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any 35 and above trying for their first?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by SloshySoupy, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    hi there.. tot of starting a thread for pple as myself whos above 35 and trying for their first.. well, a little about myself.. am 37 and married late at 35. we didn't really start trying actively till e beginning of this year, a bit bo-chup I say... gotten a bfp on end july but alas its not a viable pregnancy. Gynae did a check and turn out to be a blighted ovum. My joy at getting a bfp was short lived. actually I knew something not right coz when I tested on the hpt, the second line was quite faint, barely visible... sigh.. cried like mad on one of my trip to the Gynae.. did a D&C on mid aug... very disheartened.. but we r still trying and nope, I m not giving up.

  2. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    started a thread so I wld get to know more ladies who r actively trying for their first.. its a long somewhat painful journey... days of anticipation only to be dashed by the ugly af... sigh.. thou I m not giving up, but it does gets to me at times.. really wish to know if theres anyone out there whos also experiencing the crazy rollercoaster TTC-ing ride...:rolleyes::mad:o_O:(
  3. catinthesky

    catinthesky Active Member

    Hi! I am 35 and also TTC-ing. You are not alone :)

    Been married about 3 years and we have not been actively trying until this year (but also not like REALLY actively trying). But age is catching up and we really hope to have a BB soon. I just started my journey in fertility testing. Went for ultrascans and blood test, due for a HSG test and another blood test. Hubby is due for SA test. Also trying to lose weight because I am overweight and gynae said that this might hamper pregnancy chances.

    I think we need to keep a positive mindset and don't dwell too much on it. Relax and just enjoy the process... easier said then done I know. I am also telling myself not to give up and focus on being happy.

    Jia You :)
  4. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    hi ho catinthesky!!! its good that u are undergoing all these.. its like widening your chances at getting preggy. u r def doing the rite thing...

    I get ur ''also not like actively trying'' part, coz me n hubs r also somewhat like dat.. even when we started this Jan, we r also goin at it half heartedly, not super on or wat... only aft the d&c then I put a bit more attn. at my cycle and try to catch the fertile days... though to be honest, I shld hve started earlier.. but at that time I wasn't that enthu about a kid, so datz like some time wasted there. I try not to look back anymore, watz the friggin point.

    and I do agree with u, it is indeed very impt to stay positive and stress-free (not easy esp I had visions of babies while bd-ing..hahahha)
  5. sayap

    sayap Member

    Hi hi both. For me I am 40. Also married late at 38 but dilly dally throughout the 13 years before tying the knot. After that ttc, see doc then found got fibroids, blood cyst and etc. Settled that already then went straight for ivf. Failed on 1st cycle...just saw sinseh this morning to tiao my body before going for 2nd cycle.
  6. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    oh ivf.. hmm.. hubs mentioned to me the other day.. am still contemplating.. to me, the stakes r so much higher for ivf.. and I m a sore loser.. so watz holding me back is the disappointment also I dun hve much confidence to go thru ivf. maybe I need to be more positive, hell even blind optimism will do for me...

    sayap: care to share a bit bout the ivf process? tedious? loads of checks and injections?

    I figured if we invested so much time and money onto ivf, our hopes def will be raised beyond norm ttc-ing.. and I m so afraid to failed after all these..
  7. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    which sinseh r u seeing? read that the one at marine parade is quite good wor, but the q...
  8. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    sayap: all the best for ur 2nd round of ivf.. is there a limit to the no of rounds for ivf? like u can do until u got ur bfp?
  9. sayap

    sayap Member

    hi sloshysoupy, initially I was hesitant in going for ivf aftre my keyhole surgery. But my doc at TMC said at my age to try natural could be challenging..so went along with hb as I was also quite sacred due to the uncertainities since ignorant about the ivf process. So when Dr Tan said ok we can go ahead, I was worrried abt the injections. Hb said he will hand shake...so bo bian have to do it myself. Somehow, you will just have the courage to do it becos of the strong desire to have your own child. The ultrasound scans are ok (though depends on the skill of the nurse doing the checks for you). I agreed with you...your expectations will rise considering the time and effort to do this. You will have medical counselling before embarking on the ivf program. But i can tell you...it's of no use becose first, the counsellor touch only on the process not what happen after the 2ww. On a serious note you can also never be prepared when the outcome turns out otherwise (esp for me being quite a persimisstic person and i cry easily also). But somehow we will have to manage it and hb's support is very impt (at least till now my hb still is) :).

    there'a a age cap till 45 yo. if you want to anymore, I think must seek MOH's approval. I think can be quite a no. of rounds, it's only the use of medisave and the govt co-funding.

    I am seeing the sinseh at AMK.
  10. hopeful_mum

    hopeful_mum Well-Known Member

    hi ladies I'm below the age group stipulated for this thread but ur topic attracted me. just to let you know there are some ivf support groups around. there is also a miscarriage support group. I'm from the miscarriage grp, there are ladies there with ivf, iui and other experiences.

    if you ladies feel like u can also explore those grps, they too provide good info. sorry for being so KPO.

    but i wish u all luck! sticky baby dust :) these groups gave me lots of support so i thought to share :)
  11. tanja78

    tanja78 Member

    Understand what you are going through. I'm 35 and trying for my 1st. I had a missed miscarriage early this year had a d/c in Jan my af didnt come after the d/c, it only came in April after 2 visits to gynae, 1 at Kk another a private 1 near my home.

    So angry with KK cos they didn't detect a blockage that prevented the blood from flowing out. only after i visited the private gynae, he found my uterus blocked and did a small procedure to open it up. after that the Af have been very regular.

    We have been trying actively only in Aug.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2013
  12. catinthesky

    catinthesky Active Member

    Sloshysoupy, I visited the Marine Parade sinseh earlier this year. Yes the queue is super long, we went at 6.30am before the shop open! Our turn was around 9+. I think you are referring to Ban Choon Chan. The sinseh will touch your pulse and tell you if there is any blockage. We were prescribed herbs to drink on certain days.

    We stopped going after a while because we realised we should see a gynae first. In fact that was also advised by the sinseh. He said that there are issues that TCM are unable to detect so it is better to see gynae and do checks first, after that then go "tiao" with tcm.
  13. catinthesky

    catinthesky Active Member

    Hello! Thanks for letting us know. It is wonderful to share our journeys with one another. :)
  14. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    hey Tanja, me also hve mixed feelin about kkh... if i m ever so bless with a child and due for labour, i dun think i will consider kkh. Of coz theres also some great review about kkh, but maj of them are coming frm those who r paying private rates, which i think its really not worth it unless one has the financial ability for it...
  15. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    6.30am?! oh my.. dat means i hve to leave the house ard 6am.. and even that, u still hve to wait for 3 hour?
  16. 7869

    7869 Member

    hi sisters,
    i am 35 this year and my husband is 44. we have just married last year and tried for BB for a year now and still in vain. At first we are not anxious but due to surrounding pressure; friends, relatives and parents. We started to get anxious too. Should we approach a gynae from a hospital or from a woman clinic? How much will it cost for fertility testing?
  17. catinthesky

    catinthesky Active Member

    When we reached, there were already a few couples before us. If I rem correctly the shop opens about 8.30am, so having our turn at 9+ was really good liao. The first time we went about 10am and waited till 3pm kind...
  18. catinthesky

    catinthesky Active Member

    Hi 7869! I totally understand how you feel. I feel pressurized by relatives, especially my in-laws and my own parents. They don't harp on it often but it's just something that they will mention as and when. I feel pressured because of my age too.

    How long have you TTC? I think if try for 6mths-1year and unsuccessful, it would be good to see a gynae. Currently, my hubs and I are seeing gynae at TMC (she has her own women's clinic at TMC) for fertility tests, I think overall it will cost about $1K depending on which gynae you choose. This includes pap smear, ultrascans, blood tests, HSG test, Sperm Analysis tests.
  19. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member


    how long hve u seen this marine parade sinseh already? cost wise? i hve seen rave reviews about this tcm doc. I m considering thong Ji. but dunno which doc to see frm there. thinking if this Ban Choon Chan is good, maybe go see this doc first.. to tiao body while we r in the midst of ttc-ing. The q sounds frightful, but for a child of my own, wats a few hours.. is it better to go as a couple coz i was thinkin of seein this tcm on my own as i think my body a bit weak, xu bu shou bu..
  20. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    if a normal couple ttc for about 1 yr and no result, think its better to seek med advice. least it pinpoint the prob that is causing the baby delay. If doc fee is the factor, can go polyclinic for referral letter to kkh coz it wil be subsi. Though i hve unpleasant experience at kkh, i still believe their fertility clinic is top. I mean, their equipment alone surpasses most pte gynae already
  21. catinthesky

    catinthesky Active Member

    We visited 2-3 months only. The consultation + herbs for a month for both hubs and me costs about $150. Well, if you don't mind the long queue, I think you can give him a try. But one thing is... if you are particular about hygiene, you might not like him. The shop is a medical hall, non AC and he sees patient after patient non-stop. So you can imagine he has no time to wash his hands. But otherwise, I find him quite ok.

    I feel it's better to go as a couple because Dr Chan will also feel your hubby's pulse and tell him if the sperm is weak etc.

    Oh and another thing is, he prescribes herbs so you have to be willing to brew herbs to drink. Some other sinsehs prescribe pills and even acupuncture. I am ok with herbs even though they taste fricking bitter... haha.
  22. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    hi Catinthesky

    u mean the tcm doc Chan is able to tell whether my hub's sperms weak just be feeling his pulse? that's pretty amazing...

    I dun mind brewing the herbs and even if the herb taste yucky, I will endure n gulp it up in 1 go.. (then go stuff my face with sweets or prunes...) I m just a bit sian of the q.. well, I guess it cant be helped coz if the doc is good, I m sure lotsa pple go to him
  23. catinthesky

    catinthesky Active Member

    Apparently yes, he can tell if the man got weak or low sperm count. I don't know how he does it! :eek:

    Haha good for you then! I hated the herbs taste but bore with it. The herbs for the guy tastes better (I judged from the smell). Yeah, do share with us your experience after you go! :)
  24. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    talked to hubs about this tcm and he seems reluctant to go.. sigh.... maybe the wait sounds terrifying to him.
  25. catinthesky

    catinthesky Active Member

    Maybe you can encourage him that this would be good for you before you guys go for ivf etc. The waiting is long but you will feel better when you see other couples there and know that everyone is trying their best. Bring ipad, tab, psp.. time passes fast. :)
  26. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    thks.. will try to talk it over with him.. actually think he'll give in eventually coz i used to get watever i wat with him, bahahahaha...

    sometimes i m wondering is it worth all these? i read bout bad Oscar test result frm other thread and that got me thinking.. like I fret when we r not able to get preggy as fast and as easy as some, then if we gotten a bfp, worry that the pregnancy might not stick, the pending tests etc, and the tot that by the time i get preggy i m already in high risk group, more to worry about (oscar test result, bb abnormality..) sigh.. maybe i m thinking too much.
  27. catinthesky

    catinthesky Active Member

    Ohh don't think too much. I know how depressing it can get, especially when people around just get pregnant so easily. Just try to be positive! Have you and your hubby gone for any fertility tests yet?

    Haha sounds like your hubby dotes on you a lot! If the Marine Parade waiting time is too long, you might wanna try other TCM. There are some famous ones around, I think you can find out from the threads in this and other mummy forums.

    I think we should try to take one step at a time... now focus on being healthy and getting preggies, succeed liao then we worry about being high-risk lol. My friend lost her bb (premature birth) and was so devastated, she focus so hard on getting pregnant after that but failed. So she gave up and just relax, went on holiday with hubby and got pregnant! She has since given birth to a healthy bb :)
  28. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    i m ashamed to say we only started trying (half heartdly) at the beginning of this yr... if u read my first 2 posts, i actually gotten a bfp end july but its jus an empty sac (ie, no embryo, blighted ovum) and undergo D&C mid aug...

    Only then did i truly wake up to the ticking of my bio clock, and started to get serious in trying for a baby... sigh, i rem how happy i was when i realised i was preggy then, and we didnt even try that hard, ony found out aft we came back to sg frm our hols... u know, i was so silly, i actually went in to read some edd thread (April 2014) coz if it wasnt a viable pregnancy, my baby wld be born ard then... sigh sigh sigh.. now i tried not to think too much about it, coz everytime i think about it, i wld feel so so upset...

    i know, its quite depressing isnt it? seeing pple ard u gettin their bfp like its so easy. Some even went on to have a bfp when their newborn is only 5 mth!!! and here i was wondering why is it so diff for pple like me who dun even hve 1 to start off with... i try not to think that it has to do with age (of coz i know age plays an impt factor..) becoz if i do, i think the stress level will def shoot thru the roof and it is a definite no-no in the process of trying... trying to take it easy peasy but its quite a challenge. esp when we r so ready to hve a baby of our own and i get along pretty well with kids (hubs said its becoz i m sometimes like a kid myself...)
  29. tanja78

    tanja78 Member

    If can afford private rates, then there are more choices other than Kkh. :) I went Kkh with the recommendation from my friend and I was disappointed. Maybe cos I opted for c-class (no bed in b1 and b2 class) when I got admitted to do my d/c.
  30. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    I m very grateful to god and heaven that i hve married a great guy. yeah, hubs, though he gets on my nerves with his super logic and straight talking, he's still a wonderful man who pamper me a lot. he knows i m very upset about our recent loss and my desire to want a baby of our own, so he tried to make things better by bringing me to lotsa places, getting me watever i want and plans for hols to places i like. he's like my second daddy. Sometimes i think i m not as strong as some ladies here, i really respect their perserverance and never give up attitude. I am so in awe of them. Maybe i was too pampered (to put it bluntly, bloody spoiled by my folks when i was young and now by my hubs..) so i tend to get frustrated and flared up easily esp when af shows, I hve prob handling my own disappointment when i didnt get wat i want. Its pretty shitty and i m trying to change my attitude. I think maybe God is trying to make me change my spoilt brat ways thru this tedious ttc process. I am slowly accepting and i m learning day by day...
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  31. tanja78

    tanja78 Member

    Try not to read too much into stuff. Try to take it easy.
  32. tanja78

    tanja78 Member

    Relax, I understand what you are going through. My hubs also pamper me a lot, says I'm his big baby. Lol. Our time will come. God will give us what is best for us, at the right time.

    Take care and leave everything in His hands.
  33. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    tanja: i think c class is ok if u r goin for d&C, i was in A class when i went there to do my d&c and till today i think its one of the stupidest spoilest immature choice. Total waste of money. Sure the nurses and doc are super, top, at the rate we r paying, this goes wo saying, but aft that i feel that it is one of the silliest total waste of $$$ (not trying to be noble here but i rather stay in b1 class and donate the rest to charity)... I guess i was at a total loss and too depressed to think when i was told a d&c is inevitable when the blighted ovum was detected...

    said i had mixed feeling at kkh mainly coz my blighted ovum was detected there and subsequently doing the d&c there. During the check up at the a&e (i was spotting heavily before i got time to savour my first preggy joy properly and decide on a Gynae), everything seems to happen pretty fast, I hated one of the sonographer (i seen 2)... but the other was great. But to be fair, nurses at kkh are truly professional and kind. They were really gentle and caring maybe they sensed my sadness and handled me with sensitivity and warmth.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2013
  34. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    sometimes i wonder why is it so unfair.. i mean look at all of us here, tanja, catinthesky, we r ready and able to give a baby the love and joy of a happy family, yet why is it so tough to even have one of our own!!!!!! i dun understand. I read in paper that pple abandon their newborn, i mean these pple obviously do not deserve to get preggy yet they get pregnant and chose to do evil things to their baby. I always fel;t so angry and unfair when i read about abandoned babies or babies murdered by their mother...
  35. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    tanja, mind if i off track a bit.. ur doggy is so cute!!!!! it looks like my doggy too.
  36. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    i m not so sure if my time will really come or not..
    I hope i still hve enough good quality eggs... read that the no of good quality eggs dimishes with age... so scared that my last bfp will be last. and i wont get preggy anymore. Like this is it for me.. Gals, pls snapped me out of this neg tots caused lately, esp when af came last mth, i keep thinking my previous bfp is goin be my last. Its quite bad to the extent that i told hubs i m already tired of trying...
  37. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    and the tot of ivf is really frightful. i know med science has advanced tremendously and ivf cld be the ans to my infertility. But somehow i know i m not ready to go thru ivf.. i know if i failed (ivf) i wont be able to take it.. i m not a really strong person and i dun handle setback well... for weakling like me, ivf is a challenge which i m not so sure i can overcome
  38. pantieileen

    pantieileen Member

    I'm not 35yo yet, 32yo only but my aunt had her 1st baby at a ripe old age of 43yo naturally, got married at 39yo. Tried 2yr but didn't see any results so returned from California to Singapore for TCM at Marine Parade but not Ban Choon Chan (the queue will already kill you). I also went to the same TCM (opposite fairprice finest) as her after i failed IVF this year but i had more severe problems. 18cm ovarian cyst when i was 21yo removed by c-section, pre-cervical cancer which was lasered and treated at 24yo, removed my fallopian tube last year (4keyholes) but my left ovary was still stuck to my large intestine. I managed to conceive naturally after TCM for 3months, was preparing myself for 2nd ivf via TCM (Prof PC Wong recommendation and after reading tons of research papers). IVF isn't as scary as you think turns out the injections were quite fun coz my friends took turns to jab me (sadistic). Point is don't waste money and time if you are just depending on ivf coz science can only solve the problems of producing good quality eggs and embryos. Science cannot solve the condition of the uterus for embryo to implant, professors and doctors will tell you this depends on God but actually one needs time via tcm to build up good uterus condition
  39. tanja78

    tanja78 Member

    Sloshysoupy,don't be discouraged. We are all here to encourage each other! !Ganbate!
  40. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    This is so true!
  41. dragonmir

    dragonmir New Member

    Hello comrades, just wanna drop by and *wave* and say jiayou to us all! I'm turning 37 soon and trying for my 1st too. Like many of you, I was trying half-heartedly and didn't even realise I was preggers till nausea showed up. Unfortunately, that ended in a devastating mid-tri miscarriage. That was in April. Once TCM doc gave green light to try again, we embarked on a much more hardworking ttc journey. We hit BFP at the 3rd month of trying and right now, I'm just living week by week, terrified and hopeful at same time. And prepared for the worst scenario. So, we haven't told anyone, not even our parents. But a bfp is always a ray of hope, so dropping a note here to shout some encouragement. I highly recommend these if you aren't already doing it:
    -chart your BBT. It's really helpful for estimating ovulation.

    -even more impt than bbt charting, keep track of your cervical mucus. It really does change texture when you're fertile.
    -I bought a sperm- friendly lube 'pre-seed' that's supposed to help the boys in their journey. We struck lucky with the very first month of using it.

    Good luck to all and sticky babydust all round!
  42. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    i hve little cm and ewcm seems lost n not to be found...
  43. catinthesky

    catinthesky Active Member

    Hey Sloshy, don't be discouraged. I understand, it is so unfair that there are people who want kids so much but so hard to conceive and yet there are irresponsible people who get pregnant (because they refuse to take birth control) and then abort!

    Look at it this way - At least you managed to conceive before, so means you are definitely fertile! Me and hubs have never used birth control but never conceive. We seriously have issues...

    Let's trust in God (I think you are religious from what I read) and have faith!
  44. dragonmir

    dragonmir New Member

    Slouchy, i empathise that you swing between hope and discourage. I cry every month my periods came because they reminded me of my loss. But i also told myself that periods = ovulate every month = there is hope. And no matter how dejected i was, i continued to chart my bbt. Which i find useful because ill start to 'gear up' and try to read cm as we approach fertile period. I read in US forums that another way to check is to stick in finger in, to check. I cld not really distinguish between watery cm and ewcm but with bbt chart, I just aga-aga anyway.
  45. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member


    dear, ,maybe u can consider seeing a gynae or switch to another gynae for different opinion? I m thinking of seeing a gynae soon, like just to run some checks to see of I got blocked tubes, pcos, cyst fibroids etc...
  46. your_attorney

    your_attorney Active Member

    I know you ladies are anxious...I went thru the same thing but try to be less anxious.
    My husband and I tried for around 3-4 yrs before we have our no. 1.
    We went to 3 gynaes and multiple sperm test, an operation (laproscopy due to endo) and invasive method to conceive....didn't succeed.

    One fine day, it just happened and I am pregnant.
    After no. 1, I tried for around 2 years plus and finally I am preggy with no. 2 and yes, I am above 35. (we only BD twice last mth)
    I concluded there is a baby receipe.

    baby receipe:
    Mummy got to feel the urge/desire to BD in order to succeed. (do not do it because you want to have bb, it doesn't work which is why I wasted 4 yrs)
    End of the day, mommy must feel horny in order to succeed. (you must do it when you got feeling for sex and it must be b/w your ovulation period)
    Try it!

    Baby dust to all of you!
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  47. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    thks, attorney
  48. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

    I delivered my pair of +1 elder twin son and -1 younger twin gal @ 37 .... took 4yrs+ of clomid ( fertility ) pills to conceive and put on weight of 50kg till 80kg in 4+yrs .......

    I had 2x failure in 2009 for IVF, naturally m/c in 2010 then wanted to have my last chance trying IVF before my 45th b'day when kkh found out my polyps results after D&C & bios test ain't lookg good in April'13 !

    Till date, I can't accept my lost twin gal then I may not be able conceive again ?

    I went TCM in Jurong East St 21 ( Dr Chen LiZhi ), drag to call as early as 6am just to get Q number when I'm staying Simei ....... she then recommended Dr Christopher Chen ( previous KKH IVF dr,) went to Gleneagles to seek his 2nd opinon ....... found out many medical problems ...... his surgery is HUGE bomb for me n I drop the surgery as I'm SAHM ( stay-at-home-mum ) ......

    Comparing to others trying HARD couples, I'm LUCKY then the lost I've faced .........

    regardless many doctors in western n Chinese practices kept reminding me NOT to conceive anymore then I dun want history to repeat in my son for being ONLY CHILD lor ..............................

    I seek 2nd opinon with SGH Head of O&G - Dr Tan HK , his opinon and kkh was different then he too adviced me dun get preggie again coz' my wall linning ain't good to hold my eggs n risk of m/c very HIGH n I nid to CRIB (complete rest in bed ) 24/7 till I deliver !
    I was " huh ! " as my 7.5y/o elder twin son is ADHD (aka: hyperactive) kept bugging me " Y he doesn't have any siblings ?"
    I always tell mums whom marry late to quickly preggie WITHOUT STRESSING each other when u've much energy else age is catchg up then how to look after yr kids ?

    to my views, regardless how far the distance to see any doctors are just our fate ........

    If u wanna have smooth sailing pregnancy, do watch yr eating habits else preggie days ain't ez lor !
    Me diagnosed with GTT ( diabetics in pregnancy ) as early as 1.5mths, jab insulin every 2hours till I delivered ! I've A-Z complications in my preggie days ........

    IVF ain't ez coz nid to jab ard tummy areas punctually !
  49. rachel20

    rachel20 Member

    Hi Mummies & mimgoh,

    Just to share with you all my experience and people's around me. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetic for my 3rd pregnancy at age of 36 eventhough i am not obese. I can truly felt the pain where medical condition risk the baby in womb. I am the lucky one, my baby was delivered healthily and i realised weight/fats in body is actually an issue to any pregnancy. After i delivered my 3rd baby, i went through weight loss and start experiencing the miracles! My cholesterol level dropped to ideal, my back & knee pain gone, & most important i regain confidence in dressing up myself! :)

    This is all thanks to the right approach i took to slim down healthily, i start to share with my friends who needs healthy weight loss and some of them conceive at the age of 40! It is really grateful that i open up myself to more options and i am focusing on putting my family in good nutrition & healthy lifestyle.
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  50. littlecappucino

    littlecappucino New Member

    My sis tried for almost 10 years, did all the checks and tests.. nothing seems wrong. Right when she decided to give up, she conceived... finally, at the age of 41. She now has 2 children ;)
    My views, don't get dishearten!
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