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! Advice for 10 mth old who does not like to eat!

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by king, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. king

    king New Member

    Hi, my 10 mth old doesnt like to take solids. he will start to clamp up his mouth after a few spoons of serving. Have tried giving him at diff meal times and giving new food, still no use. Is he a fussy eater? What can i do to make him eat?! Mummies, pls advise, i m getting desparate, thanks a lot!

  2. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    my bb at 9 months old now, also dun like to eat solids. u will have to keep on letting him eat. try different flavours, minced meat, diced vegetables, etc to let him taste.
  3. orange_ec

    orange_ec Member

    my boy at 18 months already. still dun take solid. only eat a few spoon only.
  4. shanghaibb

    shanghaibb Active Member

    my boy is coming 20mths now and we came from a tough road of feeding. He rejected milk bottle, so I hv to spoonfeed him milk from the start. For a period from 8-14 mths, he will split out everything that is in his mouth!

    Each feeding is about 1 hr. A good test of patience! But efforts paid off as my boy was always of good size and nobody believes me when I told them that he dont like food.

    Most people will say that if baby is hungry, he will eat, no need to force. But I believe that if he sits on his high-chair long enough, he will finish his food.

    I can't say I'm expert, but I can share what I did.

    1) I always put him in high-chair during meal times. It can be in-front of tv or table though.

    2) I dont like it him to play with anything or watch tv during mealtimes, but I gave in. He is more willing to open his mouth and swallow the food when he is distracted

    3) Watch out for what they are rejected. It could be that the texture not the food itself

    4) My boy must drink 1 spoon of water after 1 spoon of cereal. I guessed it help to wash it down

    5) spoons are very important! It took me awhile to realise that. Always thought that spoon is just a spoon. no difference. NO! the shape of the spoon and how much food to put in each spoon is critical. too much and they can't handle, too little and it will take forever to feed. The magic spoon for me is a 50cent one bought from the market.

    5) when he is old enough to self feed, I let him have a small bowl of food to "play" and he will sometimes put inside his mouth. so no more toys.

    trial and error... for me the rule is whatever works as long as he is eating
  5. king

    king New Member

    Hi mummies, thanks for your advices. haiz, hv to keep trying then! these few days, he has been drooling loads again! he started drooling since 5 mths old, now has 4 teeth. think more popping soon as he has been grinding too. headache!
  6. assamjam

    assamjam Member


    Just to ask you for some idea of their development on picky eating:-

    How do you know that your child started picky and want more varieties and different texture?

    Does your child covers mouth and nose at meal time despite it's feeding hour due?

    How long does your child takes to eat rice at each meal? How much portion inclusive of ingredients and rice your child can eat at one meal sitting? Do you serve ingredients and rice separately or all stir-mixed inside the bowl/plate or do you feed one spoonful rice follow by one spoonful ingredients, etc?

    I have just started training my gal now to eat rice..she is 27th mth old now. when did you start train yours and initially how long your child takes to eat from then vs now? any improvement of hours say, from 2 hours at initial feeding to now maybe 0.5 hour?

    At initial training to feed your child eat rice, did you just simply stop at 0.5hour no matter how many spoonfuls he/she has taken knowing that they are still not full yet or you continue to feed them until like 1-2 hours where food already turns cold?

    Pls advise me.

  7. assamjam

    assamjam Member

    some of my questions may have been answered.. but how much ml of milk per feeding does your son takes since he rejects food? what type of formula milk you feed him? how many hours apart after his refusal of food you then feed him with milk? how many milk feeds in a day?

    I find it very tiring too, having to arrange his long-battle of food feeding, milk feed and to rush her to have afternoon nap. most of the times, she's too tired and i don't allow her any more nap cos it's too late by the time lunch and dinner ends..

    does your son throws spoon away during feeding time? i'm facing a toddler with naughty and picky behaviour now. any advise, anyone please?
  8. enyi

    enyi New Member

    hi mummies,

    I wouldn't be overly concerned if bb at 10 month old is not keen on solids, as long as bb is contented and growing (slowly). I feel that under 12 months, milk can still provide sufficient nutrients. Although I know of many who disagree with this.

    My 26 mth-old was not keen on solids until she turn 18 mths. Even then, she was just taking in small portions, and only selected foods. I was worried then, but my pd thinks there was no grounds for concern becos she was growing and developing well. It's only recently that she starts to expand her diet selection, but still small portions. She's small for her age, but healthy. Thank God.

    On hindsight, I think her lack of interest for food could be due to several reasons:
    1. she was on TBF until 12 months. I was not active in giving her solids other than cereal and pureed vege.
    2. her teeth development was very, very slow. She didn't have any molars until she turned 2. Aiyo, like that how to chew? Try chewing food with just your front teeth, n u will know what I mean ;). So she resort to swallowing, which limits the stuff we can give her, or she will gag. This is unnlike my #1 who has a nice, full set of teeth by 12mths, who enjoys whatever food we put into her mouth!
    3. I refuse to give her "unhealthy" foods like lollies and cakes or biscuits to entice her. I believe those "empty foods" fills her up n will affect her regular meals. I believe she will eat if she is hungry, so I just stick to her normal meals (bf, lunch n dinner) and 3 x milk feed, plus some healthy snacks (cheese, fruits, boiled/steamed carrots, potato, pumpkin).

    I don't know if what I do is right, but I don't let her meal go pass 45 min. With no other help at home, and having a older child to care for, I cannot afford to spend all my time feeding her. I feel that at this age, sleep is very important.Therefore sleep time should not be compromised, or she will be very cranky. There is no magic number/method. Go with your heart, and remember that every child is different. Just make sure that your child is happy and developing well. hehe, size doesn't matter here [​IMG]
  9. von

    von Member


    I have the same problem too...

    My 13mths gal is jus the same, she will sometimes take 5-6 spoons then refuse to take in anymore.. she needs to be distracted with toys, song etc to take in more.. she used to be 75% percentile and now juz 50% juz she juz not taking enough solid to grow more.

    There are times, that she will totally refuse any solid and juz take milk... i am juz as clueless on why she is so..

    i tink one main thing is their appetite isnt very good... else they will be hungry for food instead of behaving this manner
  10. yoga_babe

    yoga_babe Member

    hi mommies

    i thot my bb is the only odd 1 out who has dislike for solids as my MIL always complain n compare her with the cousins, saying how easy it was to feed the cousins etc etc n how difficult my girl is. Btw my girl is 10mths old.

    The funny thing is my girl wil show great interest in other pple's food other than hers. In hokkien we call it 'pai kuan'

    For me, i can take up to an hour to feed her solid n she refuses to 'guai guai' sit on her high chair n wil break free frm the harness. feeding involves runnin ard the hse with her n at the end of the feed, im totally exhausted.

    I think my method is wrong but in order to make her eat, i just gave in cos really at my wits end
  11. hazehaya

    hazehaya New Member

    Pregnancy should pay attention to what, can give some expectant mother opinion
  12. mommyforallseason

    mommyforallseason New Member

    I would definately discuss it with your pedi. It does sound like a texture issue!!! My son was preemie and had an underdeveloped esophagus and therefor was constantantly gaging and then vomiting up from that. Unfortionately we did not have a very good pedi, kept saying it was reflux, and advised us to go ahead and start solids at 6m and even with the smoothest cereal, etc. (formula too) it continued to happen. When he was about 10m. I was SO frustrated we switched pedis (had to pay cash out of pocket!) but FINALLY got help! BUT we had already caused him to have texture issues because he brain now associated all those foods negatively! In his case we stopped solids all together until we dealt with the esophagus issue (just needed time to strengthen and develop) and then started solids again VERY slowly! If I could somehow do it all again I would not have worried at all about him having solids! As long as a baby is feeding well from breastmilk or appropiate formula they nutrionally DO NOT NEED solids before 1 year of age!!! So if I were you I'd put a hold on solids until you can get with a doctor and figure out what exactly is going on! If there are texture issues the less negative association he has the eaisier it is to move past them when the time is right for him. Maybe a speech therapist (oral therapy) or nutrtionist can help. My son's gag reflex finally became better when he was about 2 1/2 after ALOT of work on all our parts! But even today at almost 3 1/2 he still protests at certain foods and I garentee it's texture related, and we DO NOT push him to eat them, with time and patience he has become a good enough eater! I hope this helps because I've BEEN there!!! I definately feel for you!!!!
  13. mengyuan

    mengyuan Member

    my girl is 10 months now, and got 8 teeth. she start to take solid food since she is 6 months old.

    I stopped breast feeding in her 5th month as I was on business trip to Europe for 1 month. at that time, she already got 4 teeth. so can start to bite.

    my both kids got their teeth very early, in the 4th month. [​IMG]
  14. bbmilo

    bbmilo New Member

    what is the typical mth that the baby will start teething?
  15. bbmilo

    bbmilo New Member


    when does a baby typically start teething?
  16. beatrice_chua

    beatrice_chua New Member

    Try introduced table foods like runny mashed potatoes, chicken and dumplings, and tasty things that were pureed. My son love them. he never touched baby food
  17. happyzhuo7

    happyzhuo7 New Member

    For my case, we started him 'solids' at 4mths old. I know by right shd b 6mths old but cos mama keeps nagging n insist when we were babies we were already taking cereal n porridge at 4mths, so just try. Compromise that if baby has any diarrhea or signs that he cant accept the food then we'll stop n she agreed. Kinda win-win situation for me.
    Of cos, please her dosen mean i risk my boy's safety. Started off with cereal, read up n tried to find organic cereal, think the brand is healthy times or sth. Instead of the normal semi solid texture, made it a lil more watery. For porridge, only home cooked porridge thats cooked till very mashy. Can swallow no need chew kind. Didnt feed those as meals, more of like snack. He still has his breastmilk for normal meal hours.
    As he grow, let him try more n more kind of food. Try as in whatever we r eating, the so-call adult food. Of cos, not as a meal. Normal meal hours still the standard, milk or cereal or porridge. Its more of like when we r eating n he show interest he wants will give him abit. Less than half teaspoon portion to taste only. Even cold drink soft drinks kopi tea, like dip the straw in just one two droplets. Horfun will cut a tiny tiny piece size less than half teaspoon. Rice will give him just one grain. That kind of thing la.
    He was in fullday infant care since 2mths old. The teachers there slowly adjust n 'train' him to follow a routine. Before i have to go back to work i feed on demand, let him slp whenever he whines, everythig follow his cue so there was no routine. After they set the routines i try to follow n stick to it so that wont mess up his timetable. They have different 'flavour' porridge/cereal everyday. Train them to chew n expose them to different texture of food.
    My boy has no issue eating. Infact, he wants to eat whatever we eats. Credits to the teachers for training him on chewing. Also cos he was expose to many different food n flavours so he has no issue with being choosy. The only thing he spits out is meat. I dont force him on that cos he can take meat well in school. I think its more on peer pressure, cos all the classmates r eating.
    For mummies with toddlers who can understand u already, u can try eating the same kind of food with them. I always eat on the same table with him (have to try to squeeze myself into the lil children chair), he will self feed while i eat n when im done i will take over n feed him. Cos his attention span is only like ten mins now. After im done i allow him to leave the table to his toys, then i will feed him while he plays.
    During his 'i dont want' days, i will 'hoax' him. Eg. When he says he dont want rice, i will show him my muscles n ask him to poke to feel its hard, then tell him he has to eat to grow as strong as mummy, ask if he wants to b a lil baby or grow up so that he can do alot of other fun things, etcetc. He wld willingly finish the food. N try to show me his 'muscles'..
  18. addey

    addey New Member

    king, my son also 10 mth old now and don't like solid, i always end up throwing away, waste my effort cooking! have to often spend more than 1 hr to feed him but he only take 2-5 spoons.. keep changing the ingredients but to no avail.. currently he no taking much formula too. can't even finsih 60ml he prefer latching, i tried weaning but failed! he will cry and throw tantrums for almost 1 hr and i ended up giving in.. I'm going crazy! so i can totally understand how u feel..is your baby is breast fed?
    i guess mane he is too comfortable with me nursing and he is always busy exploring and crawling and rather not eat..
    he dun wan to sit on the the high chair either!
  19. ai_sakura

    ai_sakura Member

    my lil girl didnt really like to eat much when she was around that age too. I got so frustrated, yet worried whether she was getting enough nutrients from "just" milk..

    But as she got older, she started to eat better at meal times. Perhaps you can give her smaller meals at shorter time periods to graze. Especially if the child's attention span is short.

    Or if you are "hard-hearted" enough, don't give any snacks until the designated mealtimes.

    Ai @ http://sakuraharuka.blogspot.com
  20. dragonbaby

    dragonbaby Member

    Try eppilin. It's in syrup formula and can be added to milk. It helps to boost diet. Can be brought from all pharmacy. I use it on my boy and it works.
  21. phoen1x

    phoen1x Member

    Try not giving ur baby snacks! It will make it worse when it comes to real feeding. Mine is 11 months now and has always been fussy eater. I have to crack my head and experiment on what she likes and hates.

    At first, she liked plain puree (oat puree) only. Then, slowly she got bored of it, and want some taste. so I added fruits. Now, she rejected all of them, and my mom told me to start giving her porridge with meats n veges.

    First week of porridge was hell, but I kept giving her with different textures (from puree them, to blend them), until she accepted it. Now, she loves porridge. I tried to make the porridge taste yummy.

    She will finish her porridge, but she doesnt like milk. [​IMG]
  22. tulip3

    tulip3 Member

    How to make nice porriage? What type of rice do you use? What ingredients? Cook for how long? Do you freeze leftover? Experienced mummies pls share.
  23. phoen1x

    phoen1x Member

    I just use normal white rice. Mine is a small eater, so, I normally cook one handful (or a little less) of rice. Since I gave her porridge, I have been giving her meat. Meat makes porridge yummy n sweet. Mine loves pork the most.

    I always try to give her 1 meat and 1 colored vege (tomatoes, carrots, sweet potato, potato, tofu, green peas), sometimes 1 green or egg yolk.

    She likes pork the most, but she doesnt like fish. I'm still trying to get her used to the smell.

    I never freeze the leftover, coz my mom n MIL say, it's not good to have overnight porridge (gassy or something, Im not sure). I cook it in crock pot, and it's really easy.
  24. tulip3

    tulip3 Member

    tks. do u use mince pork? or lean meat? need to blend after porriage is cooked?
  25. phoen1x

    phoen1x Member

    use lean meat only. Coz I read that lean meat is the source of protein. Minced pork I dunno which part of meat they use.

    I blend the porridge before giving to her, coz she's not ready yet for rough texture (only 1 tooth). But for a start, you may not wanna blend the meat first. I'm not sure if your baby is as picky as mine. It took me a while to start introducing blended meat to her. And she strictly says no to blended beef, coz it's still so rough, even if I have blended it for some time.
  26. judekuipers

    judekuipers New Member

    You can start with boiled vegetables and grams or dal together boiled and mashed to a past,to be little thin.Can add tomatoes to it too with a pinch of salt.
  27. charlenetan

    charlenetan New Member

    I have a 15mths old baby girl that does not feed well on solid too. [​IMG] She loves biscuits and water!! But not exchangeable with milk and main meals... [​IMG] unless she is super hungry.

    We feel that the water fills up her stomach with no nutrients and she is too full for solids or milk thereafter. Hence, we try to cap the amount she takes. Is this fine? Any suggestions on how to manage this habit?

    We try to let her feed herself in a separate bowl while we feed her the actual meal.. It seems to help. She also likes it more when the food comes from our plates and spoons. She seems to think that her food is not nice while ours are more tasty! Haha!
  28. mowie

    mowie New Member

    must let kid know you also enjoy eating the food that you prepare and let her try many kinds of food. also better not to force child to eat what she doesn't like.

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