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Hi all,

Thanks Ahnet, banazz and redips in helping me
with the packing last Friday.

Thanks for the belated birthday cake. Very nice.

Banazz, you are right. Still waiting
preorder items shipment to arrive.

Now boy dun sleep early. Very late. 10.00pm start to put him to sleep but 11.30pm +++
then Zzzzz. Am exhausted with him.

He kept waking up middle of nite 3am for milk.
5plus wake up again. Making me tired.

jappooh.... u rec'd the parcel?

I cannot chat. Got to go.
Got to start sleeping battle with boy.


AhNet, dun say I bo hue, I'm just trying to act blur mah. Cannot let ppl know what I got. What if I kana rob??! LOL!! Aiyo, I keep thinking if I should buy e collagen set n then just went in to see the snow white thread. See already, my eyes nearly pop out. Her chuncaini masks r going at $0.65 each for e heavy bundle set. That's a really crazy price. A very aggressive seller but is good for consumers lah.

Hey drac! You are back! But hor... Is come n go.. So fast.. We all know that e cake is nice lor. Especially the fruits rite? Did u eventually dig out all the fruits from in between the sponge layers to eat, leaving just a botak sponge and cream for ur hb n kiddos?

Talking about packing, gl_gallery, is your double decker bus shape parcel nice? It is my hard work, you know? Pack until so hard, only to earn AhNet mockery, calling it a double decker bus. She even suggested drawing windows on the packaging to make it a beautiful bus. Haiz.. Guess my wrapping really sucks. Odd shaped parcel, along with missing items... My apology, gal...


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hahahahaha.... i can imagine how the botak cake looks like.... hahahahaha.... hilarious.

aiyah dun like tt lah, jappooh also got my mini-decker. first timer not so pro is bo bian. gl_gallery, u agree or not? we all say like the double decker bus. those who dun know how it looks like, u know, those cartoon type tt's on the potato chips? hehehe. most impt the things inside arrived safe n sound. i'm sure gl_gallery n jappooh didn't mind the odd shapes.

ya i went inside to see today. v attractive indeed. Now i'm wondering if i shld stock up on my baabaa FJs. mmmm....

anyway i jus bought the thermometers i told u abt. jio-ed another fren to share. hahaha. :D

hey, i suddenly realised nobody answered redips' question. Yes eye area also shld put sunblock, unless u planning on going on natural brown or burnt look on the eyes. hehehe. some is eye cream has spf. others like my favorite brand (u all shld know what by now), all their sunblock is ok for eye area (i got ask b4). some brands v specific say avoid eye area. hth.


At least jappooh no missing items leh. My poor gl_gallery... Sob...

So how's e thermometer? Tell me after u hv tried ok? I'm still in dilemma, dunno to get or not. I think by e time I decided, maybe e thermometer has phrased out liao. I always procrastinate for ages!

Exactly, the baa baa promo over there is very tempting. Really have to salute to that the seller for coming up with such promo.
Banazz / Ahnet,
U gals didn't take a photo of the double deckers? Haha..

Who wants to try the collagen masks? I found someone selling cheaper than bp thread. It's like the eyelid mask,full eye masks we have from sl. PM me if u interested.

Snow white pricing really tempting but preorder. Prefer if ready stock. But 80 pcs... Alot lor.. Already have so many masks .. Unless whole family using if not dunno when use finish... Haha..


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i havent got my parcel. So i dunno how my mini-decker look like. So angry with the courier ppl.

They delivery on sat and i am not at hm. Call them to redeliver Mon 8pm to 10pm end up they come at 11am+ and no one at hm. Call them again to redeliver yesterday 8pm to 10pm and no one turn up. Dunno will they turn up today.


Peace, no lah... Take pic and get reminded of my "fantastic" packing skill meh? I dun want to remember that lor... Err, e collagen masks, have neck one? How many cents? I'll most likely get e collagen trial from that bp if she can change e breast mask to something else. If not, dun buy liao. E breast masks $2 value leh. If cannot change, who use? Hb meh??

Jappooh, urs is mini decker bus, so will move slower. Next time if we help to do packing again, we will pack all parcels into bullet train shape. Hou bo? Actually I heard that there's quite a lot of issues with courier recently. Overloaded ba. Hope u can get ur goodies today


thanks for remembering my qs.
tot i missed ur reply thru email and wana post here liao.
just realise my cleanser gel running out.
phew... good thing my prize fr songlim previous jackpot came.
ha ha. will go check out ur fav brand too.
u join spree on smh overseas site huh?
which spree organiser u usually join?

u still wana get more mask ar...
u already hv a lotttttt....... leh.
wana consider clear at least half of those 1st b4 u buy more? else how to finish? :S
i just bought a ear thermometer.
now it's sitting in the shelf, collecting dust. :p

so sorry for the missing items.


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morning ladies,

joyce, glad that we got a chance to talk over the phone...

must bring your boy to bed room at stories or let him listen to music...and tell him to close his eyes if "eyes are tired".

oh ya, is ur boy taking a long nap?
must shorten his nap to 1-2hrs only...

psss drac, much to top up for courier?


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ya my mini decker bus travel slowly..haha..
ya i like bullet train shape..

Maybe the courier not enough ppl. This is the 1st time i encounter the courier problem.

thanks for your hard work.


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jappooh, no lah. i only pack a few then kena hiam alr. not pro. the others packed more cos i had to leave on time one. so i imagine there were more double decker lah, mini deck lah, bullet train lah, whatever. just imagine the windows n doors in. hahaha...

Yah i alr heard abt the tqb problem. quite jialat. hope i dun kena also. my thermometer supposed to come btw 2-4 today.

redips, no prob. hehe. me n chk having private email over the products also. wrote her one long email last night.

no lah, no follow any overseas spree. Hubby is the overseas courier man. hahaha. so we shop like crazy when he goes. if really want n cannot wait type, i can courier via Vpost or borderlinx also. cos i can shop directly at the US-based shops. So no need to 麻烦 other pple. hehe. jus tt now i'm v iffy about using borderlinx. so not unless it's something i really want. supposed to find out more abt the other couriers but havent. anyone has recommendations?

Banazz, they got say the breast mask cannot use for nursing moms?


Redips, lol! But I want to try e neck masks leh. My neck has got tiny stretch marks leh. Put on a massive lot of wt during pregnancy n body get stretch in every corner, neck not spared too 

Jappooh, onz, I'll give u bullet train shape if I pack again. But hor, seriously, I dun want to be packer again. No joke manz! E 3 of us are like fighting for scotch tape, masking tape, pen, marker n scissors. N on top of that, we have to fly fr warehouse 1 to warehouse 2, then to warehouse 3 and back to packing area before we can start wrapping u know...


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Hi ladies,

Thanks to those pretty ladies who helped to pack and Joyce. I received my loot on Saturday. So happy!! Was still pondering how should I ration my mask since I am only left with 1 face mask and 2 pcs of eye masks. Haha!!

My hubby received the package. He very funny lo. Our conversation as follow:

Hubby: Lao po, someone send me a belated birthday gift by courier.
Me: Who is that from?
Hubby: My mistress named Joyce.
Me: OMG!! How dare your mistress send gift to my house?? Trying to show off is it?
Hubby: Ya lo.. see my mistress Joyce so good. Send me surprise gift via courier.
Me: Then you must have love her alot more now la.
Hubby: Ya lo.. although I not sure of how she look.. but she cannot be worse looking than Joanna (my ex colleague).
Me: KNS!!


me too also have necklines. sigh...
so now v busy applying serum, moisturizer, sunblock on the neck.
den doing those wash off moisturizing mask for neck.


abt the packing, at least songlim say yours better than mine.
she also say my packing worse than hers. :p

i agree abt the packing, really not easy.
not only the materials, the warehouse, also the jackpot promo + closing promo + freebies........
very luan ar.... :S


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when my hubby receive the previous parcel he ask me a question. How come my sil send me things via courier? Cos my sil name is Joyce too.

I tell my hubby, halo if your sis need to sent me things need to be by courier anot? She is just saying next rm to us. My SIL say with me and her rm just beside me..Haha..

Even time he recive the parcel from Joyce he knw i bought mask, eye mask, ampolue and serum liao...haha


my hubby also know songlim and joyce liao, as in by name. ha ha

eh... what's the website for ur fav brand huh?
cant seem to find it leh.
he he... think i'm no good in doing research lah..


Ann!! Ur hb is so funny!! My hb will only say I'm getting buried in mask nia : (

Redips... Dun start to buy overseas if u hv not started. The temptation to overspend is there. With your i want I want mentality (oops), u r in a dangerous position once u attempt to shop overseas... Dun say I nv warn u...


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banazz: My hubby sometime crazy one. Then when I open the package, this is what he say.

Hubby: Why Joyce send you her shoes? (Cause Joyce pack the mask in the shoe box)
Me: Joyce didn't send me her shoes.. she send YOU her shoes so that you can smell them and missed her even more.
Hubby: Shot me a disgusted look.


wah.. so fast u know me well.
started to buy from overseas liao.
me couldnt post at overseas site previously coz less than 1yr w smh, so pm spree organiser my order.
now over the phase of overbuying.
it's my frenz' turn happy buying fr overseas now.

really good buy from overseas.
cheaper and nice designs compare to spore.
Banazz, actually I used to neck collagen masks.. I think should help but takes time...I faithfully using..

Redips, is there wash off neck masks? Where did you get?



so you are the one kena the shoe box? LOL
i saw my hb took out one shoe box but din
know he packed your items inside.

cloudme r .... by time i reach home already 9pm with kids. play with them awhile. 10pm put him
Zzzzz. Every nite boy dun wan to slp so i feign
sleeping. He vy loving. KIss n kiss n kiss my
whole face. Kiss my mouth .........the wetness on
his lip.

Sit on my head. Strong battle with him daily.

worst part .... before Zzzz , bring him to toilet
she she ... screaming like hell. give me that action. Cross leg to she she.


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Joyce: Ya lo.. I am the lucky person who kanna the shoe box. It is ok la as long as the mask doesn't give out some weird smell. LOL!!


banazz , redips and me was like playing
musical chairs.

walk round n round the living room finding
scissor , scotch tape, masking tape ,
marker ......

run out of waybill.
we wrote address on the parcel first.

courier came .... three ppl fighting for 2 pens.

whole place very messy but really enjoy my day with banazz , redips and ahnet.


is it summer wear now?
waiting for post summer sales from overseas spree.

Any good web or thread to recommend for kids clothing? My girl outgrown. Need to buy for her.

Last week online with Peace. She mentioned no
problem. Please give her the date preferred in
Nov. Need to book BBQ pit and function room.

Told peace, can camp and overnite at her plc mah?
Mummies can bring your kids but Peace not going
to babysit. LOL
dates for the bbq - 1 saturday in Nov/Dec. 17 Dec is out cos my son's bday and we have already made plans.

my rooms are fully taken. anyone want to camp overnite, please bring own tent.. LOL..

SL, I cannot babysit.. maybe you can? :p ha ha ha...


duno that day sit too long on flr or on mrt,
came back home, one side of my buttocks pain ar.

i like to buy from The Children's Place, coz find the designs are nice.
usually go for sale category coz cheaper.



yaya ... no choice. was freezing cold in room.
boy notty . pull away my blanket. dun let me

must think of way to make him tired.

redips ....
how long the pain take to subside?
i see see children's place but not my type.

Peace ....
we ask around but i know who cfm attending.
all stay so close to u.
SL, Ya.. definitely stay nearby easier...

Redips, I like TPC also.. nice and quality not bad. Recently I also buy from Crazy 8. not too bad also..
Old Navy sometimes the quality not too good. I find Gap, Polo, Gymboree expensive even during sales...:p


<font color="ff0000">Ladies, please give your preferred date :

1) 5th Nov 2011 ( 1st sat )
2) 12th Nov 2011 (2nd sat )
3) 19th Nov 2011 (3rd sat )- school holiday begin
4) 26th Nov 2011 (4th sat )

1) 3rd December 2011
2) 10th December 2011
3) 24th December 2011 ( x'mas eve )
4) 31st December 2011 (new year eve )</font>

<font color="aa00aa">Peace , if raining how? BBQ under rain?</font>


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wah redips, ur wulin minji is from where one? Super power. hehe.

I'm not into buying clothes from overseas cos i'm a karaguni here, got clothes from frens all so v seldom buy except for special special occasion (like cny). Usu buy vitamins lah (US is SOOOOOOO much cheaper), then mineral makeup/skin care stuff also. then hubby like to buy those electronic related stuff, dunno what iphone what accessory lah. he also likes to buy from amazon and places like

I asked hubby before, shall i also go n do overseas spree? But just the shipping alone is super troublesome, gotta do one round shipping in US if not free, then one round US to SG, then one more round in SG to pple. super leychey. And until i find a good forwarding agent, i pref not. The last one gave me a LOT of pain. But if u got ur own forwarding agent n jus need help... it is something tt we can explore.

Ann, ur hubby is hilarious. hehehe.
I'm the one usually making jokes abt my hubby. We used to have a fren who liked coming over to my house to cook when we first got married. I called her the mistress. hahahahaha.


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Songlim, so far i can only confirm a few dates i cannot cos got wedding lah, dunno what coming on...

Nov, so far okay for 1st n last.

Dec, so far okay for 1st. The rest dunno yet. cos of the hols plus both my boys bds.

Oi, u got sell Butt cream or Butt mask or not? Put alr the backside bound back to pong pong? I ask for redips and banazz. hahahahaha. ;p


I love polo! Their quality is good good! Carters is nice too. Pumpkin patch also good. Carters n pumpkin patch has got very nice designs. Polo is more towards e classic and also classy designs. They dun hv cutie ones...

Peace, xie xie ni for offering ur place : ) I'm already drooling about the BBQ satay, BBQ wings n BBQ mashmarrow liao. Yum yum...

Drac, true lor. That day was really enjoyable. Actually b4 meet up, was still afraid no topic to talk to AhNet n Redips cos nv spoke to them b4 mah. Luckily they turned out to be chatterbox too. Good lah. Somemore AhNet is so well-read. Shared so many stuff with us...


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xiami lah banazz, dun have lah. dun anyhow put tall hat on me. later my hairdo go flat then buay swee liao. hahahaha. it was great meeting up w u guys too.

oh redips, nearly missed out. pls see or luxe beauty's BP in SMH. Basically if u want stuff in packages,'s prices mayb better. But item by item, mostly luxe beauty's cheaper. The lady Adeline is quite nice. I'm now thinking whether to go for the sleeping mask package in the official site since i'm running low on one. see how first. to b specific, see my pocket how 1st. hahaha.


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u said sit mrt until backside flat mah? then redips say pain mah... so ask for butt mask to put back the collagen n make pong pong loh.



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redips, didn't u feel like drinking lemon that kind of feeling while listening to us?

suan lai suan ke suan lai suan ke... hahahaha

got wulin minji is good lah. we all need feedback. i think some spree organisers v jialat. like the other happy call thread i told u guys abt? That fella h*** like totally disappear then now reappear then disappear again and the thing has been outstanding for weeks liao. make pple scared to buy things from honest spreeist also.


Peace, since BBQ at ur place, y dun u list u dates u confirm can one, den we put up our names? Ar bo we happy happy list down e dates but in e end, u cannot make it. We will all fall off e chair leh. Drac, u also must put ur date down cos e 2 of u r e key personnel now.