All about beauty....

Banazz, Hmm.. True also.. I will be having 1 weekend getaway aside from 17 dec.. This weekend going to 1 mini travel fair to check out the promo. Hopefully can confirm. Other than that, other dates should not have a problem..

I want to get a happycall for my mil also but so scared liao. Probably try to get from gmarket. Study which seller better... I same like Ahnet.. chronic online shopper..hehehe


i agree with u that ahnet v well-read.
ha ha next time can call her miss-know-it-all or she prefer mdm-know-it-all.

my gongfu on suaning not as good
so better keep quiet.
else later all of u arrow at me. :S


nope. i used electrical stove at home. the pans are only for gas stove : (

ask ahnet, she's a user. or her mum...


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救命啊! the tall hat so big n tall until cover my whole face cannot see anything liao lah!!!

tolong DUN call me that. me dunno EVERYTHING. There are plenty that I DON'T. So thank you, kum siah, leave the encyclopedic knowledge to the encyclopedia... :D

Peace if u are still keen, u can try asking Lynn from 247mall who is the person doing the original happy call spree. I got her email if u want. She might still have cos she's bringing some in. But of course, u know abt all that happened earlier and some reviews that came in. All I can say is my ma is happily using hers and cutting a lot of cooking time. Me is the occasional user but still happy. hehe.
Ahnet, I have to agree with banazz and redips even though I have not met you. The way you write and give info.. wow...

Anyway, can you give me the 247mall, Lynn's email? I was thinking of ordering the ochre clay pan that thomasfanatic selling since it has a deeper base. Not sure if Lynn would have that. I think the base of the original happycall pan quite shallow. Actually before happycall came about, there was also 1 such pan selling in the market. My mum bought it for $188. I think that was like 3-4 yrs ago?? *thinking* So if this happycall pan is sama sama.. then ochre size would be better..he he he..But then again, I don't cook so does not matter what I think ....ha ha ha.. My kitchen has too many chefs.. ha ha ha.. 一山容不下三虎 。。哈哈 ..
AhNet and Banazz, thanks... I can't cook but I stay 2 blocks away from my mom and she cooks very nice soup... So fortunate to have homecook dinner Monday to Thur... She got 3 rest days though. So whenever her rest day, we packed food lor. I also bought the HappyCall Pan from Lynn too... Fantastic is the word to use for the pan.. Even my younger girl with small appetite praise my cooking. So encouraging.

BTW, I'm fine with all the dates on Sat... I volunteer to take charge of Satay... There's a factory near my place selling raw satay cheap and tasty.


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i guess the pan u sayin gi have it at hm also. But i side spoilt already when cook tends to stick to the pan liao. My MIL bought it at OG..Those demo.. So now i am thinking wan to buy the happycall to replace anot. I dun cook as well since my MILK stay with me. If cook she is the one doing the cooking..


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evening ladies,
have recieved my parcel yesterday...

thanks to drac, ahnet and few other mummies who help in packing our orders...

mine got a herbalife plasticbag in it.... lol

love the cleanser smell...but toner not to my liking(dunno if got alcohol)...

songlim & ladies,
can i use my hada labo lotion to replace the toner after cleaning?


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oh yah,
supposed to recieved my package on tue...but that kuku TQbin man, delivery to my neighbour on the 6th floor, stating on the waybill that someone at home but refuse to open the door and it a malay house...
think he stress till cock eye liao....


Hi ladies! Wonder who can help?

Understand that amp can only last 3 days after opening, but if still can't finish hw huh??? Throw away like v sayang, cos i got like 1/4 to 1/2 left!

I only used the amp once in the day and nite use the 24k.


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Hi banazz,

Thanks for the "double decker bus" - didn't know it was your creation =p no worries, no complaint here; it was well wrapped =) if not, I may not hv gotten it so soon without you girls volunteering to pack n wrap that day.

As for the missing items, I believe Joyce will follow up in a separate parcel to me =)

Neck mask - anyone try using face mask after masking on our face, fold down to our neck area n leave it for another 10 mins ? U may want to try it.

Nez - ampoule can't finish, apply on neck n breast, don't waste =)


Pretty angel, that's e blessing of having a mum, and staying nearby. Thank u for offering to "settle" the satay : ) once the date is firmed, we will have to start confirming the no. of ppl joining, collect $$ and then order food le. Really looking forward to it.

Cloudme, maybe drac is doing another sideline... Selling herbalife products. Keke...

Nez, I can help, I can help! But I think once I posted my reply, drac will slap me : ( I continue to use even at day 4 and 5. No matter how hard I try, I just can't find it in 3 days. N I'm also afraid of opening the next vial, so I will try to delay the "breaking neck session"...

Gl_gallery, xie xie ni never hiam my wrapping *blush*. Yap, drac is going to send u another parcel. Heard that from her : )


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if u store in another container, u can just apply when u feel lack of moisture on the face...esp if u r woking in air-con places...

for me i will bring it out with me and use when my face feel dry(those day when i dun put on my make up)...usually i dun use make up when working la...



are your referring to this?

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Moisturizing Lotion

“Lotion” is a moisturizing toner used after cleansing but before moisturizer. It conforms to the concept of “double moisturizing” to help preserve and add moisture in your skin after cleansing.

Extracted out for your info so can be used after
cleansing ^0^

P/s : i not using huh but for you go find info for u ! Selling at Watson right.


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songlim, using that currently after cleansing...
my previous cleanser(my cleaser is another brand lor)...
so for your cleanser after cleansing, can i dun use the toner that i get from you but use this hada labo since it is also a toner?


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hi all.


gl gallery
thanks for the tips! so far i only apply the extra essence on the neck but nv thought of putting it on the neck.. that time ahnet suggest to wrap the feet. haa..

need to apply sunblock on the eye? i didnt have spf lotion for eye de.



you rec'd the parcel?

me still slowly packing while waiting for shipment to arrive.

Saw status reach SG. Now at custom..........
except 2 cartons no news...............
Pray hard custom speedy in clearance

24k gold serum not coming in this shipment
Oct .....

Long awaited ceutical mask.....
Imagine r .... everyday just check status .....

H.A , CW , BH , Caviar , limited anti-irritant serum , Pimple cream all lai liao.... but i can't move on cuz mask haben arrive.


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actually after mask must apply moisturiser ah? sometimes i do mask before slp and wont get up to apply cream de...


cloudme (cloudme)

can r.... u used then share with us.

No worry.
Good products must 一起分享.
i saw selling in watson times back.
*** blink blink ***


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i used already...after the cleanser than use this hada labo...its good...

when i first got this hada labo, i diligently apply(my mum comment that my face colour better-cheeks rosy)...
then later on never use(my mum told me that my face look dull again lor)...

think got to start to apply diligently

but hor some of my gf said they got breakouts from this hada labo lotion...


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ur cleanser is the latest, i thot must die die use that toner i got from u to see better results leh...

for other brand of cleanser all along i use hada labo lotion as toner( if i remember to apply)...

so u mean, i can replace the toner with this lotion right?


Thnx ladies! I'm also thinking of continue using it after the 3rd day! ;p Guess have to apply to other part of the body too ba, if not really heart pain to throw...hee.


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anyone knows where to get the machine for opening ampoules?

i remember seeing someone selling at bp last year...


i fully understand what u mean on the amp.
previously got ask songlim abt it but she no hue me. :p
so i do it my own way.. ha ha
will use blackhead amp, day n night, for 3 days (coz muz finish within 3 days mah)
then next few days, will use collagen whitening (or other serum u have) for day, 24k serum for night.
like that, will match up nicely.

after finish cw n 24k serum, will use blackhead amp the next 3 days.

me last time also duno need to apply moisturizer after masking.
so it's cleanse - mask - zzzz (unless it's wash off mask then will apply toner, moisturizer...)
after know abt the steps from songlim, had been diligently doing
cleanse - toner - mask - serum / amp - moisturizer
find greater improvements on my face.

i'm one of those who have breakout from using hada labo lotion.
din know if it's a toner / moisturizer coz it's a gift... make me blur.... :p
and it's cause outbreaks so pass to my mum who has dry skin and she says it works well for her.

can engage ur hubby to help u open amp or not?

sigh... i still have so many amp to finish.
cant wait to finish them all.
i still dont like to open amp and pour into storage bott....... so ma fan...


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i do cleansing-toner-serum-mask-ZZZZZ.. if not lazy.. i will apply scar potion - moisturiser then ZZZ.. i zz cos i normal put mask before slp den will sometimes fell aslp with it but half way thru will wake up and take out the mask and put on bed head and continue slp. haa..

can someone advise the aloe moisturiser from songlim got SPF one.. only for day use nia?? night time cannot use right?


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hello hello...
busy me finally got time to come in yaba yaba,...

so double decker bus refer to the packing by vlounteers lah...
nice and memorable for those who received.

hey u all dun waste the serum and ampoule lah...
I cant finished and continue to use...
so far ok...
this week super tired... always doze off with my boy nv do anything at all...

pimples poping liao...
I think I want to try gl_gallery suggestion. After face, roll down the mask to the neck 10 mins. Then after that take Ahnet suggestion, use on the feet.. Wah.. really value for money...kekeke.

My DD terrified whenever I do mask so must do after she sleeps but takes time.. So I will Cleanse - Toner - amp - DS Sleep - mask - moistuiser.. I want to use Redips method .. which is mask before amp.... but do you think by then should I wash my face again?


peace, peace
sorry write wrongly!!
should be cleanse - toner - serum/amp - mask - moisturizer
that's what i did... i din wash off / wipe off the mask juice or serum / amp.

sigh... a few days no do masking, getting it mix up liao. :p
but if u wana put mask then serum/amp also can.
songlim got mention b4 like that also can.

yah i tot gl_gallery's suggestion is good
to move the mask to neck from face.

actually while masking, a lot of juice, i will also on and off wipe some juice from the mask to neck coz got necklines....


how old is ur daugther?

got a wild idea, if u doing ice spring mask, can open the eye flap occasionally and play peekaboo with her??
den maybe she wont be terrified.

i do wash off mask, my boy will still recognize me.
when do eyelip mask, tried the bio-gold previously, he'll have a concerned look as he look at me. ha ha
hahah.. ok ok... I remember SL writing either way also can.. just wanted to try the other way.. ha ha

ya.. the masks alot of juice.. especially the baa baa masks.. alot of juice.. we collect and try bathing with it? :p white white sui sui..

I also want to improve my neck condition. Last time someone told me she used those serums not suitable for her face on her neck for 1-3 years before seeing seeing good results.. her neck looks nice lor... moisturiser no use one leh.. must be SERUM... siong...
Redips, cannot leh.. actually my girl 3 yrs old already.. should be ok right? sigh... I mention mask only she start screaming and crying and cling onto my leg. I tried to show her how I do it.. also cannot. Sometimes I ignore her and do it.. wah.. should see her face.. she think I got possessed..


Redips ah, now hb already say me kanna buried by mask liao. If ask him to open ampoule, he sure spot check my ampoule/serum stocks one. Den he wun just roll his eyeballs le. His eyeballs will drop onto e floor lor. Coz roll too much liao : p


hmmm... think peekaboo phase is over for 3yrs old liao.
else u hide in the room, lock the door n do mask, can mah?

ha ha. i just tried mask on neck after face. shiok!
but spotted a big bump under chin area. sigh.. not sure what's happening.

cant bring that particular bott for ur hubby to open ar?
den dont let him know whr u keep ur loot. ha ha
or.. make obvious ur 2 boxes of amp loot.
den ur hubby think still not too bad... :p

thanks for sharing the tips for masking neck.


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Hi ladies,
How come u gals can't finish the amp within 3 days?
Usually 1 bottle I use 5x. Apply day and nite and finish within 2.5 days. I apply and massage the amp into the skin. So far so good for me.


Sorry ladies...

just updating shipment status in sister thread incase some did not go to close BP thread.

Shipment update status:

1) Slimming ampoule and cream arrived
2) ceutical nano serum (assorted)arrived
3) Ceutical lavender ice spring mask arrived

Ceutical 24k gold serum pending for supplier confirmation. Will update everybody once i
have final date on finished production.

Rest waiting for customs clearance


mumofT (mumoft)

that moisturiser got SPF extracted from
100% aloe vera and grapeseed.

I check with supplier ok to use night mah.
for me i use day n night.
Hi gals... Good morning.

Have confirmed my trip so the following dates are ok for me unless "due to unforeseen circumstances"......

5 Nov 11
12 Nov 11
19 Nov 11
26 Nov 11
10 Dec 11
31 Dec 11


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Hi everybody.

How are you?? Been busy with baby. So tiring. Can't wait for Batam trip this weekend with hubby to relax and celebrate our anniversary. Hehe!!

Oh.. this week, I open up the HA serum and Collagen serum to use. Damn shiok... use liao my skin super smooth lei. Ask hubby to touch my face and he say baby skin smoothness.. Haha!! Hear liao so happy.


morning! thanks for asking.

the bump under my chin is better now.
it's almost gone with a little dry flake on the spot whr the bump is previously at.
had been applying the tea tree oil from bodyshop, which i bought long ago.

i just open an amp this morng.
did encountered the bubble while pouring from amp to storage bott.
den i use the dropper from the storage bott to poke the bubble.
finding it so troublesome and fustrated.....
then an idea came to my mind.......
with the amp bott directly onto the storage bott,
i tilted the amp and storage bott at abt 30degrees.
and..... the amp flow nicely into the storage bott and no more bubble or spillage encountered.
y din i think of this early.... :p


morning. great to hear the serums are working well for u.

after a week of cw and 24k serum, my face also like better.
think the 24k serum is working v well w the moisturizer i'm using, make my pores smaller and face matt.
seldom have my face looking matt wor coz my face usually shiny shiny w oil. so very happy!
am still adjusting to the stickiness of cw serum after applying it.