Maternity cost for foreigners working on EP/DP with all cost including insurance, doctors fee, hospital, and visit fee etc.


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Hello Members,

We (Indian couple) both are working on EP. My wife is 6 weeks pregnant. We have a pro and cons list for delivering in Singapore vs India. Now evaluating the delivery cost and process in Singapore vs India. For that, I need some guidance to understand the process (after 6 week) and cost associated with the entire delivery.

I am looking for 3 hospitals - KKH, NUH and Mount elizabeth. (Please suggest if there is any other better option.)
Query -
- What is the cost of delivery in these 3 hospitals (including insurance, doctors fee, hospital, visit fee and any other fee etc.)? for both normal and C-section.
Nowadays private rates come with package which means you pay $xxxx comes with a few appointments and scans included rather than pay per visit which is cheaper. Delivery wise depends on gynae fee and cost of hospital stay.

Maternity insurance provide some coverages for certain pregnancy complication.
Typically cost between SGD390-$800 depending on age and are you expecting singleton or twins.