Am I having depression?


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Hi... i need some advice...
i think I am having depression but I am not sure... so i need some advice here...
Presently...i am always feeling sad and get angry so easily... I get angry over small things... I am also feeling lonely... unloved...
especially now when I feel that my HB is not loving me like he used to... he doesn't show that he care for me... I cried almost evry night...
my Hb and i are currently financial tight..we hv to settle our credit card debts..
he is working in 3 rotating shifts so that means he won't be home to spend the night with me...sometimes when he has to do OT, he won't be back till the next day cos he is required to wrk for 16 hrs...come home to sleep cos he has to go back to work again... i feel that our marriage is falling apart... I am so sad cos we are not spending a lot of time together...and we hardly have sex too...
I am feeling so lonely and unloved...whenever he's not working...he'll be sleeping... or out with his friends...
whenever he's home late i get very upset and angry... the worst part is I will vent my anger on my son... and I feel extremely guilty after that... i'm not sure if he is avoiding me or what...
As I am typing this... tears are rolling down my cheeks... I am so crushed..
Please help...


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HI Depressed,

You are showing signs of depression. If you need some professional advises or aid, you might want to try the following website, they have number for you to call for aid to. There is a toll free helpline. Otherwise you can try Fei Yue Family Service Centre - Families or individuals in distress.
Tel: 6569-0381 (2:00pm - 6:00pm Mon-Fri)

As I am not a professional, I really cannot tell you exactly what to do, but pls do seek help asap, if not for yourself, at least for your son. *hugz*


Hi there Depressed ... me too ... am having super little sex with HB ... marriaged fpr 7 yrs have sex for less than 15times ... am having the same sign as you too ... at times i will vent my anger at my girl too ... yes i know that we are in depression ... but am hoping that things will get better ... and am hoping that i will get better soon times i can wake myself up but ... when a little anger i will be so upset ... i did tear at night ... but not now my heart is hardren ...


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Hi Angel...
thanks for your advice...

hi me2,
my heart is so brokenhearted... sometimes i just wished he would come and hug me whenever he see me crying... you know...sometimes a hug will make a least it will make me feel special...
whenever i'm feeling angry... he will raise his voice at me and ask what's wrong with me... why can't he come to me and ask me nicely if anything is bothering me or lat least a hug...


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You are welcome. I have been through it before so I can empatised with you so I really hope you won't give up like me. ;)
Hi Depressed & me2,

Pick up the phone and call for aid. You need someone to talk have to walk out of the depress..

Man are always careless..we cannot blame them..especially ur hubby which is working hard to solve financial problems..

Post ur words here..we are here to read..


Hi Depressed,

I am also having the same problem as you and actually I just had a very big quarrel with my HB just week. Everythings seems to be going in the wrong way. I have been getting angry over slight things. Worst when my maid came into our lives. I got more things to be unhappy. I can't remember how many times I had cried over this few mths.
Recently, my HB seems to change. He suggests we change to babysitter on weekdays and only bring back during the weekends. So that he got more time to spend with me and at the same time I won't be over stressed over my baby. I am looking for a babysitter currently even though I know that I will miss him a lot when he is not in during the weekdays. But guess, it is the only solution for us right now.
Try talking to your HB, it might help.


Hi Depressed,

Its best to call for aid or speak to a counsellor before condition get worsen, I am down with anxiety depression (under medication since last yr Oct) but is very common nowadays. Women tends to get it more easily than men is because of giving birth, anytime within 7yrs after giving birth possibilities to get depression if we dont manage our stress or emotions well.

Below are my symptoms (those I can remember)
1) short temper
2) getting very emotional (cant control my tears)
3) could not concentrate with my work
4) tends to wake up in the middle of the night
5) require very little hours of sleep
6) sometime cry myself to sleep
7) becoming anti-social, dont really wan to meet or talk to my friends/colleagues
8) very sensitive
9) start to suspect husband having affair
10) confident level super low
11) forgetful
12) sometime will ignore my son (dont want to hug or kiss him)
13) get panic very easily sometime for no reason.
14) find that live is meaningless nothing or nobody is important to you likewise you are important to them

I am unaware of my condition but my husband actually suspected it but didnt discussed with me, until condition got worsen and I committed suicide. My sister and my husband finally manage to convince me (unable to accept the fact that I am down with depression) to consult a psychiatric.

Dr access that I am recovering (dont have much of the above symptoms) so he reduces my medications, because of my depression I left my job and nearly lost my precious life. Hope that after sharing it will help you understand depression better and seek for HELP immediately dont give yourself a chance to regret later.


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Hi all,
I had an eating disorder about 3 years ago. Each time I ate, I threw up after that. There was a stage when I was just 42 kg and couldn't wear my pants. Then started to see a psychiatrist and was on anti-depressants for a while. Recovered slowly when medication kicked in and started to eat. Had to stop my anti-depressants immediately when I realised I was expecting 2 years ago. Before the medication kicked in, it was hell as I was very emotional.

Sometime in January this year, I started to panic and couldn't concentrate. Thought I was having a heart attack as my heart was pounding very fast. I was unable to accept that I was down with depression. Finally, the pyschiatrist realized that I am having Generalized Anxiety Depression. Now working with a psychologist as well. Just yesterday, I ate kaya and because of the coconut, I was bloated up with wind and couldn't eat. The old fear of eating disorder came back again. Nights, I take anti-depressant. Day time, I take Xanax which gives instant relief from panic. Mental illness is frightening but if you suspect yourself to have any signs which is mentioned above, seek treatment. BTW, I've not recovered yet but I believe I will although it's mental torture at times.


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Hi all

I was having the same problems several years ago. Debts, single earning, hb couldn't find a proper job, his big ego, children's problems etc! We hardly talked to each other and if we did, we always ended up quarrelling. I just couldn't stand him with the slightest presence. My family couldn't understand and always thought that i was the trouble-maker.

I became very emotional, extremely quick-tempered, inferior, ugly, suicidal etc. I also tried ways to make life hell for my hb.

Luckily, for our kids' sake, we had a heartfelt talk. Now, even though we are still financially unstable, I always try to think positively.


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Hi depressed,

btw, try talking to your hb. make known to him your situation and listen to his part of his story as well. Sometimes, we are so blinded by our own feelings that we tends to neglect our the other half.

Take care and may god bless u always.


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Hi ladies,
Depression is indeed a problem which requires lots of family support. It does sour family ties if not taken into consideration. If you do feel emotionally unbalanced, talk to your other half and tell him how you feel.


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I'm still having this anxiety thing and the slightest thing will send me haywire. Although I've been taking anti-depressants for the past 6 months, it still feels a little 'shaky' at times. It's really a torturous feeling. It's not so much as in 'don't think about it' & it will go away. I know I sound self-centred but the feeling sucks even as I am working harder to distract. Ladies, can I ask you to pray for me pls ? Thanks.


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Hmmm sometimes i think marriage must have 2 elements.

GOOD SEX and MONEY, bond it with baby and it will be a happy marriage.... Lose anyone of these element and it will be a difficult and rocky one...

I know a few wives who had affairs becos husbands neglect them and i guess it quite common nowadays...


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Hello? Sorry to open this thread again. I was looking for information on depression. I think i am sinking deep. And i am very sad, dont know what to do.

Lately, i have been very easily irritated, very short tempered and picking on the slightest things. Scolded hubby many times. I also have no mood to work and no appetite. I just get so tired of life, have been hoping to die. I also started throwing things, tearing clothes and hit myself. I hate myself this way but i just cant seem to cheer up and be so destructive. How? What is happening to me?

Hubby has been silently watching me. He will even hug me. When it happens, i feel very very sad, i know i hurt him. I get angry at myself but then i cant stop it. I seem to have become 2 split person in 1 body.

Last nite, after watching American Idol, i finally laughed and cheer up alittle. Hubby tried to make things better and we tried making out. But i actually got more distressed and found he took too long. As soon as he's done, i actually pushed him away and cried. Then i regretted and hug him instead.

I dont like things like this. What is happening to me? Am i developing some form of personality split or disorder?


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Hi frustrated
you are fortunate that your hb is always be there for you.
please help yourself by going to c a doc for advise.
take care


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Hi,I dunno if is depression but I get moody juz becos of colleague's behavior & comments. She seems a nice person but has backstabbed many ppl yet explained to others that it wasnt intentional. Some other issues arose made me feel tt she act pity to gain ppl's attention.

I dunno if its becos I tink too much but nowadays I feel very sian to go to work. Anyone has similar situations?


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May, not depression... you just have a good sense of right and wrong, and are a sensitive person.

While you cannot be responsible for another person's actions, you determine your own and your mood.

Protect yourself and those that you cherish most at work, and make yourself happy. After all, work is and should only be a small and utilitarian part of your life.


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Probably not Schizophrenia, but Bipolar Disorder ( know as manic depression). In any case, you should get a referral to see a psychiatrist asap!


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Hi frustrated,
how r u doing lately?

everyone will hv down days ... sometimes I also feel sian to even wake up ...


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hi, i am trying for a bb as i have 2 miscg previous i dunno y i feel more tense these days. i often feel chest pain , breathless always tired and upset easily. most scary is i often feel my heartbeating very fast as if i ran few km when i'm working and i felt so breathless even though i'm sitting during my work.. how can i see a pyschiatrist? are they expensive? any advise? thks so much....


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I need someone to pour out my woes.I have been married for 7 years and have 2 kids.My hb is a hot tempered person.Whenever he is angry,I have to watch my back or else I will be scolded with harsh and nasty words (such as slut,prostitute and threaten he will look for another woman)which as wife I'm deeply hurt.I'm also unable to say a word when he is angry or else he would say I'm rude.He always criticise my cooking and compare them with another person.I knew my cooking are not as good as them but I need encouragement from him to cook better.Unfortunately,a telling off that I always get.He keep saying that I have always put my parents as my priorities rather than himself. In fact both him and my parents are equally impt as my parents are helping me taking care of my 2 kids.I know i have a lot of weaknesses that needs to be improved but so does he.I dont understand why he kept looking at my weakness and not his also.I'm totally lost...very lost.


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What exactly is depression? or what do we consider as depression? Is there some means to differentiate depressions or frustrations?And the seriousness of each?

I had been in and out of emotional turmoil since my two babies were born early this year. I could relate quite easily during the first month to post natal, as I was practially pouring streams of tears almost everyday uncontrollably. It was worsen with the prospect of having two new babies coming into our life, and the maid threaten to leave us. Imagine how lost we were for help!

Eventually things settled, I got a new job, found a new maid and my mum helped to look after one of the twins, and my elder son also started a day school. However, amidst all the assistance, I am still in and out of tears! I panic or worry quite easily whenever I realise work backlogs are piling up, and whenever I receive feedback or questioning from boss why are my jobs not done.

Also, almost every evening and weekends, I am quarreling with my husband over my kids. After which, sometimes are followed by tears and frustrations. I am not sure if my husband is going through frustrations over having too many kids to manage or is he trying to discipline the kids, as he is practically slapping the wailing kids for not following his instructions when he steps in to help. This added to my frustrations, which sometimes ended in tears again, when i see the poor 10 month olds getting slapped hard. Yet, the harder I try to stop him, the more the kids suffer.

I would relate depression to having bad appetite, or sleeping disorders. However, I have no such issues, but had developed some craving for chocolate sometimes. The biggest challenge I have is i cry very easily and whenever I think of my family and children. There are times that I feel I am a total failure, i have failed at work as my boss is getting impatient with my lack of productivity, as a mother as I am not able to protect and provide sufficient time for the little ones, as a wife as I fail to effectively communicate and build a strong relationship and faith with my husband.

Even as I am typing this message, I am tearing all over again! What can i do? Things seems to be going all so well, have a job, a budding family, a helping husband....but...
if u are depress very easily or irritated and cry easily over small issue, then u might be having depression. It could be mild depression which doesnt cause any sleeping problem. But being negative about life and having poor self esteem are one of the signs of depression. Having good family life doesnt mean u wont get it. Stress itself can cause depression. If u are worried about it, do seek a psychiatrist.


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If you are concerned about whether you have depression, KKH has a section which offers assistance with this matter (Quote: The Women's Mental Wellness Service is an ambulatory service, based in the outpatient specialist clinics at the Women's Tower, Level 1. We also provide liaison consultation to inpatients.) They also have a support group which is helpful for those going thru the difficult times on top of any medication.

There is help and hope for depression. I have gone through treatment and am glad I did it.

Wishing you all the best.


I was severely depressed about 3.5years ago and self admitted to IMH (Sayang Wellness Centre--which is the A class wards, more like hotel stays).

The 3 days spent there was terrific. NOt only was the service good, the environment was secure and I managed to think through a lot.

I still cried and cried and was still depressed.
They medicated me, which made me more peaceful and felt more hopeful. I stopped my self mutilation. The psychiatrist spoke to me and, maybe it was a placebo effect, I felt much better.

Nowadays, i still go into the 'crying-the whole world is unfair-i hatemyself' mode once in a while, but I have learnt how to manage it and be more in self control.

Th eimportant thing is, dun lose hope. There is help for you out there. You just need to seek help and ignore the stigma of seeing psychiatrist/going to IMH.


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how expensive is it to get professional help for depression? Can one just walk into IMH and check in like a hotel?

appreciate any info or help i can get here...

pls PM me. Thanks.


I have been retrenched recently. Although i am not upset by the retrenchment, getting a job is not as easy as it seems.
Recently I find that I have been ultra sensitive to words used by my hubby. Being my pillar of strength and support, I would expect him to hug me or lift me up when I am down but I didn't get it from him lately.

Example of an incident:
When I visit my in-laws, I will always be alone sitting in the living room(reading papers or watching Tv) while my hubby is in another room chatting with his siblings. I told him that I feel neglected and asked him to accompany me, which he did for a few visits before it stopped. Today, I stress that I don't wish to be alone sitting in the living rm, and he rebutted me,"then don't go." I don't know why but I felt very hurt and upset and my tears just rolled down uncontrollably.
Whenever he came to visit my parents, we chatted in the living rm like a family. I feel that his family never treat me like one family, else they wouldn't need to chat in a separate room between themselves. Although my HB explained that the living rm is hot so he stayed in the room, I was wondering why he didn't ask me to go into the room instead. I feel like an outsider sitting in the living rm. Occasionally I will sit in the kitchen to talk to his mum, while his mum did the cooking. And I will help my MIL if she ask me to help her cook. (In fact, his elder sister don't even help his mum)
I feel very upset by what my husband said. I told him but he just pretend not to hear or ignore me. I feel very helpless and has been feeling very lousy and tearing for at least 3hrs. My face is swollen and eyes are red. I keep thinking why can't he be more senitive, caring and kind to me. At this time, all I need is someone to hold me and lift me up - why can't he do it? Am I depressed?


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also maybe you depressing your hubby and his family and that's why they hide in the other room so they dun cry.

If you very cheerful type they probably open door to let you in too and join their gang.


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Hi PiPi,

I really feel for you.

Retrenchment is no doubt an issue to you. However, what concerns you more is the emotional support of your husband which you felt lacked of.

You have to learn to accept that all of us show our love in different ways. Perhaps to you, due to the harsh fact of retrenchment; you would expect encouragements and love from your husband to lift your spirit. But you are not receiving them in any ways that you have expected it to be. Hence, your expectations of your husband rules over your logic.

True enough, this can be very unhealthy and raining thoughts of it daily (especially you are not working now) makes you feel worse than ever. Did you ever ask yourself this question “Why dwell on the negatives?”

You are poisoning yourself with pessimistism and add on the unhappiness by faulting your husband in everything he does. Why is he like that, why he does it and not that, why can’t he change, why he didn’t do this…..and so on…

Relax and perhaps you should grab this opportunity of freedom to read up more inspiring books such as ‘The Five Languages of Love’. These great series of books may enlighten you in some ways and allow you to think in another diversity which you never thought of before.

I am sorry if I sounded harsh but you have to come to the fact that it is not only a 'ME' thing; a marriage takes two person to tango. No one is perfect in the world and since you have chosen him as your lifetime partner, it is entirely up to you to live your life with him either happily or in resentment. You can choose to love his imperfectly perfect personality and accept him for the way he is or walk out of it. It is never easy or possible to change a person, but you can make the effort to change yourself, discard your negative thoughts and assumptions. Instead shower the person with all the care, concern and love and to appreciate him for other little or not so obvious things he has had done for the family and you.

Do not let your insecurities, jealousy and occasional comparisons rule your head all the time.

A successful marriage is not about who is right or wrong; it’s about how the two compromise and respect each other differences.

Very often and naturally we tend to take things for granted; especially those routine ones.

A very simple and common scenario to share:

E.g. Mary is always the one doing the laundry alone; her husband will naturally thought that he need not volunteer his help as she is always the one doing it.

A: Deep inside her, she may crave that he will volunteer his help one day or at least say some comforting words that show his appreciation. However, when she realised that these are impossible, she began to feel unappreciated and neglected and gradually becomes resentful and cannot understand why he is so insensitive to her feelings.

B: Likewise, on this universe, there may be many others who may feel very delightful to do the laundry as that is their way of love; to provide their service for the family unconditionally. She will not expect for anything in return for her love as seeing her husband and kids wearing the clean clothes; she beams with pride and smiles in satisfaction.

So which do you think describes you more, A or B?

The below series of WHYs may be quite offensive for you.
You may choose to read and continue to stay sour OR read and really question yourself:-
• Why am I behaving in this way
• What shall I do to organise my thoughts
• How do my thoughts affect or strain the relationship
• What is the root cause of it (Insecurities? Jealousy? Uncertainties?)
• What can I do to step out of the enclosed box and live a happier life
• What are the alternatives to make things work; not only for myself but for my family
• How to remediate my marriage
• What I can do to help my husband understand my predicament

Based on what you have shared, this is how I felt and hope you will think through the multiple WHYs.

For his family, have you ever tried to take the initiative to approach them first?
Why are you so concern about him not asking you to go to the room & chat together? Why must you wait for him to call you then you go in? Is it because of pride that holds you back or your calculativeness? Why don’t you try to go to the room to find your husband instead of waiting for him to call you? Is it that you felt very thick-skinned having to ‘Bu qing zi lai’? Why do you always think this way?

Why is there really such a need to always compare his family with your family?
You should understand that all families came back different backgrounds and cultures but definitely still there will be similarities.
The truth is “You cannot expect his family to be the same as yours right?” If you disagree, I certainly feel that you are plain selfish. But tell me in this world who is not selfish? If you are seeking for acceptance, you should break the ice by making the 1st move and not sit there waiting to be called and be angry whereas your insensitive husband does not know what he has not done right. You could have express your views to him openly that you felt left out. He may felt you are silly or unreasonable; that’s why clarification is important. You should have told him that he is very important to you and his family is equally important to you too and you hope to establish and foster a better relationship with them. You hope that he will involve you in their conversations too. It may be difficult for you to say these to him initially as I assumed you thought that this is common sense. Everyone is different; don’t expect him to reciprocate since you already knew that he is insensitive. Why don’t you take another approach to help him understand better?

I am sorry again to be critic but I felt it is worth the penny to bring light into you about these WHYs.

Also, you mentioned when you talked to him, he ignored or pretended he never hears.

Is it because you are complaining or nagging at him instead of TALK? This makes a great difference. Communication is very important and is a two-way thing. One sentence can meant differently if you put it in another way. So Why say things out of frustrations that will only deteriorate your marriage and doesn’t improve things or situations in any ways? Is it worthy?

I really hope things will work out better for you and believe this

“No one can make you happy or sad unless you allow yourself to be.”

Note: I am not trying to make you feel worse or to criticize and fault you for the way you feel. These comments and opinions are truly from my heart after reading your post & I sincerely hope that you can try to analyse things in different angles and learn to live life with a smile always.

Would you prefer your spouse to be grumpy or loving? Do the same to them! Hang on there okay!


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You give good advice, tulips (tulips_sweer).

As I am currently working in the medical field, maybe I could add in by recommending those with anxiety issues to seek treatment. TCM helps in a big way. But to avoid the unscruplous "black sheep", it would be better to consult the qualified and Minitry of Health-registered TCM physicians in Chung Hwa Medical Institution in Toa Payoh.


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WOw, Thanks tulip. I just ran through what you have wrote and I wonder how you managed to write them, no offence but it is so long.

Well, Depressed hope you are getting on better now. Any updates?


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This morning i had a quarrel will my hubby too. I am being sad over some issues, i tried to speak to him nicely and he feels that i am being sarcastic the way speaks to him. He got angry and spoke to me in a hash tone. i felt terriably sad and cried. He felt that i am being unreasonable and to stir up a qurral over a small issue. i feels that he really don't understand me well.Sometimes when we feel down we really need their support and console even a little hug,and yet we are being blame for unreasonable and cry for nothing or only over a small issues . sometimes to them might a small issue as i think he cant be bothered, but deep inside us is totally a different thoughts & feel.
At times he feels that i am have depression, but actually the fact is what he has done that made me so upset.

Sometimes i feel very bad for my bb, as i know crying & feel depressed is very harmful for him.But i really cant help it at times.


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Hmm where should i start my story...

I know i have depression .. all along..i wanted to kill myself when i am in my teens ,,, now a old lady of 30s plus.

from the insecurity of my own family - parents quarrel since we are young.. mum and dad.. even attempt to XXX how to say..

when I have 1 st girl .. she 5 years now..
i have depression as i keep thinking of jumpi down from my 9th storey flat...
that was 5 years ago..

frankly i have been thinki about jumping down even now ... after i have 2 unsuccessful pregnancy
1st - pregnant no baby inside - terminate

2nd only so recently few month back - baby have no heart beat , i dont want to let her go . But what can i do... went to prayer, spend $$ but still she has to go start to bleed.. went to abort her.. as she has to go..

Till now i still tears when talki about her.. althou she only less than 3 month. i want her so much...

That life... This is a life we have to face.. i thou nothing will be worst than this..

next lost my job - retrenched...

I have been depressed - <font color="ff0000">Most important is i know i have depression. I know that i do not have the courage to jump down . I was think about the pain, the fear, the blood... that what make me conscious that i still can control my depression. </font>

But if you cannot control your own depression do seek for help.

To be truth up to this day.. occassionally i do cried for no reason, feel like dying, was so emotional...but when i was so stress and emotional .. I go for a run to tired myself out.{ I will try to remind myself if my own self worthy} . But I know we have to think about our loves ones. They are the one who will be sad by our departure.

Hubby - that is a topic I am wondering how to touch..they are very insenstitive.. they do not expect or know what you are thinki.
I was suprise with my hubby when i was so upset and angry with him for 2 days.. without him knowi the reason..
things cleared out only when i tell him -- communication is important.. not only communication.. effective communication.

My conclusion is
1) think positive &amp; distract yourself - if you need help to how to do that.. go to the library there are books..
I was reading on Dr spencer books- some improvement on being a mother

2) talk to our man .. communication . find way to communicate

3) get a job or something to do (try to occupy your time- dont get too free) your thinki will stray ...

i hope i can help with my input.


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Hi Ladies, mummies, and daddies,

I still revisit this thread once awhile. Realised alot of sound advices here. I know everyone drops in either for advises or share their plight and seek advises. I wrote in late last year pouring out my plights, but hoping this is encouraging, that I am out of my depressions since early this year after CNY.

I guess hormones played apart, as my condition lightened up almost exactly one year after my delivery. Plus also knowing the possibility it could be body chemicals playing tricks, I held on too all the challenges I shared before, and I pulled through! I hope this encourages some of you here, hold on and you'll be out of the dark storms and see some sunshine!

I had a bad bad year before, to list it:
->I went through a tough pregnancy period, with body all bloated n heavy with twins, -> was informed during my 3rd trimester i will be retrenched after delivery, bad bad timing! (it was the point when i needed $$ most! 3 kids to feed and a maid to pay for!), -> then confinement lady and maid politics during confinement, -> maid left when my twins were barely one month old, -> i struggled to find new maid, while adjusting to lacks of sleep due to many hrly nite wakes to feed the babies n household chores, -> Further frustrations built from alot of babies cries and husband's frustrations over the kids(I still strongly suspect hubby was going through depression in his own ways during then) -> then found new job a few months later, but struggled to keep up with work n bz life, -------> after a challenging one and a half year, things finally got better. My twins are now 19months old, my elder son is well settled in school, and got a maid has been helping for almost 14 months already.

I do still get into a little work and family anxiety once awhile, but no longer tear and dwell into negative thoughts. I guess time is sometimes the best medication, as days pass, kids grow, new opportunities comes, bad things will pass and new better people and things comes into our life.

So think positive and hang in there!

Psst....btw, my husband mentioned before, he chanced upon this thread and only then he realised I was in depression after reading my message!! OMG never realised man can be so block head! I thought my symptoms were obvious! Hope this tip helps some of you with communication issues with your hubbies! (No offence to you daddies out here!)


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I am feeling depressed and low; short temper, haggard bec of a huge credit cards and loans I had to clear. I work very hard day n night juggling several jobs in a week. I am draining out and and dying inside.. I really feel so stress and really feel like dying. I am not happy even though outwardly I may look successful, have a good job, drove a car, have a son; divorced but getting married again this year with my fiance. I don wan to let my fiance know abt my situation as he wont be able to helpa as well as he is also juggling several jobs. At least he is stable and debt free. We went through alot to come to the stage of marriage. We bought our first flat last year and was staying together for a year plus. Due to a bad start and certain things I did in the past, many pple here told me he wont forgive me and wont marry me... but I told them I trust in God and true enough we are getting married this year and he loves and treat me son well.. Thank God. Now, I hve to deal with my debt.. really no idea how to overcome.. been praying and know that God will come through for me just like He did for me in my r/s. God will always come through for me. Its not easy to deal with the stress and the worries and reality but God will not let me be put ashamed. HE will provide.


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Dear friends,

Would you be interested to attend a free play with your family and friends?

The Mental Wellness Service at KK Hospital is proud to present to you a public awareness play on maternal depression: "When the Bough Breaks". It is produced by The Necessary Stage, featuring Karen Tan. It tells the story of a new mother, Susan, who struggles with Postpartum Depression, and her recovery journey.

Depression affects about one in 10 women during the childbearing period. It impacts not only the mother-and-child relationship, but also the rest of the family. Understanding the tumultuous journey of maternal depression helps families cope with this common situation.

There are two runs to the play, one in KK Hospital (12 Nov, 12nn) and one at Nanyang Polytechnic Auditorium (27 Nov, 10am).

We would also be giving out free limited edition guide book "Diary of a Mother" - a compilation of real life experiences on Perinatal Depression, shared by our courageous and gracious group of women. Dont't miss this great opportunity!

Please call 6394 2205 for more information or to register your seat. Admission is free, but please call to register.

Me too, but looking more information for recent post, dont seem to have one to share. any mother out there recently have ....share..