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Any feedback on Maris Stella Kindergarten

Discussion in 'Year 2006 Mums' started by aladin, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. aladin

    aladin Member


    thinking of enrolling my daughter to Maris Stella Kindergarten. Appreciate if you can give me more feedback on this school.


  2. labourday

    labourday New Member


    I went to visit the school last week and register my gal for nursery morning session, paid $50 buck

    The school is really big and spacious, classroom is non-aircon. Only the computer room is air-con, I was told.

    It used to be famous in the old days but because of competition from other kinder, childcare center........it's less popular now.

    The only comments I have is - the facilities seems abit old.....
  3. hermione2326

    hermione2326 Active Member

    managed to register?..
    waiting list is long?...
    sch fees ie exp? has school bus?
  4. deon

    deon New Member

    Hi Angeline,

    My kid is now in K1 at Maris Stella. Started when he was in nursery last year. I'm paying $100 for school bus thou for 1-way cos quite a distance (telok blangah). labourday, r u staying nearby?

    Like what my colleagues told me before I signed my kid up, it's a nice place with lovely environment. A place where our children will have happy memories.

    I suppose the con is they're probably not as academic focused as prob St James. And yes, the facilities are a bit worn out with no air-con, which works fine for me, cos I don't like air-con rooms. But no worries as the rooms are well ventilated and not stuffy.
  5. deon

    deon New Member

    oh..the school fees are not expensive. Their fees haven't really increased much over the years.
  6. labourday

    labourday New Member

    Hi Angeline

    Call up the lady at admin, book an appt and you can register. No waiting list yet..so hurry

  7. loppi_tan

    loppi_tan New Member

    Any MRT station nearby?
  8. babyjan

    babyjan New Member

    Any parents have kids in maris stella kindy? Care to share reviews pls?
  9. ryan_mummy

    ryan_mummy Active Member

    Any reviews? I already paid $50 registration fees... I hope to get some latest comments on the school. Thanks.
  10. hazehaya

    hazehaya New Member

    I has a 5 year old cousin, like put his hand on the mouth suck grant, become a habit, how to change her habit?Any toys age for 2 children play?
  11. marcieppy

    marcieppy New Member

    they are quite ok
  12. ml01

    ml01 New Member

    Maris Stella Kindergarten has re-invented itself very successfully, Its curriculumn has been updated and they offer computer classes and other enrichment programs as well.

    Comparing to many others over-commercialized child care centres, it is very refreshing. The Principal, Sister Agnes, is very down to earth and hands-on.

    We attended the Sport Days for nursery classes, it is well run and the kids were having great fun.

    It is a loving environment with dedicated teachers. And, the principal is very attentive and warm.

    I would recemmned Maris Stella to parents who care about character building, wholesome development and not just academic results.


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