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Advise needed on Cereal

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by bess, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. bess

    bess Member

    we intended to introduce cereal to my gal when she is 5mths old. but i realise that the recommended age stated on the tin is "from 6mth". is tat the correct cereal i looking for? and which brand is better? please advise mummies.....

  2. ylyl

    ylyl New Member

    There're cereals in market suitable for 4mths onwards. For eg, Heinz plain rice.

    I'm giving my boy Earth Best Rice cereal, but i nt sure if it's suitable for below 6mths as it's nt stated on the box. only stated bb first solid food.
  3. starlight74

    starlight74 New Member

    hi Yan,
    I just started cereal today for my girl (5 mos+)
    I gave her frisocrem rice cereal, u can try it, i think its written for 4 mos above.
  4. ylyl

    ylyl New Member

    my niece hv problem pooing when she took frisocrem. It has FM so just need to mix with water. I think it also hv sugar added. So far I see Nestle n frisocrem hv sugar added.

    If u get cereal with FM added, u can add ur bb's FM/bm/water.
  5. celwong

    celwong Member

    Hi, I just let my bb try Hipp Organic Rice Cereal. Find it quite good as now my bb poos daily compared to one in two days previously.

    Bought from brown rice paradise in tanglin mall. Heard it is the best white rice cereal in the market. More expensive at $13+.
  6. bess

    bess Member

    thanks to all mummies who replied..

    where can i get Earth Best Rice Cereal and HeinZ plain rice?

    think will consider this 2 brands and Hipp Organic rice cereal... but a bit ex hor.. maybe cos it is organic..
  7. angelao

    angelao New Member

    Hi mummies,

    My boy is 6mths plus... Thinking of intro brown rice to him...

    Any ideas how we shld prepare the brown rice... I jus brought EYS (Eu Yan Sang) brown rice wif si sen fen

    Any mommies tried the above before... how did u prepare them
  8. ylyl

    ylyl New Member

    Heinz cereal can be found is supermarkets like NTUC, Cold Storage etc. I saw Earth Best Cereal at United Sq Basement n Tanglin Mall. It's available in an organic shop.

    I heard that EYS brown rice has to be cooked at stove.
  9. angelao

    angelao New Member

    Hi mummies,
    I heard also tat the EYS brown rice has to be cooked

    But when I went to purchase from the shop the staff told me dun need jus add hot water

    So I m confuse... How? any advise
  10. bess

    bess Member

    oh ok , thanks YL.. seem like it is more convenient to get Heinz..
  11. ylyl

    ylyl New Member

    Or u can try Healthy Times rice cereal, similar to Earth Best. Can be found at NTUC
  12. bess

    bess Member

    okok... wah like got so many different brands,,, w/o u gals helping me,, i headache ah..
  13. ylyl

    ylyl New Member

    go supermarket n see. that's wat i do sometimes. see wat's available in market.

    when will u be giving cereal?
  14. sum

    sum Member

    Hi Yan,

    I started to give my baby cereal 3 weeks ago when he turns 5 months. He is on Earth's Best organic rice cereal. It is quite good. But thinking of changing to Healthy Times Organic Barley cereal cos my friend says that it has higher water content so lesser problem if baby got constipation from rice-based ones (rice is binding so may cause constipation). And not all Healthy Times cereals are available at NTUC. I think can only find the barley ones at an organic shop. I bought mine from Brown Rice Paradise at Tanglin Mall. Both Earth's Best and Healthy Times cost $7 a box.BTW, beside cereal, I gave my son pureed fruit. So far he like pumpkin the most!
  15. joeietan

    joeietan New Member

    i did cook the brown rice then add breast milk
  16. needadvice

    needadvice New Member

    I noticed Nestle had new porridge in box, with chicken or fish, anyone tried before?
  17. loppi_tan

    loppi_tan New Member

    Hi Angela,
    I went to the shop and the lady told me EYS (Eu Yan Sang) brown rice wif si sen fen has to be cooked. Btw...I am also thinking of introducing this to my baby. Want to check with you if it is like those iron-fortified rice cereals in NTUC? Or is it better?
  18. joeietan

    joeietan New Member

    think shd be the same?
  19. loppi_tan

    loppi_tan New Member

    Thx so much Joeie. [​IMG] Are u feeding your bb brown rice from EYS as well? 'Cos it never states iron-fortified, so I am not sure to feed bb with this or those iron-fortified rice cereals. So both are equally nutritious eh?
  20. karen7509

    karen7509 New Member


    I'm currently giving Healthy Times Cereals... cos it's organic, felt it's much safer than conventional cereals... and it doesn't contain any forms of sugar (dextrose, sucrose, frustose) like Nestle... started on Nestle but found it to be very sweet... i add breast milk to the cereals so it's sweet enough le.

    my 7+mthsnold boy loves the oatmeal cereals esp... fed him all 3 types of HT cereals - Barley, oatmeal and brown rice

    can pm if u need extra info... have been giving my boy organic fruits and veggies as well (as much as I can)
  21. I feed my baby with Heinz Multigrain cereal and Moon Rabbit Brown Rice (can get it from supermarkets). She loves the brown rice at first, but then don't like it anymore. So I gave her the Heinz one, also dont really like.

    So difficult to feed her.
  22. karen7509

    karen7509 New Member

    Dear Mrs Tan,

    please take note that when intro cereals to your baby. It's better to start with single grain first then proceed to multi-grains after you've introduced your baby to all the ingredients in the multi-grian cereals.

    this is to rule out allergic reactions and also your baby's preference to the different cereals.

    currently, I'm giving my 8mth old baby boy Healthy Times cereals - brown rice, oatmeal (4-6mths) and barley (intro barley cereals only from 6mths onwards).

    After seeing no adverse reactions, then proceed to multi-grain cereals.

    at least i know that my boy likes the oatmeal cereals the most and most importantly he got no allergic reactions. recently he develop allergic reactions to threadfin fish (ngoh he or wu yu). that's really a rare thing as told by KKH's dermatologist.

    He's got eczema, that's why I got to be cautious when introducing new foods.

    Hoe you fins this info useful =)

    do read info from a thread i started - Weaning Your Baby - introduction to solids (around 4-6mths)

    Regards, Karen =)
  23. thanks Karen. That's useful. Initially I started with Heinz Rice Cereal when she's 4 mths plus. She don't really like the taste, ate little a time. After which I gave her brown rice, she like it but after sometimes, refuse to eat.

    I also observe brown rice and multigrain cause her stools to change. She has to strain hard very time [​IMG]

    Now to trick her to finish her multigrain cereal, I have to give her some pureed fruits while feeding coz she loves fruits.
  24. lilfeets

    lilfeets Member


    do you have prob intro cerealto your babies? mine don't seem to want to swollow leh.. keeps rejecting. Also, only take like 2 small baby teaspoonsonly.. *sigh* How much are they suspose to eat at first? my baby is 4 mths and PD wants me to wean already.
  25. ylyl

    ylyl New Member

    I started with 1tsp n increase gradually. First few time, bb is learning to take food from spoon which is something new for them. so will tend to push out some. hv to keep trying.
  26. karen7509

    karen7509 New Member

    Hi lilfeets,

    look at ur baby... whether is he/she ready for solids and not just according to ur PD!

    baby needs to learn how to swallow over a period of time. give ur baby some time to adapt to eating. I tried from 4mths but my boy only begin to enjoy his food from abt 5mths.

    Click on this link for more info on Introduction of solids to baby (4-6mths)
  27. lilfeets

    lilfeets Member


    they are now swollowing well now. can finish 3 scoops of rice cereal mixed with 30 ml of milk. quite happy. goig to start porridge next months along with rice cereal.
  28. karen7509

    karen7509 New Member

    taht's great [​IMG] anyway, slowly intro ur baby to texture to see if they can digest well or not =)

  29. gebbera

    gebbera Active Member


    called Friso nutrition hotline last week to enquire on the Friso milk based rice cereal and was being informed that PD now recommends baby to start solids at a later stage, most preferrably after 5/6 mths... She told me that some babies will be more prompt to allegies if start solids too young... the best is to start after 5/6mths. Upon hearing that, i drop the idea of buying Friso milk based rice cereal for the moment being as my gal is only 4 mths old. just to update everyone....

    maybe can check with ur PD to verify if it's true or not. But i believe what the lady said is true and meant well cos she advised me to introduce Friso cereal at a later stage of 5/6mths. if she's after my sales, she wouldnt have told me that. dont you think so? [​IMG]
  30. karen7509

    karen7509 New Member

    hey mummies, check out these links for more info on intro food to babies after 6mths...
    this is the thread on intro solids to babies at 4-6mths

    Q&A on weaning babies:
    http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/readyforsolids.htm (Is my baby ready for solids?)
    http://www.askdrsears.com/html/3/T032000.asp (Starting solids - 6reasons to wait till 6mths)STARTING SOLID FOODS: WHEN? WHAT? AND HOW?
    Ready to open your baby's mouth to a whole new world of textures and tastes? Is baby ready to open her mouth? Get ready for the joys and the mess of eating solid foods. When you begin feeding your baby solid foods you want to progress in a way that sets baby up for healthy eating habits. You are not only putting food into your baby's tummy, you are introducing lifelong attitudes about nutrition. Consider for a moment that during the first year or two you will spend more time feeding your baby than in any other interaction. You both might as well enjoy it.

    Gone are the days when pressured mothers stuffed globs of cereal into the tight mouths of reluctant six-week-olds. Nowadays parents feed their baby on the timetable that is developmentally and nutritionally correct -- as determined by their baby. Don't be in a rush to start solids. Here are some good reasons for waiting.

    1. Baby's intestines need to mature. The intestines are the body's filtering system, screening out potentially harmful substances and letting in healthy nutrients. In the early months, this filtering system is immature. Between four and seven months a baby's intestinal lining goes through a developmental growth spurt called closure, meaning the intestinal lining becomes more selective about what to let through. To prevent potentially-allergenic foods from entering the bloodstream, the maturing intestines secrete IgA , a protein immunoglobulin that acts like a protective paint, coating the intestines and preventing the passage of harmful allergens. In the early months, infant IgA production is low (although there is lots of IgA in human milk), and it is easier for potentially-allergenic food molecules to enter the baby's system. Once food molecules are in the blood, the immune system may produce antibodies to that food, creating a food allergy . By six to seven months of age the intestines are more mature and able to filter out more of the offending allergens. This is why it's particularly important to delay solids if there is a family history of food allergy, and especially to delay the introduction of foods to which other family members are allergic.

    2. Young babies have a tongue-thrust reflex . In the first four months the tongue thrust reflex protects the infant against choking. When any unusual substance is placed on the tongue, it automatically protrudes outward rather than back. Between four and six months this reflex gradually diminishes, giving the glob of cereal a fighting chance of making it from the tongue to the tummy. Not only is the mouth-end of baby's digestive tract not ready for early solids, neither is the lower end.

    3. Baby's swallowing mechanism is immature. Another reason not to rush solids is that the tongue and the swallowing mechanisms may not yet be ready to work together. Give a spoonful of food to an infant less than four months, and she will move it around randomly in her mouth, pushing some of it back into the pharynx where it is swallowed, some of it into the large spaces between the cheeks and gums, and some forward between the lips and out onto her chin. Between four and six months of age, most infants develop the ability to move the food from the front of the mouth to the back instead of letting it wallow around in the mouth and get spit out. Prior to four months of age, a baby's swallowing mechanism is designed to work with sucking, but not with chewing.

    4. Baby needs to be able to sit up. In the early months, babies associate feeding with cuddling. Feeding is an intimate interaction, and babies often associate the feeding ritual with falling asleep in arms or at the breast. The change from a soft, warm breast to a cold, hard spoon may not be welcomed with an open mouth. Feeding solid foods is a less intimate and more mechanical way of delivering food. It requires baby to sit up in a highchair a skill which most babies develop between five and seven months. Holding a breastfed baby in the usual breastfeeding position may not be the best way to start introducing solids, as your baby expects to be breastfed and clicks into a "what's wrong with this picture?" mode of food rejection.

    5. Young infants are not equipped to chew. Teeth seldom appear until six or seven months, giving further evidence that the young infant is designed to suck rather than to chew. In the pre-teething stage, between four and six months, babies tend to drool, and the drool that you are always wiping off baby's face is rich in enzymes, which will help digest the solid foods that are soon to come.

    6. Older babies like to imitate caregivers. Around six months of age, babies like to imitate what they see. They see you spear a veggie and enjoy chewing it. They want to grab a fork and do likewise.

    a good website for baby food chart (4-6mths)
    this gives u a good idea on what to give and what not to give.

    my boy develop allergic reactions when we gave ngoh he (threadfin fish/ ikan kurau)... this cause me to read up more on food allergies, eczema.
  31. the_high_flyer

    the_high_flyer New Member

    Hi, my wife and I recently started feeding cereal to our 7-month-old boy. We are currently giving him products from Nestle's Stage 1 range. Looking at the packaging, it seems that only the following products are reported to contain Prebio1, a prebiotic that helps in developing healthy digestive systems:

    * Rice with milk
    * Wheat with milk
    * Brown rice with milk

    There is no indication that another item, Rice (without milk, green tin), contains Prebio1. Does this really mean it lacks this nutrient?

    You can see the pictures of the above products here: http://www.nestle.com.sg/Our+Brands/Junior+Foods/stage1.htm
  32. boon

    boon Member

    Hi High Flyer

    The green tin without milk is for those mum who are breastfeeding their baby, such that they can mixed their expressed milk together with their rice cereal.

    Hence breast milk already contain the best nutrients!
  33. claire

    claire Member

    hi, i started introducing my boy to cereals abou 2 weeks ago. He is now coming to 6mths. And, he did not poop for 6days! Thus, i stopped all cereal and semi solids. Wanna wait another 2 weeks before starting to give vege and fruits pureed. Wanna ask, is it a necessity to give cereal? (cos i heard cereals are heaty). Cant i skip and just give vege, fruits and thin porridge?
  34. boon

    boon Member

    Hi Clarissa

    Are you still breastfeeding your child?

    It's true that cereal can be very heaty. What I do is that I always offer lotsa water for him after he took the cereal. My boy does not like porridge. He would always shudder when my mum ofter him. Hence we still stick to cereal, and he does not have an constipation problem.

    You can also try to mix vege or fruits together with cereal. Thk this would reduce the consipation pbm.
  35. valc

    valc Member

    hi lifesheets
    my girl is now 4mths and she's not taking cereal v well either. she takes v little milk and our doc has asked us to start on cereal already. she doesn't really know how to open her mouth nor bring the food to the back of her mouth to swallow or swallow at all. and she seems to be coughing and sneezing and hicupping when i feed her. when did your bb start to eat better?
  36. birkingal

    birkingal New Member

    Hi, my baby girl is 5 months 2 weeks & she's on exclusive breastfeeding.. I introduced HEINZ ORGANIC RICE CEREAL to her in the morning (around 11am) & she loves it so much!! By the evening she pooped already. The next day is the same. So, I really recommend this product.

    My PD gave me some rice cereal samples from Nestle, but since I heard nestle brand contains additional sugars, I didn't give it to my baby and intro the heinz organic cereal instead. Hope to help [​IMG]
  37. snowball36

    snowball36 New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    My 2 gals has been taking Heinz baby rice cereal since 4 months and I also introduced Healthy Times Oatmeal Cereal when they turn 6 months old. Both my gals like the combination. In fact, my elder gal, now 2 years old still take it for breakfast in the morning when she do not want milk.

    Both are non-sweetened and the HT Oatmeal is very fragrant when mixed with milk and rice cereal.
  38. lifestylelink

    lifestylelink New Member

    any mix the heinz cereal with pureed food? My 7 month old baby likes heinz rice cereal with pear puree. He takes 6 tablespoon each time, mix with 80ml milk. Is it too thick or too much?
  39. eifrus

    eifrus Member

    coolava, i never add so much milk leh. does it become very watery?

    my boy just started porridge, and have taken HT brown rice and oatmeal. He doesn't like to drink water, think become v heaty and the poop quite hardtoday. poor thing. anybody tried the HT barley cereal before?
  40. kooladonia

    kooladonia New Member

    There is this organic cereal that is really smooth and my baby likes it. Called Rafferty's Garden. Originally from Australia. NTUC Finest carries, but not the full range
  41. sweetevil

    sweetevil New Member

    Trust me, the rice cereal will not help fill the baby up. A baby's digestive system cannot handle solid foods including cereal until they are at least 4-6 months old. Giving rice cereal to a 3 week old is going to cause some bad tummy issues (gas) and make everyone unhappy.

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