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Any comments on Eager Beaver Schoolhouse?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by jesline81, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. jesline81

    jesline81 Active Member

    Hi, Mummies

    any one of your child in this childcare centre?

  2. krazy

    krazy Active Member

    <font color="aa00aa">jesline:
    i came across this website. and i thought it is brilliant!


    i think i saw the eager beaver on the list of comments. [​IMG]</font>
  3. jesline81

    jesline81 Active Member

    Hi pSi,

    did not see any comments on eager beaver.... only saw it on the list... [​IMG]
  4. krazy

    krazy Active Member

    <font color="aa00aa">jesline:
    opps. sorry..

    thought it is a wonderful site for pp to comment on the schs we have here for the kids.

    i am very surprised to see MMI (Tampines) at the top. hee. but maybe the site is not well known enough for lots of pp to comment.

    one thing is for sure, i will definitely comment when my girl starts her classes at Josiah. [​IMG]</font>
  5. jesline81

    jesline81 Active Member

    Hi, pSi

    which are u staying at? how old is your girl?
  6. krazy

    krazy Active Member

    <font color="aa00aa">jesline:
    i live in the east; simei actually.

    i went to MMI tampines before. brought my girl there for a trial class. found the place okay actually. but one of the teacher there could not pronounce my god daughter's name properly. haha

    but the primary reason why we didnt choose there is because of distance and convenience. there are no direct buses from simei to tampines mart and knowing my in laws, they will probably walk there and back with my girl. and in the hot afternoon sun, this is no joke. and i said to my hub that the walk there and back is probably as long as her class (3 hrs daily)

    we could opt for sch bus but my in laws would probably object too. so i reasoned that i should just pump in the $$ which is budgeted for sch bus into sch fees and let her go to Josiah which is within walking distance.

    what abt you? you live near t. blangah? is eager beaver there?</font>
  7. jesline81

    jesline81 Active Member


    i live in north side... mil in Yishun...

    also consider the walking distance plus mil old.. dont want it to be too tiring her by bringing baby to & fro lor...

    Eager beaver @ Safra
  8. krazy

    krazy Active Member

    <font color="aa00aa">jesline:
    i see. convenience is very important. when kids are older, then sch bus makes things easier.

    but i do have friends who put their kids on sch bus from 18 months and she says her child is doing fine. guess we just have to learn to not be so possessive . hee</font>
  9. relaxfun

    relaxfun Active Member

    My son is with EB@YISHUN and we take bus 812 from Yishun CC to School (abt 2 bus stops) so far so good. MIL ever told us that there is school bus services from School. But I feel tat my boy is still too young for it.. he is currently 27 mths. I will onli considering after he goes to N2 or K1. I still feel not safe having him in school bus.
  10. berry72

    berry72 New Member


    Can you tell me more abt MMI tampines mart, i am thinking of sending my child there.
  11. jmiennmum

    jmiennmum New Member

    Hi All,

    Just chanced upon this thread. I'm considering to send my 3yrs old son to Eager Beaver in Safra. But they do not offer 3 or 4 hours programme. Only full-day programmes.

    Right now, he is in Little Skool House @ OCC.

    So any mummies can comments on the above 2 preschools?
  12. vickii

    vickii New Member

    Hi Yvonne

    My daughter is in Eager Beaver Safra @ Mt Faber. She is having a great time there. The school is neat and clean and the teachers &amp; principal are very friendly. My daughter loves going to school as there is so much fun. And especially when its in Safra, they can go for walks within the club which is much safer than other schools that bring the kids out of the premise for walks. Oh Yes, they do get water play too either in the school premise or the club's pool, depending on the age of the kids. So far I have no complains, you should try them out.
  13. rain29

    rain29 New Member

    My daughter has been in Eager Beaver Safra@Mt Faber for 2yrs. Recently she refused to go to school, she told me she want to change school. We don't faced these problem for the past 2yrs because the teachers showed their love and really care for the children.

    A lot of good teachers had left the school and the turn over rate are vry high this year. I had spoke to serveral teachers before they left and was told that there were alot of problem with the school management.Last time the whole envoiroment and team work were very good. But now, I have no confident with the school and the teachers. Now, I'm searching for another new school for my daughter.
  14. wondermum

    wondermum New Member


    With reference to your comments and to lend some objectivity, my son is in Eager Beaver Schoolhouse @ MF and I don't feel the way you think. In Fact, I think the teachers are more matured now, comparatively to the previous batch who consist of some young and less stable teachers who may be more emotional. In fact I heard that they left becuse they are going for further studies, so it would not be fair for them to say that about the school.

    I personally still feel the warmth and love from the teachers to my child. And everyday when I come pick him up, he would ask me to let him stay a little longer. This is also someting I notice with other children as well.

    As far as management is concern, they have been open to my feedback &amp; views.In fact, the principal has always been sincere about addressing any concerns that I have.

    So, I suggest you should talk to them about your worries.
  15. rain29

    rain29 New Member

    Hi Curious Mum,

    There are still a few good teachers in the school. The new teacher are more matured but don't know how to communicate and handle the children. Can you imagine when I need to leave for work in the morning, my daughter started to cried and refused to let me go off at the front door. The teacher did not bother to come over to comfort my daughter and she remain sitting on her chair next to the front door writing her notes. I closed the door and went to the side door and saw my daughter was crying. I have no choice I went back to the school and the teacher still sitting on her chair writing her note. At the end, I spoke to my daughter and explained that I have to go for work...... At that point of time I was vry angry, why cant she just spend a few mins to comfort my daughter so that my girl can feel more secured.

    I am not against the management, it has nothing to do with me. All these years I have been very supportive to the teachers and communicated with them very ofen. We mummies even organised outdoor gathering with the teachers over the weekend. All I want is my daughter to be happy and safe and I can leave for work without any worries because I know that my daughter will be in their good hand.
  16. janmum

    janmum New Member

    Hi Rain and Curious Mum and other mummies,

    I have just made a centre visit to Eager Beaver few weeks back as I intend to send my 19month old daughter to the childcare as one of the shortedlisted ones. As the principal is not around that day, the husband of the principal attended to me. My comments is that the principal through the phone seems to be quite sincere in talking to me. Personally, I like the thought of having children be able to play at the outdoor playground, and the fact that teachers can bring children out in the clubhouse. However, I do not really have a good feel of the toddler class teacher, as in the midst of the principal's husband attending to me, I found my daughter standing at the short flight of stairs leading to the playground alone, which is quite dangerous!
    I also felt that my daughter doesn't seem to be that comfortable in this environment of centre compared to another two that we have visited.

    Please share your thoughts ya. thanks!
  17. relaxfun

    relaxfun Active Member

    Anyone chked on littlefootprints before?
  18. vickii

    vickii New Member

    Hi JanMum

    As you know my kid is also in Eager Beaver too. I know that short flight of stairs at the back, but it is usually blocked by a small brown gate (which is locked) to prevent the kids from climbing up the stairs. I know its locked coz I usually have to unlock it to bring my kid to the playground when we are late and the class is having sand play.

    So far, my daughter still enjoys school and i definitely love the cleanliness. Tried going to other childcare, dun really like the environment.
  19. wan_wan

    wan_wan New Member

    Both my sons are currently in EB. My elder son is in K2 and I am taking my younger son from the child care next year as the teachers turn over rate is high and only left a few teachers trying very hard to cope with the no. of children they have. Think they are understaff. To be honest, I think their standard has gone down and some parents who spoke to me shared similar sentiments. Sad to say that cos the environment is good and a few teachers esp one chinese teacher is very good. My sons speak english most of the time at home but my elder son's chinese is very good according to his teacher. I later found out that the chinese teacher is very passionate in her teaching and that has created interest in my son. I am too surprised to find that my elder boy has progressed so much in his chinese. And one thing that I do not like about the environment is that my sons are picking up singlish from the children in the school and I have a hard time trying to correct them everyday. Apparently the teachers did not try to correct the children in the schools cos I have given feedback on this but the teacher did not do much...
  20. relaxfun

    relaxfun Active Member


    Which EB are u refering to?
  21. wan_wan

    wan_wan New Member

    mm...not sure if I want to mention it here since i am getting my younger boy out from it soon...It's my personal opinion you know [​IMG]
  22. relaxfun

    relaxfun Active Member

    Its unfair to EB if u dun lor. there's more than one EB ard.
  23. wan_wan

    wan_wan New Member

    It's based on my personal experience and opinion &amp; it's just purely for sharing not intending to badmouth EB cos there are still a few good teachers. Why dun I let u know after I have gotten my boy out [​IMG]
  24. twinbubbles

    twinbubbles New Member

    Hi parents,
    I have been sending my boy to EB and SAFRA for more than 1 1/2 yrs. I'm rather happy with the school.

    Yes there are ups and downs in school. Teachers come and go, but at the end of the day, I'm sure the supervisor also want to look for qualified, experienced and loving teacher right. According to my friends who are in pre-school industry, it is really difficult to find good teachers. Their school also facing teachers high turnover problems. I think is the industry problem.

    We as parents can always give the school feedbacks too. Also compliment them if they are doing well. Cos with compliments, it will also boost them and make them work harder.
  25. kcc

    kcc New Member

    I chanced upon this thread. Am searching for a Playgroup for my girl who will be 18mths by March. Since my MIL stay in Yishun, thought of either Carpe Diem at Yishun Polyclinic or Eager Beaver at Safra. Seems that reviews of Eager Beaver quite ok?

    And I read that EB got swimming lessons?
  26. cymk23

    cymk23 New Member

    hi mummies, EB @ SAFRA
    my kids was there from their n1-k2. now my kids is in P4 and P5. The principal is a nice lady. some nice teacher there were ms sue anne, ms ho, and 2 other chinese teacher cant remember their name. The teacher for the early batch r all very soft spoken and nice teacher, there many of them is no longer there, now most of them r new, last week i even saw 1 of the teacher in the market, chat with her for a while, realise ms angie had left the sch, she was a very nice lady, she usually work only for the morning hrs, if kids cry she is good with them, we always dont hv to worry leaving the kids with her. As for med feeding i also prefer angie and ms sue anne. i think my kids is the 2nd batch of K2 to grad fr there. haha. till today the teacher still can remember my 2 gals. like u all say shortage of staff, i agree, sometime they r, bec the enrolment increase. last time was like 8 or 9 kids in a class during our time. As for half session they also hv, just that usually after their nap the kids will still cont. with some lesson. so if u go off at 1pm u dont get to learn the other part of the lesson. But the fee is expensive if u r not a memeber for safra.
  27. kcc

    kcc New Member

    Hi cymk23,
    Thanks for the info!
    I do plan to sign up for Safra if my girl goes to EB so as to be able to use their facilities.

    Are the swimming lessons ok?
  28. cymk23

    cymk23 New Member

    hi sparkletots
    the swimming lesson wasn't so good, bec the teacher always blur about the swimwear and towel. u hv to becareful about this. at first i let my gals wear very nice and expensive swimwear, but after loss of towel and swimwear i stop bringing those very nice pc. i let them use the old swimwear, so when lose also dont feel heart pain. haha.
  29. kcc

    kcc New Member

    Thanks for your advice on this! I will go and consult my hubby on which childcare to choose. Now I have 4 in mind, but I do hope they have openings. [​IMG]
  30. cymk23

    cymk23 New Member

    u r welcome, if u really going to EB safra, if u got problem i think is best to speak with ms sue anne.
  31. ccc

    ccc New Member

    I wld love to hear from mummies who had kids at EB at Safra Yishun or Litle Skool Hse at OCC..? how do ur kids like the activities there, are teachers gd?
  32. estherlin

    estherlin Member

    i m sending my boy to cc near sembawang or even yishun n woodlands if the sch is good, tks for the advise from mummies.
  33. lhscath

    lhscath Member

    eager beaver @ mount faber is moving to bukit merah central. any kids currently at MF or intend to enroll? can give me more feedback pls?
  34. cass78sg

    cass78sg Member

    Any comments pls cos i'm also thinking of enrolling my son at eager beaver @ mount faber which is moving to bukit merah central.
  35. any updates since eager beaver has shifted to Bt merah??
    How's the teachers and the new environment?
  36. joybab

    joybab New Member

    have enrolled my son recently at Bt merah central. the place is much bigger than at safra and i understand from the principal that the playrgd &amp; waterplay area are still under construction...so can expect the place to be more exciting. Like the washroom tho, clean, big, child friendly. The teacher in charge seems pretty competent and my child has his crying session has reduced greatly after the 3rd day...now is only a '5 min drama' in the morn when i droppped him [​IMG]

    hope this helps
  37. rayshy

    rayshy New Member

    Both my kids are in EB at Bt merah. Place is really big and my kids love it there. Teachers are really nice too. They have thier own personal playground and water play area. I personally also like the place a lot
  38. mygwentan

    mygwentan New Member

    hi, could you share with me how much is the fee for full day cc at EB bt merah?
    How is the school program?
  39. fatfat

    fatfat New Member

    hi can anyone share more abt the circuculm, the fee and how their teacher to student ratio?
  40. chelsa1980

    chelsa1980 Member

    I would like to share my experience with the one at Yishun Safra. However, this represents my personal opinion only.

    I am a teacher and every year I will bring my students to Yishun Safra for competition. While my students were in the competition, there will be times where I will be resting near one of the tables near the childcare and every year, the other teachers and I never failed to observe that some of the teachers were not doing their job.

    For the past few years, it was teachers screaming at the students at the top of their voices in the public area outside Yishun Safra. The worst came this year. I was at that place in April. This Indian teacher was bringing the students back from the pool. There was this boy crying and he strayed from the group of students. Never once, did the teacher turned back to see if the students were following her. She did not even know that the boy was crying. So the whole group of students went back to the centre, leaving this boy crying and stranded at one corner of Yishin Safra. A kind-hearted man took the boy back to the centre and the teachers dont even realise that the boy was missing. As a mother and teacher, I am very shocked that this could happen. The boy was lucky that the man who took him back was a good guy. What happens if someone else led the boy to somewhere else and do something to him??
  41. pnq

    pnq New Member

    Oh really? The teacher(s) at Yishun EB so irresponsible? Fortunately the boy is safe and hope that kind man gave the teacher a piece of his mind. Lucky for the teacher too, shd anything happen to the child, she won't be able to answer for it, not even by resigning or any form of compensation!

    Any other feedback for EB at Yishun SAFRA besides this? TIA.
  42. kwong

    kwong New Member

    Anybody has contact no for eager beaver Bukit merah central? Is there an website ? Don't seem to find it
  43. sbb

    sbb Active Member


    any feedback for Yishun EB?
    Heard it is always good but in this case i'm a little bit disappointed to hear that. oh gosh...
  44. luvbabe11

    luvbabe11 Active Member

    kwong, the contact no. for Eager Beaver Bukit Merah is 63773619.
  45. luvbabe11

    luvbabe11 Active Member

    I have also just enrolled my boy is Eager Beaver Bt Merah. He will be in K1 next yr. Currently, like the environment and his teacher a lot.
  46. newmmummy

    newmmummy New Member

    Just visited the centre at Blk 925. Liked it very much. Asked them about the indian teacher. Hee (must find out ma). Seems that there were 2 indian teachers last year but now only 1. And this one is very good! Teaching K1 or something.... Aiya, and most classes full already! Got to Q. Singaporeans are so fast. I new mummy cant catch up le...
  47. pnq

    pnq New Member

    Any feedback on EB after they have shifted over to the interchange from Yishun SAFRA? I know the place is much bigger now but how's the standard of the teachers and curriculum all these now? Pls feedback. Need to change my child's cc asap. Thks.
  48. petitbeaubebe

    petitbeaubebe New Member


    Can someone share with me more on EB @ BUKIT MERAH CENTRAL?

    Would like to know teachers, premises, programs and your child's progress.

    Is your child HAPPY and progressing well with their Teachers and friends?

    I'm planning to place my child in this CC center

    What is the uniform colors/patterns?
  49. pnq

    pnq New Member


    Any latest updated feedback on EB at Yishun Central now?
  50. eric_baby

    eric_baby New Member

    Ning ,

    My boy started wif them 1 week ago , the teachers are great [​IMG]

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