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Advice needed: Natural Birth after C-section

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by ling1312, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. ling1312

    ling1312 New Member

    I was told by my gynea that there will be a 1% that the wound would rupture during 2nd birth (Natural). I would like to opt for natural birth but was not willing to take the risk.

  2. maemae

    maemae New Member

    1% means it's extremely rare. I also had c-section. I asked my gynae if the wound will rupture if one is to conceive just a few months after c-section. He said it will not. By then the wound already heals...
  3. ling1312

    ling1312 New Member

    My hubby say 1% is even higher than what conceptractives can provide (0.1%) yet some still get preggy. And the risk of C-section is lower than natural. It's a 2 yrs gap between my sons but my wound does not look nice. It's bulging out like additional skin.
  4. yen2007

    yen2007 Member

    Hi Ling,
    May I know who is yr gynae? Look like he is a very supportive on natural birth.
  5. ling1312

    ling1312 New Member

    My gynea is not towards any form of birth, he's just voicing out the pros and cons. Anyway, he's from TMC, Dr Yeo.
  6. mrsngpk

    mrsngpk New Member

    i also just went to my gynae. and i am preggie again with my 2nd one 6 mths after my 1st. meaning to say, my DS is already 6 mths. I also went through emergency c-section for my 1st. I switched gynae for my #2 though.. as i feel he's gave me more assurance that i can still be able to go through natural birth even though it's only 6 mths after y 1st..

    i asked if my wounds will rupture and he said No. he say 6 mths is more than enough for the old wound to heal . Perhaps the possiblilties of rapturing is too low that he won't even wanna mention it..
  7. j0k0

    j0k0 New Member

    I also had an emergency c-sect. My gynae said that I should wait 1 year before getting pregnant again. Like you Mrs Ng, think I will switch gynae for my 2nd cos I feel my gynae not so pro natural birth. Do you mind telling me who your gynae is now?
  8. dec_mummy

    dec_mummy Member

    Can try for natural birth after 2 c secs?
  9. oonikz

    oonikz New Member

    ive heard of vba2c, but not sure how far the gap between the 2nd c-sect and the 3rd one should be to make it safer.i think dr paul tseng have done vba2c case,im thinking of going to him should i have my 3rd as my previous 2 was c-sect.

    anyone have any idea how far the gap between my 2nd child and 3rd should be? cause ive always wanted more children but because my 1st and 2nd was through c-sect,my hopes of having more children is not high as most dr would prefer doing c-sect up to 3 times only.
  10. mrsngpk

    mrsngpk New Member

    sorry.. i just check back this thread. I'm seeing Dr adrain woodworth in SK!
  11. fierre

    fierre Member

    I went to see Dr Adrian Woodworth in CCK. He advised me tat there will be risk of 2 - 3 % of wound rupture, if i go for natural on this 2nd preggie. If wound rupture, baby will die, and in some instances, the womb will tear and will need to remove the entire womb. that's the end of baby making forever. So, he asked me to think and consider whether want to take the risk. And after hearing this, i am pretty sure to go for c-sect, though I really wanted a natural birth experience. prob because i had bleeding for this preggie, and he wants to ensure that I have a safe baby at the end of the day.
  12. bluemarinesg

    bluemarinesg New Member

    Sorry, please dont be offended by my question - why did you all have emergency c-section?

    My SIL also e-c-sect. The reason - baby's head not descending anymore after 12 hours stuck in the birth canal. Her gynae told her - maybe next time also c-section ba because the same is likely to happen again.

    One note though - this gynae is not pro c-section. Like that still got chance to natural?
  13. delifairy

    delifairy Member

    It depends on why emergency c-section. In my case, my first born was breeched and water bag burst, risk of infection was getting higher and thus bo-piah, got to go e-c-section. FOr my twin boys which i gave birth recently, i did it naturally via vaginal birth without epidural as both heads were down then. So it really depends. Rupture risk is there but must access other situational factors as well.
  14. oonikz

    oonikz New Member


    if u dont mind, hows the age gap like between ur first born and ur twins? also who is your gynae?
  15. oonikz

    oonikz New Member

    as for me my 1st c-sect in 06 due to breech. 2nd c-sect in 08 due to baby still small (fetal growth development not gd). both are non-emergencies.

    i want to try for nvd for my 3rd as ive heard of vba2c but unsure how long shall i wait to try and conceive agn. coz i was told that ive got to go for c-sect agn for my 3rd child and then ligation. but i dont want to be ligated and stop at 3. well, its not that im not contented with what i have now. its just that i want more children if possible.
  16. daphne_k

    daphne_k New Member

    Hi... Wt is the meaning of breech? I had my 1st child last min c-section in year 2006, now i'm pregnant wz 2nd baby, wish i can go for vaginal birth this time. During 1st time preggy, I didn't assigned any gynae. This time due to special situation, I want to have a gynae. I'm doing my check up at KKH now, can anyone recommend me a good experienced gynae in VBAC? Thank u.
  17. hobartpaving

    hobartpaving Guest

    Hi Daphne,
    I delivered my baby gal two weeks ago VBAC. I had an emergency c-section for my first child after his head got stuck in the birth canal as I couldn't dilate the full 10 cm. He was born in 2007. My gynae at KKH is Ms M L Yeap. She was very supportive of trying natural birth after a c-section. However, its still impt to look at the circumstances in which you ended up with c-section for your first child and discuss with your gynae about whether the same situation could repeat itself.
  18. hobartpaving

    hobartpaving Guest

    btw, breech means that the baby's head was not down but up. i.e. the baby was not in the right position for birth
  19. delifairy

    delifairy Member

    My eldest boy was born in 2001. I have 2 ectopic preg in 2005 and 2006. I gave birth to my twins this yr, wasn't planned. In fact, it came as a surprise to us. I was with a pte gynae earlier for my twin. However, with the sudden prematurity of the twins, i went to kkh the morning my water bag burst at 30 weeks. I did not ask for any specific gynae as i was in Class C. In fact, that was the best choice i made. Else the costs would have been very very high. The dr who was on duty that night helped me to deliver (VBAC) for my twins, I am so glad that she happened to an senior/expert in delivery complicated twins in kkh.
  20. chel_98

    chel_98 Member

    Hi Kath Tan,

    May I know who is your gynae for the VBAC?
  21. calbee

    calbee New Member

    hey everyone

    I had my VBAC by Dr PAUL TSENG IN TMC.

    My 2nd girl is also in breech position as the 1st. But Paul Tseng manage to turn her down and I am very happy i manage to give birth to a 4.5kg baby.

    Natural tearing and natural birth with epidural..
  22. yinthepink

    yinthepink New Member

    Hi mommies who are keen on a VBAC,

    Go for it! For whatever reason you had to have a c section the first time, it is your right to have a natural birth after. Don't let some conservative gynae discourage you with the 1% uterine rupture warning.

    However, you have to prepare yourself for a VBAC. Do your homework, prep yourself with relaxation techniques...don't just go to "exam" without preparing right?

    Your best ally for a successful VBAC is a doula and hypnobirthing. And of course Dr Paul Tseng!

    Good luck! feel free to pm me if you're thinking of a VBAC. Didn't find any support on forum last time, so am willing to offer some now - cos every woman deserves the opportunity to experience a natural drug free birth!
  23. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

    Just happened to see this thread.

    My gynae recently has suggested that I can try VbAC if my growth continues at this rate. I had to go for C-section previously as my first child's head circumference is approximately 11cm and I was on a huge side.

    I have been looking around but not much information on preparation I need to do.

    Thus hope this is a channel to get support, ideas, feedback and encouragement.
  24. marmaladesg

    marmaladesg Member

    if anyone is willing to share your experience on VBAC, pls email me- marmalade.sg@gmail.com in case i didn't check the forum. thanks !
  25. sasha4real

    sasha4real Member

    I had a VBAC for baby #4. My 2nd twin (ie baby #3) was born via emergency C-Sect as he was breech and I had an infection after having my 1st twin (ie baby #2) via normal vaginal delivery. The C-sect episode was not a pleasant one for me and the wound definitely took longer to heal.

    You could say I was traumatised by the C-sect and it was not an option to go through it again (unless absolutely necessary). When I was pregnant with #4, I made it clear to my gynae that I wanted a VBAC.

    To have a succesful VBAC, first, you definitely have to have a supportive gynae. Mine (DR Ben Tham frm TMC) definitely was. However, he also pointed out the pros and cons.

    It depends on the time lapse between your C-Sect and the current pregnancy. Most gynaes recommend at least 18months (the longer the better), to let the wounds heal esp internally. In my case, baby #3 was born on 3rd Jan 2005 and #4 via VBAC on 2nd Sep 2006 (36 weeks).

    Size of your baby and head circumference is also a factor to consider. A smaller size baby is more likely to be delivered via VBAC with little or no complications involved. The risk of rupturing wound from inside is also reduced. My baby girl was born weighing 2.7kg

    Lastly, you also have to look at your medical conditions, if any and also the baby's. You also have to consider how your body deals and progresses with labour, as with previous pregnancies.

    At the end of the day, your gynae would be the best person to advise on your success rate with VBAC. Mine was pretty straightforward and I was really glad that I decided to have a VBAC. I hope that you would have a successful VBAC also. Rememeber to stay positive. All the best :)

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