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Advice needed:Can share experience of C-sect at TMC

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by sylvie3, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. sylvie3

    sylvie3 Member

    Hi, I need to have C-sect due to medical reasons and this is my first c-sect at TMC. Appreciate if any mothers can share their valuable experience. Questions are like what time are you required to check in and did you have epidural, spinal or G.A? And also, how was your recovery process like and did it interfere with breastfeeding.Thank you!!!

  2. ic_69

    ic_69 Member

    i have both c-ssection done at tmc, the recent is 3wks ago.
    i chose c-section with spinal so that my hubby can witness the birth of our baby.
    Check-in time is 3 hrs before the c-section and no food 6hrs before the c-section. your gynae will advise your accoridingly.
    Recovery will be longer as compare to natural birth and you are encourage to step down from the bed the next day after your c-section. the first step maybe be tough but just do it and you will be ok.
    as for breastfeeding should not be a problem, there will be nurse to guide you.
    PM me if you need more details as i am not always online
  3. mickeymummy

    mickeymummy New Member

    I just had an emergency c-sect.. had edpidural so only lower part is numbed and conscious throughout.. To me, it feels like a dream.. very unreal and everything happens very fast..
    The pain will set in after a few hours but the nurses will give you plenty of painkillers to deal with the pain.. The hardest part is getting up to walk but once you deal with it, the rest is quite ok.. it also depends on individual pain tolerance.. It didnt interfere with my breast feeding..
    Hope this helps!
  4. sylvie3

    sylvie3 Member

    Many Congratulations to Jo and Ivy! Thank you for your response although both of you had just undergone major operation. Please rest well!

    I will pm Ivy later and pls only reply if you can. Thank you so much!

    To other mums, pls share if you can. I am wondering if you had headaches or shivering after the operation. Would painkillers to be topped up via IV or orally? Thank you
  5. taztaz

    taztaz Member

    hi i had c-section (GA) at TMC. No headaches/shivering. painkillers was topped up via IV.

    in fact i'm glad i opted for GA as there was virtually no pain (except after surgery - the pain from my wound was horrible!). do remember to bring ur own open-front PJ & try ur very best to walk about a bit the next day (when ur doc oks u), coz i realized i recovered much faster than my room mate (i was walking all over TMC on 2nd & 3rd day while she didnt/couldnt get up much). I was in lesser pain & i didnt need much help/extra painkillers as compared to her. So even though the wound was still quite painful, i forced myself to walk when advised by doc.
  6. taztaz

    taztaz Member

    oh as for breastfeeding, i had no milk for the 1st few days & the LC pressed my breasts so hard i cried! Dun think its due to c-section though.
    If you're a 1st time mum like me, you'll be shocked at how painful breastfeeding is for you (only the first few times until ur nipples 'toughen').
  7. jojolpp

    jojolpp Member

    Hi I also hv a emerg c-sect on May 2007. I dunno i'm in epidural or spinal c-sect leh, wat is the different? Anyway only my lower portion was numb & my Hubby was with me throughout the whole process. The pain was nt as painful as wat other had told me, still bearable. I'm able to get dwn the bed to walk arn the next day morning (i had a c-sect at nite 11pm plus) coz i wan to poo...hahahaha...think pain or nt is also base on ur gynae stitching skill lor...I nv breastfeed my baby, he is on FM...
  8. ic_69

    ic_69 Member

    no problem can PM me anytime. i will response.

    painkiller will be given orally next day.

    my first c-section i dont hv headache or shivering problem but the second c-section, i hv shivering and vomit.

    general advise is try to walk the next day and you will recover faster and also depend on your gynae skill. my second c-section, i discharge 1 day earlier since doctor i hv no problem......
  9. apple80

    apple80 New Member

    May I know where can I buy the binder for C-sect used.
  10. weishy

    weishy New Member

    AppleHo3:the binder is really important as u need to use it right away after they push u out if possible but must bear alittle bit of pain cos ur wound is really raw taht time.......u can get teh binder from the hospital or i saw at watsons (taka) they do carry some brands [​IMG] good luck [​IMG]
  11. apple80

    apple80 New Member

    Hi Weishy, okie, I'll go take a look at watsons, taka. Thanks ya!
  12. taztaz

    taztaz Member

    hi apple80: the binder was included in my c-section op. As in, after the op my doc instructed the nurse to put one on for me. it's charged to my total TMC bill of course, but at least i dun have to buy one myself. So maybe you dun need to buy (in case buy the wrong size, as after op your tummy will get smaller).
  13. jane0312

    jane0312 New Member

    Dear mothers or mothers-to-be, if you are looking for an experienced nanny, feel free to contact my mom by sending me a personal message.

    My mom has a lot of experience taking care of children as well as newborn. willing to take care for day and night.
  14. sylvie3

    sylvie3 Member

    Hi, taztaz, can you pls let us know how much did TMC charge for the binder? thank you
  15. taztaz

    taztaz Member

    hi i believe it's $59 for the binder. i thot it's free (wow so good hor) then saw it in my hospital bill upon checkout.
  16. apple80

    apple80 New Member

    Hi Taztaz, thanks for the advised. I'll check with my gynae and request him to put me on binder after the op. Then I can save the trouble for getting one on my own.
  17. yokonoriko

    yokonoriko New Member

    Apple, I also did Ga c section. I got advice from my gf that I should ask to put more anesthesia so that It will last for awhile. Haha. SO i request from my anesthesia doc lo. A binder is good. Luckily I got 2 binder. Cos one of it my gf gave to me. So I can change cos I accidentally stain (blood).
  18. ahmei

    ahmei Member

    hi im considering between GA & Epi Csect...read a lot of about vomitting/shivering...can share more? also, how do u take care of the cut after the Csect? Thanks.
  19. ashwen

    ashwen Member

    I had Spinal C Sect 1 month ago, so that my hubby can go in with me. I realised it is a gd choice as I get to see my BB immediately after birth. I had op in the morning, only had shivering in middle of that night and next morning. My wound was really painful on the left side only. Doc told me maybe pull a muscle.
    But U must force urself to walk on day 2 or 3, even if really painful. Coz u will need to walk by day 4 when u discharge.

    For care of wound, doc will cover it with water-proof dressing so u can't see it. Do not bend, squat or carry heavy things. Basically cannot strain the ab and lower area.

    For food, do not eat prawns, shell-food, chicken (for 1st 2 weeks, accordingly to Chinese doc). Load up on fish for the protein, help healing.
  20. oj57

    oj57 Active Member

    I had a spinal C Sect on 5th May. Like Ashleigh had mentioned, with hubby's company, I felt more secured too. Like him to see bb immediately when bb was delivered.

    However, I do not feel any pain at all. Not even any discomfort except for the tummy binder which was placed on me. Maybe cause no air ventilation and the binder brushed against my skin caused irritation.

    Pls bring your own binder if possible.

    My 1001 worries/fears on C sec was totally unnecessary.
  21. ecclesia

    ecclesia Member

    gerberra, I had emerg C-sect with GA 4 weeks ago.. was planning for natural, hence, had epi after few hours of labour and shivering pretty badly, the next day was awake, but still had some shivering and couldn't feel my feet, I didn't vomit, but hubby heard the lady in the next room was vomiting pretty badly due to epidural..
  22. shinnpark

    shinnpark New Member

    Hi sylvie3 (sylvie3)!

    Like to share my experience here... [​IMG] 5mths ago, I had GA C Sect at TMC cos baby did not turn down. On the morning of the op, while my gynae is preparing to cut me, I was busy chatting happily with the anesthetic guy. Trust me, it helps when you're mentally prepared and in a joyful mood. I guess it could be the wonderful chat that I did not feel anything at all and the next thing, my baby girl flash passed me and yes, she flashed her mega watt smile! Wheee!

    The stitch back was real fast and my gynae gave me a binder applied directly after the stitch up and I must say my recovery process have been fantastic. I heard not all gynaes practise wearing the binder directly as my cousin did not have her binder on after the stitch back (also at TMC but diff. gynae). It was a breeze going for my toilet break with the binder.

    Breastfeeding is tricky as I realised that I seem to have a bigger tummy compared to mums who went thro natural birth. It definitely got into the way, but somehow, its already comforting to see your new born feeding happily! Remember don't get stress if you don't see milk as its normal... the first flow of colostrum is fascinating! They fill my baby up and when you relaxed, milk will start to flow in.

    I did strain myself while trying to carry her and my wound torn alittle. OUCH. Never never never exert yourself. It's really painful to see wound torn and make sure you have your binder on ALWAYS. Yes, even after going to the toilet, bind your tummy. Get an extra piece if possible so that you can alternate the piece and wash it. I wear it even till this day. My tummy somehow did not sag that badly..

    Last but not least, wanna share our bundle of joy, Baby Girl Ziru!


    Hope my experience does give you an insight yay. Oh! prepare to have your camera ready for a great snap! Good luck and do share your experience here!
  23. ashwen

    ashwen Member

    Hi Sylvie,
    your 1st post was in Mar 09. I'm sure by now you would have had your C-sect.
    Do share your experience with the rest as well.
  24. jojotan1312

    jojotan1312 New Member

    Hi I having c section (GA) for my first n second. Now I always lost memory ..n can't rmb thing easily
  25. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    me too, i am quite forgetful ever since i was pregnant. i think it is parcel of becoming a mummy. [​IMG]
  26. sghlynn

    sghlynn Member

    Just had my c sec last week w epidural at tmc. . Highly recommend than GA esp if you intend to breastfeed. Was able to breastfeed within 2 hours and baby is alert. In GA heard any will be groggy and affect bf.
    Used the binder immediately after the op, nurse will help you put it on immediately so purchase it from the Guinea before u get warded

    It's alright u hardly feel anything once Epi kicks in. The will put the cover up u can't see anything at all.
    Then the nurse will help to push at your tummy to move the baby downwards since u won't be doing any pushing at all.
    That's the "good " part... Lazy method ;)

    Pros of c section
    It's scheduled and timed within 1 hr.
    Instead of spending 5-12 hrs waiting in delivery ward, c sec more efficient
    The doc is able to suck out most of the blood so your womb is cleaner and shorter bloody period after the child birth
    Cleaning of private parts and bowel movements as usual without any pain or complexity

    Cons of c sec
    Recovery period is longer
    Harder to use stomach muscle eg getting out of bed, walking etc
    Sneezing or coughing is damn painful! Stay healthy

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