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Age above 45 trying Ivf bridge infertility centre in JB

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by shuqin, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. shuqin

    shuqin Member

    Dear ladies who are still TTC at age >45, anyone has tried IVF bridge fertility center in JB with dr Tan Jui Seng and has success stories to share please?

  2. deppressedwife

    deppressedwife New Member

    Hi. My friend's lady boss went ivf there once and got pregnant with triplets. She is 40+ yr old. Another patient told me she got two ivf with dr tan and both succeeded. She is 30+ with tube blockage issue. If u don't mind traveling to jb and ur schedule is quite flexible..strongly recommended!
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  3. shuqin

    shuqin Member

    Thank you for this. It's motivating to know that women at above 40 can still conceive, although the statistics tells that the chance is almost zero. Think I will seek him for a 2nd opionion soon.
  4. deppressedwife

    deppressedwife New Member

    Don't give up. I have many friends around give birth to their first child at 40+...but need to go thru some tough time..jia you!
  5. shuqin

    shuqin Member

    Thank you. May we all get our rainbow babies soon. Jia you
  6. Keep Trying

    Keep Trying New Member

    Hi shuqin... pls do share your experience after seeking his opinion.. maybe I might also want to give him a try.... did 3 IVF at KKH but all 3 BFN... and I turned 40 last year..... still waiting, praying hard and hoping for our rainbow baby/babies)...
  7. shuqin

    shuqin Member

    Finally, I met up with Dr Tan at IVF bridge fertility centre. Surprising, there was no long que today, waiting time was less than 10mins.
    I am rather comfortable with him. He is honest, knowledgeable and kind.
    He doesn't rush through the consultations, patient enough to listen and discuss.

    He told me very frankly that he has helped many women at age below 43. But at age 45-46, it's very difficult. He looked through my reports and told me that I have very low egg ovarian reserve. Starting me on IVF immediately.
    I'm now waiting for period to come ( hope it doesn't), and start the IVF medication that he gave me.
    He is doing the natural IVF on me.
    Cost : RM 13k
    I've not done IVF before and have no idea what's the protocol like. Just do what I can.
    In the meantime, he asked me to continue taking folic acid. DHEA and CQ10 to improve the eggs.
  8. deppressedwife

    deppressedwife New Member

    Glad that u shared! I'm happy for u! Ya Dr tan is nice and friendly most importantly he is willing to listen to patient without rushing.

    The cost he quoted you is rather reasonable too :) I don't think u can get this amount in any Sg private clinic.

    May I know what is "natural" IVF? Did he tell you more about it?and what s the diff bet natural and the normal IVF?
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  9. shuqin

    shuqin Member

    Hi, actually, I'm also not very sure what he meant by natural IvF. I googled and found this article :

    Since My menses is regular. And due to age and low ovarian reserve, he says I should do natural IVF.
    Because no stimulation is required, so it's cheaper.
    I guess for younger ladies or those with irregular period, he will suggest other IVF methods.
    He is very honest and frank and tell me upfront that success rate is low almost zero. It really very much depends on my eggs now.
    How about you, are you seeing him as well? Any of your gf got pregnant at age 46? Or at age 40 only? He says 40-43 is not too difficult for him. He has many success cases for women below 43
  10. deppressedwife

    deppressedwife New Member

    Ic. Learnt something new about ivf here ;) my gf got pregnant at 41+. however I do came across someone gv birth at age 48. So don't give up its still possible :)

    Me and my hubby decided to ttc naturally for the moment. So we hv yet to go bk to see dr tan. We will definitely go bk to see him again once we are ready for iui.

    Hope to hear good news from you soon :)
  11. CélesteClemens

    CélesteClemens New Member

    While I was TTC I found a good friend. She almost 45 years old. She had older children and decided that she wants to have more. She asked for a treatment at Intersono clinic and after 1st IVF cycle became pregnant! That's why I choose that clinic too and not sorry about that. As for Tan Lui Seng I've heard good reviews. But not sure, sorry.
  12. angelbaby924

    angelbaby924 Active Member

    Chanced upon this thread and decided to share about my experience. I started ivf at 37 and due to a medical condition, I was recommended natural ivf. Basically I took clomid and will scan till my eggs are ready to be retrieved. I did 3 x natural cycles till 39 but all failed. Although no cycles were aborted but none succeeded. After my 3rd failed attempt, I decided to change to a private doctor (I did my 3 x ivf with sgh), I went to Dr Roland chieng whom is with Virtus. He, too agreed that natural works for me, but he will adjust the dosage, together with some injections and tries to clear all obstacles he could find within me. So the very next month, I was on clomid again and retrieved 6 follicles which was the most number I ever got. By then I was 39. He suggested that he will blast all of them, I was worried as 6 is not a big number, but out of 6, 3 were matured and all 3 fertilized to blast, I was very happy with the results. Next, he wanted me to remove fibroids in my uterus which I never knew I had. Sgh dr yu didn't think it was a big issue, but Dr Roland wanted to clear everything to increase chances. So I went ahead with an open op to remove, rested for 6 months and last Dec I did my first FET with Dr Roland. Due to my age, at that time already 40 and medical condition, he suggested putting only 1 embryo, and we did put in, with the best quality, which is a 5AA. I am not almost 10 weeks pregnant.

    Ultimately there are no designated path to ivf but I think it's always good to seek opinion and it's a trial and errors from every doc to see what works best for u.

    All the best for all of u here!
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  13. shuqin

    shuqin Member

    Thank you for sharing. Happy to hear success stories from you. Wishing you a smooth pregnancy.
  14. shuqin

    shuqin Member

    By the way, how big was your fibroid? I have a fibroid too but the gynea also didn't mention about removing it. I'll try to ask them again.
  15. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Hey Shuqin,

    How's thing with you so far?
    I am glad to chance upon this thread as I am planning to start my IVF journey as well - currently considering Dr. Tan at IVF Bridge and Dr. Fabian from TMC.

    I did 3 SO-IUI with Dr. Fabian last year and all failed (lol), so I gave up. and thought to take a break to prepare myself to IVF. Then, I got pregnant on my own in August but ended up MC a month later. Great blow indeed as my mom ill then and passed away one week after my MC.

    Urgh sorry for the long rant.
    So anyway, yeah, I have made an appointment with Dr. Fabian next Saturday, wanted to book Dr. Tan as well but the clinic is close today, so I will call again tomorrow.

    IVF is not an easy path, thinking of the number of jabs, mood swings..

    We are so brave!!
  16. shuqin

    shuqin Member

    Thank you for sharing. But this clinic is not in Singapore right? I thought it's is Ukraine?
  17. shuqin

    shuqin Member

    Hi tinklebbdust

    Yes the clinic is closed on every Thur.
    Call them Tmr morning and tell them you are calling from Singapore. They will refer you to a consultant and she will help to arrange an appointment for you. So far, no long waiting time as long as you have prior fixed the appointment time.
    I had a failed IUI done in Singapore. Conceived twice naturally but end up miscarriage at week 7.
    Took me a lot of courage to start IVF too. And my friend strongly recommended him, since I can't do IVF in Singapore ( due to age )
    Dr Tan is experienced and I am comfortable with him.

    The IvF journey is not as scary as I thought. So far, the jabs are painless.

    Be brave and may we all get our rainbow babies soon.
  18. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Good morning, babe!
    Oh dear, I am sorry for your loss :(

    I got MC at week 6 or 8, no heartbeat detected and hCg level didn't rise up as expected.

    Would it be difficult to make appointment with Dr. Tan?

    I am thinking to consult a few doctors before making decision.

    Have you heard of TMC at JB also?
    It's located at Landmark Building, next to Double Tree by Hilton Hotel.

    Are you currently @ your TWW?
    Good luck, babe!!
  19. shuqin

    shuqin Member

    I just went for my blood test, and sad to hear that I have failed my 1st IVF. Dr Tan just called. He explained that its due to age.
    At age 46, chances is extremely slim, almost zero. Very heartbroken right now.
    He says, to take a break in March, and try IVF again in April, with some modifications.
    I have heard of TMC at JB also. Good reviews too.
    With Dr Tan, as long as you make prior appointment with the clinic, there should not be long waiting time. They will stick close to the appointment time usually.
  20. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member


    Sorry to hear that, though I have not been through IVF but I can definitely understand the disappointment from my previous failed IUI.
    I called the clinic this morning and Estee told me that Dr. Tan is going to be away sometime in March thus I am unlikely to be able to embark till April or May, but let's see how things progress.

    I had my 3 SOIUI done in TMC, waiting time was a nightmare for each visit.
    I always chose the to be the first on Saturday.
  21. Claire82

    Claire82 New Member

    Going to see Dr Tan Jui Seng in JB this Saturday, to discuss IVF + PGS. Will let everyone know how it goes!
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  22. gamlastan1

    gamlastan1 New Member

    Hi Claire82, wish you good luck!
    hope you share your experience next week... I'm so furious that PGS is not permitted in SG!
  23. Claire82

    Claire82 New Member

    Hi gamlastan1,

    Here's my experience at the IVF Bridge:

    We were stuck in a 3 hour traffic jam at Woodlands, which made us late for the appointment by 1 hour. By then it was close to the clinic's lunch break, but their Consultant, Ms Lee, still managed to squeeze us in. We had done blood tests, semen analysis, hysteroscopy and HSG back in NUH, so she had a look through the reports.

    Both of my tubes are blocked, I have irregular menstruation (likely PCOS), and hubby's sperm morphology only 1%. We are both 35 this year and did not want to waste time with other less effective treatments. The consultant introduced us to the procedure, and quoted us 29,500 RM for IVF + PGS, for PGS on up to 6 embryos, egg freezing and maintenance for 1 year. This is one of the most reasonable quotes I received after asking from several other clinics in Malaysia (Sunfert, TMC, JSH, Concept, KL Fertility). KL Fertility also quoted around that price, but distance played the deciding factor.

    Next, Dr Tan Jui Seng looked over our reports, and did blood test for HIV + ultrasound scan. We did not have many questions at that point because most of it had already been answered by the Consultant, so it was a very quick session. We were told to come back on Day 2 of my menses to start injections. We paid 300RM for the first visit (50RM consultation + 50RM ultrasound scan + 100RM each for blood test), with the payment for IVF being staggered at different stages of the procedure.

    There were quite a lot of patients waiting in the afternoon - several whom are pregnant. I took it as a good sign, although they may just be normal gynae patients not IVF patients.

    The Consultant said that the success rate for women in their 30s at their clinic is around 58% for normal IVF, and 90% for PGS. That is a lot higher than the international rate of 40% for normal IVF and 65% for PGS. Am going to take their claims with a bit of salt.

    Now I'm nervously waiting for my cycle to start, which should be sometime in the first week of April. I have polyps/cysts that returned after my last hysteroscopy, so I will be doing both a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy at NUH on 18 May. Stimulation and egg collection should be completed by then, and the embryos (if any) will be frozen in preparation for transfer. Hopefully I will not need much time to recover after the hysteroscopy/laparoscopy, and the transfer can be done in May/June.

    Will post more updates in time!
  24. sunbelle

    sunbelle Well-Known Member

    All the best ladies. I m 41 trying for second one naturally. yeah wishing all good luck n hope to hear more good news
  25. Meh5

    Meh5 New Member

    Hi Shuqin, read about your experiences and like to know how are you now. Hope everything is well with you.
  26. DKCH

    DKCH Member

    When to see Dr Donald Chieng and I am 44, he said suggested donor eggs. I was devasted. he said try naturally every month will have higher chance.

    My TCM told me the oldest patient convieve naturally is 46 years old.
  27. Judohoneypie

    Judohoneypie New Member

    I paid SGD$18,000 (RM60,000) to do Egg Donor IVF with Dr Tan @ IVF Bridge in JB & it was a FAILURE. U think with egg donor, a young 20+ year old egg will have better success than your 40+ year old eggs? NO!!! To our horror, the PGS result with egg donor showed all 7 embryos have MOSIAC. When you are left with no other option, you will still transfer the MOSIAC embryos & hopelessly hope for the best.

    To make things worse, the staff attitude at the clinic is very bad. Read my bad experience here:

    Bottomline, they are money driven. Paint you a beautiful picture with rainbow, telling you all their donors have successful pregnancies. You cannot verify the truth beforehand & there is no way to know the truth except to believe their words. The truth speaks for itself: the egg donor IVF FAILED. Wasted SGD$18,000 + endure all the LONG WAITING TIMES, endure MULTIPLE oil injections in the buttocks, endure going through traumatizing Endometrical Scratching & Embryo Transfer WIDE AWAKE, endure the terrible staff attitude...ALL FOR NOTHING.
  28. SammyC

    SammyC New Member

    @Judohoneypie I am sorry to hear about your unsuccessful experience. I want to have a fair share of my IVF journey with IVF Bridge. I tried 2 cycles at KK, failed because of my egg issue. I went to IVF Bridge for egg donation I didn’t remember I paid so much. From the beginning, i was told by their staff from it is not guaranteed 100% success, but the success rate is higher compare to using my own eggs again for IVF. One of my embryos’ also have some mosaics, but the percentage is not too high. Two embryos were transferred and I am 6 months pregnant with twins now. Very thankful to Dr Tan & his team for making my dream comes true.
  29. DKCH

    DKCH Member

    True. Went I was 43 sep I saw 6 Antral follicles and just 2 months later only have 1. Now I am 45 it is worse. And most of the months no ovulation,
    Wish I have started 1 or 2 years earlier

    For those who got pregnant like 48 almost all are donor eggs.
  30. DKCH

    DKCH Member


    Medicated ivf is called mini ivf , without medication is called natural.

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  31. DKCH

    DKCH Member

    For those whose have recurrent miscarriage can go. He lnfir natural killer cells
  32. DKCH

    DKCH Member

    May I know how how are you?
    And what protocol you use?
  33. SammyC

    SammyC New Member

    Do you mean my age when i did my IVF at KK ?
  34. lady081980

    lady081980 Active Member

    So ur this bfp u using donor eggs for ivf?
  35. SammyC

    SammyC New Member

    Yes, using donor eggs because my egg quality is poor.
  36. DKCH

    DKCH Member

  37. Angelica Cheng

    Angelica Cheng New Member

    Hi, I am looking for an egg donor. Does IVF bridge have a good pool of Chinese egg donors? I do not want any 'Chinese' donor from Thailand, as I am suspicious that they maybe of mixed blood. I will only accept Chinese egg donors from Malaysia. Are all the egg donors at bridge IVF from Malaysia? I understand that many IVF clinics in Malaysia use so called 'Chinese' egg donors from Thailand.
  38. mimipp

    mimipp Member

    May I know the public transport and direction to go to IVF Bridge from Singapore?

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