Advice needed on how to stop breastmilk naturally


Hi mummies,

I intend to stop breastfeeding in 2 to 3 months time.

Im looking to stop the BM naturally without any drugs.

Is there any mummies who stop breastfeeding naturally??

How do u managed to do it and what are the ways??



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hi qiqi

I understand from another BF mum that it is recommended that if you are weaning, the entire weaning should not take more than a month.

I have also successfully weaned my girl in about a month without drugs.

What I did was to start by gradually increase the number of FM feeds.

this was my usual feed cycle (I was a FTWM):
7am : Breastfeeding
12pm: Lunch (solids)
3pm / 4pm: FM
6pm: Breastfeeding
10pm: Breastfeeding

I started by removing the evening feed, then removing the night feed, then the morning feed, by decreasing the length of time spent on the breast.

The first time after you have removed a certain feed, you would still feel engorged but it would be ok by the same time on the second day.

If you have any questions, just pm me.


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I accidently stopped my BM by eating pig liver. maybe you can try.

anyway, another wat rantingbaby says, slowly removing one feed at a time. like myself, nowadays, i only feed my baby once a day which is at night.


Hi rantingbaby,

thanks for sharing...

Ratingbaby.. I actually give my bb EBM. I did not give bb direct latch on after my confinement. From then, I express BM n give him. I have tried from expressing every 2 hrs till today every 5 to 6 hours.

Sometimes when I go out, I will miss my pumping session, and I will experience terrible engorgement.

I was thinking to reduce to expressing BM just 3 times a day n slowly to 2 then 1 and lastly no more. But the engorgement is too terrible to endure.

Not sure if I can endure..

I have a few friends who stop breastfeeding in just less than 1 month as they did not have sufficient BM for bb. What they told me is there is just no milk coming out, no matter they pump or bb latch on.

Btw the day u totally stop BF, hos did u cope with the engorgement and by when did u the engorgement so away?


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if you feel very engorged, you can still pump or latch your baby on. for a couple of minutes to ease the pain, but never totally clear out your breastmilk. If you pump / let baby finish everything, you are telling your breasts to produce somemore milk, so you end up not weaning at all.

And by the time you totally end your BF, there will not be anymore milk left...



I tried to pump alittle, but the BM just kept flowing out non-stop, so everytime I got to clear all BM out, if not will leak the whole breast pads.


Really headache..

some mummies struggling to have more supply while there I am trying to struggled to stop BM.

My friend told me to continue to BF since I have the supply but its real tiring to continue and worst still, the breast area is always hot n sweaty!!!


<font color="0000ff">does eatin pig liver helps?
Eat super alot but still cant stop for my 1st bb.
i just drag feedin hrs.
Engorged already jus squeeze out abit by hand to relieve but very fast abt 15mins painful again.
Jus got to endure. Took me 12 days to totally stop BM.
bt durin the 12 days, cant carry bb, no 1 can touch or accident bump onto it. </font>


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Any mummy only latch on during the night ?
Currently I still express twice during office hour and at home, just latch on late at night, middle of night till morning.

Wanted to stop the day time expressing ? But wonder will it cause the night feeding to stop as well ?
Cos I rather latch the baby in the middle of the night than to wake up and feed him formula milk.

Any advice ? Thanks.