiate. Sometimes they'll ask for more pay if they have to do these things, depends on the CL. It's true you have to give angpow, the advice I got from agency was $30 upon arrival; at least $70 upon departure. Technically I believe the CL is not supposed to eat your confinement food coz it's too rich & heaty. Of course if there's nothing else to eat, then she'll probably share your meal (maybe cook a portion without putting in ginger); however if separate meals are cooked for the family, she should eat that.



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I got play out by Mdm Tan Hp: 92382012.

After confirming my confinement with her, a few weeks later she say she is not available.

My EDD is Jan 2011. Confinement will be during CNY . So many CL charges as high as $3000.

I want to find one which charge normal rate rate. She can go back for Chinese New Year and continue with the confinement after that .

Anybody got a good and reasonable rate confinement lady to introduce?




U may try my this CL. she a Day CL non stay, a singaporean, friendly 50++, more than 10yrs experience, a great cook wif different dishes everyday,can cook different tonic soup, flexible auntie..

U can call her at HP: 98476976 (Auntie choo)



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Hi, you can contact Auntie Meilian at +601 7635 5077 (M'sia) or 8306 5400 (Singapore number if she is working here). She is below 50, very responsible, gental and caring. She cooks very well and gives me 3 bowls of tonics everyday. My dishes are different everyday as well. She even encourage me to Breastfeed and boils soup to help me. You can see that she really loves kids. She talks to my bb softly and she does not loss patience on her. She knows how to coax her to sleep. I highly recommended her. I have used 2 others before her and she is the best.



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Auntie Mei Lian is doing my 2nd confinement & I agree with Jo-Co. She's a great CL! Highly recommended. [IMG=]



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After looking through all the post, it made me very confused,and don't know which confinement lady to approach. May I know any really good confinement lady to engage? Currently, I don't have a maid and have two kids. May need help to bath and prepare meals for them.



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You can try my confinement lady Siew Zhen. I used her for both confinement and I've no maid.

But she is almost always booked so gotta call early.

Her contacts:

92440112 (Singapore Hdp)

019-7733251 (M'sian Hdp)

012-7393588 (M'sian Hdp)

Do contact her if you are interested to engage her services.