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Advice Needed: 4 mth old bb gradually drinking lesser milk then before

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by tandory, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. tandory

    tandory New Member

    My 4 mth old daughter drink lesser recently then before. Is it normal? Previously she will drink abt 120ml every 3 hrs. But now she will only drink abt 80-90ml each time.

  2. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Ya, this is the stage. My son and few other mummies have this same problem at this time too. I dunno why, but some say due to teething. But it is normal so dun worry. They will lose some weight during this time.
  3. tandory

    tandory New Member

    Ya i also suspect that as now she is drooling all the time and keep bitting her fingers. Maybe is due to teething.
  4. jycneo

    jycneo New Member

    does it apply for 5 mth old baby? my gal appetite is quite inconsistent... sigh
  5. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    I should think so cos they start teething during this time if they are the earlier ones like my son.
  6. araid22

    araid22 New Member

    Hi mummies,

    My son was like that too. My PD mentioned that some babies got sick of milk and the intake will decrease. It's normal as long as your baby is drinking min 600ml.

    After my son started solid at 6 months and started to crawl, his appetite became better. Hope this helps.
  7. weishy

    weishy New Member

    Hi dun worry there's some phases that tehy just dun like to drink [​IMG] even when on solids........too much stuffs around them to distract them [​IMG]
  8. coomom

    coomom New Member

    My baby nw 3 month plus also like dun like to drink milk too..she keeps drooling her saliva and also like to put her hands in her mouth...
    everytime drink abt 40 ml..den...starting crying...dun wan milk and must have the pacifier..anyone have this problem too?
  9. makubex

    makubex New Member

    My son 5 1/2 mths now, also having battle with him everytime i feed him with milk, and this has last for nearly 2 weeks. he'll start reject the milk after drinking around 10 to 20 ml each time, and can last him few hours. i am so worried he may not have enough intake. everybody so scared of feeding him.

    3 days ago i start to feed him rice cereal, he can eat half a packet of sample pack size with 100ml of milk added into it, and after 3 hrs he ask for milk and can drink up to 190 some more. hope he can continue like this.
  10. welsie

    welsie Member

    My girl is 2 and half months old. She is also drinking less than before and started drooling and sucking her fists. Could she be teething also at this age.
  11. jane0312

    jane0312 New Member

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  12. cocoabuttertree

    cocoabuttertree New Member

    Hi Coomom,

    I'm having the same experience as you now. My baby is now 3 months old don't seem to like milk. She used to drink 120ml FM every 3 hours. Now even I try to feed her 120ml every 4 hours, she will keep rejecting, crying. Then will keep sucking her hands. But try to feed her again, she will fuss and cry. Now can only feed her when she is really really hungry, which is about 2 hours after her feed time. Sometimes she will drink only half and stop. Wondering is it the formula milk giving her problems?? But she has been drinking Enfalac for about 2 months... So really not sure what's wrong.
  13. ponyseed

    ponyseed New Member

    hiya everyone,
    now my gal is 5mth plus...gg to be 6mth old? and she seem drinking lesser milk...?or not much appetite..? tot at tis age, as they grow older will wan to eat more...really worrying ~
  14. valc

    valc Member

    mine too is fussing at feeds. i feed her only when she is about to fall asleep. cos that's when she will only suck. even at the start of the feed she will struggle and push away the bottle, then she will fall asleep and drink. very hard to feed. my body is aching from feeding her. and she's taking so little. how much is your baby taking in a day?
  15. cocoabuttertree

    cocoabuttertree New Member

    Hi Val,

    My girl going to be 4 month old soon, ya, appetite still didn't increase. Still drinking 120ml - 140ml of FM very 4 hours. I think a day, she took about 700ml to 730ml. Her first feed in the morning is the most difficult for us to feed her. She will keep fussing. So we have to let her keep licking her milk bit by bit for at least 5 mins then she will suck her milk. But when she doesn't want, no matter how we coax her, she still refused to drink.

    That is why I still didn't train her not to drink milk in the middle of the night. Cos worried she doesn't take in enough milk for her growing body. But my MIL kept nagging at us not to feed her in the middle of the night... :p

    How old is your baby now?
  16. valc

    valc Member

    wah 700mls is very good already. my baby takes less than 500mls. she's now almost 4mths too. 6days to 4mths. are you in the january thread?

    i thought usually the first feed is the easiest to feed cos they are the hungriest?

    which bottle are you using? i'm using the nuk.
  17. cocoabuttertree

    cocoabuttertree New Member

    Ya, I'm from January thread. [​IMG]
    Maybe I still feed her in the middle of the night that is why she always fuss during the 1st feed.

    Will you be taking your baby for jab soon? If so, do ask the nurse to weigh her so you see if your baby got put on weight. If she is putting on weight, should be fine. Is your baby drinking amount all along the same? Or reduced recently? Could it be your baby is having reflux that makes her fuss during milk? Now I tried to burb my baby whenever I feed her (except during night feeds) which I hope in time to come she will like to drink more.

    I'm using Avent. At first she is using the teat 1. She used to drink very fast during her 1st 2 months. So when her appetite seemed to be affected, she drank very slowly. So I switched to teat 2. Now at least she is drinking a bit faser.
  18. valc

    valc Member

    i have a weighing scale at home which i use to weigh her. we weigh ourselves with and without her and take the difference and that's her estimated weight. she seems to be 6kg right now. she put on abt 300gms in 2 weeks(weighed at the clinic).

    ever since the CL left, we've bn struggling to feed her. so it's been 3 months since the struggle. did you have a CL?
  19. cocoabuttertree

    cocoabuttertree New Member

    I do not have CL. My MIL cooked confinement food for me. So when your CL lady feed your baby, she's okay?? Actually since one month back, I can't feed my baby by carrying her, she sure will struggle and cry like anything. But when my MIL carry her to feed her, she seemed okay though she can still fuss abit. But after a while, she will suck. Maybe it's the way we hold her... heehee. So what I do is I lay her down on the bed and I feed her while she is laying down... :p
  20. valc

    valc Member

    when yuo lay her down on bed, do you use a pillow to prop her up? does she still fuss or she drinks without fuss? dunno why these last few days she's been fussing more than usual. could it be becos of her jab on friday? hm...
  21. valc

    valc Member

    you know... you shldn't worry abt your girl's feed too much. taking 700mls is very good. my first born when hewas baby also took 700mls and i was also v worried that he's not taking enough and every feed i'm always very stressed. i recorded the quantity of his every feed till he was 7mths old. then when i had my 2nd born, she took even less.... i was lagi worried. then came my 3rd born (my now 4mth old) - she's taking even less than my 2nd born. argh! so you can imagine the anxiety i'm going through. dunno why all my kids give me feeding problems. my sister's kids (now 10yrs and 4yrs) both fed very well to the point of being overweight as babies and on total breast milk.
  22. cocoabuttertree

    cocoabuttertree New Member

    Hi ValC,

    Wow, you are a mother of 3... envy envy... [​IMG]

    Ya, I use a pillow to prop her. She still fuss but not as bad as to carry her to feed her. She will play around the teat and keep turning her head left and right for a while before she starts drinking.

    At first I worried about my baby demanding appetite. I do not have much BM so I supplement her with FM. So by right, the first month, baby should drink 60ml of FM every 3 hours. But at times she demands milk every 2 hours. So I will feed her whatever BM I had lor. She was 5kg when she was one month old. I worried she was overweight and overdrink. I also worried about her sleeping problem cos she was really a wakeful baby. I also recorded her sleeping hours each day since she was one month old. She slept only 11-12 hours a day only!! Oh dear, so stressed by her.

    My baby's appetite was affected since she was diagnosed with meningitis a month back. She used to drink a lot more. Haha, when she drank alot during her first 3 months, I worried. Now she drank lesser than before, I worried also. I guess this is mother's natural instinct. :p

    I understand your anxiety... Maybe you monitor for another 3-5 days. If she still fussing after a week, then bring her to see a doc/PD to check what is casuing her to fuss. It could be the jab.
  23. valc

    valc Member

    wow 5kg so big! why should you be worrying then? thought bigger is better. and can never be overweight from bm. what's your baby's weight now?

    my baby is the reverse she always slept and often slept past her feeding time after 3 hrs. and i would wake her to feed her. maybe that's why she dun like to drink cos we always tried to feed her when she's not hungry and sleeping.
  24. cocoabuttertree

    cocoabuttertree New Member

    Hee, that time when she was 5kg, I worried she over drink. I was giving her FM most of the time cos I had low supply of BM. I think she is about 7.5kg at her 4 month now.

    Now I worried she is not taking enough milk for her growing body. Like today, she supposed to drink her first feed at 9am. I gave her at 10am, she fussed like no know what. So finally I tried to coax her to drink at about 11+. She is taking lesser than her first 3 months which not suppose to be right? Cos as they grow bigger, should take in more mah.

    But I heard from other mummies here in the forum that now older babies know when they are full so I tried to be more relax now lor.

    Actually I rather my baby to sleep more. Cos sleeping can help baby to grow mah moreover give me more time to rest. But alas, mine is really really a wakeful baby... :p
  25. valc

    valc Member

    wow! your baby is 7.5kg you have nothing to worry about. i wouldn't worry if my baby was 7.5kg.
  26. star_bright

    star_bright New Member

    my baby is 4.5 months old now.

    i remember he fussed a lot when he was +-3 months, refuse to drink milk, gets upset easily. my hubby would coaxed him to drink, sing a song or talk to him nicely. he grumbles a lot while sucking his bottle too. however, in the end, i still stick to schedule and make him drink his bottle, whether it is 5 minutes later, or 15 minutes later.

    and yes, he was already sucking his fingers and fist at 2 months old. i don't think it's a teething coz babies only show signs of teething a couple of days/weeks before & after the tooth emerges.

    i suspect babies undergo tremendous emotional change at that stage, coz they are beginning to differentiate day and night, recognise people, understand cause and effect. they are starting to explore their tongues too coz the suckling reflex is soon diminishing.

    some form of confusion may force them to reject milk so mummies please DO NOT assume that your baby doesn't need milk. continue to feed on demand coz that's all they grow with which without, they probably can't thrive.

    let's not take for granted & must constantly calculate the intake of milk for the baby:

    baby's weight (lb) x 2.5 oz = daily intake
  27. annak

    annak New Member

    my baby is 6weeks old and he is drinking ard 125ml and sometimes seems not enough. Is it normal? Will he overeat?
  28. jo3309

    jo3309 Active Member

    My baby is 4mths plus, weigh 7.5kg and is drinking 90ml Isomil every 2.5 to 3hrs (previously is drinking 120ml every 3hrs until doctor said he is over weight). he seems not getting enuf and start crying after he finished the milk. he is also drooling a lot and likes to suck his fist. recently always cry at night when sleeping, very difficult to settle him as he twist and turn his body (althou he still have not learn to roll over).he cries every 2hrs in the midnight keep fussing and i take a long time to settle him to sleep.anyone know what might happened to my baby?
  29. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">jo's mummy,

    My baby is 3.5mths old and keeps fussing as well. The period after midnight is the worst! She will keep waking up every 2-3hours! I was just talking about this in another thread:


    I'm surviving on 4 hours of sleep everyday now. Feeling tired and stressed and frustrated</font>
  30. jo3309

    jo3309 Active Member

    thanks highheels,

    am feeling tired and stressed too..i've tried to bath him with J&amp;J bedtime bath &amp; apply bedtime lotion to try to calm him..hopes it helps..
  31. j2mum

    j2mum New Member

    My baby now 4mths old. He start pushing me away and cry when i want to BF him, but once i put him down and talk to him he will be laughing. Doctor say baby is playful now, don't want to drink but love to play and talk. She say can start with semi solid food as they will enjoy it.
  32. ecyss

    ecyss New Member

    My son is 4 month plus, weighing 8.4kg. He used to drink 120ml every 3 hours, but now only 70ml every 3 hours. I was a worried at first, why so little milk?? Now i guess its due to his body natural adjustment to slow down his growth at this stage.
  33. onsansg

    onsansg Member

    My bb is 8.5mths old now. I'm feeding her with 3 meals of solids (ie cereal and 2 meals of porridge) as she drinks very little milk. As a guideline, can any mommies tell me how much portion size of minced pork, chicken or fish that we should add to bb's cereal and porridge at each feeding? Can advise based on our finger size?
  34. cocoabuttertree

    cocoabuttertree New Member

    Hi ValC,

    How's your baby now? Is she able to drink more milk now?

    Just a little update on my baby progress. When she was 4 months old til 7 months old, these 3-4 months are really a stressful time for me and all her caregivers (MIL, my mum, my hubby). She was totally on milk strike. And we can only fed her when she was asleep. So throughout these months, I had to wake up during wee hours (12am, 5am) to feed her milk because she may not drink during the daytime. So throughout the 24 hours, she drank about 4-5 times, 4-4oz each time. During these period, I've tried many different brands on her but still once she tasted milk, she sure fuss and reject sucking.

    I brought her to 3 different PDs. One told me to train her to drink while awake to prevent choking. She said babies will drink eventually when they are hungry. We tried for half a day and we gave up cos she was only 4+ months old and we can't bear her not taking in any nutrients for straight 12 hours. Another told me she's probably teething that's why rejecting milk. But now she is 8 months old, still no tooth. The 3rd PD said he cames across many babies who were like mine on milk strike. Probably sick of milk throughout the first 4 months. He told me to start her on solids since she doesn't like milk. He said in fact, giving babies solids is more nutritious than milk. I'm suprised when he said that and he actually went on to say babies in the past why got drink milk for so long but they still grow up strong and healthy. He even said "ang mo" babies start drinking fresh milk once they reached 1 yr old. So he told me not to worry if my baby is not drinking much FM as long as she is taking solids well. And he told me that this is a passing phrase. He said once baby is on solids, baby will eventually drink more milk.

    So finally I'm more relieved and start feeding her solids. My MIL cook fish porridge for her since she was 5 months old. Occasionally will feed her blended beef porridge when she was 6 months old. And she loved it!!! She can finish half bowl of porridge (about 3 oz). So since then, she only drink milk 2 times a day (we feed her when she was sleeping).

    Then suddenly one day, about 2 weeks back, I realised she is able to drink milk willingly. Now she is coming to 8 months, she can finish 7 oz of milk. I'm so happy. Perhaps like what the doctor said, this is a passing phrase. But even when baby is not drinking much milk, we can still use solids to replace the milk. [​IMG]

    Hi onsansg,
    My mother-in-law put about 3cm x 3cm of fish into her porridge. I think shouldn't matter if give more. Fish has several essential minerals such as iron, phosphorous, selenium and iodine. Since your baby not drinking much milk, then do give her more vege and fish ya.
  35. babyalychan

    babyalychan Member


    my baby is about 5 mths old and she is rejecting milk too. one feed takes ages to finish. sometimes she suck on the teat for an hour only to finish 100ml. sometimes she dun even drink from the bottle, just play around with the teat in her mouth. sometimes she'll keep fussing abt n my mil, n hubby tink i'm like 'torturing' or 'forcing' her to drink milk. i keep track of how much she drinks n she's drink sometimes almost 200ml less than when she's at 3-4 mths.

    i hope it's a passing phase. if so, usually how long is this phase? will she have enough nutrients to grow? should i start on solids?
  36. elseve

    elseve New Member

    My gal is 24wks old. Ever since her 5-in-1 and rotar virus immunization,she has drank lesser BM. Esp on the 1st week after immunization. Does anyone has the same situation too?
  37. annak

    annak New Member

    Hey, mine too. Since his 1st 5-in-1 and rotavirus injection when he was 13weeks. He is 17weeks now and still drinking lesser milk than before... He used to finish 150ml every 2hrs. Now about 100-120ml each feed at 3-3.5hrs intervals. Sometimes he only drank 40ml and can last for 2 hours... But he is still active and happy, so I decided not to worry too much...
  38. elseve

    elseve New Member

    I guess if they are still happy and gaining weigh, there is no worries to it....
  39. onsansg

    onsansg Member

    hi, my experience similar to cocoabutter. i tink she went to the same doc as mine for the 3rd opinion cos he also said the same thing. my tactic now is to try to thirst her by having 2 solids before a milk, and she will drink..
  40. poko1

    poko1 Member

    Hi! I have a twin. The gal has not much prob drinking her milk though she may resist after a while. If I play wif her or sing to distract her, she may finish it.

    The boy takes eternity to finish. Normally stops at abt 60 mls and to feed the remaining 40 mil, have to do it at least half hr to an hr later. And they only take 100 ml at 3 half months!

    The twins dont show particular interest in their feeds. They tend to cry when i try to feed them, and we very seldom have them crying for milk bcos of hungry.

    I think they have never experienced hunger cos we always try to feed them every 2 half hrs or so.

    They are born light as they were premature and light weight so they are much smaller than an average 3 months old. But i am honestly not too worried as they are still active, bright eyed and putting weight.
  41. onsansg

    onsansg Member

    Well done, Poko1. I was more of a worrier from the day my bb was born, as she was light weight and dislike milk and it was a struggle for months when i first introduced her solids. Till today, she still vomits on milk/solid feeds, once a week (it was worse in the past 9 months). I thot she din gain weight to my ideal wish but bb doc said she is catching up (moving from 10% at birth till today, at 25%percentile). I start to accept the situation and minimise the amount of feeds to lessen occurence of her vomitting. She is still drinking 60ml-120ml of milk per feed (din increase since birth). I've accepted as it is, finally thought deep down I yearn that she has bigger appetite and heavier.
  42. freyasoo

    freyasoo Member


    i am confused whether my gal is taking enough milk..
    she is 8.5months now.. and taking 4oz every 3 hours since she is 6months till now..
    i wonder how to drag the timing longer and to feed her more oz..
    cos even if i give her 5oz.. she will left over one or half oz for the basin!
  43. onsansg

    onsansg Member

    It's ok. my bb also drink 3-4oz per feed and in a total daily milk intake, it's actually about 200ml. I have been pumping more milk for her from 4oz to 6oz, but can say, 99% of the feedings are thrown to the basin too.

    Not to worry, since your bb is taking solids or semi-solids already and the statistics of growth is moving up the curve. I have consulted a bb doc as well as another doctor (who is of a different discipline),both of them tell me that milk is crucial for a bb up to 4mth old. Thereafter, it is the nutritional solids that counts. They say milk only provides a few spoonful of nutrients and the rest are made of water. This explanations has taken me for a few months to finally accept as it is.
  44. poko1

    poko1 Member


    How old is yr babe now??? Just wondering...
  45. onsansg

    onsansg Member

    Hi, my bb is entering her 11mth old now and will be 1 yr old by Nov 24. Is your bb much younger, how old?
  46. fengfeng

    fengfeng New Member

    hi all mummies,normali hw long ur bb take to finis up the milk
  47. sissy

    sissy New Member

    I have a 4 and a half month old baby boy. He has the weirdest feeding habits.. At 4 months, he was taking 9oz of formula every 6 hourly. Now that I have started introducing him to solids, he has began rejecting milk! Typically, he takes about 6oz of milk in the morning, then about 1 80g of baby food mixed with milk and rice cereal for lunch + about 3oz of milk, then the same for dinner and a 9oz bottle around midnight. I wonder is this normal and sufficient?
  48. cheese_cake

    cheese_cake Member

    So glad to found this thread.. I thought only my baby is rejecting milk.. She's 5months plus, keep playing with teats and look here and there, just dont want to drink.. sometimes, feeding her like going to battle.. But I duno if want to intro cereals now, since PD said to wait till 6mths..

    Think she is small sized too.. now I think only 6kg..

    ling - last time my girl took only 5mins to finish 150ml.. now depends on her mood.. sometimes can take 10mins or more than 30mins to drink 200ml (but sometimes wont finish)
  49. onsansg

    onsansg Member

    Hi, so long as your bb is on solids, her milk intake will definitely be reduced. This is the tricky part that we need to keep constantly try to feed bb with liquids at intervals.
  50. mschan

    mschan New Member

    Hi cheesecake,
    Probably your child feels something else like teething which may be a reason that she doesn't want milk. Just be patient and give her time. Of course when she becomes hungry she'll ask for it. Don't give solids yet until she's 6 months old. Follow PD's advice.

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